Monday, October 25, 2010

From A Fang's Perspective

Fang was at the game and had this to say - I will have a new blog up tomorrow so thought I'd share this in the meantime:

I went to the game yesterday and there is nothing like seeing it live.  TV does a great job but you see so much more at a game.  You guys know that I'm critical of the team and I'm not going to change that.  I've tried and I don't seem to able to do it.  What I can tell you are my views.

First the players, in pregame warm ups it is easy to see they love Sparano and he feels the same way about them.  Because I know that, I feel he is doing every thing in his power to win these games.  Yes, he is still making mistakes.  But I have a feeling he is beginning to get at least some of them corrected.  Can anyone tell me why he used the last time out when he did ?  That one escapes me.

No wildcat again, I know that makes many happy.  For me, I don't care, if it works use it, if not save it for another time or never who cares.  Contrary to what many think Miami can't run the ball.  To slow to get outside so they don't even try.  The only thing they could get going was a passing game, even though the WR were seldom open, Henne made some very good throws.  Marshall was owned by whom ever was covering him, the catches he made were great throws from Henne.  Whether you're a hater of Henne or not he is progressing so you better get used to him being the starter.

The offensive lines pass blocking was very very good to say the least.  Henne had all day to throw, but the Steelers coverage was very good.

The defensive front 7 wow what can I say, it has been many years since I have seen them play that well.  Misi and Wake are the real deal.  They ARE what those other guys that are gone now wanted to be.  The front 7 stoned them and the pass rush was so good I can't explain it.  Poor Ben couldn't find the bathroom quick enough when he dropped back to pass, although this time there was no pretty girl waiting for him.

Jason Allen, and Sean Smith suck.  They couldn't cover a frozen pea with a blanket.

The play that lost game at the end was recovered by the Dolphins.  That play happened right in front of us.  For those who think the play stopped when the ball crossed the goal line !!  I can assure everyone reading this the Steelers didn't think that and there was a no whistle blown either.  So when the ball came free they all knew including Big Ben it was free ball.  The referee that was in the end zone never signaled a TD and he was trying to figure out who recovered the fumble.  There was NO DOUBT it was Miami's ball.  From where we sat we could see the 2 dolphin players latch onto the ball, and one of them came out with it, I don't know who.  The Referee that was standing on the end-zone line, DID signal a TD because he couldn't see the fumble.  Our seats could not have been better to see this whole play develop. 

I heard that Rothlessworth say he didn't try to recover the fumble because he thought it was a TD.  BS, he didn't have a chance at that ball.  2 Dolphin players already had it before he figured out where the ball was.  You can make your own conclusions but he is a liar.

I will say this if the Dolphins continue to play as they did in the Steelers game they can beat anyone on there schedule.  They are that good, there is no reason they can't win every game out from here on.

Tin feel free to post parts or all of this if you like.  Miami is coming along Tin they are getting there.

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