Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Letter from the Manager

Hey everyone, 

Sorry I have not been checking back in the comments at all but just randomly clicked on this one in my e-mail. In a way, my absence from the site has actually had a bizarre effect in that comments have remained relatively strong, hits are still coming, and the site's facebook following has practically doubled since i stopped updating it.

I realize that despite my lack of time/interest in the football world lately, there is obviously a demand for sites like this that are community-based. I would love nothing more than to get re-invigorated and jump back into the Dolphin pool, as it were, but as previously mentioned, family, finances, and the general scope of the project have pushed me away from it.

I may have a solution, however. If our community can provide the news/articles, I can provide the time involved in publishing and general upkeep of the site. I can also provide the live chat features on game days as we had in the past. I can even provide updates to the rosters and the occasional editorial and the rare pop-in on the comments board. What I can't really provide is the research time involved in writing anything factual-based.

I'm not going to lie to you, I don't know anything about training camp, contracts...hell I don't even know when the season starts, or who is on the roster right now. I have ignored everything American Football since the draft.

However, I will start to make little updates to the site here and there - it is time consuming so don't expect version 3.0 overnight. It may take a couple of weeks to get it into shape for the season.

In the mean-time, anyone interested in submitting articles, please take your time putting them together and proofread, as I don't have time for that aspect either. If it's respectable, I'll publish it (include your name and article title as I'll just be cut and pasting for now).


Tinshaker, aka David Chamberlain, Esq.


  1. OMG - you are still alive and kicking Tin. Just saw the tweet to say you'd posted. Great to hear from you man and glad all is well (with the exception of this dire economy). Looking forward to the live chats again, but links may be a bit hard to come by this year - the Stasi seem to have been cracking down.
    Go Phins and Utd!

  2. UK, for the record, though I've been ignoring DolphinLand, I'm all up to speed on Utd, watched all the preseason and the fabulous community shield (only thing I missed was the van der saar testimonial) and have even watched the premier league preview that was on Sky.  Now we just need you guys to stop rioting so they don't cancel any games.

    Heard we signed that true?  Doesn't bode well for Fletcher.   The team is absolutely stacked right now...I can't imagine we'll continue through the season with this many strikers.

  3. oh one more thing, Utd was here about 5 minutes from my house the week of the seattle game and I didn't even know about it.  I wanted to go to the seattle game but it was $160 a ticket and Portland and Seattle are arch-nemeses in 'Soccer'. Plus it's a 6 hour round trip.

  4. You've seen more pre-season games than me! I saw they won 7-0 with Roon getting a hat-trick though!
    The Community Shield was a thing of beauty. I was sick in my mouth at 1/2 time, but what a joyous 2nd 1/2. The second goal was a thing of absolute beauty. The winner 3 mins into stoppage time was pretty good too.
    The riots are all organised crims attracting yobs with a view to looting. It's really sad. They are talking about plastic bullets. I favour live rounds!
    City and Utd have both been after a midfielder, but City's preferred target is Nasri (who United said they were also interested in). Schneider said this week that Inter said he could move if the price was right and that seems to have been the domino that set it all in motion. It's reported he'll move for £32M in the next 48 hours. Fletcher is still really suffering with that virus so we really needed more numbers in midefield with Scholesy retiring. We also lost Brown, O'Shea and Obertan. As you say, we are steacked, but midfield is still the potential weaklink for this team. Rumour also has it Berbatov may go - he's in the last year of his contract, but Fergie says no? Fabregas on verge of a move to Barca too? Arsenal keep losing their best young players.
    Pity you couldn't get to the game, but that's a high price to pay to watch a non-competitive game.

    You MUST have heard we signed Reggie Bush and RnR are history btw? And Matt Moore and Kevin O'Donnell are break-in-case-of-emergency QBs for if/when the wheels come off with Henne this year.

  5. UK so the natives are playing cowboys and indians I see.  Man you gotta hate when that happens. :)   Hope everything is going well for you and you can stay away from the fray.

  6. Right on FanG. The Cowboys have called in the cavalry now though! I'm staying well clear of Manchester. I live about 10 miles out from the centre and that's as close as I'll be going for a while!

  7. WOW !!! Tinshaker is still around.  Good to hear from you man.  I'm waiting to see 13kv, Patrick, can am, and a few other to see this.  That should be fun to read.

    The new CBA is bit hard to figure out, seems we get information like you get from Medicare and Medicaid.  You don't know anything until something happens, then you know.  I never did figure out what the salary cap level was for the Dolphins, I never saw one single figure for that.  Patrick has some information as to why.  He can write that up and send it to you.

    Anyway it's great to see you back.  Many people will be glad to see that.

  8. Tin,

    This depth chart gives you a quick hit of where the team is and what happened since you went AWOL. Don't faint at the sight of JT back in aqua and orange!

  9. oh i did see JT was back and almost vomitted.  My wife said at least she can wear her old JT jersey...I haven't informed her I've been using it as a cheesecloth....

    In regards to the riots, I used to be a fan of Ken livingstone until this happened and he made the comments he made.  He may be trying to collect votes for an election but the riots have absolutely nothing to do with 'communities'.  It is pure nonsensical yob violence.  On the one hand you have those wearing hoods and masks to avoid detection - this is not a form of protest, and on the other hand you have those who aren't covering their faces at all who are looting and rioting as well.  The fact that these unmasked few have no clue that they are easily identified by CCTV which is EVERYWHERE in London, and surely in Manchester and Birmingham too, just shows the level of intelligence we're dealing with, and I too am in favor of the police using live ammo against these wastes of life.  They will never amount to anything positive, and will continue to be violent and ignorant and will only get worse over time.  Beating up and mugging innocent kids on the street in front of CCTV when you're 17 means by the time they're 30 they'll be in a tower block somewhere with an M-16 taking out passersby.  Take em out of the equation now.

    So, you were saying JT is back?  :-P

  10. Standing ovation! ;)

    lol @ the JT jersey cheesecloth comment!

    It could be worse - I could've said TGJ was back?!? :-P

  11. You know I was having a real good day until you mentioned JT.  Don't worry you can see how well JT plays by the grass stains on his ass.

    I can never tell which is worse.  Those that are in charge of our Governments or the Management of the Miami Dolphins. :)

  12. Dolphin DBs would make for great soccer players, they have no hands!!

    Hello to whoever this TIN fellow is.. Wassup beyotch??
    Good to read'ya, we'll have to do this again sometime around Thanksgiving, LOL!!  :-P

    Seriously though, good to know your continuing on your journey (to some extent),

    GO         M     I     A     M     I            D     O     L      P      H       I       N      S  !!!

  13. No hands :) very funny.

  14. Welcome to the "real" world of football talk (evidently, all sorts of kinds of football!).  I look forward to the game-day chats, although I usually just use them for their great links to bootleg broadcasts. ;)

    So is the Tin's Fins FF league going to be up this year?  I need to defend my supremacy (luck) and honor (hang-over)!

    Oh yeah, people were not careful what they asked for...Crowder was released.  Let's hope for at least a status quo for the ILB crew.

    Go Phins!

  15. Fang STFU about politics you idiot

  16. I'm the idiot ? :) And you don't have the balls to use your real User profile name ?  How many profile names do you go by.  Lets see we have FYI, Mr. Anderson, Home, anti-home, and This is not NJ.  Does that pretty much cover it.

    I would imagine you are now going to claim one of you didn't write what I replied to.  Which profile name will it be ?

  17. Dude, that's not me. Dont get me involved. I have one name and only one name here. Thats a fact
    My 1st time on this new blog

    Welcome Back Tinshaker!

  18. Mr. FanG sir, does this mean that YOU have balls because you use your real user profile name?
    You are very brave my friend for doing this. I wish these trolls would learn something from you. You sir are an ASSet to this blog. Peace

  19. "What I can't really provide is the research time involved in writing anything factual-based."

    Hey neither can the Sun Sentinel............and it doesn't stop them!!!!!!!!!
    At least your honest about it Tin.
    Good to see your back.

  20. Welcome back Tin!