Thursday, June 10, 2010

OTAs continue to answer questions about the future

It's early in the process.  Line-ups won't be formed in stone until well into training camp and beyond.  Yet the 2010 Miami Dolphins entered the OTAs and mini-camp with a lot of questions, and most of them have already been answered to some degree.
  • Barring some miraculous performances or failures in training camp, we know who the QBs are and where they fit on the depth chart.  A couple of months ago the consensus was that one of these four would've been traded by now.  Of course, with time, Chad Pennington will get more reps, but I don't think that will cut into Tyler Thigpen's reps - I believe those extra reps will come out of Pat White's share, and ultimately White will be released during the pre-season.
  • Some people question who will be the starting outside linebackers - I think it's fair to say the Dolphins themselves have half of this figured out already - they seemed happy enough with Cam Wake not to match him up against Jake Long too much during the past two weeks.  They have been heavily rotating all the other OLBs and kept Wake in a holding pattern.  To me this suggests they are avidly working to prevent any chance of the unknown for Wake, keeping him away from possible injury, whilst also making sure he has the chance to focus purely on fundamentals and not worry about impressing anyone or showing that he can handle the one's, etc.  Knowing how Sparano likes to see 'unproven' guys in every situation imaginable, the fact that they have been very conservative with Wake suggest to me that they know what they have in him and are more concerned about finding out who the 'other' guy will be.
  • Two of the biggest questions heading into the off-season was that of Wide Receiver and Inside Linebacker.  Both have been answered with high-priced free agents in Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby.  Marshall just got back on the field following surgery and Dansby has been lined up as the starter since Day 1.  Now the only questions are who will start alongside them.
  • After multiple arrests, including some repeat offenses, and the signing of some questionable personalities, we now know the answer to the question of whether or not the Trifecta means what it says about character on this team.  Truth is, they are more concerned about the football than the family.  This is not a bad thing - we were being given conflicting information - but now we know, so now we can move on.
  • Interior Offensive Line is often an issue on any NFL team, but the Dolphins looked set on the O-line following the 2009 season.  However, the falling out between Justin Smiley was the first crack in the wall.  Then Nate Garner got injured.  Jake Grove was also banged up.  The Dolphins brought in Richie Incognito and Corey Procter and Joe Berger, Donald Thomas, and the rookie, John Jerry, have all been getting reps with the 1st team. 
Are there any other off-season questions that have been dealt with in your opinions?  Maybe there are new questions in your minds - share them below.


  1. Any questions that I can think of will be answered after the first four games of the season! I fervently hope that Nolan can wean this defense off the (PassThe)Baloney and make them hungry for pig(skin!)

  2. Tin, interesting point about Wake... I also think letting both JP and JT go was a pretty good indication they knew what they had in Wake. The JP remark about Wake not being able to shine his shoes also indicates Sparano may have told JP he was going with Wake when that whole thing started blowing up.

  3. I always thought JT was always a "me" kinda guy, and it seemed like it really came out when Zach left for Dallas.

  4. Tim The EnchanterJune 10, 2010 at 10:45 AM

    A few things here.

    1. Pat White will not be released this year. That's really a short-sighted opinion by Pat White haters.

    2. I'm not sure what you're saying about Cameron Wake. He really hasn't proven anything and we're coddling him?

    3. As for the character issue, it's the media that talks about that more than the trifecta. Does anyone expect them to say we look for low character guys. It's not a perfect science.

  5. Pat White - Canned Tuna! :-D

  6. That guest was me Can... I think JT showed his colors during the Cameron regime. Yeah Cam was an idiot but when JP and JT really needed to show leadership they both acted like a couple high school prima donnas. I lost all respect and it doesn't surprise me the Sparano saw through the act and moved them along as soon as he had a little talent to replace them.

  7. Maybe we can get PW some elevator shoes like those platfroms The Pips used to wear.

    Mid... Night... Train
    Mid... Night... Train
    Mid... Night... Train

    Mighnight train to go...

    Or else he's gonna be on the midnight train to Georgia baby.

    That was really bad!

  8. why?  why cant pat white leave?  does he have a no cut no trade clause or something.  so far, he has shown absolutely nothing. 

    lets take white out of the pic a second.  lets make it any early draft pic.  if the pick shows nothing in training camp and preseason, why wouldnt they cut him.  cause he is a early pic?  you really think the trifecta is that dumb and shallow that cause they used a early round pick on a player that is a total bust they wouldnt cut him. 

    or are you saying white has shown something, that based on his performance he shouldnt be cut?

  9. To say there's no way that White gets cut this year assumes that EITHER the
    Trifecta will keep 4 QBs (because neither Thigpen or Pennington deserve to
    be cut), that White's performance/contribution assures him a roster spot,
    that the Dolphins will continue to make him the 2nd string QB in order to
    get him into games (like last year), or that White will flat out-compete
    Thigpen/Pennington as a straight up QB.
    The chances of any of the above happening are slim to none.

  10. Omar speculated that Penny could go on the PUP. The logic was he'd stick around with one foot in the coaching camp and one in the player camp and not take up a roster spot. That gives White time to develop. All this talk of him contributing nothing too ...... he completed 2 TD passes against the 2s D in shirts and shorts, so that talk is just plain dissing Pat. ;)  I do wonder if the plan isn't to keep 4 around in the hope that one of them has some trade value if another team's QB goes down, but camp injuries to QBs are quite rare n'est ce pas? It should be interesting to see how this pans out, but I tend to go along with Knight's thoughts that 1 season isn't enough to cut loose a 2nd rounder. My reasoning is a little nebulous, but whilst the Trifecta are "old school", they've brought in co-ordinators on both sides of the ball who are innovative in their thinking with the tools they are given and PW is projected to be a "multi-use" tool. Would they give that up based on just a few showings in a rookie year. I tend to think not.

  11. In order to keep PW around they'd need to let go an extra linebacker, DL,
    OL, or only run with 3 RBs. If you think it's more wise to take a 4th QB
    than a 4th RB with Ronnie and Cobbs coming off major injuries and Ricky
    getting up there in age all for the sake of running a couple of option plays
    per game, then I'd say you have to lay off the cider. If you think a
    Trifecta team is going to sacrifice big bodies up front for a toothpick who
    may not play in a single game, then I'd say, carry on with the cider, it's
    too late to save you now!

  12. I personally believe that in 08 CP proved that he won't be needing
    to cut into a majority of PWs pre-season o10 reps..

    I think Thigpen's a worthy two and PW can be the 3,(to play reg season game mop-up in blowout's,ie;wk1)..
    Allowing further evaluation of PW while CP is is given an extra 6-8 wks to heal completly
    in preperation to be fresh and strong for the playoff run.. 
    CP on the PUP will be the ONE injured man allowed on the sideline's ( to mentor CH ),
    and give's us an extra 6-8 wks to figure-out which player should be let go or traded, ( PW or whoever)..

    Doubt that any of the bubble LBs have more potential upside as a serious weapon than PW has,
    and iff one possibly does he can be snuck onto the PS, while once PW's gone he's gone for good..

    I'm all for a 3rd or 4th for PW @ mid-season, unless he electrifies in the rare opportunities he's given,
    which won't be as rare as CP's 1st 8 game opportunities,(IFF he's not on the PUP)!!Unless tragedy strikes!!

    ALTHOUGH, the tough part of the season IS in the first 8 week's of the season,so who know's 4sure,NOT ME!!
    Just seems to me that most QBs are given a few yr's of evaluation, esp one's for the reason's of the PW pk!!
    MVick would have been a starter in this league for 10 yrs now, and he STILL can't throw accurately either!!
    Not saying that PW's a MVick,or that he'll ever start for our FINS,but IFF he can run as effectively as MV in situational opportunities, that's a SCARY weapon from the number 2 or 3 QB position!!
    And IFF we simply let his potential upside go, it's doubtful that we'll have a 3 w'his type of ceiling in o11plus!!

  13. Tin, lol. I hate cider (not true - I just very rarely drink it) and I like big maulers. I'm not saying this is what I would do, but I wouldn't be suprised if that's what this regime does. I certainly wouldn't mess with our RB stable. There are too many ? there (health). Same with DL. We probably have more and better depth on both lines, but personally, I wouldn't sacrifice one for PW either. Parcells had that sign up this year "we won't deviate from our protype in this draft" (paraphrased). That could be regarded as an acknowledgement that PW was a mistake, but this regime has proved itself somewhat stubborn wrt giving up on lost causes (although I concede that Wilson was out of the door in no time at all, as were several other large contracts but this is the year for money laundering). PW is cheap and I just have a feeling he'll be a Wilford - given a chance to prove himself in more than one position THEN shown the door if he doesn't. Just one man's hunch.

  14. My best guess is that they are planning on putting Penny on the PUP, and keeping all 4 QBs around with the hopes of trading Penny or Thigpen for a midrounder later in the year. As far as PW goes, i actually think that they still hope to feature him out of the wildcat, in an effort to A) add more dimension to the wildcat. AND B) Increase PW's trade value.

    That said, if PW doesn't impress in training camp he could still be gone. If we had to sacrifice a guy like Kory Sheets to keep Pat White on the roster, i would be seriously pissed.

  15. To me the evidence is too compelling to think White has a realistic chance to make it as an NFL QB.

    1.) He is too short and will always struggle to find throwing lanes.
    2.) His affectiveness as a two threat option is negated by number 1 and he struggles with accuracy.
    3.) If he can't throw then he will have to get by running option plays but he's too small.
    4.) He's not a fit for the wildcat because the QB runs 50% of the time between the tackles (see #3).

    As UK pointed out, "we won't deviate from our protype in this draft." They know they made a mistake and even though they love the kid because Pat White is a winner and he was a great leader in college it's just unfortunate his game does not translate to the NFL as a QB. Using up a roster spot for him is simply foolish if there is no chance of him ever being a starter in the NFL because he can't even help on special teams. The idea of him changing positions is probably not going to happen either especially now when it looks like our WR corps is turning into a team strength.

    I suppose they could put Pennington on the PUP list but why even re-sign CP if he is in the stands on game day? With CP you have a veteran back-up so it really comes down to Thigpen and White. If there is any thought of continuing the White experiment then I would think we will see Thigpen traded because he has value. If we traded a 2nd rounder for AJ Feely someone else is bound to do it for Thigpen because he is better than Feely.

    "This is a talent acquisition league," a certain Tuna once said. The teams that are good at acquiring talent and have a franchise QB are the teams in the playoffs every year. Teams like NE stockpile and then are able to make trades for high draft picks. The position we are in here with 4 QBs is awesome because we are finally peeking over the edge of the talent pool. We are finally in a position where we can trade for picks. 3 years ago we had about 4 trade worthy players and were not deep enough at any position to let a single player go. This is one of those examples that doesn't make it up on the sensationalists websites or fox sports because while they are out there trying to find bash material to feed our short attention spans, the trifecta is out there planning long term and making it happen.

    After that ramble (sorry) the bottom line is, if they get the right offer they will trade Thigpen and not be too worried because they have Pennington as the back-up and they can continue to pretend Pat White will come around. If you have guy on your roster who will likely not see the field but has a 2nd round draft value then you have to trade because 2nd round talent should not be sitting on the bench. And if you draft someone in the 2nd round and he can't get off the bench then you cut your losses after there is conclusive evidence the player will not make it. I have seen enough evidence but I would lean toward trading Thigpen because the draft is where you build you team.

    So Pat White stays and Thigpen is traded for a 2nd rounder, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

  16. There's a big difference between 08 and now - Pennington was actually
    practicing in NY beforehand, it's not like he got into season shape in 4
    weeks, he just had to learn the playbook - a task any Rhodes scholar
    shouldn't have issue with. Everyone makes way too much of an issue about
    the quick turnaround - he didn't start off down the ranks and work his way
    up, he was brought in and named the starter on Day 1. Also, if a meathead
    like the 'primitive' one can jump in and take over the Jets and the Vikings
    with little practice, then why wouldn't a more 'aware' player like
    Pennington be able to do it?
    Now he is working to prove he can still play in the NFL and that he should
    be the no 2 guy - if you think he's going to sit around and not try to do
    this, you're sadly mistaken and you haven't been paying attention to his

  17. Just for the record, PW is paid more than Chad Henne is.

  18. Good points, but I don't see anyone giving up a 2nd for Thigpen. I think a
    4th is more likely. Pat White on the other hand, the best we could ever
    hope for from him is a 7th, and that's only if he shows *something* in the
    pre-season that makes a team think they need him on their roster.
    Realistically though he is waiver-wire fodder if he doesn't break the 53.
    Considering our kick and punt return issues, I think it's highly unlikely
    we'll carry 4 QBs considering we'll likely have to carry a special teams
    specialist, either an extra WR or an extra RB - at the moment I'd expect
    Sheets to rise to the top of that list. Another thing to keep in mind - a
    lot of the guys we had on the team last year were only there because of
    injuries. Once the injured players return, there's 4 or 5 players who were
    on the 53 last year who will get knocked off this year.
    We also have to factor in suspensions - Jason Ferguson is out of 8 games,
    and Philip Merling could be out for at least one. This means if we take any
    extra bodies it's likely to be DL, not a QB.
    And for those of you talking about stashing CP on the PUP and keeping one
    foot in coaching one in playing...players on the PUP are not allowed to
    practice or attend meetings, so he would have no impact whatsoever.

  19. Tim The EnchanterJune 11, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    Wow a rookie QB who hasn't shown anything yet. I guess based on performance the Broncos should have cut John Elway after his rookie season. He was horrible.

    I do think we could keep 4 QBs this year because we're in the developmental stage right now and Pennington's arm is spaghetti.

    I'd be shocked if Pat White was cut this year.

  20. Holy crap batman!

  21. Well, it's all idle speculation and guesswork anyway (fun nevertheless!) but anyone who claims to have the inside track on the Triad's methods and thought processes has either had a quart or two too many ciders chez Tin's Bar or is delusional.
    Tin, the "one foot in coaching one in playing" theory was Omars. I think his logic was that CP stays with the team through camp, mentors the QBs, doesn't throw much at all, then goes on the PUP. The advantages are clear - we keep 4QBs, keep our options open, Penny gets longer to heal and White gets longer to develop. The disadvantages are that Penny comes off PUP very game-rusty, we don't have his services for most of the first half of the year in an emergency and we still have the same problem at the end of the PUP period (but you have more data on White by then). We would also be paying Penny a lot to warm the bench in that scenario. Also, as was pointed out by someone on the blog, David Lee isn't going to give up his coaching role too readily either?
    And even though you and others put forward cogent arguments to keep 3 QBs and jetison one, my "guess" is the Trifecta won't admit defeat with White after one season no matter how much it costs or how little sense it makes to keep him.

  22. <span>Tim, I'm not a Pat White hater. I think he was a great college player my point was more based on realism. I agree one rookie season is usually not enough to evaluate a player, especially a QB, but I would like to ask one question... Name the number of sub 6'0" QBs that have made it in the NFL in the last 20 years? The few that have made it have some unmistakable traits that usually show through right away. The first being accuracy. The second being able to deliver passes from every conceivable angle because they have to create their own throwing lanes. The Dolphins attempting to change White's motion because of accuracy is not a good sign when many throwing angles are needed.  
    I will say this much in White's defense, the guy has been told he was too small all his life and has managed to overcome the odds. Remember I did say they would trade Thigpen and keep White for this season.  
    Tin, I think if Thigpen has a great pre-season and considering he was a starter in KC and is still young, getting a second rounder for him not out of the realm of possibility. A couple injuries and a team could get desperate. I would bet the Dolphins are holding out waiting for just the right circumstances to fall into place.</span>

  23. First World Cup result is in (1-1). Unlike the No Fun League, goal celebrations are encouraged! S. Africa's celebration was a bit lame though.

  24. "Trifecta won't admit defeat with White after one season no matter how much
    it costs or how little sense it makes to keep him."
    Look at it this way - cutting White makes little to no impact on the QB
    position. Cutting Gibril Wilson after one season put a lot of pressure on
    the FS position. Not that Ernest Wilford had any impact whatsoever on this
    team, but we cut him after one year also. John Beck was given a shot and
    then cut immediately once we saw what we had in him after one year (under
    the Trifecta).
    Shawn Murphy - one year. Samson Satele - one year. Justin Smiley - two
    years but half of it was on IR. Renaldo Hill, Andre Goodman, etc - one
    year. Matt Roth - one year.
    I don't know why everyone believes the Trifecta likes to hang on to players
    - they have proven time and time again with the Dolphins that will cut a
    player in a heartbeat and continue to churn the roster. Think back to 2008,
    they cut their starting FS after 3 games!

  25. "they have proven time and time again with the Dolphins that will cut a player in a heartbeat and continue to churn the roster"

    From the list you put up, only Shawn Murphy was a trifecta draftee I think, and he was a 4th rounder? I concede that they admit their FA mistakes, but a 2nd round pick mistake after one year? I think back to what TS said about Turner and how they felt as if they "let him down by not developing him". He was a third rounder and hasn't even got any NFL stats and they haven't given up on him. I get what you say about positons and "relative value" to the team, but if this regime values draft picks so highly and they gave up a 2nd to get him, cutting him after 1 year is the ultimate admission of failure in every respect. Another point here is that previous churning involved bringing in players to plug holes in the short, medium and occassionally long term to help us compete, so it might not be unreasonable to expect some attrition of such signings? Surely in the draft we should at least be selecting eventual starters with our first 2 picks each year. I know drafting is an inexact science but to cut a 2nd rounder after 1 year is bad business however you look at it and even though Mr. Ross is a hands-off owner, I think he'd have something to say too if they threw in the towel on a young prospect so quickly.
    I am partly playing devil's advoacate here, because I don't think he fits what this team is becoming and think that time spent developing him would ultimately be better spent elsewhere, but cutting him now doesn't seem to fit their MO. I will of course tip my cap to you when they do!

  26. again, i ask the same question, why not?  second year players get cut all the time.  based on what you are saying that no matter what we shouldnt cut any second year player cause they havent shown any development

  27. cant wait till tomorrow at 2:30.  did you see the lovely sites i posted on tin's other blog

  28. You can't be serious about that....I would be totally PO'd if I were Henne...fwiw, the guy that picks up the towels in the locker room should make more than PW.

  29. I did indeed ffr - my fave was the second Italian fan. Wow - smoking hot and just my type! I'll post a comment on the game tomorrow win or lose, but I have a sneaky feeling it may be a draw? We'll see. Meanwhile, it's gone 6pm and that equates to beer time around these parts. Have a great w/end all.

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    (It's so much better with musical accompaniament!)

  30. We Have PlaymakersJune 11, 2010 at 10:13 AM


    I actually agree with you in that I don't think Pat White will be cut.  If he does not show ANY improvement from last year than maybe but bear in mind that White is transitioning to the most difficult position in professional sports.  IMO--I don't think that Pennington is close to being healthy (the PUP sounds plausible) & I'm not really sure why he was brought back for any other reason than to mentor Henne.  Therefore I don't think we will carry four QB's & I'd be shocked if we don't carry four RB's--Ricky, Ronnie, Cobbs, Hilliard/Sheets.

    As for both OLB's, I hate to sh#t on Tinshaker's parade but the only thing Wake has proven is that he can be a very effective situational pass rusher.  Does that translate into him being a starter this season???  I think that would be the best case scenario here but it's certainly not determined yet.  I think it's clear that Misi or Moses have more to prove on the strong-side since neither player has proven that they can do anything on Sundays but Wake will need to take a very big step forrward this season to prove that he can man the weak-side.

  31. Yeah I think Germany was at the top of that list, but then again Italy was nice and that Brazilian... I'll take one of each.

  32. Rob, I knew better than to pull that up at work, but it wasn't as graphic as I had suspected. I still closed the office door before proceeding!

  33. LOL @ patrick.  i wouldnt say they were all safe, did you see the one of the two girls painted

  34. Tim The EnchanterJune 11, 2010 at 11:41 AM

    Listen I wasn't a fan of the Pat White pick but the trifecta drafted him with a plan. I'm not predicting anything for him but can we wait to see where he's at before we're cutting or trading him in his 2nd season.

    Ffr, what 2nd round pick do you know of who was cut in his 2nd season?

  35. I know I'm late with this reply.  Since one of the favorite games to play on the blog sites is the IF game.  Let me give it a try.

    Patrick I agree with what you say most of the time, but IF we do trade Thigpen what does that leave us with.  Pennington and White ?  Now if Henne goes down and Tyler is gone, so is this year.  Penny doesn't seem to be ready and who knows if he ever will be.  Surely White is not the answer in a pro set offense.  I don't see us shipping Thigpen off at least not until Pennington is ready, and if he "Penny" is put on pup list.  I would hope we don't trade Thigpen. First because we will need him and second because the trading dead line may be over before Penny is ready to return.  I'm not sure on what week trading stops.

    I don't see us trading Thigpen away at least not this year.  Does anyone here trust PW can get the job done, this year if he is called on ?   I don't

  36. tim,

    i dont know of any, but i would be willing to bet there are plenty. 

    i am not saying white will get cut, and i am all for him being worth the pick.  all i was saying is ........ if he is a complete mess like he was last year, i cant beleive the trifecta keeps him around just cause he was a 2nd round pick. 

    heck, you were the one giving me a rash of chit last year about ginns draft status having nothing to do with his ability.  well, doesnt that hold for white, what should his draft status have anything to do with him making the team

  37. TIN ""Pennington was actually practicing in NY beforehand, it's not like he got into season shape in 4 weeks,""
    I didn't suggest putting CP into a body cast until wk 6-8 or even in the pre-season !! 

    TIN""players on the PUP are not allowed to practice or attend meetings,so he would have no impact whatsoever.""
    REALLLY, I didn't know that !!!  
    How-bout a guy on IR,(can he attend practice/meetings),
    and what are the time paramaters for an IR guy compared to a PUP guy??

    KV  "" so who know's 4sure, NOT ME !! ""
    TIN ""you're sadly mistaken and you haven't been paying attention""
    So am I "sadly mistaken" and (know 4sure),or do I (have no clue) b/c I've not "been paying attention"? LOL!! ;)

    One thing's for sure, when TIN & Lemmus look in the mirror they don't see each-other!!
    I just hope that neither of you shatter everyone-else's vision's!!
    GREAT point's from every side!!


  38. Tim The EnchanterJune 11, 2010 at 12:08 PM

    There's a difference in a player's talent and where he was picked and a player being picked high and getting cut in his 2nd year. Apples and oranges.

    What's funny is a lot of fans hated when we took Henne out of the game for White and said we were hurting Henne's rhythm, yet White was given no chance to get into a rhythm at any time and we bash him for struggling as a rookie.

  39. I don't see us letting Thigpen go!!!

    B/C then IFF PW doesn't pan-out, and CP (who's old) never return's to his proficeint game management self??

    Then we'd need a TWO & THREE for o11, and heaven help us iff CH got a hangnail in o10!!! JMHO!!!

  40. I believe Thigpen's a lil-bit country (CP), and a lil-bit rock&roll (PW),
    and @ this stage of their career's I prefer the variety of hit's that Thigpen has to offer!!

    I've alway's had a strange attraction to nipples,pigtail's,and the occasional arm-pit hair on hot hippie chick's!!!

    GO USA, GO ITALY !!!

  42. We Have PlaymakersJune 11, 2010 at 12:54 PM

    LMAO@13!!!  That's priceless!!!

  43. Dude you have to lose the TT it just doesn't sound right.

  44. 13, a player on IR or PUP cannot participate - those are the rules.
    I don't understand the part about being sadly mistaken and not paying
    attention being separate entities - my argument is you were sadly mistaken
    BECAUSE you didn't pay attention, LOL.

  45. Wow, this is a great discussion. I do think that the goal was to get trade value from either TT or CP. But the more i think about it, I also don't see us trading Thigpen this year, unless the offer is too good to pass up (3rd or better-which is unlikely). There is no way that we are going to leave our season in the hands of a questionably healthy CP and a genreally questionable PW. Pennington knew this too, which is why he insisted on having his contract ammeded with a trade clause giving him more money if it happened.

    I think a best case scenario is that we use Pennington as a mentor through training camp, put him on the PUP, then trade him before the deadline for a midround pick. This gives Pat white more time to either prove himself or increase his trade value with some Wildcat action during the year. We can then trade/cut PW in 2011 and draft another QB in the later rounds at a better price.

  46. I think we should trade PW for a middle releiver for the Marlins.  That would solve two problems. :)

  47. LOL (GOOD ONE)!!

    So how was CP able to help-out throughout the season last yr??
    (Can't he do it the same way this yr until wk 6-8)??
    While being healthier,fresher and more in-tune for the critical must win point's of the season,
    and allowing further evaluation!!

    I'd like a (less-brittle) "KNOW WHAT YER GETTIN" CP available for the last half of the season,
    rather than "pushing" him early-on and potentially away from the team the last half of the season,
    when there are a plethora of QBs available that TS isn't yet sure of what to expect from on gameday!!

    But I still think a bubble LB can be snuck onto the PS, in order to keep 4 QBs,
    (one on PUP if necessary) as long as he can contribute as he did while on IR in 09

  48. PS, I KNOW that CP isn't going to simply roll-over!! (ie; "sadly paid mistaken attention"), LOL!!!

  49. I can't type as fast as you,
    and it take's me longer to type TT than it take's TRYPE to type the declaration of independence..

    Give's ya a reason to make sure the AC's @ the perfect temperature!! HoneyUcold,(lemmecheck)..

  50. "and allowing further evaluation" OF OTHER'S !!

  51. NO-WAYYYY, he could be the ACE for MY ORIOLES !!

    Give the O's PW for the right's to torture the O's owner Peter Angelos,
    (one time as the FINS KR'er outta do the trick of breaking his neck)!!

    MANNN, I MISS THE 70's !!! 

  52. Here's the 53 I CURRENTLY see, according to TINS roster (for the most part), hope it post right (KV braintease)!!

                                                      Ronnie                           LPolite
                                                      Ricky                             LHilliard
                                                                         Henne                                          Carpenter
                                                                       TThigpen                                          Fields
                                                                        PWhite                                            Denny
    BHartline     AFasano     VCarey    Incognito      JGrove      DThomas      JLong          BMarshall
      DBess       JHaynos     LMurtha   CProctor       JBerger       JJerry        AGardner      RCamarillo
                                                                                                         NGarner (1 GMullin,PT,TJohnson)

                                               KLangford         RStarks           PMerling
    VDavis                                 TMcDanial          PSoliai             JOdrick                      SSmith
    WAllen                                  LDotson       (JFerguson/IA)                                      JAllen
                          KMisi                        CCrowder            KDansby         CAnderson
                        QMoses                       AJEdds              TDobbins            CWake
                                      CClemons                                          YBell
                                        RJones                                           TCulver

    PROBABLY have to dump one,two,or three of the less-versatile OLineman,
    and possibly the 5th WR to make room for ST'ers & upsiders such as,
    (EWalden, KSperry, NNess, JAmaya, NCarroll, JDFolsom, CMcCoy, ASpitler)!! 
    But which four get dumped in return for retaining which four?? Guess it'll play-out!!

    That's how I CURRENTLY see it, and hope that those mentioned among other's @LEAST make the PS!!
    I also like Ivey, Oghabasse, and Ryan b/c of the positional beef!!

    Then thing's really get churned @ mid-season upon the return's of CP & [...]

  53. We Have PlaymakersJune 12, 2010 at 8:26 AM


    Interesting.  You have Sheets making the team over Hilliard.  I personally would give the nod to Hilliard at this point but either way that roster spot should make for some excellent competition.

  54. Of all the heartbreaking decisions we have to make this offseason, the Kory Sheets decision has to be the toughest. I really like this kid a lot. He has a lot of speed, can bounce outside but isn't afraid to run between the tackles. I also think that he would be a good KR option. Still, there is no way that we can put Hilliard on the practice squad, he would get snatched up in a minute. They both would.

    Both Hilliard and Sheets could be future starters, i wish there was a way to keep them both.

  55. GET OUT!!!!! talk about a waste of money!!

  56. sigh, I guess I need to change my avi huh?

  57. I see Hilliard as a clone to Marion Barber in Dallas.  Worthy of passibly starting but not having that break away speed I would like to see in the backfield.  As for Sheets, we picked him off of Waviers right ?  If it comes down to those 2 guys at cut time.  It will be bye bye Sheets, that's the way I see it.

  58. Tim The EnchanterJune 13, 2010 at 11:42 AM


    ``Pat White is by far the most improved player,'' Greg Camarillo said. ``He has changed his body, improved his accuracy. Last year, he was hit or miss.''

    So maybe saying he's the most improved player by far is because he really had to improve a lot but at least someone has noticed. I'd say that's pretty good coming from Camarillo who isn't the best athlete in the world. This from a guy who uses the finer points of the game to succeed.

  59. Honours even in the World Cup then, so no blood needs to be spilled! I had a hunch that was how it would go (see my earlier post) ..... my spider sense was twitching. Still a reasonable chance US and England can go through - my preferred option.

  60.  ""Interesting. You have Sheets making the team over Hilliard.""

    NO, IFFF anything I have Hilliard ahead of Sheets,(Hilliards just listed @FB b/c he's more the type)!!
    Using an extra-line for a 5th RB forced my post into having too many characters,(not allowing the post)..

    IFFF anything I have Sheets ahead of 3 of the Olineman,and or the 5th WR,(though I believe we'll keep 5 WRs)!

    I have Hilliard AND Sheets on the 53,(@ this premature stage)!!

    I really want to keep 4 to 5 of these gyz (in order).. ALMOST have to keep Sperry??
    EWalden, KSperry, NNess, JAmaya, CMcCoy, NCarroll, JDFolsom, ASpitler, Francis, Ivey, Oghobasse, Baker
    but it's gonna be tough to figure out the 4 to 5 roster spots they replace!!

    I think,(@least 3 from the OL,leaving 8 OL),
    possibly 4 seeing that everyone on the OL is versatile enough to play all OL position's,(for the most part)!!
    We practically only need the 5 starter's w'ONE bkup G,and ONE bkup T,but I think 8's the safe route!!

    I've been wondering IFFF JGrove MIGHT be on the trade-block,
    (seeing that we have sooo many highy capable Centers),
    for a HIGH draft pk or game-changing OLB,FS ??
    I luvvv Grove, but he could bring us some high quality
    @ a position of "potentially" dire need,
    (depending on the youngsters who I personally believe in)... But what's new??


  61. ""Both Hilliard and Sheets could be future starters, i wish there was a way to keep them both.""


    Ricky (old) & Ronnie (inj prone/gettin old) whom I luvv
    are BOTH LIKELY DONE as DOLPHINS after o10 or @LEAST very shortly thereafter!!
    I see this regime alway's attempting to retain the future b/4 the time comes,
    not leaving themselves to an act of desperation should the unforeseen take place!!
    They don't plan for tomarrow, they plan for tomarrow & everyday/Championship for the next 5 yrs,IMHO!! GOFINS!!!

  62. Testing....what has happened here? It all looks 'different'. Maybe it's just me?

  63. herd, if it was just you who thinks this site looks different there would have to be acid involved. LOL

  64. Herd,
    Tin's gone nuclear-powered?

  65. The above comment and this one by Anonymous was posted by Tim. I think Tin is currently working on this so weird stuff if happening.

  66. I liked the version before this one where everything was kind of 'out of focus'. lol

  67. Herd, good to see I wasn't the only one going blind! I like it Tin, before I was forced to return to the 1st page if I refreshed with the continuous format it doesn't matter.

    From all the comments, I think the thing that stands out on the QB situation is the health of Chad Pennington. If he's not ready to go, then all bets are off because we will need PW and TT... Once/if CP is healthy then a decision is going to have to be made. I don't see us keeping 4 QBs on the roster. That would require cutting a player at another position and I think the roster depth is to the point where we would be giving up a good player for the luxury of a 4th QB.

  68. """As for Sheets, we picked him off of Waviers right ? If it comes down to those 2 guys at cut time. It will be bye bye Sheets, that's the way I see it."""

    Sooooo, does that mean IFF the 52nd,and 53rd roster spots come down to FA walk-on DBess or 3rd rndr PTurner, or 5th rndr JNalbone,
    that ""it will be bye bye"" DBess from your POV???

    WHEWWW, lucky DWoodley was an 8th rndr and not the 26th pk of the 1st rnd in 1980!! WHEWWWW!!

  69. We actually signed Sheets to our 53 off the 49ers practice squad after Ronnie Brown got hurt