Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 Live Draft Of Possible Pointlessness


  1. In four years we're going to pick this guy with the 12 pick in the 2015 draft!

    <span>LOL, actually this guy looks pretty good for a high school kid. Needs to tighten up his delivery a little.</span>

  2. If we have the #12 pick in 2015 I'm going to be steamed !! :)  The worst thing about this !  I can actually invision that being the case in 4 years if this team doesn't get a QB that can make plays when he needs to make them.

  3. YEAAA, I've already been watchin these Seniors for 3 yrs, and I'm alway's thinkin longterm FINS!

  4. YEAAA, or an OL, RB, WR,or DB to do the same on the same day!!

  5. I'm going to write an article this WE to reiterate the foolishness of trading for QBs, particularly if we're talking about the Dolphins.  Here's the QBs that have started for Miami since Marino.

    These were acquired by trade...

    Tyler Thigpen - Trade 5th rounder
    Trent Green - Trade 5th rounder
    Joey Harrington - Trade 5th rounder
    Cleo Lemon - Trade AJ Feeley & 6th rounder
    Daunte Culpepper - Trade 2nd rounder
    AJ Feely - Trade 2nd rounder
    Sage Rosenfels - Trade 7th rounder

    Here are the QBs that were FAs when they came to Miami...

    Chad Pennington - FA
    Gus Frerotte - FA
    Jay Fiedler - FA
    Brian Griese - FA
    Ray Lucas - FA
    Damon Huard - FA

    And finally the QBs drafted...

    Chad Henne - Draft 2nd round
    John Beck - Draft 2nd round

    There have been 15 QBs start since Marino retired and of those 15 none of the trades has been remotely successful. Of the free agents, Chad Pennington and Jay Fiedler led us to the playoffs but each was a stop gap. Chad Henne and John Beck are the only QBs to start for Miami that were drafted. It would seem a simple history lesson would tell the FO that trading for a QB is a fools game, acquiring one via FA is only slightly better. It all comes down to drafting a QB in the 1st round... In my personal opinon, until we do that we will always be on the outside looking in.

  6. Yeaa, but it can't be just any 1st rnd QB selection is guaranteed to turn around a QB situation!!

    If that were the case CH or JB would have been the answer, (if only we drafted them in the 1st)??

    Off the top of my head, since 13 retired we haven't had a legit opportunity @ an elite 1st rnd QB,
    other than MRyan & superstar Brady Quinn, (off the top of my head)??

  7. WOWWW, Unbelievable !!

    o10 SD Chargers had the #1 O, #1 D,
    and an o4 1st rnd near elite QB (PRivers), 
    while they're also in the weakest AFC division,
    and they didn't make the playoff's!!




    Since Danny,
    Other than Matt Ryan, we didn't have a legitimate opportunity @ any of these 1st rnd QB's!!

    Same yr as MRyan ( we might have gone after Flacco w'the 32nd pk near where he was projected ),
    but Baltimore reached for him @ 18!!

    In o5 we took Ronnie w'the 2nd pk of the 1st ( No-Brainer @ the time ),
    Aaron Rodger's was taken 24th by GB,
    ( we might have gone after him w'the overall 2nd pk of the 2nd rnd ),
    but again GB took him b/4 that opportunity came to be!!

    Other than that we haven't had a legitimate opportunity @ an elite first rnd QB since 13's retirement, and even if we did there haven't been that many to choose from!!
    So I don't know how any of the regime's can be blamed for not being able to land an elite 1st rnd QB @ a reasonable projection of value during that time and place, or w'out a Ditka type maneuver!!
    Cuz it a took several 1st rndrs to trade-up from where we were for a PRiver's, BRothlisberger,
    EManning, CPalmer, or whoever else might someday be considered elite 1st rnd QB selection's!!

    Gotta be in the right place @ the right time,
    it ain't nobodie's fault, just the luck of the draw, GOFINS!!!

  9. I wrote an article on the lockout at have a look and let me know what you think.

  10. Right on! I'm still wondering how there are enough people to fill that place at those prices. It's like >$100 to park there, just to freaking park! My brothers live out there and we went to the last Thanksgiving game (Leon Lett Game) and we were talking about doing it again this year. The cost is astronomical. We figured it would cost us ~$2000 for 4 of us to go to one game. We decided to get front row seats in the livingroom with turkey and all the fixings rather than help pay for Jerry's palace.

    The one thing most people say is the onwers will lower the ticket prices eventually if they cannot sell out the stadiums. I can tell you this, Tampa never got a clue and that stadium was empty or full of the other team's fans. In the case of these palaces they can't make the loan payments on them unless they get a certain amount of revenue. Jerry will start losing money in a hurry if this thing goes into the regular season. Back in the day when they had the scab games I think times were a little simpler and the prices were more managable. Today the fans are not going to shell out a couple hundred bucks to see Kyle Mackey, you can be sure of that!

  11. Ticket prices are reletive to the day in age, so nothing has really changed that much.  Stadiums have been financed the same way for years and years with the help of tax dollars.  All we need to do is look at the funding for the new Marlins stadium financed by the bed tax of torurst dollars.  How will the Marlins pay for that place in 3 years when the team again draws about 10,000 per game ? 

    I have an idea how it will be done.  The owners are going to put less money in their pockets to pay for that expansion.  That is whole reason behind them keeping that extra 1 billion dollars.  They see the writting on the wall, and they know something must be done now to insure the league success.

    We can say what ever we want.  If the owners can't pay those stadium loans, the future of the league is in trouble.  They can't print money like the Government can and keep going.

    The owners can see the revenues going down in the future, and if that is true.  Then the players take of the pie will go down also.  It comes down to this.  The players want a short term greed fix, and the owners want a long term greed fix.  In this case in order to keep the greed machine rolling the players need to lower their expectations the same as owners see they will need to do in the future.

  12. <p><span>G, I don’t see where the players get off thinking the game revolves around them to the degree they can dictate how much their employers pay them. In reality it is not the players that draw the crowds over the long term, it is the franchise and the owners own the franchise. What I’m saying is, Dan Marino retired a long time ago, as did Larry Czonka and Don Shula but we are still Dolphin fans… We became fans of the franchise and even though we live in different cities or even countries we still root for that franchise.</span><span> </span>
    </p><p><span>The players believe they are the show and for a short period they may be but over time most people don’t stop being Dolphin fans because Dan Marino retires. For this reason I side with the owners as long as they pay the players a reasonable salary. We all work for the man, but to be able to play a game in front of adoring fans with an average salary of $1.8 million doesn’t seem like something a rational person would find deplorable, unless you throw in the greed factor.</span>
    </p><p><span>The difference here is the owners either made their billions on their own or inherited the franchise. They either earned the wealth or grew up with it; in both cases they learned how to handle being a rich person. Most of the players do not come from wealth and probably a large percentage come from poverty. Once these people taste the good life their perspective on where they came from is forever warped. Now they just want as big a piece of that pie as they can wrangle out of the man.</span>
    </p><p><span>In my opinion, go find another job… Let’s see where you can make $1.8 million with your degree in basket weaving. If there is nowhere else to make that kind of money than the players have two choices, get a real job or drink a tall frosty glass of STFU and be happy with your $1.8 million.</span></p>

  13. Agree Patrick. refer to my post on Wes welker and his candid rational thoughts bout the greed :-$ factor.

    Sunday, May 22, 2011, 10:21:06 AM ;)

  14. * Home is guest above*

    Miami Heat destroyed the Celtics, the Bulls and now the Mavs

    Still Ignorant & busy Hating on the Heat!?

    Best perimeter defense in the NBA = Miami Heat

    Heat = the best team in the NBA

    Any Questions ?

    Think Not, just check the final scores


  15. It's All bout The Heat in Miami  !  8-)

  16. YEAAAAAA BABY, GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH     H      E       A        T     !!!!!!

  17. What are they thinking starting those games so late? I have to get up at 5:00AM and the game doesn't till after nine?  Consequently I didn't see the end and had to hear it on ESPN this morning. I don't understand why they make a big deal out of Dirk. I'm sorry but Dirk is the name for a porn star not an NBA player... I'm hoping the heat kick the crap out of them.  The damned media got into throwing hate at James like frenzy. I would love to see him shut them up. I'll LMAO when the Heat wins.

  18. The players are what we watch, they are not the reason the game is being played.  The owners are, and to more extent than the owners it's the league as whole as to why we see a game each week.

    It seems to me the owners see that fact and the players don't.  Either that or the players don't care, like so much of America today they are so absorbed in their own greed they don't care about the over all good of the league.

  19. FanG, I don't think the owners are all about the best intentions of the league, they're definitely in for the money but I do believe they have a better understanding of the value of maintaining the infrastructure. The Jerry Jones' palaces are ridiculous but keeping the stadiums up, keeping the experience as something special I can understand. I'm still of the opinion they could do that and keep the game affordable because the real money is in the TV contracts.

    The players' greed is party driven from the Knowledge that they have a very limited shelf life where one injury at the wrong time could leave them with nothing to show for it but a bum leg. It is also driven by the rookie seeing the vet with the bling and wanting some of his own. It's hard to imagine being 21 and having a couple million in the bank. I know when I was 21 there was gonna be some partying going on. It seems like today everyone under a microscope and the things we got away with are now deemed wrong even by us. That is called expecting more of others than we expect of ourselves, holding them to a higher standard than we held ourselves...

    Personally I'm getting over the damn microscope... 

  20. Tonight the MIAMI HEAT go 2-0 !!!


    Undefeated 10 - 0 at "HOME" in the Playoffs

    Yes, my friend
    The HEAT IS ON !

    8-)   +  <3  =  MIAMI HEAT

  21. Can't Stop The HEAT in MIAMI !  >:o

    The HEAT's Future is soooooooooooo bright, ...

    Home has to wear his shades, ... 8-)

    Hey Dolphin organization,
    How does 10-0 sound as a record for the 2011 season, in the Playoffs, at Home ! ! ! ! !

    Now there is a product
    Worth  :-$ paying for :-D

    Imagine that ?

  22. Dude do me a favor and wait until after the game before you decide who the winner is... I think the D got to thinking like Homes when they were up by 15 and decided showing up was enough. I still think they will win it, but hopefully they learned a lesson about counting chickens before they hatch.

  23. Prevent D & O does nothing but prevent winning,
    can't believe they quit goin to the board's w'a 15 pt lead,
    and started throwing brick's from the 3pt line!!
    BRUUUUTALLLL now they gotta take two in Dallas or come home w'their back's against the wall for game 6 and then another must win in game 7!!
    BRUUUTALLLL, if they hadn't stopped playing last nght the series would have been over in 5 or @ the most game 6, noww game 7 is practically emminent unless we take two @ Dallas!!


  24. C,Mon Man is the NBA also corrupt?
    Conspiracy theorist wanna know

    Looked like L.James was not sure where he was at the beginning of the game !?

    No way Dirk should have been in that game

    Tonight should prove to be interesting, 4 Sure

    Miami & South Florida need a Championship Team

    Today, Ricoco

    Go HEAT!

  25. No Favors!
    I'm Off The Chain!

    Go HEAT!

  26. Home is expecting the NFL Lockout to be lifted in bout 2 weeks

    have a HAARPy day  :(

  27. Welcome to WADE County

    How Bout that NBA Championship team

    GO HEAT!

  28. YO Patrick, or anyone in the know of this legal crap!!

    Heyyy, I just read @ NFLN's "bottom-line" that the NFL has filed a motion to drop the "anti-trust" lawsuit vs TBrady!!
    That's a good thing, RIGHT??
    Sound's like a good thing to me as farr as gettin back to business sooner rather than later!!

  29. Patrick is correct.  I don't see this amounting to anything, it's just part of the game in the legal world.

  30. Neither 13, it's a push.

  31. <span><span>Yep KV, just legal maneuvering… When the league declared a lockout the union decertified. That enabled individuals (T. Brady) to file an anti-trust suit because they were no longer part of a union. The league then files to dismiss the anti-trust suit because the players were still acting as a union though they have decertified. It’s all a bunch a God Forsaken lawyers using the league to fill their pockets.</span></span>
    <span><span> </span></span>
    <span><span>The owners and players are trapped in a fool’s game because the lawyers will keep the litigation going as long as possible. Every injunction, suit, filing is like a cash register in the lawyer’s office ringing away, cha ching, cha ching, cha ching… There is no way the lawyers will ever want this thing to end. As long as it goes on without an agreement the more the lawyer bling continues to cha ching!</span></span>
    <span><span> </span></span>
    <span><span>The lawyers on both sides are not interested in an agreement because an agreement means the end of their payday. They will file back and forth as long as the owners and the players refuse to come to an agreement. All of this we are seeing now is meaningless lawyers making money off of two brooding children, like a nasty rich person divorce. The conclusion will only come when the two sides sit down face to face and hash it out. As long as they are too COWARDLY to face each other and the facts the lawyers will continue to cha ching…</span></span>

  32. Just saying

    word of the day must be, ... cha ching  *DONT_KNOW*   ?

  33. It's all bout

    8-)   9:00 pm tonight

    soon MIAMI HEAT will be NBA Champions

    and all u HEAT Haters can  :*    my black ASS =-O


    Cha Ching :-$

  34. A lawyer friend once told me. The lawyers creed is " God Bless the lawyer that sues my client "  He said even though it was meant to be a joke, it is true. He tried to settle disputes out of court, he said only lawyers win in the court room.

  35. Soon within (2 weeks) the lockout will be over and ...

    Jason Taylor will be playing on the New England Patriots    =-O   :'(

  36. That's kinda good Homes... A least we know if Taylor goes to NE they won't be winning the SB!!!

    Cha Ching!!!

  37. Black Ass ? 


    that would look funny on a white man

    GO HEAT !

  38. ""my black ass""
    HOME is a Brother??
    Someone told me he was the pudgy wht guy in the photo w'CCrowder that used to be @ the SS??

    Not that it matter's, just that ""my black ass"" was surprising to what I've thought the last few yrs!
    I figured only the crack of homes ass was black, cuz he's too busy typing to whipe, >:o  LOL!!

  39. OHHH NEVERMIND my last post, LOL!! Guess I should'a checked-out page 8, LMAO!!

  40. That's funny Patrick.  I said the same thing to 13 about JT a few years ago.  He didn't like that either. :))

  41. FanG, I always liked JT's production but I always thought he disappeared during big games. To me he is one of those guys who is more interested in his personal stats than being a team leader. I don't mind guys not wanting to be leaders but if you put yourself out there as a team leader than lead. The years of his leadership produced some of the worst seasons in Miami history. Of course I'm not placing all that on JT, but we're not talking about Ray Lewis here.

    KV, I think Homes got the "ass" part right but he got confused from too much chemtrail fallout! Just kidding Homes!!! Don't go all snippy on me.

    What the hell happened to LaBron? It looked to me like he has trouble moving without the ball. Think about it, he has been the stud his entire life and every game he has played in he was expected to carry the team. Now when Wade is going off and Labron is playing a secondary roll he doesn't seem to have the same energy as when he has the whole thing on his shoulders. The good thing is I think it's a very easy problem to fix and I would surprised if the Heat does not take out the Mavs.

  42. That was pretty much my feelings about JT also, except that you say it more refined than I do.  Which is more exceptable to most people.  I don't come off as elequent as you.

  43. Here's an article that I had saved last year while researching our new defensive coordinator:

    Mike Nolan and the 2009 Broncos defense: What happened?

    By David Johnson | June 2, 2010

    Mike Nolan

    I do realize that these two topics may have already been discussed at the end of the season, but due to recent comments on blogs. It seems like the firing of Mike Nolan was another big mistake in the eyes of some Broncos fans, and its a topic that is still burning people. I am going to explain the Nolan firing from a scheme perspective and why it made sense, and give my theory as to why the Broncos collapsed last year. As most Broncos fans have heard, Josh McDaniels and Mike Nolan had philosophical differences. The root cause of these philosophical differences came from a scheme perspective. Mike Nolan is a hybrid 3-4 defensive coach rather than a pure 3-4 defensive coach. JoshMcDaniels like most Parcells/Belichick coaches is a believer in the 3-4, but he is a believer in the Fairbanks-Bullough 3-4 system which is a bend but don't break defense. Mike Nolan's version of the 3-4 defense doesn't believe in playing bend but don't break type of defense. Nolan believes in attacking the quarterback whenever possible and using a combination of a 1-gap and 2-gap system at times. He likes to try and confuse the quarterback with exotic blitzing, where as Josh was taught to confuse a quarterback by disguising coverages instead of relying on the blitz.

    In the system that Josh was taught, the Fairbanks-Bullough 3-4, you don't blitz as much as you do in the other four versions of the 3-4 defense. The other four versions of the 3-4 are the "Zone Blitz 3-4", "Phillips 3-4", "Fairbanks-Bullough 3-4" and the "Hybrid 3-4". A good example of a Fairbanks-Bullough 3-4 defense is the Patriots defense. The Fairbanks-Bullough is commonly referred to as an 2-gap 3-4 system that gives teams the greatest amount of flexibility compared to other 3-4's. The linebackers in this system are extremely versatile and are capable of doing any and everything on the field. (I.e.; Mike Vrabel) When you mix the roles of the four linebackers from play to play, you can cause mass confusion for an offense. The reason this system is a 2-gap system, is because the defensive lineman are required to cover the gaps on both sides of an offensive lineman. The defensive linemen in this 3-4 are very stout so that they can occupy the offensive lineman, and allow the linebackers can make plays. As you compare the philosophies, you can see how and why Josh and Mike didn't see eye to eye at times during the year.

    What happened to the defense?

    My theory as to what happened to the defense here in Denver is this. As one person who commented on a previous blog that I wrote said; the lack of depth is one reason why the Broncos defense collapsed. I also think the philisophical differences also played a role in the demise of the defense. They also were trying to run a 3-4 defense with 4-3 defensive players. That's hard to do since it takes specific types of players to run a 3-4 defense. In a 3-4 defense, you have to build it from the inside out. The nose tackle and the two inside linebackers are the three most important players on the defense. This is why the Broncos were gashed in the second half of the season by teams running the ball on them. Seriously folks, when the Philadelphia Eagles rush for over 100 yards on you in a game, your defense is weak up the middle. Andy Reid maybe only calls five running plays a game. If you noticed during the offseason, Josh's first roster moves were bolstering the middle of that defense, not addressing the offense despite there being good offensive free agents available.

    In addition to all of this, teams simply just figured out the [...]

  44. Your eloquence is just fine with me...

  45. Good stuff! I guess hindsight would have to say that Josh MacDaniels was in way over his head and Denver would have been better to fire him and keep Nolan. Their loss our gain. I really thought Nolan had a serious shot at one of the head coaching jobs this off-season. I think he'll get another chance soon. SF is going through the same pain we are, following a Shula or Walsh is not an easy task when the ownership is also in flux.

  46. Can, I think you may be right on there... It was curious to see Ross flirting with Harbaugh like a school girl. It kind of indicates to me that Ross did not get to current status in life by playing his cards completely above the table. Sparano got a little taste of the darker side of Ross and also saw his "friend" Mr. Ireland place his own employment above any personal loyalty. It's obvious in every NFL city that keeping a head coaching job boils down to winning...

    Let's extrapolate here, coach wins or is out, teams with franchise QBs consistently win, coaches with franchise QBs keep their jobs and compete for superbowls. Sooooooo, if I'm an NFL head coach I have one priority, get a God Damn QB ASAP!!! It matters whether you have the rest of the positions but without the QB you don't have a job. I don't care about the Dolphins missing on Pat White because I have a rule... (This an AFATT rule)


    QBs in trades have won only 7% of the superbowls, FA QBs have won only 21% which means drafted QBs have won 72% of all SBs! That is not a number that can be manipulated by some stats guy. 72% is huge and only one QB ever not drafted or not traded for during the draft has won more than one SB.

    It means if Sparano and Ireland or any other jokers the Miami Dolphins choose to put in the ring ever want to get back to the level of Don Shula they had better figure out what Shula knew long ago. Draft a franchise QB and follow the rule... Keep drafting QBs until you get it right! Draft a QB every year even if you have the man. Belichick learned, Andy Reed learned, Bill Polian learned, AJ Smith learned (he's an asshole BTW)...

    Okay so maybe Henne somehow makes a breakthrough but in light of what we have learned we can see that Sparano and Ireland have not followed the first rule of the NFL. No one would have said one freaking word if Miami had used that 2nd round pick on Ryan Mallett. In fact the bloggers on the SS and MH would have thought they'd died and gone to heaven. But we draft a running back and yes, it was the SAFE thing to do, but that's not how you win in the NFL. Without the QB you lose your job anyway so you have to draft them. I'm going to say right here, the Dolphins made a huge mistake not drafting Mallett in the 2nd round. I don't care if the guy never plays a down in the NFL. There is a chance he could be the next franchise guy and for that reason...  WHAT???  REPEAT AFTER ME...


    Okay that was a fun rant, I'll step off my soap box now!

  47. Repeat after me " <span>KEEP DRAFTING QBs UNTIL YOU GET IT RIGHT!!! "  </span>

    I am going to add one more thing to that.  Draft a guy that will actually pass the ball for a living. Not some guy that takes off running like there is a fire drill when the ball is snapped.  That is the one thing I like about CH.  He may not be able to hit the side of a barn standing inside of it, but he hangs in there trying to be a passer and not a runner.  Contrary to what some people think, I would like to see Henne
    " get it " and be this teams QB.  After 3 years, I just don't think he can.

    I would much rather have a QB that can pick a team apart with his passing, because there is little the opposing team can do to stop it.  A running QB will end up in the hospital sooner or later, he is a ticking time bomb waiting to get blown up and eventually he will.

    So find a guy that will pass first and run as a last resort.  They have been the best QBs in the league in past years, and will be for it's future.

    Quarterbacks " GET PAID TO PASS THE BALL "

  48. Thank-Hevens BP's gone and now the staff can do their job's !!


  49. Found a video of why TIN hasn't posted since the draft which he said he was gonna go celebrate over


  50. Still looking for NFL to restart in the end of June

  51. Homes, I hope your NFL prognostication skills are a little better than your NBA predictions... But it does look like there is progress. When I heard yesterday they had thrown the lawyers out of the negotiating room I began to feel there was hope!

  52. Home on the BruinsJune 16, 2011 at 6:13 AM

    Me Too Patrick!

    The HEAT had a great 1st yr w the new "Trifecta"
    Beating the snot out of the Celtics and Bulls in the NBA Playoffs
    Making it to game 6 in the Championship

    Plenty to be proud of & very exciting future for the Miami HEAT

    Grew up in Boston  8-)
    Watched a thousand Bruins games
     #77 played in over 1600 NHL games b4 retiring his jersey w 2 dif teams

    Very Excited bout the Bruins Stanley Cup Victory last night

    Time to p u a  BOSTON BRUINS Championship hockey jersey :-D  

    Phucken Eh!

    Cant Believe
    THEY DID IT!  >:o

    After 39 yrs!

    GO BRUINS !!!

  53. Needless to say, we here in the Tampa area hate all things Boston... They are the most obnoxious fans to ever disgrace the planet. I suppose since you are from that area it warrants your support but personally, the Sox, the Bruins and the Patsies can all KMA. Nothing personal, I just hate those teams.

  54. Home on the BruinsJune 16, 2011 at 10:55 AM

    Home Dont Hate  8-)
    Know Home is in the minority but
    Man does it make life soo much more enjoyable HANGING IN THE ZEN ZONE

    It's just competition
    So work on your own always improving game and dont worry bout the competition

    Home actually claps and compliments or criticizes both his Fav team and the opponent

    Home likes a good game and the better team to win
    Was complimenting the Mavs as well as my HOME team the HEAT in the 6  NBA Championship games

    Home gets right up in Jets fans faces, but also congratulates them when they make a good play
    Hell next year that player might be on your team *DONT_KNOW*

    Had 5 Jets fans wanting to kick my ass (lol) at the sports bar during Jets vs Dolphins game last season as Home was giving it to them good  :-P

    At the end of the game
    The stinking Jets fans were buying HOME and his GF shots of YAG and we all had a good time

    It's all good
    If u cannot recognize talent on both sides and have to HATE on a good team
    That's your right

    Seems like a lot of misery for u then
    When watching any of THE BAD BOYS FROM BOSTON TEAMS doing it right

    GO BRUINS !!!

    2 TICKETS ON SALE FOR BOUT $ 325 EACH onliine



  55. Yea
    That is against the Pats :-D

  56. <p><span>Okay so hate is a strong word especially when taken literally... But this is what makes sports Homes. If the game were to become like a bunch of 5 year-olds playing soccer at the YMCA, where everyone plays and everyone gets a trophy, then why would we even bother. We watch for the passion of the competition and the passion becomes antiseptic when we don’t choose sides.</span>
    </p><p><span>The predatory side of human nature may have been bred or civilized out of us but it is certainly still there. We see its manifestation in the news every day, where some loony goes off the deep end. Watering down sporting events is actually dangerous because those are the times when people are allowed to express unbridled passion, emotion, rage, even hate for 3 hours. </span>
    </p><p><span>If I can take out my frustrations yelling at the Jets on the TV or at the live event then that necessary release of emotion is expended in a controlled environment where it is expected. If I want to hate Boston, I’ll hate freaking Boston! If I want to hate the God forsaken Jets then I will hate the God forsaken Jets! But it is not a rage against any person, even the players on the opposing team; it is a rage against losing to that particular opponent. If that opponent happens to cause my team to lose more than I like or I am pitted against them more often than others I will naturally become more passionate in my distaste for that team.</span>
    </p><p><span>Do I have a problem with a person from Boston, of course not… I have many friends from Boston and when we play the Patriots we go at each other in the same room, but when the game is over, it’s over. Fact is, I sat in seats very close to where you are talking about right behind the Patsies bench several years ago with some friends from Boston on a Monday night. We had a great time (it was hard to see over the players from where we were at) but I can’t lay out the cash this year. I’m just ready for some football, I got a lot of rage that needs an outlet!</span></p>

  57. Phucking Excellent response Patrick
    One of your best yet, u phucking hater! lol

    Find the bunch of 5 yr olds playing soccer at the YMCA analogy absolutely hilarious but
    never said that

    Home just gets disgusted at all the HATING going on and poor winners and losers attitude
    As if the Haters whole world is in disarray pending the outcome of a game which they do not even participate in. LMAO!

    I actually find it sad

    Love the read, Psychology Of A Sports Fan
    Find the study of a sports fans emotions intriguing
    The  hypnotic insanity level of passion which every breathe of life (literally) from the obsessed sports fan is given to each & every move a sports team makes, esp in playoffs is def worth study
    From a psychological standpoint Home is truly amazed at this behavior and actually finds the extreme transcendental  passion humorous

    The Hating though too many times Home has seen it taken to another level and No it is not fun or funny
    It is sick.
    That is the hate Home is referring to, Patrick
    Will always cheer and respect players on both sides of the ball even though  (EYE)  have a  Fav team involved

    It took some years to evolve into this type of fan, but Home is glad to have evolved to this mindset

    Was actually happy for the MAVS winning and very pleased with what the HEAT accomplished this season but
    Man does HOME HATE that arrogant Mark Cuban!

    Gotcha! lol

    As far as the seat Home was referring to above
    They are on the 30 yd line
    U have to be on the 30 yd line to the end zone on either side or the players will  somewhat obstruct your view if in the front row as mentioned  ;)

    Just Saying would be a great seat to start the opening day game for the Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots MNF Sept 12 2011

    As for the financials, Patrick
    No Worries
    Most are in the same boat
    Continue doing a wonderful job  O:-)   with those kids of yours

    God is watching
    U will be rewarded for your sacrifices & heavenly work


    and be cool  8-)

  58. <p><span>Home, I also find the psychology of the sports fan rather intriguing… </span>
    </p><p><span>I remember when the Hurricanes won their first national championship against Nebraska back in 83… I was at my mother’s house and we were all sending out karmatic waves of support though the TV. It was almost as if there was an electric feeling in the air all over South Florida. When they won it was like a personal victory, like I had something to do with them winning that game even through the TV.</span>
    </p><p><span>A few days later, this question of the psychology of the sports fan kept coming to my mind, this notion of the 12<sup>th</sup> man. Now here’s what I think happens, we become jaded by the losses as much as we become elated by the victories. At some point in time the focus changes from willing your team to win, to wishing for your opponent’s defeat. Those two things may sound like one in the same, but they are vastly different on a psychological scale.</span>
    </p><p><span>Willing your team to win is the positive approach to the psychology of winning because it is regardless of the opponent. It is not about the opponent; it’s about your own ability to perform no matter who the opponent is. The opponent is only taken into consideration for strategic purposes, how to attack strengths or weaknesses. There is no emotional layout it is strictly business like in approach. The Patriots play this way, they don’t really care who the opponent is; they care about beating them because the object is to win.</span>
    </p><p><span>Wishing for your opponent’s defeat is a completely different matter. This is where you no longer feel your team is capable of winning and the fans resort to hoping for bad things to happen to the opponent. This is the negative side of winning; this is when apathy and hate begin to take over for believing in strategy and competence. When teams go from having a positive influence like Don Shula, who coaches the positive side of winning, to an organization that drifts to the dark side, then we see the fans of that team begin to drift as well.</span>
    </p><p><span>If you look at the blogs you see that most Miami fans no longer think the Dolphins can win, they think Henne sucks, the GM doesn’t have a clue, the coach pumps his fist too often and goes for fieldgoals… They also spew the word hate as often as not, I HATE THE JETS, I HATE THE PATSIES!!! They have moved to the psychology of wishing ill on their opponents, because they don’t believe in their team. Once this transformation happens it is hard to change back. Usually it takes a player or coach who does not allow the loser psychology to hinder his own ability to see the positive side of winning.</span>
    </p><p><span>In my opinion Miami will have to stop being a fandom of haters before they will be able to understand winning. If the fans wish to send the karmatic vibrations of victory through the air (Golden Earring anyone!) they most stop the hating and start believe that Henne can throw the clutch pass, Sean Smith can make the pick (that one is for you Homes), Crowder can make a big play, etc. Stop worrying about can’t and start worrying about can, because right now Miami’s 12<sup>th</sup> man are bigger losers than the team will ever be…</span></p>

  59. Checking In , Man

      Home  had a kick ass smokin hot wknd w great work outs & partying  w  gf on fire

    Hope u had the same Patrick & Dolfans!

    Great post Patrick

    Diggin It!

    Will respond when have more time  :-P

  60. p.s.  sean smith couldn't pick my AZZ !!!

    told u from the beginnning of camp this Shucking & Jiving mouthy rookie SUCKS !

    POSER BOY dropped at least 10 bread basket mis throws by errant QBs last yr

    Give me a Phucken Break!

    pee wee football players coulda nabbed those Christmas gifts    ;)

  61. Saw Golden Earing warm up Aerosmith in Boston @ the Boston Garden (now TD Center)

    They actually had a Dan Electro guitar stolen right off the stage and never got it back

    p.s. ur showing ur age Patrick

  62. Maybe Smith needs some positive vibrations from Homes to make those picks??? I and I I-rations mon... Positive virbrations.

    You won't believe this, I had a DanElectro guitar back in the day. I beat the hell out of it cause I thought it was a cheap POS... It actually played pretty nice but it was made of press board. I don't even remember what happened to it. Who knows what that would be worth today.


    most overrated player on the team
    even a broken clock is right twice a day   ;)

  64. Henne's completion success rate (which includes things like defensive penalties resulting in positive yardage for the offense) on passes thrown between 10 and 19 yards was the best in the NFL.
    What does that mean in the grand scheme of things?

    I don't know. But it gives us hope.

  65. ""It mean's"" that iff we didn't have gyz that are even more overated than Home's suggested SS,
    CH wouldn't be so underated, POOR GUY take's all the heat!!

    Heyy Home did that stat include the numerous incredibly awesome passes that CH completed that were called back for whatever reason, or the one's that were dropped after landing b/t the player's jersey and skin??
    (""taunting"") for instance, after one 14yrd catch on 1st and 15 resulting in 1st and 16,
    or something to that extent, among other extent's on numerous occasion's that CH threw un-credited awesomly excellent passes!!

    PCobb's, CCrowder, BSapp, VCarey, RBrown, are overated IMHO!! 
    And that topp 100 list is crap,(Devin Hester @ 31 or so), LMAO,
    didn't even bother lookin @ the list once I noticed DHester so high!!

    OK, I'm ready for some football so that our overated/underated gyz have some chance of progression for o11!!

    Gettin close (X X) finger's crossed!!


  66. Hey, I just watched the Miami Dolphins 2010 yearbook show on Espn 2 or 3, GOODSTUFFF!! 
    As I've suggested since day-one, We really were'nt that farr-off from success w'a play here & there, while that Pitt loss was a huge turning point to what could have been!!     

    The show made our D out to be the sheitte, and I didn't even remember that they racked-up 5, 6, and 7 sack's in W's vs big-time opponent's, while the DB's were big-time hitter's, (iff only they'd have caught a few of the 20plus dropped int opportunitie's)!!
    The show didn't mention this fact but Jason Allen led the o10 team in int's w'3 and he left the team around week 4 or 5 (that's fricken rediculous) !!

    The show also pointed-out that KMisi was double-teamed for the most part of the year, while he was still able to kick some ass w' 5 or 6 sack's and all-rookie honor's !!

    Something-else I forgot about was CH's knee injury costing him 4 start's 
    while the knee UNDOUBTABLY was a part of his thought process through the second half of the season, and he still matched El-Guanno MS' stat's!!

    Quite a few very impressive play's made by our o10 TEAM,
    just need a few more @ critical juncture's, and REASONABLE HEALTH!!
    The Yearbook show was exciting to watch, and has me PUMPPPEDDD!!


  67. GO get 'em KV!!! I love it when you get fired up!  Here's an article I wrote on Terrelle Pryor. Enjoy!

    <p><span><span><span>Putting the emotion aside and giving Terrelle Pryor’s draft possibilities some objective thought leads to some obvious conclusions… </span>Pryor used his football talent for material and personal gain outside of the locker room. He placed himself above his coaches, his teammates and his university and by doing so he caused his coach to lose his job, his teammates to refer to him as a “punk” and his university to likely forfeit victories and go on probation.</span></span>
    </p><p><span>Pryor was a 5 star recruit in Pennsylvania and most people from PA thought he would take his talents to Penn State and revive Joe Pa’s program. Pryor chose OSU which may not seem so bad unless the thought of running out on a whole state means nothing. The chance of being revered in your hometown is usually a dream most kids have, given the opportunity, but Penn State offered none of the glitz and fanfare. Joe Pa is more about getting a degree, being a football player and less about getting laid or getting paid.</span>
    </p><p><span>By the time a player makes it to the NFL he has been the best everywhere he has been. He has reached the point where every other player at this level is as good as he is and to excel on this stage takes more than natural ability. This is where character, ethic and dedication are the difference between making it and being left behind. A person with those qualities is one who will take his downtrodden hometown on his back and bring it back to prominence. A person like that respects his coaches, his peers and his university.</span>
    </p><p><span>There is no need for a complex psychological profile to see what is inside this public person because he wears it on his selfish sleeve. Fancy cars, tattoos, selling items that hometown heroes display permanently on mantles, for the short term gain of impressing upon others that the rules do not apply to his highness. Is there a chance this will change? One name can answer that question, Drew Rosenhaus. Want snake oil? Hire a snake oil salesman…</span>
    </p><p><span>Pryor sees his one chance at real money slipping away so he hires the one man who may be able to talk some fool into believing a leopard can change its spots. There is a small chance for Pryor and it will come with him being humbled. A person with this much arrogance and vanity needs to be slapped equally as hard. For him it would mean that no team takes a chance on him and he goes undrafted. From there if he has the wherewithal to work through the arena, UFL or Canadian league back for another chance he might turn all that talent into fruition.</span>
    </p><p><span>When some fool NFL team uses a 3<sup>rd</sup> round draft pick on him, we’ll see another arrogant punk float around the NFL for a couple seasons until some bad ending makes us wonder how people squander so much talent. I hope I’m wrong, but somehow I doubt it.</span></p>

  68. Or in other words.  Pryor is a perfect fit in the NFL. :))

  69. Yep G, I'm thinking you're right!


    Right side, click or two down, TS & JI podcast from yesterday 6-21-11

  71. Nice Job Patrick & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    I've wanted Extremly talented Terrelle for 3 yr's until all this crap about his character came out!!
    Now, as I said upon learning of this info ""Run Away, Run Away""!!

    Other than the entitlement issue's he obviously has, as an athletic QB he's everything I want,
    but wayyyy to risky unless it's for a 6th, 7th, or UDFA in which case he become's a steal!!
    B/C of his talent, while nothing he did @ the collegiant level is illegal in the NFL,
    and whoever his fellow veteran teamate's end-up being, they're sure to tape him naked to the goal-post for as long as it take's to be humbled, if not by some other mean's like sittin him over their lap!!

    Scare's me that JI seem's so adamant about not going after him, (Smoke-Screen??),
    just hope he doesn't spend o12's Thurs, or Fri draft pk's cuz there'll be several high character 1st and 2nd rnd QB's available in o12's draft, iff we're still in need of one!!

    GIVE ME VY as a FA, otherwise MHasselback!!



    LMAO, @ the 1st high-light of JLong vs a Viking defender,
    look's as though Jake's in a Dwarf-tossin contest, TOOOFUNNNY!!

    #ONE ranked NFL OLineman among his peer's, PRETTY IMPRESSIVE,
    guess the regime did well w'that pk in spite of MRyan who might have become CH had he the same interior OL & CP specific playcalling forced upon him!!


  73. Yep not too bad considering he played half the season with one arm!!!  Wouldn't be something to see Henne have a breakout season.  About the 3rd year is when the light goes on for most QBs.  All the things that looked confusing start to slow down.

  74. Great link, 13kvFINS! Jamie Dukes is a witty fellow and I love listening to him when he's on a roll!

  75. YEA Patrick on JL (while that also might have had some-effect of our QB mentally & physically)??
    Also totally agree w'the 3yr QB light come's on theory,(same w'WR's)!!
    Hartline was ahead of schedule b/4 his injury stalled what little O we had going w'5 week's remaining, while the 3rd string interior OL during the same period couldn't have helped a whole-lot, and like fan-G we're ""hoping so"" that the light burn's bright for CH!!

    The lockout could slightly stall the 3yr "light come's on" normalcy,(he's gonna need the clap-on)
    but I truely believe that w'a true C and the same starting 5 @ OL, the entire offensive cast
    won't be able to help themselve'from burnin @ 100 watts, once the game-plan is understood!!

    New RB's, TE, and EZ Clyde Gates are gonna be fun to watch while we'll become unpredictable if not impossible for the opposition to cover all, and/or game-plan for, CAN'T FRICKEN WAIT!!!

    You know what's AWESOME, this CBA thing is almost figured-out,
    and OUR MIAMI DOLPHINS have a PS game in seven week's Aug 12 @ Atl 7:30 pm Fri Nght,

  76. New page ?  Well 13 don't get ahead of yourself about the CBA.  My experience with selling homes years ago has taught me nothing is done until the money begins to flow.  Some thing stupid can still be a stumbling block.

    As you can see, I don't allow myself to get pumped up about anything.  Things are as you see them and not always what you hope for.  It's not very exciting to be this way, but then again I don't get fooled very much either.

    Like you I do think they are making progress.  I hope we don't lose to much of the pre season and a deal gets done soon.  If not, I won't get to see a practice as I normally do this time of year.  That would piss my Wife off, because she would miss a trip to Jackson's Ice Cream. :))  I was just informed by her that she is going down to Jackson's whether a CBA is signed or not.  So those Aholes better get a deal done soon !!

  77. G, there's still a lot to do in Fort Lauderdale so it wouldn't be a total loss. I think the deal is eminent so you should start planning your trip! Oh that would be bad karma, like if you bring your umbrella it never rains, but forget that thing one time and see what happens!  There's a a crab place off Ravenswood road that has been there forever, can't remember the name off the top but it's by the airport. That place has the best crabs ever and the rest of the seafood is great. It's like one of those really old places where they just dump the crabs right on the table and you go to town. I'm thinking it'a called The Rustic Inn? I must be hungry or something........

  78. Yea man, my Wife knows all about Hard Rock.. :)

    Still there Patrick.  I remember that place, been there once when I was a kid when my parents took me on riverboat cruise.  Never went back.  We used to go to a place called Grady's bar on Andrews Ave.  An all you could eat place, it was dive but they had great fried chicken and pitchers of beer, and the owner was a great guy.

    Did you ever go to a place called Criaghtens on Oakland Park Blvd ( I think ) or Patricia Murphy's on AIA in Ft Lauderdale ?  Both of them are closed now but they were great also.  Great Memories living down south but I am glad I don't live down there any longer, although I still miss it.  I like the big City's more than here.

  79. p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }
    <p>Who really foots the bill for the NFL
    </p><p>My Brother brought this up to me. We like to think that we the fans pay for everything we see in the NFL. That is really not the case. We fans are a small part in covering the costs of the league. Oh sure we can say we are the ones that purchase the products that keep the NFL humming, but the truth is we need to look at what part we actually pay for before we can say we foot the bill.
    </p><p>A quick look at the math tells you we really don't pay many bills for the NFL teams. If the dolphins pull in 5 million dollars a game for parking, concessions, and ticket prices, they are doing very well. Multiply that by 10 and that's 50 million dollars. The salary cap for one season alone is about 190 million dollars. That leaves the team 100 million dollars short of making payroll just for the players. That doesn't include Medical costs, payroll, stadium fees, upgrades, taxes, coaches, airline fees, office staff, utilities, practice facilities, and many more things. As you can see we fans are few bucks short of covering the costs. There are other things the fans purchase that fuel the revenues of the NFL such as memorabilia and such but does anyone truly think that the sales of jerseys, footwear, and bumper stickers, comes close to covering the costs for the players salaries ? I don't think so.
    </p><p>So who foots those big bills and supplies each team with a healthy profit ? Well most of that can be seen every Sunday on your 54” HD flat screen TV. That's right television, and advertising dollars, that's where the big bucks come from. Oh !! you say well I pay for that stuff. Yea you do, and so does everyone else. Some of those footing the bill for the NFL, most of them actually could care less about the game. They are purchasing that beer for fishing trips, golf outings, picnics, or maybe sucking it down at local strip club or bar, just trying to get numb for what ever the reason is. They are wearing those Nike shoes doing those same things, those people don't care about football. Those people live all around the world not just here in America. They are the ones that are paying for the NFL along with the fans.
    </p><p>So if you ever hear me say “ Well the NFL needs to listen to the fans because we pay the bills “ You have my permission to call me out on that statement. Because that is bold face lie. I don't know the numbers but I would venture to say the fans cover about 30 – 40% of the costs for the NFL The remaining 60% comes from other people that could care less about football, just as most Americans don't care about Soccer, Americas Cup Racing, Hockey, NASCAR, or dwarf throwing. Well dwarf throwing was kinda fun to watch actually. “ Just kidding “

  80. I grew up in Plantation, yep I'm a bonified Plantation HS "Burniel." Those were good times, when Sunrise ended at University, but the place went crazy. Before long they drained the swamp and piled people all the way to 27. Anyway, we stayed pretty much west. I had a Condo on Nova Drive and I could throw a rock to the Dolphins training facility. We used to play Rolling Hills CC all the time, my brother was on the maintenance crew. He has a two second shot in Caddy Shack on the that great big lawn mower. If you ever find yourself watching it again you'll see one scene where they show that big lawn mower for like 2 seconds, that's my brother. They filmed the clubhouse scenes at Plantation CC. My buddy's mother ran the check in counter. That is her who gets thrown in the pool in the scene just before the candy bar!

    Yep, good times! It's too bad the developers destroyed the area, it was a nice place to live back in the 70's. Now it's mostly transplanted New Yorkers who treat it like their personal garbage can...

  81. Excellent!!!  You got me to thinking. Give me a day or so and I will follow this up with a very interesting future thought...  Can I use your stats here?  I think you're right on with the $50 million from the statium but I don't recall the cap ever reaching $190 million, is it really that high?

  82. 190 million was a pure guess.  In 09 it was 128 million just looked it up.

    I lived in W Hollywood and left there 73.  Moved to Pt St. Lucie where I am now.  I used to fish at the end of sterling rd. where it turned into a dirt road.

    Did you know in WWII there were landing strips where BCC was.  There were also some along side of sterling rd just west of the tpike.  Man it has really changed down there.  I miss the big city atmosphere I don't miss the zoo it is now.

  83. Yeah zoo is the right word... I live in St. Pete which you would think is not much different but this area is much more mature I guess you would call it. Since it's a peninsula there was only so much room for expansion so it's older and the people are not as transient.

    I heard this morning the owners were backing off the 48% split and the players were not going to back down from that number. Looks like we could be in for some missed games.

  84. <p><span>I watched that Gruden interview with Pryor and I came away with the thought that some team is going to use a 1<sup>st</sup> round pick on the kid… </span>
    </p><p><span>Wait hear me out, even if he sat the first 5 games and finished out his senior season, I believe he would have been a top 10 pick. Depending on how he played he could have taken that number up to top 5, maybe higher. He comes out a year early so essentially a supplemental pick is the same as a team would have spend to draft him next year, but you get him a year earlier.</span>
    </p><p><span>Now here’s a team like Miami, that will go 8-8 and be picking 16<sup>th</sup> again… Like this past draft, every QB with a chance to be an NFL starter was gone by the 16<sup>th</sup> pick. A team in the mid to lower tier of the first round is never going to get the opportunity to even take the chance on a guy like Pryor unless something like this happens. All these character questions surround the kid, but what you don’t see or hear about are, fighting, drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse… He’s all about the money and that is certainly a trait that could prohibit a lot of teams from taking a chance on him but it’s not as bad as say taking a chance on Lawrence Philips… Who I believe went number 5 in the draft.</span>
    </p><p><span>He’s a QB and in a league where the teams with franchise QBs are in the playoffs every year He’s too great a commodity for GMs to pass on. I’m predicting right here and now that when the supplemental draft happens, Pryor is a first round pick. For a history lesson, Jimmy Johnson used a 1<sup>st</sup> round pick in the supplemental draft for UM QB Steve Walsh after he had drafted Troy Aikman the year before. I don’t know how many of you remember Walsh, who was a winner in college, but weighed about 175 pounds soaking wet. To think athletically and winning he was a better prospect than Pryor is probably wrong, he was a better character but what does that really mean in today’s NFL. As long as the guy stays out of trouble, being a jerk is prerequisite.</span>
    </p><p><span>Teams in the lower half of the draft would never have a shot at this guy and I guarantee some team will take the chance.</span></p>

  85. You know what gets me.  10 years ago a player like V Young, or Pryor would not have been looked at in 1st round.  They would have been taken later in the draft.  Someone like C Ponder would have been looked at as the #1 pick.  Teams have gone gaga over spread formation QBs for the past few years.  Most of that is based on the performance of one guy M Vick, and he is not that special.  He gets the press but does he really have the goods.

    When it comes down to it.  A QB that runs to much takes a huge beating, and is lucky if he plays an entire season.  I've played enough football to know the defensive players are out there to maim the QBs in the league. 

    But my main beef with spread QB in the NFL is, they don't know how to hang in there and find an open receiver.  They have never learned it.  Then the draft comes along and a team selects one of these guys and he must learn nearly everything from an NFL standpoint.  The team that drafted him has no idea if can do that.  Why select someone like that, and with your first pick also ?

    Guys like Newton and Tebow better learn how to throw from the pocket in a hurry, because they will have a short career if they don't.  Look at M Vicks production in the second half of last season after he was beat up from the first 8 games.  I couldn't find his game by game stats so I can't back that up, but I seem to remember his production falling off in the last part of the season, and in their playoff game.

  86. Are you telling me you fit right in with that mature group ?  If so, you are showing your age Patrick. :)

    I actually thought that some games would be missed, I was just hoping for a settlement before the season.  As much as hate to say this if the phins can't get in camp to learn the new system and adjust to it, this is going to be another looonnnngggg season im afraid.

  87. G, I agree on Vick he has those games like he had against the Redskins and everyone goes gaga, but in the long term he's easy for a disciplined defense to defend. The key to Vick is to not chase him around, stay in your lanes and he will come to you because, as you said, he doesn't have the patience to remain in the pocket and allow the play to develop.

    The reason these QBs get picked is because teams know the league is based around the QB position. Either you have one or you don't and if you don't take chances (Miami) in the first round you never get one.

  88. Disagree on Mike Vick, one of the best athletes to ever take the field in the NFL


    The 2nd BEST POCKET PASSER QB IN THE NFL IN 2010 ACCORDING TO QB RATING (only 2nd to Tom Brady who only beat Vick by a small margin
    and that is w a real piss poor offense line on the EAGLEs

    When the Pocket collapsed which it often did for the Eagles
    Mike Vick ran much better than Ronnie Brown
    Mike Vick threw for 21 TDs
    Mike Vick ran for another 9 TDs
    Mike Vick threw for OVER 3000 YDS
    Mike Vick stepped up and was a true leader of the Eagles
    Mike Vick also had an unbelievable amount of dropped balls that he threw right on the money last season
    Mike Vick was hit w intent to injure at least 10 times after he was down or the whistle blew last
    This was a major issue in the NFL last season w refs not throwing roughing the passer flags
    (Give me a Phucking Break if this was Brady, Manning or Brees they would have been a flag EVERY time and prob several ejections
    Not only that those QBs would have been in the hospital or have been done for the season
    Mike Vick did all that in only playing in  only 12 games last season

    Matty Cassel put up the same numbers as Brady in the Pats system and behind there offensive line when Brady was out for the season

    Insert Tom"the hissy fit sissy Brady" behind the Eagles swiss cheese  offensive line and in that system and no way he matches the great play of Mike Vick last year and def no way he escapes and rushes for over 600 YDs and scores 9 running TDS while the pocket collapses in only 12 games

    Mike Vick was NFL Comeback player of the year in 2010

    Mike Vick played unbelievable as a pocket passer in the NFL last year
    Yea 2nd best in the NFL!

    Enuf of the PHUCKING HATING on VICK as a football player and passing the ball
    Over 3000 YDs in only 12 games 21 TDs and many, many dropped balls!

    Also Vick had unbelievable low # of INTs threw 3/4 of the season

    Vicks play was nothing short of Magnificent in 2010
    Vick was far better than any Dolphins QB play in the last 14-15 yrs and did it in only 12 games !

    Jealousy & Hating clouds a persons judgment

  89. Folks that dont like running QBs
    Always say running QBs cannot throw

    That is simply not true

    Hear it bout Mike Vick
    Hear it bout Tim Tebow

    It is all BS from jealous hating fans that do not want to see the superior athletic running QBs succeed

    Would take Mike Vick ANY DAY in MIAMI

    Vick is a better passer than any of our past QBs since Marino was sliding (like the  Phucking embarrassing 5 INT performance by the aging Marino on Thanksgiving Day in Dallas)

    Vick is also a better rusher than any Miami Dolphin RB last season  (WAY BETTER)

    Look @ the stats on rushing
    Watch highlights of Vick in the pocket or outside the pocket, passing last season and watch the patience and accuracy, Patrick

    Could disagree w your above comment any more
    My son was one of the millions that idilized the new erea of elusive running QBs
    @ they did a nice piece last week on Vick
    Watch some of the many incredible accurate powerful throws w only a flick of the wrist by Mike Vick

    p.s. Home hope Plax joins the Eagles this season
    Would be awesome

    All u haters could really have fun rooting against the EAGLES


  90. <span>Hear the same crap that Tebow could not throw either yet Tebow owns five NCAA, 14 SEC and 28 UF record</span>

    <span>Tebow threw for 9,285 yards and 88 touchdowns in his four seasons at Florida, while having also gained 2,947 yards on the ground with 57 rushing touchdowns, both school records by a Florida quarterback</span>

    Yet the dumb dumbs will say Tebow cannot throw and will never make it in the NFL

    U know, the jealous Haters


  91. On a lighter note Patrick

    Responding to last weeks Fort Laud restaurant post  
    Have been to the Rustic Inn for seafood several times in the past
    Long past
    Have a pic recently looked  w college buddies feasting on huge platter of seafood, Lobster Fra Diablo (red sauce) and a couple of bottles of wine on the porch of the Rustic Inn u mentioned

    Was a great seafood spot, everyone loved it

    Good Call   :-P

  92. Patrick's take on Vick is accurate and Home's is correct on Vick's stats.

    Bottom line, how would Vick fare against Miami's defense? I would think that he would have a below average game!

    Mark your calendars for Dec. 12 when Vick comes to Miami!

  93. <p><span>See home that’s the enigma with Michael Vick and the NFL, he can have those great games and those great stats, but when he gets against a good disciplined defense his game doesn’t work. I’m not going to argue Vick’s athleticism or his toughness or even his leadership qualities. But you can mark me right here and now, before it’s over Andy Reid will lose his job with the Eagles for supposedly not being able to get to the superbowl with Michael Vick.</span>
    </p><p><span>To ask whether I would take Vick on the Dolphins is an interesting question… He’s certainly better than anything we have at QB but I will insist again that he is a coach killer, which may not be a bad thing in our case… My brother and I have had this discussion many times and of course it’s not one that can be won until sometime in the future.</span>
    </p><p><span>The difference between Vick and Brady are exactly what you said about Vick being a better RB than Ronnie Brown. Once Vick becomes a RB he is now subjected to the same rules as a RB and no longer afforded the protections given a QB standing defenseless in the pocket. That’s the fine line that the officials must draw once a QB leaves the pocket because if the defenders hold up on him at that point than all these incredible plays happen. When the defense decides to hit him like a 230 pound RB, that’s when he’s going to get hurt.</span>
    </p><p><span>This is exactly what I’m talking about and why it looks like Vick should be so great, but when he hits the playoffs no one is going to cut him slack and he gets pounded. I don’t think that style works in the NFL in the long run because the defenses are too big, too fast and too bad ass. So this is not some hate thing on Vick, I don’t think his style works in the NFL when he gets against a good defense.</span></p>

  94. Think Vick has played and succeeded against plenty of "good defenses"

    Think Andy Reid looked absolutely brilliant picking up Mike Vick 2nd best rated pocket passer in the NFL last year

    Think passing for over 3000 YDs in the NFL in 12 games are pretty good stats and rushing for almost 700 YDs with a very poor offensive line and no more Young healthy  RB Westbrook that McNab could always really on

     Remember all those dump off screen passes McNab would throw To Westbrook that would always pick up  an easy 20 + YDs and pad Mcnabs stats

    Think picking up Mike Vick for peanuts while everyone was so busy hating on him and saying what a coach killer and non NFL passing QB Vick is was an absolutely brilliant coaching decision

    Helping Mike Vick help himself
    train much harder, study harder, learn to read defenses better and wait for plays to develop, only to help mike Vick EARN NFL Comeback Player Of The Year in 2010 was absolutely brilliant

    The Mike Vick "coach killer is now an admittedly laughable statement
    That argument worked for the Vick haters somewhat 3 plus yrs ago

    Think it is time to Insert FOOT IN MOUTH on that statement *DONT_KNOW*

    Mike Vick made Andy Reid look like a true genius :-D
    Everything else is nonsense


  95. Homes, I know better than try to pursuade you otherwise when you have something in your head... It's America bro, we have 5 seconds we can deal with anything and then we are off on some other tangent and forget whatever lessons are learned... We watch OJ get away with murder just to let Casey Anthony walk... We are more concerned about Michael Vick killing a few dogs than a mom killing her kid. But when the leapard doesn't change its spots we all think, "well how did that happen? How did Vick end up with a gun going off at his birthday party?"

    Go ahead Mr. Genius, tell me all about how freaking stupid I am, I'm used to being called stupid by all kinds of idiots whose attention span only lasts for 5 minutes... Michael Vick is what he is, a 5'11" street football QB in a league that requires precision, split second timing and instant decision making. His speed and arm strength may awe you into forgetting that every time he leaves the pocket he opens himself up to getting smeared by guys out weighing him by over one hundred pounds.

    Go ahead make a freaking offense that will fit , change your entire scheme to get blockers out in front of a moving target. Get your recievers to just run up the field then turnaround and find the QB and start waving their hands and running helter skelter all over the field. Don't worry about check down guys just tell the backs to wheel out and and run like hell. It's all good bro, all the things they taught you to get you here don't matter now bro, just cut left behind the black chevy.

    On second thought, let the freaking Eagles deal with Vick, I'd rather have Henne!

  96. lol Patrick

    Think Vick has proved he is an Excellent NFL QB

    Perhaps not what u would prefer
    Guess u will just have to deal w his own way of winning

    Which last year was by being an excellent QB in the pocket and an excellent running QB

    For the record Patrick just cuz a QB is an excellent runner that stifles defenses,  does not mean the defenders can hit him on the ground after the whistle has been blown for a phucken cheap shot
    Which are the 10 or so late cheap shots that Home and the rest of the NFL were referring to, perhaps u missed the Eagles 1st 14 games last season where the topic was all about the cheap shot late hits on Mike Vick that were clearly evident and not called

    Vick and the rest of the NFL is well aware he can be hit legally and hit hard, esp cuz Vick is pissing off the defense making them miss tackles and is so hard to get down legally

    Never called u an Idiot or anything even resembling such, Patrick

    Dont know if a street football player can come in and lead the Philadelphia Eagles to over 3000 Yds passing, 21 passing TDs, Rush for almost 700 YDs & 9 TDs and throw only bout 6 INTs in only 12 games LMAO! ( most of the paltry 6 INTs near the end of the regular season in junk time) Was near perfect for many games last year. If u followed at all u also would have seen many of Vick's incompletions were perfectly thrown dropped balls

    Always like your football junk, Patrick
    Just strongly disagree that Vick basically sucks as an NFL QB in your mind
    Might want to rewatch a bunch of tape on Mike Vick in 2010 and come to an honest assessment
    Instead of back to the Archie Bunker Hating Mentality *DONT_KNOW*
    Sorry Vick is not as tall or fat as u would like him to be
    However he seems to play quite well at current height & weight  8-)

    Home is looking forward to seeing Vick, Tebow and Cam Newton succeed in the NFL and do both pass well and have enuf athletic talent, power, speed,strength and most of all a pair of balls (intestinal fortitude) to run and run darn well against some of the meanest athletes in the world trying to kill u

    U R living in the past, pal
    Remember  Green Bay in the Super Bowl, Patrick?
    How did the Packers beat the might Steelers defense?
    They won w the spread offense, Patrick
    Tell me how many dif receivers A. Rodgers threw to in the SuperBowl w 4 or 5 wide?

    Let's hoist a few cold ones when u get back over to the east side of Florida, Patrick
    No ill will to u cuz u cannotstand Mike Vicks new 2010 extreme success passing & running as an Elite NFL QB
    Just believe in these 3 running QBs that can all throw and throw outstandingly accurate
    Not their fault that they are also superior athletes that can preform at a high level w their legs in the NFL

    For my money and time
    Would much rather watch Vick, Tebow or Newton at the Helm of the Dolphins offense than the check down stoic statue Chad Henne scoring no points and losing 7 of 8  games in our HOME stadium

    ... Just Saying  :*   Kiss My ASS u miserable haters =-O  

    only kidding lol

    Have a great day Patrick
    Home will once again be watching Vick play the Dolphins in DEC 2011

    Last game I saw front row w my son
    It was low scoring
    Vick for the Falcons did not run much cuz all the A-Holes were saying he could not beat the Dolphins w his arm

    Vick did just that, beat the Dolphins w his left arm, not his feet
    and he is SOOO MUCH BETTER NOW

    check the stats pal  and then check Hennes TD vs INT rating

    Hate to cloud the issue w facts ;)
    but it might help u come to an honest decision

    U really think Andy Reid would rather have Henne than Mike Vick ! ? !

    C'Mon Man!

  97. OWWWW! I can't stand it! Running Henne into the ground on a Dolphins blog!

    Vick is a ONE YEAR WONDER who lost to Green Bay TWICE last year!

    A ONE YEAR WONDER who has better talent around him in Philly. Other than that, history shows him as average.


  98. Homes, you called me a hater and I take offense to that because I have never met Michael Vick and I do not determine hate based on anything but personal experience and even then I avoid such words.

    Why is it that whenever anyone tries to give a rational reason why they don't care for Vick as a NFL QB they get this hate crap thrown at them? You want to know the truth, I could care less about him killing those dogs. I know... Now I'm some kind of criminal, but they are freaking dogs for crying out loud. People care more about dogs then they do about people, they put his ass in jail for 3 years and let a woman walk who killed her kid??? So do not call me a hater, nothing will fire me up more than someone throws that GD word out there and acts like it means a damn thing to me. I don't hate people I don't know and try not to hate anyone.

    The guy is like Marino, while he may seem multi-dimensional on the surface, in reality he is very easy to defend. Okay so he didn't throw a lot of interceptions. He doesn't win when he gets against a good disciplined defense. And he's not going to, so if you want to win 10 games a year, when he does play, have him hurt half of his career, and never win a SB fine, have your Vick. He's too short to take a 3 step drop and see over his line. He is not a great touch passer. He does not understand progression passing offense. He's exciting and he wins a lot of games by making incredible plays but in the end his game can be defended by disciplined defense.

    I think if Henne played in Andy Reid's offense, we'd be looking at them trying to trade Henne for a 1st rounder. Sparano's cloud of dust offense does not make a QB look good. Look at the numbers between Kolb and Henne have and then tell me if the only difference is the style of offense and the perception it gives. In fact, if Kolb could only reach those numbers in that offense than it's obvious why Reid wants to trade him and keep Vick. So yes Homes, Andy Reid would make Henne a Pro bowler. Do you really think McNabb is that good or is he a product of that system.

    What Reid is challenging himself to do is to create an offense that can use Vick's strengths, while in doing so he is going against his own system... This is how a great coach operates, Shuls comes to mind, but like Shula he will end up out when Vick can't win the last game a la Marino... If you would like to debate this premise fine, but don't throw the same stats at me post after post, I read them the first time. Tell me how he's going to get past a great defense. And if I read the word hate one more time, this conversation is over.

  99. I don't mind Henne getting drubbed here, all of you know I have done that myself.  I'm not always proud of that but it is what it is.  Henne is grown man playing a game on a high profile team and league, so he is fair game so to speak.  Plus he is paid very well to play a game, and not many of us will ever make the amount of money he makes at our jobs.  That is the reason players hear our/my rath when things don't go well. " Get it right dammit "

    What bothers me is someone calling a fellow fan a " Hater " simply because they dissagree with the main stream, or a pesonell view point of someone or something.  There is just no room to call fellow fans Haters, when nothing is further from the truth.  That is low class and uncalled for.

    Patrick brings great insite and thoughtfulness to his statements here, and doesn't deserve to be brought down because of a player that plays for another team of which not many of us care about one way or the other.

    I am not a supporter of Henne there is no doubt about that.  But on the other hand I don't care if every QB in this league on all of the other teams has issues thougthout this coming year.  None of those QBs are more important to me than who the Miami Dolphins have playing for them on any given Sunday no matter the name on the back of their jersey.

  100. Vick went 8-3 as a starter

    Vick did not even start the 1st Green bay game
    try to get your facts straight

    Vick started that game at wide receiver for a gimmick play and finished at quarterback after Kevin Kolb sustained a concussion. Vick was outstanding, nearly rallying Philadelphia from a 17-point deficit. He threw for 175 yards and ran for 103 in his first extended action in nearly four years.

    Mike Vick was selected as astarting QB for the NFC in the 2011 ProBowl

    Yea I'm sure Henne was real close as a Pro Bowl starting QB.  LMAO!

  101. Question homes, where would you draft Terrelle Pryor in the supplimental draft if you were the Dolphins?

  102. The name is "Home"

    1st u said he couldn`t pass
    Even though Vick was rated 2nd best pocket passer in the NFL in 2011

    2nd u said he is too short and too light
    How exactly did that hamper his preformance? LMAO!

    3rd u said he cannot play against a "good defense"
    Whatever that means ?

    Did u see Vick play against the Giants and comeback and win

    Think the Giants are a pretty good defense also ;)

    and nobody is going to make Chad Henne a Pro Bowler

    Are u Phucking kidding me

    Henne cannot get the ball out fast, cannot hit the deep ball and has one of the worst touch passes in the NFL

    That's just the way it is, man

  103. How was Vick hurt half of his career?
    How do u know how many games Vick is gonna win in a season?
    How many games on average did Dan Marino win in a season?
    Prob bout 10 on the average, Huh?
    So what does that mean?
    How do u know Vick will never win a SB?

    Do not understand any of this so called logic?


    Mike Vick QB rating of over 100
    He must suck, too short, too light, cannot throw, gonna get killed if he tries to run in the NFL.

    Yea, That's the ticket 

  104. Would draft him wherever Patrick thinks is good
    Cuz Home would hate to ruffle any feathers and point out that Mike Vick is playing Excellent football on a team that has a poor offensive line and no stellar RBs

    In fact Vick has more rushing TDs last season than the leading rusher for the Eagles last season

    Home likes Vick
    Finds him extremely talented and a heck of a lot of fun to watch

    U dont
    That's fine

    Agree to Disagree

    and Go Mike Vick ! >:o

  105. Honestly dont know Patricks
    Dont know the player that well in his limited playing time

    Sure looks good on the highlight reel though

    and u get the Patricks thing, Huh ?  lol

    Think the Dolphins are gonna jump on Vince Young for the best value in FA though

  106. <span>Home, Michael Vick is polarizing no doubt, for some reason he's one of those guys where there is no middle ground and hence he is always good to get some conversation going... He captures the imagination because he truly has more natural talent than nearly any football player we have seen maybe ever. My brother, who is an Eagles fan BTW, loves him of course and we debate it often. It reminds me of John Elway who lost a couple SBs before winning a couple. When Elway was running around gun slinging he got trapped in bad situations that ultimately led to his demise, but when he got a consistent running game with Terrell Davis and he learned to allow the play to develop before bolting, he learned to win in the big games in the NFL.</span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>Vick may get there, I can't answer that like I said in a previous post, history will tell the tale. You do realize that you are very easy to get rolling so I do tend to egg you on occasionally. I think I have seen too many people play act at life especially when millions of dollars are on the line. Michael Vick was a punk, his brother is a punk and a leopard does not change its spots, it just learns to hide them well. I'm not taken by talent, celebrity or riches; I look at people's integrity and I judge them based on their historical character. Vick still has a lot to prove to me because I am not a short term thinker, I don’t watch Family Guy, I read books for enjoyment. Typically people will forgive and forget in a matter of a year or two, I will forgive but I do not forget because I know the only true indicator of the future is what happened in the past…</span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>The nature of the QB position is one of distribution where the QB is the trigger man for getting the ball to the skill players around him. When the QB becomes the focal point it creates an offensive structure that lacks precision based timing and repetition because the QB is now a dynamic part of the scheme. He is not just a distributor but is now an active weapon and once he chooses to abandon the structure of the play and begin freelancing the rest of his team has lost that structure as well. This will cause great plays to happen, incredible highlight plays that shock and awe, but it will also cause the opposite to happen, untimely bad plays. Vick had a great year but by the end of the season teams had figured out how to contain him during those dynamic moments and the number great plays diminished.</span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>This is best I can do to explain why I’m not a Vick fan. It is not a personal “LMAO” attack on what you think. We all have different opinions and that’s what brings us here to debate. Call me a dinosaur that the game is passing by, but clearly my reasons are not based on emotions like hate but rather on what I believe makes a great offense.</span>

  107. I would like to take a poll...

    Tell me what round you would draft Terrelle Pryor in the supplimental draft and why. I will compile the numbers and see how that relates to when he actually gets drafted when/if the have the supplimental draft.

  108. Because of the way a lost draft pick cripples a team on draft day, I wouldn't give up anything more than 4th round pick for him.  He's is going to be a project in what ever round he goes in anyway, so why go after him with any of the first 3 picks.

    Like all the spread QBs that have been chosen the past few years or at least in the past 3 years ( none of which has been successful to date ) A 4th round pick is all he is worth.  How ever I don't think TP is a risk because of what happened at OU.  It wouldn't surprise me if College Players all around the Country are doing the same as he was.  I kinda like the guy and that is odd for me, because I have little use for QBs. :)

  109. <span>I kinda like the guy and that is odd for me, because I have little use for QBs.</span>

    Such is the fate of Dolfandom blessed/cursed to have seen Marino back in the day!

  110. What round would you pick him Can?

  111. So when will Pryor go...

    In the 24 previuos supplemental drafts, all five QBs taken were 1st rounders, the last was in 1992!

    Rhetorical Question: If Pat White can be drafted in the 2nd round of the regular draft, why can't Pryor go in the 1st?

    What the hell, I'll go out on that limb for a big, juicy apple and predict that Pryor will go in the 1st round! :-D

  112. Yep... When it comes down to it all the crap about him selling game jerseys won't matter in the least. He'll get picked rin ound 1 and it wouldn't surprise me if the Dolphins were the team to do it. When Ireland said he wasn't interested that was like a big red I"M GONNA PICK 'EM sign. I'll stick with the premise that you keep picking QBs until you get it right.

  113. One drawback to taking Pryor in the 1st is losing that shot at Luck, or whomever is the top rated QB, in the 2012 draft. He'll probably be picked by a team with a stockpile of draft picks that is already set at QB.

  114. <span>Cleveland made a 2011 trade with Atlanta for a 2012 1st rounder.  
    NE made 2011 trades for a 1st rounder from New Orleans and a 2nd round pick from the Raiders in 2012.  
    The Eagles made a 2011 trade for a 2012 4th round pick from TB.</span>

  115. <span>TP doesn't go at all...that's my take on it.  No team is going to risk a draft pick on this kid when they can just bid for him as an un-drafted free-agent.  Then he'll go to a team with deep pockets, have a chip on his shoulder, try too hard, squeeze the ball too hard, run with too much abandon, shuffle around a few teams and wind up in Arena ball, CFL or UFL...something like that.  Sorry TP, but a lack of a Senior season is going to ruin your football career.</span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>Also, I would be surprised if ANY drafted/un-drafted QB makes any waves this season.  That includes Cam, Locker, the kid from NV and everyone else.  They just are not going to have enough time to get up to speed.  If they are on a veteran team, maybe they can win a few games, but I'm not betting on them, no way.  Offensive Rookie of the year goes to a RB or WR...would love one of our two boys to get on that train, but time will tell.</span>
    <span>Go Phins...eventually.</span>

  116. I'm not sure the Dolphins brass are past the stupids quite yet.  They still seem to do some strange things in personell.  So even though I'm with Patrick when he says you keep drafting QBs until you find one.  I don't think they will.

    One of things that has hurt this team is they don't seem to know what they want to be.  You can see that in there play calling.  We see a bit of them trying to run the ball, then we see them trying to be a passing team, and then we see them bring in someone like PW to run the WC.  Once the team decides what kind of team they want to be, they can at that time go in that direction and draft accordingly.

  117. FanG, that reminds me of last year's O line woes. Was it Sparano's ongoing indecision with his O line or was it his realization that he didn't have an O line that was the reason for its ineffectiveness? They abandoned the run quite often last year and found themselves having to pass with a team supposedly built to run.

    Whether or not Miami takes Pryor, they still face the same pressure to succeed or risk being gutted with a new head coaching philosophy.

  118. I totally agree with you on your last sentence.  As for the offensive lines woes I don't know what the problem is or was.  Injuries had something to do with there play for sure.  I can't dismiss that the coaches sent Grove and Smiley packing when they maybe should have been kept, injury prone or not.

    Does any of that really matter ?  We were 7 & 9 that's what counts.  So we either need better players, better execution, better coaching, or all the above.  Just being better than 1 and 15 isn't good enough that only gets us to being a crappy team. :)

    All I can do is hope for a better team and better results.  Either way the Miami Dolphins are still my team no matter how much I bitch, moan, and complane.

  119. Last year, Ross infamously showed how NOT to conduct a head coaching search. He was roundly criticized for leaving Sparano twisting in the wind while he publicly courted another candidate. What has changed? Nothing, except that now the search has probably been driven underground. Anyone seriously interested in coaching the Dolphins has probably already contacted Ross on the down low. All that's left now is waiting and watching how Sparano's team plays this year. Playoffs is about the only way Ross keeps this coach!

  120. Come on now canamdolphin, what do you say to those fans that want to keep Sparano around for the full 5 years the trifecta were origanilly brought here for ?  Be careful I baiting you into saying something those fans will jump on you for. :)

  121. Mr. Billionaire Ross won't consult the fans when it comes time to make that decision! After the Ross-Harbaugh fiasco, Sparano must surely see the handwriting on the wall. And rightly so, the coaching staff should be competing for their jobs as much as the players do for theirs.

    Let's hope that Sparano and Henne can make that jump to the next level of the sport this season and rally us die hard fans AND put a sock in those never-satisfied-chronic-complainers that call themselves Dolfans!

  122. Excellent mature intelligent response Patrick

    Have been and will be in the Mike Vick, Wes Welker way back when he was the best play maker on the Dolphins and our coaching staff somehow did not get it, Simply The Bess, Tim Tebow and Cam Newton (prob in year 2 0R 3 since the lockout shortened preparation)

    U gotta realize what Vick did w such a crappy offensive line
    That is what really affected his play negatively, a poor offensive line
    Even the Dolphins had better pass blocking O-Line

    Enjoy a good debate bout any of these players
    Think Home will be right on ALL or 90 % of these players people have loved to ...

    wait for it, ............... HATE   =-O

  123. Don't be to hard on Boss Ross he may not know what in the world he is doing in the NFL, but he has shelled out the money to date for this team and it's players.  As for the fans that complain like myself, I just want them to improve.

    Just because the team is better than before doesn't mean they can compete with the best teams in the league.  Isn't that what this is all about ?  Do we have the coaches and the talent to compete against the best in the league ?  Not yet as far as I'm concerned, we don't have the coach nor the players to be compete at the highest level, and after 3 years and 4 drafts into the rebuild we're not close yet.  Although many fans think that we are.  Unfortunitly for my phins that is a fact.

    I must put in a disclaimer right here.  For those who want to bash me, please note that I did not say we are not better.  I said we are not good enough to compete with the big boys.

  124. Now, I'm not a superfan, and have done my share of complaining, usually about the play calling, but bitch and moan about it nonetheless!

    Yes, Ross isn't afraid to spend money on the team. That's good for bringing in available talent, it's bad when that talent is overpriced.

    Miami isn't that far off from competing with the best teams in the league! Their top D is going to keep games close, Sparano and Henne just need to step up on their end.

  125. TEST!! PC's been down for 10 day's, had to be sure it's back up & ready for Tuesday, YEEEHAAA!!!


  126. It works :). What and the hell is going on on Tuesday ?

  127. HOME relentlessly attack's SS ( which make's him a hater of SS ) in other's eye's,
    (including some of your post to him) in reference to his hatin of SS (which he's quite proud of)!

    When a player is relentlessly attacked on a daily basis by an induvidual blogger whether it's the topic of the day or not, agreed to or not, that induvidual strongly appear's to be a hater of that player, IMHO!!


  128. I'd tell'ya but you'd probably try to jinx it, LOL =-O :-D !!  Still Luv'Ya G ;) !!

    Tues, Wed, Thurs ??
    Let the craziness commence!!

  129. Agree 4th rnd would be awesome form my POV, and I wouldn't cry if we gave a 3rd!!

    I've wanted him in the 1st for 3 yrs (if he were able to come out),
    but since everything about his character issue's came to light I've been of the 4th rnd opinion!!

    IFF fan-G like's him *DONT_KNOW*  , we should give whatever it take's to get him
    (iff only so that fan-G and I can see eye to eye on our QB situation), YEAAAA :-P :-D !!

    GIMME VY, and/or Hasselback & Pryor, to help push CH to a higher level, GOFINS!!

  130. I don't know if your an optomist or just nuts :)  But there is one thing that we do know.  Casey Anthony gets her get out of jail free card on Wednesday.  I heard she going to go visit OJ.

  131. She sure does gotta PURRRTTTIEE mouth, probably does a good Linda Lovelace impersonation!!

    I wanna do her in'er butt or any of her orafaces fer what she done, That'll teach her!!
    I'm officially volunteering to enforce the sentence I recommend :-P ...

  132. Yea your nuts, and a little late.  You know she has used all those orifaces that you have mentioned don't you. 

  133. This doesn't require and it's not intended to draw a reply from my QB alter ego's,
    but this quote alone does warrent some positive consideration in regard's to the mentality of our current QB!!

    "“Well I mean, everywhere you go you’re going to get critiqued and obviously I know I need to improve as a player. But I’m still young and I’ve taken steps forward to improving and I work hard at it and I take pride in what I do out there. And obviously I take all the risk and critiques about it but overall I just want to improve and help the team win and get to the playoffs and one day a Super Bowl.”"

    Also thought this quote was accurate while also being a positive display of his mature mentality!!

    on the draft going by without the Dolphins drafting a QB and whether that made him happy:
    “Sure, I mean, it does. And that shows the coaching staff has confidence in me, still, and my abilities. But at the same time, it’s the NFL, it’s a business, you’re always going to be competing for your job unless you’re Tom Brady and Peyton Manning out there that are on top of the world. But for myself, I want to get to that level and I believe in my ability that I can.”

    Not sayin he can, jus that it's good to know that he think's he can (become TB/PM)..
    No chance (even IMHO), but TB/PM don't win the SB every yr anyway's either!!

    With CH's type of mentality the production will come
    from whoever has that type of mentality in any faze of life!!
    He's intelligent, mature, poised, and has the NFL arm requirement's 
    now he need's to understand the speed of the game,
    while accrueing the mental prowess and footwork required to be an NFL pocket passer!!

    Iff he can accomplish my bold sentences to some extent,
    he'll become a farr-better than average NFL QB, especially w'a lil help from his friend's!!
    Iff he isn't able to improve upon his weaknesses (highly unlikely),
    and/or get a lil help from his friend's, he'll fail IMHO!!

    Meant to stop after the quotes, but been w'out PC so couldn't shut-up!!
    So forget about whatever I said (iff you must reply),
    and focus on CH's maturity level which was the point of my post!!
    Intelligent, Mature, Poised, is a good starting point for an NFL QB!!
    (Damn, I wish he had the natural pocket awareness & footwork)!!

  134. We're plenty good enough to play with and beat the Big-Boyz!!

    In o10 w'chaos abound from top to bottom along w'the 2nd yr in a row with a multitude of injuries!!

    Wk 3 we lost to the nyets by one score despite out-producing them in every offensive category,
    held the ball for 5 minutes longer than the nyets,
    (lost the TO battle 0 to 1), and ST's were absolutely brutal!!

    Wk 4 we got smoked by NE on the score-board while we smoked them in every offensive category,
    held the ball for 5 minutes longer than the Pats,
    (lost the TO battle 0 to 4), and ST's were absolutely brutal!!

    Wk 6 we beat GB by 3 pnts while out-producing them in every offensive category,
    held the ball for 9 minutes longer than SB Champs GB,
    (tied 1 to 1 in the TO battle)!!

    Wk 7 (lost to Pittsburgh ???), kept pace w'them in every offensive category
    including TOP and the TO battle!!

    Wk 9 Balt kicked our butts by 16 w'big yrdg advantages
    (lost the TOP by 17 minutes, and TO battle 0 to 3),
    while again our ST's were absent!!
    Also seem to recall a questionable incident that changed the flow & momentum of that game in Balt's favor (can't recall the incident), but they kicked our butt's which resulted in the beginning of the end (IFF the Pitt fiasco hadn't already done that)!!

    Wk 13 beat the nyets despite losing the yrdg, TOP, and TO battles!!

    Wk 17 we didn't show-up b/c the game was meaningless
    and nobody wanted to go into the offseason with an injury!!

    Pretty Impressive, considering what looked to be chaotic top to bottom from our POV,
    along w'the revolving door @ OL!!
    We were able to compete w'the BigBoyz through the most part of an indescribable o10 set of circumstances!!
    We can play with & will beat the Big-Boyz on a regular basis in the near future with cohesion through-out all 3 phases of the game!!


  135. All the above w'an O & QB that is said to be incapable,
    and a D that dropped 20 int's off the hand's,
    7 of which that were guaranteed pk sixes,
    half of which would have resulted in walk-off W's
    equaling 10+ W's and a couple more W's vs the Big-Boyz!!

    Even if we have a 3rd yr of unfavorable luck on the injury front,
    and the same player's (which won't take place),
    we simply gotta turn the ball over less, while making the most of the TO's offered us
    to win in a more fashionable and consistent manner!!

    I don't see how every phase of our game doesn't get remarkably better,
    (no matter the unforeseen circumstances) beyond the lock-out!!

  136. Chaos abounds on every team in this league, in every game.  So I can't agree with you on that point. I erased an entire rebuttal to your post that I wrote so as not to piss you off.

  137. Are rainbow's black & white in your world??

    Wait a minute, wayyy back when, you said we only beat GB b/c they were injured,
    but when we get beat by lesser team's, injuries have nothing to do w'it..

    Why do you give the better team's that we beat the benifit of a doubt as to why we beat them,
    but give your own team zero luv in suggesting they should beat everybody no-matter the circumstances!!

    You & I both know that our o9 & o10 season's were more chaotic than most team's in the league,
    including the team's that ended-up w'lesser W's than we did!!
    (o9 ten starters on IR), o10 3rd string interior OL & 4th/5th string WR's over the final 5 week's!!
    You've suggested yourself that our regime has their head's up their asses,
    which I don't agree with, but your own suggestion should enlighten you to the fact that our last couple season's were more chaotic than that of most team's!!

    When OUR FINS were consistently good, were you able to appreciate the weekly good that they did,
    or were you only interested in the negative back then too??

    Not arguing, not yellin, justalkin!!
    Why can't you ever consider that something good might happen, or has happened,
    are you the ultimate pessimist in your everyday life too,
    is it in your nature, and you just can't help yourself,
    or do you simply not like rainbow's, lolli-pops, and puppy dog's??

    Good is taking place whether you like it or not,
    but I'm sure that something negative will take place in every game
    even after we become dominate again, so you'll have something to bitch about!!

    luv'ya G, but you don't make it easy!!
    You don't have to agree w'me, I just wish you'd consider w'an open mind
    some of good that I illustrate!! 


  138. You shouldn't have erased it, FanG! :-P

    WOW, 13kv! I like it! As a passionate fan, you've got to be hopeful for the start of the season! I know I am!

    I think what makes it difficult to locate the rose-colored glasses is that lingering memory of the last few games we saw last season.  It was abjectly demoralizing. That memory is still hanging on in a suspended state since the NFL lockout began. It was bad!

    So, we've gotten no renewing good news about how the team is practicing or how the rookies look. No big name free agents, no trades and no word on how Daboll's system is being implemented. What we fans have is the disgusting, discouraging, hard-bitten way that the season ended, and, to top it off, the team has been in a vacuum ever since! There is just nothing to get one's hopes up, ...besides 13kvFINS, of course!!

  139. ""There is just nothing to get one's hopes up, ...besides 13kvFINS, of course!!""

    Is that sayin that I'm the only one that has hope,
    or that b/c of the lockout/non-activity,
    that I've been the only source of positive Finfluence??

    Through my Aqua/Orange colored glasses,
    I'm as aware as anybody to our fault's and 7 - 9 back-to-backs,
    and yess last season's end was extremely demoralizing,
    but I have a tendency to take all circumstances into account in all W's & L's!!

    The way I see it (beside's what I've posted through-out this blog)
    is that we were 7 - 9, and I know that's not good,
    but just like I illustrated on the previous page about how we Won & Lost vs the BigBoyz,
    I also consider what all the factor's were in other W's & L's too!!

    Simular to o9's setback's of injuries and coming-up just short in 3 to 5 game's!!
    In o10 we lost 5 game's by one score or less,
    in every one of those losses we dominated offensively, & in TimeOfPossesion,
    and lost the TO battle!!
    (Cept vs Pitt where we matched them offensively, TOP, and TO),
    and actually should have advanced to 3 - 2, rather than 2 - 3!!

    While each game had @least one critical play that was there to be had needed for the W's,
    that we simply didn't execute for one reason or another @ that critical point in time!!
    Whether it was CH, OL penalties, WR gaffs, HC'ing, clock mngmt, play-calling, ST's, 
    or 20 dropped int's??
    Only one of any one of those phases of the game had to execute one play during any point of each and every one of those 5 one score losses for us to win 3 to 5 more game's in o10!!

    I believe in learning from our mistake's,
    and that even iff we have the same personnel
    while playing w'simular self-destructiveness to o10,(which ain't gonna happen),
    we will make those 5 or so play's needed for 3 to 5 extra W's!!

    However, that was in o10, whether or not those simular opportunities arise in o11 is yet to be seen,
    but iff they do I don't see how we can't possibly be more effecient in executing those opportunities!!
    Our (what has been referred to as pittifull offense/QB) dominated in all those one score losses!!
    We just need any one phase of the game b/t the HC & ball-boy to make one more play per game,
    and we'll win double-digit game's!!

    I believe that w'a real C and reasonable health especially @ OL,
    we can't help but make @least some of those missing play's!!
    Only the lock-out can detour what can't help but to be progressive, IMHO!!

    I know that some think that all that matter's is the W's (while in football it is),
    or the final score differential, but I grade on a curve and give simular credit for effort,
    and character to my player's/team as I do in life!!
    I have to, or I'd be a hypocrit, if my person was based only on the W's I've acheived,
    while the effort/character I display during my losses were disregarded,
    I couldn't look @ myself in the mirror!!
    So I give all that has anything to do w'my life the benifit of a doubt, FINS are family to me!!


  140. " <span> pessimist "  You gotta love that word.  Used in this instance it means I don't agree with you.  Nearly everyone I talk with says the same thing about me.  They are all wrong.  What those people don't like is my editorials.  They don't read or they don't let the message sink in before they go off on me.  I understand it because it has been going on for a very long time.  Let me give you an example.</span>

    I don't want to use this as an example but I will.  If I said that Henne had a pretty good game, but he was a big reason we lost the game because he did nothing in the 4th quarter.  Everyone will jump on me because I said he was the big reason we lost the game.  You see they took my editorial part of the sentence to say I was hating on Henne.  I did no such thing,  I said Henne had a pretty good game.  It's not my fault that no one caught that point. 

    I will tell everyone one thing about me.  I am never satified NEVER !!!!  I have lost over 100 lbs in the past few years and I'm not satified with that.  I have been in the hospital 3 time in the past 2 years and recoverd form near death each time and I am not satified with my recoverys. I have gone fishing and has some impressive days out on the water and not been satisfied with my results.  Why would any one think I would be satisfied with a Dolphins record of 7 wins and 9 losses ?

    Being dissatisfied with the results of a 7 and 9 team is not being a " pessimist " it is simply a fact.  So if anyone is looking for me to be satisfied, you can put that out of your mind that will NEVER happen.

  141. <p><span>G, I hope your health is doing better!</span>
    </p><p><span>While the past 10 seasons have given us all a reason to be less than optimistic, I refuse to turn completely to pessimism. From my point of view the Dolphins have come a long way from bottoming out at 1-15. Given the nature of the league we tend to center our attention on the QB position and justifiably so when looking at the landscape of the teams with and the teams without, but the nadir of 1-15 is a hole not easy to climb.</span>
    </p><p><span>For me it is a question of how long it takes a team to rebuild after reaching such lows and what are the priorities of the rebuilding process. Parcellsian logic would process the rebuilding from the inside out starting with both lines. Of course the QB is the main spoke in the hub of a football team but without the infrastructure his ability to make an impact is greatly diminished and the chances of him losing his confidence are equally increased. There are many examples; I’ll point out David Carr…</span>
    </p><p><span>Henne may never be the guy who makes the Dolphins completely turn the corner, but the building of the infrastructure has been impressive to me and this is a reason for optimism. In previous regimes I had no sense those folks had a plan and were willing to stick to it but these guys are different and drafting Pouncey is another good example. To me they have earned the right to continue and I’m certain they would like to find that QB as much as we would but the cards have not played out well for the Dolphins.</span>
    </p><p><span>The only realistic shot we had a franchise QB was Matt Ryan and that was in the first year of building the infrastructure. Had they gone against their premise in the initial draft they would have been no better than losers who preceded them. They made one mistake in believing Chad Pennington could remain healthy until they could groom his successor. I find it hard to fault the plan when bad luck as much as anything played a role in slowing down its fruition.</span>
    </p><p><span>For that reason I’m going to say it is time… The Dolphins should draft Terrelle Pryor in the first round of the supplemental draft. It is time to take that chance, that leap of fate. If Pryor had stayed clean and stayed in school there is a very good chance he would have been the number one pick in the draft. But his transgressions are not the type that would have me running for the hills. There are no guns, no sexual deviance and no drugs, the love of easy money is as old as time and the kid is guilty but so am I and so are you. I honestly don’t see the character being as bad as the media would like it to be.</span>
    </p><p><span>It’s time, draft the kid, another chance at this kind of talent will not be coming anytime soon… Just do it!</span></p>

  142. Patrick my health is as good as it can get without having a heart transplant.  Which I can not afford.  I feel fine at this time and that is all I can expect, I am not depressed not bummed out about the way I am.  Actually I am quite happy the way things are going at this time.  But I am disatisfied with myself at the same time.  I feel the same way about the Dolphins.

    As with my health I am realistic enough to see the Dolphins have done a good job and I have said that numerus times.  Yet people still see me as being a pessimist.  I tell people what I feel, I don't sugar coat anything when I talk about the Dolphins.  People don't like to hear that, and I know that.  Hell does anyone think I want to hear about what is going to kill me eventually from my Doctors ?  I could say my Doctors are pessimistic if that were the case, but that would not be true.  But they are being straight with me, and that is what I try to be with everyone I know.

    I have talked by land line to a number of people about the Dolphins in person.  Most of them come away with feeling the a few here do, that's OK with me, I don't like it as you can see by this post, but I understand them and their feelings.  But ask those same people when we talk about their busnesses or home life if I have ever given them anything other than total support and encouragement, and not one of them will tell you I am a pessimist.

    So to sum this up finally I AM DISATISFIED with, Chad Henne I don't think he is as good as all of us want him to be, Ronnie Brown and his dancing feet at the point of attack, Ricky Williams for getting older when he finally has his act together. but mostly in the the team for to many years.  Parcells was a flop down here, BUT I think he made one hire that is going to be here a long time and that is Jeff Ireland.  I don't know why, and I didn't feel that way at the end of last year, but I feel we are in good hands with him.

  143. p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }
    <p>Where does the money come from. Just a quick revisit on this subject. The Owners are but a few days away from losing a ton of cash if they can't settle with the Un-union for a new CBA. Here are a few of the details. From Forbes : “ By my calculations, a foregone preseason would cost the league roughly $800 million in revenue. That’s roughly 9% of the $9.3 billion revenue pie that the owners and players have been fighting over. “ Of that, $389.9 million in preseason revenue from fans’ expenditures on tickets, concessions, merchandise, and parking. Plus another, media value of the preseason is approximately $436 million.
    </p><p>A quick calculation shows we the fans only pay for about 45% of the league expenditures, give or take a percentage point here or there. Each time the league signs a new TV agreement we the fans are less of a factor for the league.
    </p><p>This shows me how small we the fans are to the owners and the players. As it always seems those that control the money in this case corporate sponsors, tv contracts, and the owners, always the owners control the NFL. When the owners decide that they have extracted as much money as possible from the players pockets without losing any money from their tv contracts they will then tell the players to jump up and down and sign a new deal. Then the players will ask the owners how high would you like us to jump and they will do as told.

  144. G ""If I said that Henne had a pretty good game, but he was a big reason we lost the game because he did nothing in the 4th quarter.""
    I wouldn't and haven't jumped you for a thought like that,
    (that's the nicest thing you've ever said about CH)!!

    When I get uptight w'you is when you say stuff like, and I'm summerizing,
    ""CH has shown us all he'll ever show us, he's never been good, he isn't good, and never will be any good or any better""!!

    To me @ this early stage of his career, that's like saying an embryo will come out of the womb
    as an embryotic blob w'no apendages, etc,etc,etc especially when considering all the factor's that I've included over the last 6 mnths that have resembled what Patrick said above!!
    P ""Of course the QB is the main spoke in the hub of a football team but without the infrastructure his ability to make an impact is greatly diminished and the chances of him losing his confidence are equally increased.""!!

    G ""They don't read or they don't let the message sink in"",
    IMHO, that is your weakness ""comprehending/letting the message sink in""
    b/c it's of a different mindset than your own, you don't wanna hear it or consider it??
    I agree, many don't ""read or let the massage sink in"",I think the same thing all the time,
    but I personally am extremly comprehensive, and remember everything that everybody say's!!

     When I'm rippin on someone, I'll alway's toss-in something nice or humerous toward's that induvidual so that the rippin part sting's a lil less!!
    Maybe once in a while you can say something a lil less adamantly,
    or toss-in a ""CH did good but"" so that it doesn't seem like you want him to fail so that you'll be right??

    Iff your right, it's badd for OUR o11 team while I don't care if I'm right other than it being good for OUR team!!
    Iff CH see's the light, I'm gonna say YEAAAA Dolphins, (not see, I told'ya so),
    iff he doesn't come around, I think I'll just cryy b/c it'll mean a long extension to the time frame of us finding our QB and several more losing season's :'( !! Unless we score in FA!!

    In 6yrs B/T 86 & 91 w'4,5,6,7,8,9 yr vet Danny Marino @ QB we had one winning season!!
    In 5 of the following 8 season's the best Danny could do was 9 - 7 w'several 8 -8's!!
    Was it all his or DS' fault, did you want them runn outta town??

    Here's the stinger removal, Luv'Ya G ;) !!


  145. Hey man we are good, this is just talk and not the end of the world.  I'm going to add this and hopefully it will clear some things up.  They ask you in the hospital on a scale of 0 - 10 with 10 being bad, how much pain are you in.  If I relate that to people skills I would grade myself at a 5 at best.  You guys are much higher than I am in that regard.

    I think all of us get lost in our own thoughts at times, and our thoughts come out in words at the wrong time.  Ala my editorials at the end of an opinion.  I always seem to add something else to a starement that pisses everyone off. :)

    13 to answer this question " <span>Was it all his or DS' fault, did you want them runn outta town??  "  I did not want Shula or Marino ran out of town.  I felt both of them deserved to leave when they felt it was time to do so.  But, Shula should have retired 5 years before he did, and Marino should have left the game after his 14th season or so.  Their time had passed and it was time for them to go at those times.  Or so I felt it was.</span>

    I don't care about being right, I have never said ( that I can remember ) saying I told you so.  I don't want to be right I want the team to be better than the sickening fools in NY and NE and control their division.  I don't care whos names are on the jerseys. As long as they wear Aqua and white trimed in orange.

  146. <p><span>G, I understand your general tone of gloominess toward our team that has been nothing short of disappointing for so long I can hardly remember “The Good Old Days.” I also believe Chad Henne will more than likely never be anything more than the mediocre QB we saw last season… But my point is more toward your last thoughts about Ireland, I see some positive strides in other areas of the team. I think the defense is going to be even better than it was last year with Ordrick, Edds and DBs rounding into form. I like the addition of Pouncey, but we all know the position that will make the most difference is QB.</span>
    <span>I’m saying it is time to take a chance, these guys know it as well… If Ireland were to draft Pryor even if he never played a down this year there would be an additional grace period allowed for both him and Sparano to groom the kid, at least a year. So there is more to it than just picking him, trading for a guy or going for an FA means the demand will be to win right now. By picking Pryor, Ireland projects himself into the future. That is why I think he will do it. But mark me, if there is another team in front of us who needs a QB we will probably miss out on him anyway, so goes our luck in recent years…</span></p>

  147. Like you and I have suggested, JI's adamancy on not taking him is highy suggestive that he will go after him, iff given the chance!!

    I've wanted him for 3 yrs, and none of what he did in college is illegal in the NFL,
    just hope the vet's can neutralize his entitlement issue's, shouldn't be a problem w'BCox in house!!

    If we don't get him, I like several of the talented, high character QB's in o12's first 2 rnds!!

  148. Well here it is guys for nearly the first time this year it's time to talk Miami Dolphin football.  A deal is going to get done, I hope before the july 21 as people are saying.  We shall see.  Here is the list of restricted and unrestricted FA.  Who do we keep and who do we say goodbye to.

    Running back Ronnie Brown (unrestricted). Running back Ricky Williams (unrestricted). Running back Patrick Cobbs (possibly restricted). Quarterback Tyler Thigpen (possibly restricted). Offensive lineman Nate Garner (restricted). Linebacker Quentin Moses (unrestricted).

  149. Cobbs and Garner will stay, Thigpen is a commodity and will be kept but traded sooner or later...

    I believe the team has made the decision to move on at RB and I agree. I like both Ricky and Ronnie at times but at other times they show signs of age. Ronnie cannot stay healthy for two continuous seasons and has never lived up to the number two selection in the draft. Ricky could come back but it will be at a discount price if he is willing to play for it. If he wants more cash he will be cut loose.

    Moses must have compromising pictures of Parcells and Ireland or his body is coated in Teflon... What happens with him is a mystery to me.

  150. With a rookie pay scale being applied there is going to be more money thrown around at the FA that are out there.  Those few RBs with the big names are going to get some huge contracts.  My thoughts are, are they worth that money. Is D Williams worth that much money coming off an injury filled year, and at age 28.  No that's not that old, but for a RB that will get a huge contract it is.  If you are going to give someone a big contract give it to someone that will still be playing at a quality level 5 years from now.  Someone like an offensive lineman, there are 2 of them out there, one plays for the falcons, another one plays for the ravins, I don't remember either of their names.

  151. I agree in the sense that I would rather have a stud lineman than a RB but for different reasons... I think a good line can make most RBs look good, but a good RB cannot overcome a bad line. I personally think there are very few impact RBs and they should be religated to a final piece once everything else in place. Otherwise they just get the snot kicked out of them and they don't last long so why bother wasting them without the line in place?

  152. G's Justin Blaylock Falcons, Chris Chester Ravens

  153. G Harvey Dahl Falcons is 30 but due a big payday.. Blaylock's 27, Chester's 28 but Dahls DaShit

    There are nearly 500 vet FA's becoming available,
    and 23 UDFA's were in Bowl game's
    (game-breaker Kentucky RB Derrick Locke is the UDFA I want),
    a 3rd RB outta one class sound's familiar to the method of our recent maddness,
    lotta talent in the UDFA pool, no so much in the NFL FA...

    The 1st vet FA move I'd make is for (FA???) QB's VY and/or Hasselback!!
    Iff I were to go after an RB it'd be Ahmad Bradshaw,
    DWilliams, Ronnie, RBush, Darren Sproles, Michael Bush, or Jason Snelling... 

    Oakland's STUD TE Zach Miller is someone I like also...

  154. Dahl is who I was thinking about from the falcons, but I'm not sure about Chester or Blaylock.  I think the Ravens have another guy I was thinking of.  He has a strange name from what I remember, I'm now wondering if he was a starter because I'mf not sure about who he is.

    I hope we are able to keep Garner, he had allot of value for the team before his injury last year.  Also it seems over the past few years whom ever Miami drafts on the Oline is not NFL ready other than Long and Thomas a few years ago.  It is of some concern that Pouncey could be one of those guys.  I have that feeling because of what was said shortly after they drafted him.  They said they would start him out at center.  That is a hellva lot different than if they would have said he IS our center.  That statement says to me they don't know where to play him because they don't know what they have in him.

    I think they are going to move him around the line and not find a home for him just as they have with most of there oline picks.  For a head coach that was an offensive line coach they sure seem to be unsure of themselves when they choose a lineman.

  155. Another thing that TPryor has goin for him is that he was born in PA,
    (there's something majical in the water round those part's)
    that flow's through the vein's of prospective NFL QB's!!

    Danny, Montana, Unitas, JKelly (4 time SB loser), Namath, RGannon (SB winner),
    Hostettler (SB winner beat JKelly), Blanda, Bulger, Kerry Collins, BGradkowski, GFrerotte,
    Jim (CRASH) Jensen, DStrock, MRyan, MSchaub, JFlacco, CHenne 

    18 starter's in 42 yrs, (some GREAT, all WORTHY)!!

  156. Skins 30 yr old G Derrick Dockery might work..

    UDFA QB's I like are Deleware's Pat Devlin, and Louisville's Adam Froman,(UDFA opens b/4 FA)
    in case we can't land Thiggy & one FA, or two FA's!!
    Even then Devlin and/or Froman could be worth something to us (PS,scout team,arms,etc),
    or perhaps they become the all-time steal as UDFA's in replacement of TBrady's 6th rnd selection

  157. <p><span>Couple of things… Vince Young is not a FA yet, he will have to be released by the Titans before that happens. The speculation is, he will be released but the fact is, he is still a Titan until/if they cut him loose. I’m thinking there is some form of a reporting bonus, like $4 million or something they will have to pay if they don’t cut him. Bottom line is, QBs are hard to find and they could shock everyone now that the firing of Fisher has worn off and keep Young.</span>
    </p><p><span>It’s good to hear you think so highly of folks from the magic waters of Pennsylvania KV considering that’s the state of my birth… Just saying!!! I agree with you on that pedigree because I got to see it first hand when I was younger. I grew up playing in PA in Pony league and Junior high, we moved to FL when I was in 10<sup>th</sup> grade. It was like two different worlds. The athletes were much better in FL but they had no understanding of the game. In PA we were taught the concepts of football from an early age and we depended more on team play and precision. In FL it was all about speed and athletes and less about how to be in the right place at the right time.</span>
    </p><p><span>To me it’s a projection, if Pryor had stayed he would have been coupled with Andrew Luck as one of the two QBs going for the number one pick in the draft next year. He would not have gotten out of the top 5 in my opinion. To me this is a no brainer, because now you get the guy who you could not have gotten before and you get him a year earlier. So next year he will already have a year under his belt. Not picking him would not only be a mistake, it would be plain stupid.</span></p>

  158. My family on my father's side are from PA,
    and POPS played for the Canes as a muscular 250lb OLineman
    along side Jim & Gus Otto in the 50's!!

    YEAA, I know VY isn't YET a FA,(I included ???)!!

    I wanted TPryor in the 1st rnd in o11 (had he come out),
    and it might have taken place b/c all the badd rhetoric about him came out after the draft!!
    After the negative's about him came out he dropped down a few rnds in my eye's,
    but now that I've had a chance to digest it all, I can't dis-agree w'you about him whatsoever!!

    If the supplemental draft order is the same as the draft,
    of the team's in need of a QB, (only Wash who pks ahead of us didn't take a QB),
    so we may indeed get that opportunity @ TPryor!!
    (Don't think that hard-headed Shannahan will have much interest)??

  159. I could see Synder making that call for Shannahan...

  160. Yeaa, it seem's like Shannahan might already be on his way out there for steppin on toes,
    I could see Snyder trummpin MS...
    Also recollected yesterday that Buff didn't persue a QB (from what I remember off hand),
    Gailey would probably luv a talent such as TPryor...

    Off to work, catch'ya all L8er!!

  161. The Skins have been one of the teams that are as screwed up as the Dolphins have been.  If Ireland is the right guy in the front office this team can get straighten out.  The FO can load a team up with players then it's just a matter of finding a coach that can get them to play.  Not sure if Sparano is that guy.  I didn't like the way he seemed to shy away from stepping up when the players turned on Henne last year.  Make no mistakes about that, because the players lost confidence in Henne and quit playing in final month of the year.  Sparano needed to do something and didn't.

    I think Ireland is safe, but Sparano is hanging by a thread.

  162. Welp, the bottom-line suggested that significant progress was made today equating to
    tenative agreement's on the rookie wage scale,and team salary cap 120k!!
    Pretty-much just gotta dot the I's & cross the T's and we're good to go,
    cuz those were the final tow cross-roads to decide upon, YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    My UDFA/PS hopeful's
    WR Ricardo Lockette (6-2, 211, 4.34) BP recommended ""watch-out for this guy""!!
    RB Derrick Locke, Mario Fanin
    QB PatDevlin, Adam Froman, Josh Portis, Jarred Johnson

    QB TPryor (supplemental draft)

    QB (FA's ??) VY and/or Hasselback, or one plus Thiggy
    RB  FA Ahmad Bradshaw, or D Williams


  163. derrrr, 120 Mil !!!

  164. <p><span>FanG, interesting point about Sparano losing the team… There were some mitigating circumstances that pretty much tied his hands if I don’t recall. Sparano could sense what was going on and tried to act by starting Pennington, which lasted all of 2 plays. At that point his hands were pretty much tied because I didn’t get the sense that anyone really thought Thigpen was ready to do the job or perhaps better to say he was not any better of an option than Henne.</span>
    </p><p><span>We also have to remember that Henne was playing on a torn up knee. I was more thinking Marshall needed to find the bench instead of Henne. Marshall is the guy I saw dropping passes, making stupid penalties and not finishing plays. When anyone starts to get away with that stuff then the team begins to fall apart. It was like when Cameron did not stand up to Joey Porter. Sparano needed to stand up to Marshall and he didn’t which put the entire burden on Henne.</span>
    </p><p><span>Either way it does point to Sparano not handling the situation properly which caused erosion of the team chemistry. To me, guys like Marshall and Moss are more trouble than they are worth… We saw how Belichick handled Moss, maybe Sparano should take a lesson.</span></p>

  165. Think Sparano kinda had his hands tied w having to be respectful the the relic OC Dan Henning and also live with some of the poor choices that the well respected, but def not right on all decisions BP made

    So Sparano never really had the control he should have had until now

    Think Marshall behaved very good for a frustrated double & triple covered Diva WR w a below average QB play

    This year hopefully w better center protection, O-line performance and not pulling out Henne just as he is on a roll to insert  the Wildcrap, as well as our current WRs maturing and the new WR speedster Gates opening up the field, u will see a MUCH BETTER PASSING GAME FROM THE DOLPHINS

    Henne is finally Manning Up, taking control and getting vocal instead of acting like a non leader

    Heck, Henne might even make offensive captain this season
    What a Concept ! ? !   ;)

  166. Home was that an impersonator? Did I just see you give some kudos to Henne??? Wow maybe things are changing. I agree 100% on the dinosaur Henning. I for one have hated the wildcrap since its inception. It is nothing but a high school gadget thrown in there because Henning's offense couldn't gain a 1st down with a 100 mile per hour tail wind. I always thought it was interesting how the offense sucked so bad they had to resort to the wildcrap then instead of fixing the real problem of having a terrible offensive scheme they made themselves believe the wildcrap was viable.

    If I was going to criticize Sparano I would have to wonder how good a coach he can be if he really thinks the wildcrap is something other then a gadget play? Hopefully the speculation that Sparano could not remove Henning as long as BP was there is true and Daboll will spark something. Sparano went out of a limb selecting Daboll because his head coaching career may likely depend on that decision. I hope for his sake he was right...

  167. No that was me Patrick

    Have always tried to keep the faith w QB Chad Henne

    In all seriousness though Henne has not shown any real good/great relationship w any WRs

    Maybe Henne just does not have the it factor

    Think Vince Young however would JELL w Marshall, Simply The Bess and the rest
    Betcha VY would be better than Henne
    Maybe its a black thing. lol 

  168. Like the young OC Daboll & his style from what Home has seen to date
    Def more confident, more aggressive and more scoring 

  169. Perhaps, but Young is like a spoiled child with a huge bank account. It seems whenever anything doesn't go his way he decides to take his ball and go home. At Texas he was The MAN, but in the NFL he is just another QB... This is hard for guys who have been the stud every step of the way, they never really learn how to handle adversity and then you throw the money in and why should they care?

    Coming out of college I thought Young was going to make a great pro. The way he took Texas on his shoulders and beat USC left a great impression on me, but it just goes to show how hard it is to project QBs into the NFL. That's why I've been saying to go ahead and draft Pryor. There is no way of knowing whether he will be good or suck, but the only way to find out is to take the chance. The conservative approach of not making a bold move to draft a QB high has left us without a franchise guy since Marino and I for one am sick of it.

    The teams that have the QB keep getting richer because they don't have to take the chances necessary to get one. I wanna BE RICH!!!

  170. Patrick,""The conservative approach of not making a bold move to draft a QB high has left us without a franchise guy""

    I don't see it as though we've been conservative,
    I see it as there really hasn't been a legit ""bold move to draft a QB high/1st rnd"" opportunity!!

    Other than (not near proven) Tebow, or (not yet elite/francise) Flacco (who we'd have likely taken instead of Merling @ 32 had Balt not jumped 12 spot's to take him @ 16)!!
    Otherwise we've never really had reasonable opportunities @ 1st rnd legit/"francise" QBs!!

    06 we pk'd JAllen @ 16, while VY was pk'd @ 3, Leinart @ 10, Cutler @ 11(none are Francise QBs yet)

    Guess we could'a took ARodgers who was pk'd @ 24
    when we didn't have much choice but to take Ronnie w'pk #2!!
    When they were rarily there to be had in the top 5 to 10 we pk'd in the mid-late 20s,
    when we had a reasonable chance to move up into the top 5 to 10, legit QBs weren't available!!

    Good to Elite 1st rnd QBs Bradford, Stafford, Flacco??, VY, Eli, Rivers, Rothlisberger, Palmer, Vick, McNabb, Peyton were never anywhere near where we might have been able to snag'em!!
    Truely the only opportunities we missed-out on was MRyan, and ARodgers
    which @ the time we did what we had to do,
    (in hind-sight, I'd luv to have ARodgers instead of Ronnie),
    I remember AR was supposed to go b/t 10 - 15 and sat in the green room till 24,
    but would have been a huge reach @ #2!!

    1st rnd QBs taken (note the number of the actual pk)!!

    Fin 1st rnd pks (note the number of the actual selection we had)!!

    Never a ""bold"" opportunity to be had @ what are now good to elite to francise QBs!!
    Not really any of our regime's fault's, the card's just haven't fallen faces-up,
    or in our favor whatsoever!!
    @least that's the way I see it, and don't see how it can be visualized much differently
    when lookin @ the actual number's we had and where the great's were pk'd!!


  171. There are only a few elite QB in the league at any given point in time.  At this time I would say there are only about 5.  Plus another 5 that are very good but not elite.  So the chances of finding an elite QB are not very good no matter where anyone picks in the draft.  Face it most of the times teams just get lucky ( and man do I hate that word " lucky ") when they get one of those elite QBs.  No one will ever convince me that Bill Belechek knew that Brady would turn out as he did.  Billy had NO IDEA that would happen, NONE !!!

    Over the past 10 years or so I think we have seen teams taking chances on QBs in the top of the draft not because they were going to be really good, but because of the money end of things.  What team wants to pay a right tackle 100 million over 8 years with a 30 million dollar signing bonus when they can draft a QB they hope that can lead them to a ton of wins ?  Not many that is for sure and that is what we have been seeing for quite some time now.  I think all that just changed this week.  Because of a rookie salary cap players will now get drafted exactly where they should, and we won't see QBs getting picked as early and as frequently as we have been seeing.

    I think the days of marginal QBs rising stock in the NFL draft, is now over.  Now really good DBs and pressure LBs and DEs are on equal footing with QBs and the rt tackle positions.  That will change the draft from the way it has been for awhile now.  That's the way I see it anyway.

  172. Yea I agree with that.

  173. I agree for the most part... We really have not been lucky when it comes to being in a position to select a QB. A team has to be consistently bad to be in the top of the draft and we are consistently mediocre. when we were bad there were no QBs coming out. The great Gods of football have not been shining on us much lately.

  174. HEYY TIN,
    It's been quite the draft-day celebration, but now it's time to get back to work, we miss'ya!!

    This oughta get your attention??

    Here's something I stashed away for the UDFA period that'll open-up next week!!
    Wanted to save it till then, but gettin tooo excited,
    and figured you'd all need a chance to go through it!!
    I mentioned my preferences in a previous post ( I also like a few of the C's & G's ),
    actually there's quite a bit of talent that I like @ every position,
    who would you like to go after??

    Hope it post right w'position's seperated...Highlighted player confirmed to have met, talked, visited or worked out for the Dolphins.(pre-draft)
    QB Ryan Colburn, Fresno State
    QB Pat Devlin, Delaware
    QB Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M
    QB Josh Portis, California PA
    QB Scott Tolzien, Wisconsin
    QB Jeff Van Camp, FAU 


    RB Jeremy Avery, Boise State
    RB Armando Allen, Notre Dame
    RB Matt Asiata, Utah
    RB Damien Berry, Miami

    RB John Clay, Wisconsin
    RB Graig Cooper, Miami
    RB Noel Devine, WVU

    RB Shaun Draugh, North Carolina
    RB Mario Fannin, Auburn
    RB Darren Evans, VT

    RB Derrick Locke, Kentucky
    RB Brandon Saine, Ohio St
    RB Val Taua, Nevada
    FB Henry Hynoski, Pittsburgh

    WR Darvin Adams, Auburn
    WR Armon Binns, Cincinnati
    WR DeAndre Brown, Southern Miss
    WR Mark Dell, Michigan St
    WR Tori Gurley, Southern Carolina
    WR Jamel Hamler, Fresno State
    WR Andre Holmes, Hillsdale
    WR Lestar Jean, FAU
    WR Ricardo Lockette, Fort Valley State
    WR Jeffrey Maehl, Oregon
    WR Terrence McCrae, Ohio
    WR Joe Morgan, Walsh
    WR OJ Murdock, Fort Hays State
    WR Jamar Newsome, Central Florida
    WR Jock Sanders, WVU
    WR Dane Sanzrnbacher, Ohio State
    WR Keith Smith, Purdue
    WR Owen Spencer, NC State
    WR Terrance Toliver, LSU
    WR Terrance Turner, Indiana
    WR Raymond Webber, Arkansas Pine-Bluff
    WR Marshall Williams, Wake Forest
    WR Jamorris Warren, Central Missiouri
    WR Jimmy Young, TCU

    TE Kyle Adams, Purdue
    TE Preston Dial, Alabama
    TE Charlie Gantt, Michigan State
    TE Cameron Graham, Louisville
    TE Schuylar Oordt, Northern Iowa
    TE Zack Pianalto Nothern Carolina
    TE Mike McNeill, Nebraska
    TE Wesley Saunders, South Carolina

    OL Garrett Chisolm, South Carolina
    OL Joshua Davis, Georgia
    OL Rey Domingez
    OL Adam Grant, Arizona
    OL Richard Henry, Nebraska
    OL Kyle Hughes, Southeast Louisiana
    OL Kyle Hix,Texas
    OL Zachary Hurd, Connecticut
    OL Carl Johnson, Florida
    OL Jarriel King, South Carolina
    OL Richard Lapham, Boston
    OL Kristofer O’Dowd, USC
    OL Willie Smith, ECU
    OL Zane Taylor, Utah
    OL Isaih Thompson, Houston

    G Justin Boren, Ohio State
    G John Giannontio, UNLV
    G Matt Murphy, UNLV

    C Colin Baxter, Arizona
    C Ryan Bartholomew, Syracuse
    C Alexander Linnenkohl, Oregon State
    C [...]

  175. Another thing to consider is that ""who's to say"" that MRyan is that much better than CH,
    I mean both Ryan and Flacco fell into great situation's, w'star player's on both side's of the ball!!

    If CH had what Ryan/Flacco has had to work with, and Vis-versa
    their status as NFL player's early in their career's could also quite possibly have been reversed!!
    We might be sayin, ""Damn we should'a took JLong"" and CH in the 2nd (considering what CH might have been able to accomplish in ATL as their 2nd rnd pk)??

    With that said, I believe MRyan is better than CH,
    but not by as much as what seem's apparent,
    Most are a product of their environment, and CH's surrounding's haven't been an advantage!!
    He did however out-produce 6 playoff QB's (yrdg-wise),
    and only 400 yrds fewer than MRyan who has superstar's @ every skill position and OHYEA an OL!
    JUSAYIN, somethin-else to consider!!

  176. Here's an example of how much luck is involved!!
    I just watched Dan Marino Heart of a Champion,
    and Shula said
    ""in the 81 draft we didn't even consider taking a QB,
    we had David Woodley and had just played in the SB,
    we were set on taking a DLineman,
    but when Marino fell to us we thought well maybe we should go another direction,
    and thank hevens we did cuz the DLineman turned-out to be a bust"" as did Danny HOF Bust!!

    Better take a chance on Terrelle Pryor,cuz the opportunities are too feww and too farrr between!! 

  177. I thought this was gonna be easy, but there's no one on that list from Michigan! There's probably a couple of sleepers on that list that will be more than camp fodder and have genuine NFL talent, good luck finding them! I think Miami will take a swing at more veteran FAs to fill holes and provide competition rather than UDFAs who weren't good enough to get drafted.

    Each day, I wrestle with the question of TP/YES - TP/NO. Does he have talent? Yes! Will he be able to contribute right away? No! Is he a passer that can run, or does he flush out of the pocket too soon? I don't know!

    I think if Parcells was still here, he'd take a long look at TP with an eye to making amends for the PW fiasco.

  178. <span>Cam, the way I look at it is to project a little into the future that could have been… Okay, I know life doesn’t work that way but let’s play hypothetical. Let’s say Pryor doesn’t get in trouble or at least doesn’t leave the team and serves the 5 game suspension. Where do you think he would project in next year’s draft? I’m thinking he doesn’t make it out of the top ten and after he goes through the combine and the personal workouts he would have gone even further up the charts. The tangible talents are all there and those pre-draft work outs are all about those skills. He has the prototypical size, there would only be the character issues left.</span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>To see how the character stuff would play out we can take Cam Newton as an example. Remember for months all the stuff swirling around about Newton’s father attempting to get paid by MSU and then switching the Auburn and how Newton knew about this stuff. Remember him stealing the computer at Florida and getting bounced. Well guess what, when it came time to draft the guy Carolina, who had just drafted Claussen, couldn’t help themselves for falling all over him. So these character issues are non-issues in the NFL. Unless a guy rapes, kills or is a drug addict they could care less about the things Newton and Pryor have done. The media has to write stories and they love to bring people down when they are riding high. Pryor’s character means nothing because he didn’t do any of the big 3. </span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>Now I ask, projecting him out I see a guy who would be easily picked in the top 5 and he has the skills to back it up, plus you get him a year earlier. I was on the SS blog and some know-it-all idiot (and there are a lot of them on that blog) spewed at me for even suggesting drafting Pryor and proceeded to regurgitate all the BS the media had thrown at the kid. People are so freaking gullible, they allow the damn reporters and writers, who are just looking to aggrandize everything they can, to make their decisions for them. Not one person has the damn balls to come out and say it.<span>  </span>I’m going to do it…</span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>Not drafting Terrelle Pryor will be a mistake by the Miami Dolphins and any other teams that allows him to get past them. I cannot predict whether this guy will be great, but I cannot predict that about Newton, or Luck, or any other QB that comes out, but I will say the tangible skills are there. He should sit the bench for a year and when I hear people say we can’t draft him because he won’t help us this year I call BS, we’re getting him a year early. We get to groom for the year he should have been in college, hello people!!! That is such short term thinking it is ridiculous and again a product of a media fed society with the attention span of a gnat. I would love to see the Dolphins take a chance on this guy. We have already hashed out how few times we have the opportunity to draft a potential franchise QB, well here it is… Let’s see whether Ireland has the balls to make the decision.</span>

  179. Have I mentioned to you that I don't like QBs !!!  I will say this TP didn't do anything that other college players all around the Nation haven't done also.  He simply used the wrong person to do it through, and he got caught.

    I have only seem Pryor play a few times.  My impression was he isn't much of a passer, mostly because he didn't give himself a chance to be one.  He was off and running before looking down field for anything other than his single primary target.  If he wasn't there he wasn't posting up to find anyone else, he was running.  I don't know how anyone can learn anything from that from a passing standpoint.  Isn't that what NFL QBs are brought in to do ?  PASS THE BALL.

    I like to my QBs drop pass and let rip in place of dropping back and saying OH SHIT !!!  Now that I have said that, I like TP and I see nothing wrong with he has done at Ohio State other than getting caught.  From what I know he never said he didn't do it, so that means he didn't lie.  I am good with that.

  180. Patrick, you make a compelling argument! Drafting TP is a good strategy if the coaching staff stays intact through 2012, which gives TP time to mature and "...get used to the speed of the NFL..."

    From a "glass half full" point of view, let's draft TP AND have a 10-12 win season for the Miami Dolphins!

    Yeah, I can live with that!

  181. A running quarterback, as referenced earlier on this blog, (i.e. Vick), is considered a liability because he runs away from his protection and, as the franchise, he is vulnerable to free shots from pro hitters. Division rivals have ample motivation!

    However, in a Wildcat-style O, the D isn't sure if it's run or pass when your qb stays in the backfield! It's now being generically called the <span>direct snap offense</span>.

  182. There could be room for a WC type of offensive sets in the NFL.  But if the guy running the WC isn't a running back with the ability to throw the ball, I don't like the idea of the QB operating the WC.  The problem with that is if the play fails the real QB has to come into the game and try to save the day.  We can see from last years experiment with the WC we didn't do a very good job of managing all those parts.  It seemed to screw up the entire offense.

    My thoughts on a running QB in the NFL are. 1 he is going to get injured it's just a matter of time. 2 A QB gets paid to throw the ball manage the offense, leave moving the ball on the ground to that guy behind the QB that gets paid millions of dollars to do so. And 3 he is going to get killed in this league ( oh ! I said that already )..

  183. From what I've read, Ronnie Brown volunteered to run the Wildcat. He didn't fool anyone after teams had film on it. I cringe when I see a running back doing a qb's job. Get a legit passer back there and the Wildcat's back on the menu! I'd love to see Miami get the Jets' Brad Smith to run the Wildcat!

  184. Dont Qbs also get injured standing in the pocket taking hits
    Just saying
    Aint all bad if a QB can run real well :)

  185. <span><span>The hell with the wildcat! It's a gadget play and I agree with FanG, it screws up the rhythm of the offense…</span></span>
    <span><span> </span></span>
    <span><span>I don’t really see Pryor as a running QB… There were games where it looked like he was pulling it down pretty quick, but he has a nice arm and can make all the throws. There are not too many guys coming out from college who can get through an entire progression especially with these spread offenses. He’s not ready for prime time, but he gets to learn on a pro team with pro coaches. I’ll stick to my guns, I would draft him… I see something intangible in the kid, that IT factor.</span></span>

  186. Too bad Tony Romo couldn't shake off the tackler like Mike Vick the over 100 pass rater running QB
    Instead of sitting in the pocket getting crunched and breaking his shoulder cuz he could not escape the pass rush

    Elite Runnnimg QB not such a bad thing

    Just Saying  ;)

  187. Bet Vince Young would be good in the Wildcat w Ronnie Brown & Thomas (2) Wildcat winners

    Maybe even have Reggie Bush go out 4 a pass

    Just Saying  ;)

  188.  Lyle Sendlein, C, Cardinals. Age: 27. <img></img><img></img><img></img>
    Arizona's best offensive lineman, Lyle Sendlein hasn't missed a start in three years. He needs to be re-signed.

    I'd like to go after this guy so that we'll have two legit, all-around, complete game C's!!

    @ this moment we have Pouncey and (two bkups who's weaknesses are opposite of each other),
    so when MP need's a breather or has a setback the opposition know's what we're likely to run b/c they're aware of the weaknesses of whichever bkup come's in!!

    Also, if we were to get this established C RSendlein,(Kruetz is awesome too but old) 
    Pouncey could then be the G we need,
    and the bkup C w'out exposing the play we might run (should the occasion arise)!!

    Either-wayy, we need another C who has the complete game skill's!!
    When our bkup C's came in last yr the opposition knew the likely play due to whichever C was in!!


  189. He'd be great, especially after he gets the snot knocked out of him a few times!

  190. Sounds like he'll demand some cash KV, that's a lot of cap space on the OL...

    Just saying

  191. That'st of part of the game man
    All those phucken cheap shots Vick took while being hit after down and on the ground and u never saw him bitch and complain
    So lets get off the BS that every time Vick takes a hit he is going out w a career ending injury

    Vick goes head first, rarely slides and takes tremendous hits, hundreds of them and only those that cant stand his athleticism and success make the comments Yea Vick is gonna get killed

    Well he is willing to take that chance and not be like Romo last season stiif sitting duck that got crushed in the pocket w no ability to shake tacklers

    Go Vick, 2nd best pocket passer in the NFL in 2010 and the very best running QB by far !!!

  192. Think we fans need some NFL football back
    Cant wait for FA signings and Miami Dolphin Training Camp 2011

    Home thinks they keep Ronnie Brown to Mentor Thomas and Ricky gets the boot

    Also think we sign DeAngelo Williams, but Reggie Bush to go w Brown, Thomas & The Hill & Polite would also be real good in the world of Home

  193. What about QB Mike Hartline to team up w his bro who he is now rooming with in South Florida, our underestimated WR Brian Hartline?

    That could be interesting after we nab Vince Young
    So we have Henne starting w VY ready to come right in and Mike Hartline in Thigpen's old role ;)
    Of course the Dolphins are not getting TP

  194. One questions home... Who holds the record for being the least sacked QB over a single season?

  195. Dont think it was Jay Cutler last season another pocket non running QB w a rocket arm , but no escapibility athleicsim