Monday, June 21, 2010

Henne Vs Sanchez AGAIN?

Hopefully the on-the-field drama will match or exceed the off-season hype, for it seems this Chad Henne vs Mark Sanchez duel is picking up serious steam.  

The latest comes directly from the mouth of former Dolphins great and current Jets has-been, Jason Taylor, in the latest AFC East blog from Tim Graham/ESPN. Taylor rightly puts his support behind Sanchez, but it's hard to miss all the things he says about Sanchez are also traits of Chad Henne's work ethic, something Taylor may have seen the previous year had he bothered to ever be in a football uniform in the spring before.  

Let's face it, JT, you haven't been practicing in OTAs for a long time before this season, and you're only doing it now because the Jets fans hate you and you need to make a good impression.

JT said, "At this level, when you get a guy like a Sanchez or a Chad Henne that has all the physical tools, it's the other things that separate you."

That's true, like the all-hot dog diet and bratty 6 year old attitude and distraction of a modeling career and a mega-million dollar contract and being from SoCal and on your own and single in New York City versus the down-to-earth Midwesterner who's married and making minimum wage (for an NFL QB) and knows he has to be focused and mature (not that he isn't already, but he knows he needs to in order to achieve the team goals) and doesn't engage in flashy hobbies.

Which recipe for success do you think will work?

The inexperienced, bratty surfer boy who's always been handed everything he needs, moved into a wild concrete jungle with nothing but the biggest egos in the NFL and coached by the mentally ill cheerleader with a penchant for high-priced players and low-priced junk food?


The seasoned (4 year starter in College, 3rd season NFL student) student of the game who's only concern is executing the gameplan delivered by the coaches and getting better and helping his team get better?

Bottom line, when you ask Henne what his goals are, he will say he wants to keep getting better and lead the team to its ultimate goal of winning the Super Bowl.  When you ask Sanchez the same question, he'll say, oh boy, we have loads of great players and high expectations, I just don't want to screw this up.

I think the difference is confidence, and as Jason Taylor pointed out, preparation.  Ultimately, while Sanchez was sitting on the sideline playing cheerleader or doing a photo shoot, Chad Henne was actually working out, throwing the ball, and sticking his head in the playbook.  Come September we'll see who's really prepared and who's not.


  1. I loved watching jt play but just because he plays for the jets doesn't mean he had to hop in dirty sanchez nuts because he doesn't throw as many interceptions in shorts. Lol Alex 13

  2. Isn't Henne 2-0 vs Sanchez already? I hope the media keeps the spotlight on the Jets and Miami flies under the radar while quietly becoming the power of the AFC East!

  3. NJ1Dolfan (Mike E.)June 21, 2010 at 9:05 AM

    JT has always been successful at Saying the right thing, but Doing the right thing has been the more difficlut challenge for him.  I'm not talking about his humanitarian works, or all of his charity work, he's a very good citizen.  Too often though, when it came to his persomal chices to participate with his team, or do something for his future career, when he's done with football, it seemed he chose the latter every time.  He was a great player here, and I believe he did give everything he had once he was actually on the playing field.  I'd prefer to just ignore the comments he makes now and in the future, because he's on another team now, and now the Jet fans can listen to him prattle on.  He speaks best with the pads on, and the game clock ticking.

  4. Don't forget the Broadway and White House man dates.  Can't wait for Incognito to take out JT balky knees and Dansby to pepper Dirty Sanchez into the ground.

  5. Who cares what JT says. He talks as much crap as a politician. The guy is over there trying to make peace with people who have insulted his wife and have openly hated him and vise versa and all the while alienating Miami fans. What a idiot.

  6. what do we really care what a jet for life has to say.  when jt went to the jets, he became a jet for life and therefor i dont care what he has to say

  7. Tin, JT would not be so eager to participate in the Jets OTAs if the "Hard Knocks" cameras were not rolling... I'm thinking Rex even used the Jets being on that show as an incentive for JT to sign.

    "Listen Jason, if you wait for the Dolphins you may not even get signed, but if you come to New York I'll make sure you have a prominent role on "Hard Knocks.  Think of all the face time you will get in New York to launch your next career."

    I have to give Rex some credit on this one. He read JT's ego and played up to it perfectly. This goes along with what you are saying about Henne vs Sanchez, Rex likes the glamor boys while Sparano likes the lunch pail guys. History doesn't play out too well for the glamor boys... There is a reason there was only one Broadway Joe 40 years ago and I think if anyone here is old enough to recall. Earl Moral was playing in that game because Johnny U was hurt. Johnny came in late but his health didn't allow him to work his usual magic.

    It's like the pretty model, all glitz on the surface, while the water underneath is usually very shallow. On the football field it's what's on the inside that counts, heart, dedication and determination. Henne has plenty of those and Sanchez, well he's a model...

  8. This is nothing new for JT.  He's been doing the samething for years. He is great in front of the reporters with plenty of sound bites.  Once he gets back to the lockerroom and behind those closed doors he is a dividing personality within the team.  He is a CANCER and the dolphins have improved because he is gone.

    This why he was shipped out once the trifecta was put in place.  They knew what he was all the time, A Rebel Without A Cause.  I have no idea why they brought him back last year.  They did learn there lesson though. 

  9. Sorry to be off topic, I found this interesting, half of the ten most hated sports figures are either NFL players or owners, the rest rounded out by a golfer(guess who?), and a couple each from baseball and hoops.  Why is it that the NFL has the worst rep?

  10. They Call me... TimJune 21, 2010 at 12:11 PM

    Without continuing with my Sanchez bashing which is great fun I'll say these few things.

    Pros: he has quick feet, is pretty mobile and has a pretty quick release.
    Cons: slow reading defenses, panics under pressure and makes too many errant throws.

    Pros: very stoic presence, hangs in the pocket as long as he can and has a very strong arm.
    Cons: indecisive at times, will stay in the pocket too long and makes too many errant throws.

  11. We Have PlaymakersJune 21, 2010 at 1:24 PM

    Asked to compare Henne with former Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, Marshall said:
    “Chad’s ball is easier to catch. He has one of the most talented arms that I’ve seen. It’s going to be fun. This guy — his work ethic in the classroom and on the field — it’s going to be exciting to play with him and to grow and learn from him, too.”

    Instead of spewing my own venom towards Sanchez & my bias towards Henne I'm simply going to kick back & enjoy what one of the best WR's in football says.

    As for JT, he was actually very complimentary of Henne so what's the big deal???  Regardless, talk is cheap especially in football.  IMO until we actually suit up & play the Jets in Week 3 all of this back & forth nonsense doesn't mean much to me.

  12. We Have PlaymakersJune 21, 2010 at 1:25 PM


    A Cancer???  Come on....

  13. Lets give credit where credit is due - both are outstanding quarterbacks with very bright futures in the NFL.  Yes Henne is a more explosive passer but Sanchez has a knack for making something out of nothing.  Both young quarterbacks have shown the commitment to develop into starrs in this league and aside from the rivalry i look forward to seeing their careers unfold as Brady lurks closer and closer to retirement.

    Expect JT to praise his team mates, so lets not forget all that he has done for the Dolphins and the city of Miami.  JT will always have my respect and, in my opinion, will go down as one of the greatest Dolphins of all time.  Yes, his arrogant pre-Madonna attitude was no longer a fit for the Dolphins, but I can understand.  His actions have been justified by many years in the trenches, hurt, in pain, and resilient.  Please... no more JT bashing until we face the Jets next year.

  14. "talk is cheap especially in football.  IMO until we actually suit up & play the Jets in Week 3 all of this back & forth nonsense doesn't mean much to me."

    Hear, hear. There have been too many soundbites, threats and empty promises in the past. The only talk that counts is on the field. Our coaches get that and our players are buying in or saying goodbye. I like that.

  15. Sorry WHP.  I already know most fans have a love affair with JT and what I say Is not popular.   Jason Taylor is all about Jason Taylor, and no one else.  In my view that is a Cancer, and I wouldn't want to be working next to a guy like that.

    Oh boy am I going to take some heat for this...  Please have mercy on my soul.. =-X

  16. Oh yeah, he can make something out of noting.......Well I only can throw the ball five yards so I will just hand the ball off 50 times a game and throw a bunch of those five yard passes and pump my passer rating for the playoffs to a 94........Very good point.

  17. Henne v Sanchez...

    Henne showed poise, was smart, made some incredible throws, knocked people over on short throws, made late game mistakes, was hurt by his receivers, and had an incredible learning experience last year.  Let's hope he takes it to the next level!

    Sanchez....who cares on this blog?

  18. NJ1Dolfan (Mike E.)June 21, 2010 at 7:26 PM

    Sanchez will be at his best handing off, and not throwing the ball downfield.  He has a below average arm for an NFL QB, and if he wasn't good looking, the Jets wouldn't have drafted him.  With NY, it's all about his charisma, and his marketability.  Henne will prove to be the far better QB, with much better stats.  Henne is a hard worker, with a good head on his shoulders, and is a natural leader.  Sanchez is a lso a leader, but his talent pales in comparison to Henne.

  19. Also LUV'D what BMarshall had to say about Coach Tony!! (BRICKWALL)!!

    As for playing for Sparano, Marshall said: "I don;t know the last time I've been more inspired...
    "There are no individuals. He treats everyone the same.You know what you are going to get, I've learned that in my short time here already. I look forward to just trying to run through a brick wall for him. He's an awesome guy and an awesome coach."

  20. ""Once he gets back to the lockerroom and behind those closed doors he is a dividing personality within the team.""

    How'd you get access?? 

  21. Tin
    Are you nervous for tomorrow? The old rule of thumb that European teams win in Europe but not outside it seems to be holding up more or less at this stage, with the best teams coming from the Southern Hemisphere so far, but plenty more footy still to play. I'm dreading tomorrow. The only consolation is we're not French.
    UFCane must be hurting?

  22. Anyone notice how everyone is starting to follow the lead of ole Gunpowder-Mouth Ryan (aka Ready-Fire-Aim Ryan) ... and just running their mouth & jaw-jacking on anything everything?

    Everyone on that team has something to say about others business!! .... LOUDLY!! & AGGRESSIVELY!!  Today its Braylon braying about Michigan coach RichRod.  Almost something every day.

    I can see them giving the World-Cup-France Team a run for their money in anarchy talk this year.
    C'est la vie ... in the land of the guillotine & Bastille ... and NY S*itty!!

  23. Jerry D - if Gangrene implodes like the French, this coming season could be one of the best in living memory!

  24. UK, I obviously want my U.S. , and your boy's (our #1 allies) to move forward w'WINS!!

    IF the US wins, by how many pts do your boys need to beat Slovakia in order to advance??

  25. Slovenia!!   Slovakia,Slovenia, tomatoes, toematos...

  26. Actually, all you need is a W.. (Is that correct)??  YEP checked for myself, NEVERMIND!!

    GO US, GO England !!

  27. 13, spot on - a win gets us through and the nation holds it's breath.

    We can still theortically get through with a draw, but we would need a miracle 3-3 vs. Slovenia and USA to draw 0-0. Both teams would then end up with equal points (3), equal goal-differences (0) and the team scoring most goals is the next tie-breaker. USA currently has 3, England only 1. That route through to the next round for England is purely for the mathematicians though! lol

  28. 這個時代,不缺乏感傷,但缺乏反思~~希望能多看到值得思考.................................................................

  29. uk,

    looks like you guys are thru.  to bad for the US, getting jobbed again.  i dont care what country you are, but you have two goals taken away from you in two different games, you aint going thru.  hate to say it but the world cup is starting to smell like the nba, where only the big names get to play for championships



  31. I was going to keep quiet on here so as not to be a spoiler to Tin, but Yeeeeeeesssssssssssss. England and the US progress. A dream ticket. Virtually every corporation, school and organisation hit the pause button for 2 hours this afternoon as the games were screened everywhere.
    Did Donovan recover from being at the bottom of that pile btw? lol

  32. I was thinkin the same for Donovan, (figured he'd suffocate @ the least)...

    As for TIN, he gets the game live like you and I..

    HowBout the ongoing 3 day matchup @ Wimbledon,(USA John Isner vs France Nicolas Mahut) ??
    (broke every tennis record in history),and still hasn't been finalized,
    (5th set tiebreaker 59-59) CRAZYYNESS!! 10plus hrs, Isner has 100 aces,old record was 78!!

    Leave to the French to retreat, :-$ LOL!!