Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Dolphins continue to get it wrong

Rarely does an organization think it's fans or shareholders know better how to run the organization than the bigwigs in charge do.  That's a given, it's ego-driven, and it's understandable.

But rarely does a team or organization set forth a set of values and business plan then have difficulty understanding their own goals.

The Dolphins have waived CB Jason Allen, after he beat out competition for the starting job to begin the season, and have replaced him with a 36 year old injured Al Harris, a free agent formerly of Green Bay.   The media indicated that the Harris signing put Sean Smith and Jason Allen on notice after the right corner position has struggled all season.  The truth is, the left corner position, aka Vontae Davis, is the one that has been struggling of late.  Davis has given up more big plays lately than just about anyone on the team, including several touchdowns.

Still, the question is, on a team desperate for depth and youth, cutting ties with someone who was perceived to be good enough to start, or borderline starter at least, in favor of someone who's 36 and coming off of major knee surgery and entering the team half-way through the season - well to me that seems like a move only a complete idiot could make.  What is the plan here?  To open 2011 with Will Allen, Benny Sapp and Al Harris at CB?  With Yeremiah Bell getting older?  

It's extremely frustrating to me, as a defender of Jason Allen, that he would get waived in week 9 after being pulled out of the starting lineup in week 6.  He could have been traded at that point - he could've still been traded after the season.  He also gets cut after not even playing on Defense last week.  Is that the message here?  Since we didn't give you any opportunities, you didn't prove yourself, so you're fired?

For the record, Allen had 33 tackles, 3 INTs, and 8 PDs in 7 games this season.


Meanwhile, the Dolphins also waived OT Patrick Brown and signed OT Matt Kopa off the 49ers practice squad in the 'who cares' move of the week.

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