Friday, December 17, 2010

GAME PREVIEW: Bills vs Dolphins (Week 15)

The Dolphins need to win all of their remaining games and have 2 or 3 teams lose a couple games here and there to squeeze into the playoffs.  The odds are against them.  I think most fans are more concerned about next year at this point.  And they should be.  The Dolphins simply aren't ready to make the push into the playoffs and beyond.  They aren't healthy enough - bottom line.  They haven't the depth.

However, an NFL team shouldn't go into any game without the intention of winning and they shouldn't give up on making the playoffs or at least getting the most out of a season possible - as they often say, leave nothing out there.

And so I expect Miami and Buffalo to battle it out as if their lives depended on it.  Both teams want to win out and end their seasons on an upswing.  Buffalo wants to avoid having a top 3 draft pick since they're not financially ample enough to handle it.  Miami wants to save its own hide.  Anything less than 9 wins could see the SpIreland factory collapse.  People rarely get fired for having winning records, but it does happen quite a bit when the boss expects playoffs and championships.

Stephen Ross isn't pouring his checking account into this team and stadium for 8 home games...I'll guarantee that.  I'll also guarantee that the Dolphins win record at home this season is the number one 'monkey on the back' of Coach Sparano.  They are a miserable 1-5 at home.  Mr Ross can't be happy with that.

My prediction:   MIA 27  BUFF 24

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