Saturday, October 30, 2010

On The Road Again

Sorry for the lack of a blog post this week in regards to the upcoming game versus the Bengals. Truth is I came down with a nasty throat infection this week and it came along with a free fever to boot. The good news...I've lost 12 lbs in 5 days! The bad news...I can't talk to tell my wife to stop asking me a million questions! How am I supposed to answer you if I can't talk?  I think both my 4 year old son and she have more than made up for my silence this week.

Anyway, even if I were in better health, it would be hard for me to get excited about the Bengals game.  Bottom line is this game between two underachieving teams is not likely to make it onto most of our small screens as it isn't an important game in the eyes of the NFL.

The big games in the AFC East this week, Green Bay vs the Jets, and Minnesota vs New England, are just as important to Miami as the Cincinnati game.  More than likely if the division rivals sweep this week, Miami's season could be over before the half way point.

However, I fully expect Miami's pass rush to destroy Cincinnati's O-line and for Cameron Wake to get another 3 sacks en route to a comfortable Miami victory.

My prediction:  MIA 27  CIN 13

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