Monday, August 29, 2011

Guest Article: son of a son of a shula

How it all began: My Dolphin Story

By John D. aka son of a son of a shula

I was 7 years old. The only real thing I knew about football was that my three older brothers would clobber me when I had one in my hands. Growing up in Connecticut, just outside of New York, the Giants were the team always on TV and the team most cheered for. Suddenly out of nowhere there was a loud noise across the football landscape, there was a team threatening to be undefeated. A team that was new and wore far different color uniforms than that of which we’d become accustomed to. They had players that no one had heard of, they had a real young coach, with a distinctive jaw, and they just kept winning. They even had some “old” guy playing quarterback. My older brothers became enthralled so, me, as the kid brother followed along. The Dolphins were turning the football world on its ear and we loved it.

The Dolphins were a fancy looking team and to see them on television was a huge thrill. My Father and Grandfather were very skeptical of course. How could a new team with teal and orange colors ever be a force against the Giants, the Packers, the Steelers or the Cowboys? “They were just lucky”, they said. I knew it wasn’t luck, I just knew. These were the Dolphins and they could beat anyone. As the dominance and popularity grew so did the magazine articles. We’d rip out every picture and hang it on the wall. Sports Illustrated, Sport, Sporting News we ripped ‘em all out. We couldn’t get enough of the fancy uniform and the cool logo.

Losing the Super Bowl to Dallas the previous year put the Dolphins on the radar but no one could have expected the unprecedented season which would follow.  It did and the bandwagons loaded up, myself included. As a seven year old I was just having a lot of fun with it mostly riding on the coattails of my older brothers’ enthusiasm. Once the 72 season ended we geared up for the next year this time with a better knowledge of the team and a stronger desire for more.

The Dolphins didn’t let us down either. With only two loses and then dominating the playoffs including spanking the Vikings in the Super Bowl.  We were the fans of a magical team, the team with the fancy uniforms and the funny names. Csonka, Kuechenberg, Den Herder, Kiick, Griese, Mercury and a guy named Little who was HUGE. Garo Yepremian! It was the crooked nose under the funny looking face mask that Csonka wore. It was the gigantic fu-man-chu mustache on Manny Fernandez, the bald head of Dick Anderson all defining this great team. How come the middle linebacker wore number eighty-five? Our safety wore number thirteen. Why were there two I’s in Kiick?

Our team was the best, the best and once the playoffs started the next year we all knew the Dolphins would win it all again. Now we were older and playing organized ball ourselves so we had a lot more knowledge and expectation to go along with the Dolphins invincibility. Then it happened. It was incredible and it was devastating all at once. We clenched and prayed as the Raiders drove late, knowing they would scare us, but come on these were the Dolphins, they were just going to win.  Stabler was about to get sacked and we were in mid air cheering when the “Sea of Hands” play occurred. How, how did this happen? It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I was shattered. I was in shock.

Of course we all know that the team came back to reality. Csonka, Kiick and Warfield went after the big money and our team became just another team. Good but not great. Don Shula continued to lead the team to the playoffs seemingly every year so we always felt the glory could be re-captured. I still yearn for it. I still in a way expect it, oddly enough. I sometimes still look back on those times as a seven year old when those colors were magical and our team was unbeatable, what an impression it left on me. I think about the pictures on the wall, the football cards, the various Dolphin shirts and paraphernalia my brothers and I had. Larry Seiple’s football card said P/TE. Csonka’s crooked nose is perhaps one of the most indelible marks left by those days.   

So I’m starting to get older now and a little less wide-eyed, yeah we make the playoffs every year but come on where are the Super Bowls. Then along comes Dan Marino. I’m out of High School and our family had moved to Florida. This kid is insane – look at him throw the football. That magic was damned near restored, you felt it again. At least we felt it again.

Through it all I remained the most die-hard out all of my brothers, they are much more casual fans than I am. I raised my daughters to be fans and God bless them they are though what have they seen to endear them. It must be the uniforms! I’m ready to start a new chapter of greatness, to witness it and get caught up in it. I mean after all I still expect it. Our current team is heading in a good direction. Despite the amount of negativity, there is so much I like about the make-up of the current team. They have a rallying cry from last years let down, they have a hunger. The heart must come out. These guys have to believe in each other and play for each other. 

I always get very optimistic at this time of year; it’s where I come from as a Dolphin fan. The new season brings another opportunity to be great. I saw it so many times before. The years are piling up now and we’ve all witnessed the frustration of the last many years but I believe better times lay ahead and we are headed right for them. I have a lifetime invested in this team and the best parts were as a wide eyed little kid, it was wonderful.  I’m a diehard, I’m a believer!

One man one Dolphin fan!

* A sincere Thank You to Tin for allowing my story to be shared here.


  1. thanks, son of a. 

    I'm currently watching the 3rd quarter of the dolphins/bucs preseason game and the most interesting thing about it is that the Bucs' punter has thighs as big as reggie roby's!!  remember him?

    oh, btw, Matt Moore blows....

  2. correction - matt moore sucks, but john jerry blows!!

  3. Son,

    Nice story. I only started following the Fins when Marino first started playing, so I have no Superbowl memories. :'(


    Did you catch a certain Man U vs Arsenal game at all? =-O

  4. Sounds like you grew up at the right time Son of a Son of a Shula.  I started watching the Fins just around the time Marino came around.  I was raised a Packer fan in Bear country by my dad.  But I quickly became a Dolphins fan when I was old enough to really watch the games and get into my own teams.  Funny thing is, I've ALWAYS hated the Jets. 

    It's too bad that I wasn't around when the Fins were great in the 70s.  I was born in '74 so I missed out on all those great teams.  Thanks for sharing your story!

    BTW, love the Buffett reference! 

    Here's to a successful year!  Henne will be fine.  He's got talent around him now and a good OC that let's him play.  It's our OL that I'm worried about...  Too much tinkering every single year and we just can't seem to get it right.

  5. Nice article Son!  Well done.  The way I became a Dolphins is quite different than your story.  I have no older brothers, just an older sister, who didn't know a football unless it hit her in the nose like Marcia Brady.  My dad was a Jets fan, and in 1972, living in Brooklyn NY, watching an RCA color TV, that is probably smaller than my microwave now, we're sitting in the living room of our apartment, watching the Jets play the Miami Dolphins, in Miami, in the famed Orange Bowl.

    For those fans too young to have ever seen the Orange Bowl, they had a round swimming pool behind the endzone, and after FG's, and extra points, there was a Dolphin (an aquatic mammal) in said pool, that would immediately swim to the football, and then balance the ball on it's nose, and then toss the football back to the playing field.  Well, THAT is what did it for me, being 9 years old at the time.  

    I have loved, and followed this team since that day, now going on 39 years.  There have been a lot of good years, and of course, not so good years.  My youngest son's room (13 yrs old) looks like what I would want my room to look like.  I painted in the official Dolphins colors, got the NFL bedding and curtains to match, an "NFL Miami Dolphins" foot locker at the foot of his bed, his closets are orange, with aqua and white trim.  Dolphins fatheads everywhere.  I'm jealous of him!

    Let's hope for a successful season, and hopefully, a playoff berth.  Even more so, how about a playoff win !!  We haven't had one of those in far too long.  GO DOLPHINS!!!

  6. Well done, Son! My story is similar as to how I became a Dolphins fan, same age too. :)

  7. Nice write-up SOSOS! I got chills reading your part about the early 70's Fins breakout into the league as I remember first seeing highlights of them when I finally became a fan in 79. That is when I was old enough to go against my family and their 'beloved' team - the Cowboys. Thank God I chose the Fins! Excellent story! Thanks for sharing.....
    Mike E - that is one of the MANY, MANY things I miss from that time - TD in the pool retrieving the footballs - great memories!

    Go Phins!!!!!!

  8. Salvadore Dalai Lama (aka Keith in PDX)August 31, 2011 at 11:47 AM

    <span>Big Dawgg, I'm with you.  Born in '75, so I missed the glory days of yore.  Looking forward to watching the glory days of NOW!  </span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>My Mom turned me on to football.  She is from South Georgia (Valdosta, home of the National HS Champs for like 20 of the 30 years from the 60's-80's, or something ridiculous like that) and the WHOLE FREAKIN' TOWN used to go to those HS football games.  You think TX is crazy like that, you should go to a Valdosta HS vs. Loundes County HS game!  </span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>Anyway, my older bro didn't want anything to do with football, and I ate it up.  I used to lay on the floor on my stomach with my chin in my hands staring at Marino airing it out all day.  I cursed the Bills every Sunday and just plain fell in love.  Then, when I got old enough, I started giving two tickets every year to a ticket for her and one for me.  We'd have at least that day to spend together and yell and scream.  Now that I'm in OR, its a bit harder to do that.  But soon, I'll get back to it.</span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>Go Phins!  ...and go guest bloggers!</span>

  9. Jingleheimer SmithAugust 31, 2011 at 1:49 PM

    Cool story Son, thanks for sharing.

    I love that optimism! Go Fins!

  10. Good Share, man  :)


    Miami 10-6  Number 1 Defense in the 2011 NFL

  11. son of a son of a shulaAugust 31, 2011 at 2:08 PM

    Thanks Tin for posting. Thanks everyone , just wanted to get some good vibe out there its so easy to be negative and it seems like its becoming the norm now a days. Football is fun for me, when it becomes only bitching I will have moved on to something else.

    Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!

  12. Excellent post Son!

  13. Son(!),

    Hey, Bro! Well done! I feel so VERY much the same way. I can't ever give up on our Phins, the team I fell in love with when I too was a mere 7 years old.

    You rock, man!!! 8-)  

  14. I posted this on the SS and felt it applied here for sure.

    Read Son's article on Tin's site earlier great stuff! It's a reminder of what being a fan is all about. Why we love this game. The fans that want to complain about not having their satisfaction fulfilled on their timeline need to get real. The boycott brigade, go find something else to do. We don't need you. The Packers fans don't boycott their team, they support them through thick and thin.

    It is a process and this current team was built from some dark times. From 04-07 the Dolphins were 20-44. Since 08 they're 25-23. Take a chill pill.

    This team is getting better. They look like they want to be aggressive and make it exciting while doing it. Let's root them on.

    I watched the Sparano video and he inspired. In life as an individual or as part of a group you want to inspire and be inspired. It breeds confidence. 

    You think it would be better for the home crowd to cheer the team on and inspire that young guy on STs to go down and make the big hit so he can hear the sound of the crowd roar, or do you think he'd rather hear you suck... go home? You decide.

    Go Phins!!!!

  15. How I became a fan stories are great!  Looking forward to having an NFL season and cheering on the Fins!  How can anyone not be excited?  We almost didn't have NFL football this year...

  16. You have no room to talk.  During the entire off season there were about 4 or 5 guys that kept tinshakers site going.  The few that have commented now other than Home and UK, were no where to be found.  You were on the SS.  What makes you any different than those fans that you talk about that don't support the Dolphins as you would like them to do ?  Where were you guys when this site needed you ?

    TinShaker sorry about the rant, but these guys should be embarassed of themselves.

  17. son of a son of a shulaSeptember 1, 2011 at 5:09 AM

    I might be mis-reading what you are saying, but even Tin abandoned the site. There was no pledge of undying loyalty here. Tin does good work and when he does it we enjoy it. There's no soap box to jump on here. It's hard to have a discussion when you are posting alone, yes?

  18. of course I did.  It was such fun!

  19. FanG - not sure if you know, but Tim (aka The Knight who says Ni and Mr. Bungle amongst other incarnations) is one of the good guys and a supporter of Tin. He has guest written several articles on here in the distant past when Tin was starting up. Also, I can attest that he is most definitely a fan of the Dolphins. And last but not least, I think he is 1/8 Brit if memory serves, so he gets a pass on many fronts in my book!

  20. Wenger's post-game interview was the best bit! :-D

  21. <3 Luv that Clyde Gates!

  22. Looks like Will Allen makes the team after all

    Sure looks good in scrubfest against 2nd string players  ;)

  23. Real bad news 4 Home Miami Dolphin fans that do not attend the games

    New England still 3,000 tickets available (no prob, will def be televised)

    All the rest of the games, like 15, 000 tickets still available (expect local blackouts)

    OUCH!  >:o

    Guess we need BETTER than 1-7 in our Home Gladiator  Ring

    Cuz this year
    The Dolphins Bring It!
    Better Team & Way Better much more aggressive  Offense
    6 real good WRs + Reggie

    Burnett was an EXCELLENT FA SIGNING for the D

    How Bout knockin the dust off of LJ  8-) pretty cool, Huh?

    Our K & P are also EXCELLENT

    Go PHINS !!!

  24. I used to frequent the SS and MH but the BS got out of control.  I still don't know why people mess around with that - maybe they don't already have enough drama in their lives?  I also "abandoned" the site but that's because there WAS NO FOOTBALL.  I would check in on this site in hopes Tin or someone would post something.  Now that he's back (at least part time) I will come back and read and post if I have time.  Though I thought Home was banned from here I can avoid his posts like I usually do.

    Tin, keep posting please!  Guest bloggers are cool too!  This is the site I check FIRST but there hasn't been much here recently.  Hopefully more at the start of the season...

  25. I usually avoid Big Dawgs lol posts. Perhaps the chemtrails have clouded his Chicago vision.  How do you live in Chicago and hate Da Bears? So i guess we all avoid things we don't like. I do like the Dolphins defense and the corner back tandem they have in Miami. This could be Chad Henne's year, especially without Dan Henning doing the play calling.

  26. Looks like Cam Newton is the real deal after all. Many of us here really liked Cam Newton for Miami, long b4 he climbed soooo far up the draft charts. 2 TDs passing including his very first NFL pass going for a TD & 1 TD rushing over the pile for Cam Newton. 422 YDs passing is an NFL record fora rookie QB in his first game.
    John Elway only had one complete pass his first game, so Home thinks Cam Newton will be OK ;)

    Nice to see Detroit w a win :)

    Pitt, Indy and Atlanta all starting the season w losses will make this season interesting

    Romo chokes HARD, again on SNF

    Jags upset WIN is good for the lowest priced NFL franchise

    Jets with WIN and Buffalo putting up big numbers with the oh so underrated QB Fitzi and spiller stepping up looked good

    Now with Henne and the Dolphins New Explosive PASS FIRST OFFENSE & THE NUMBER 1 DEFENSE IN THE NFL
    MIAMI 31  N.E. 27  8-)

    The Pats are going to look really embarrassed on the bottom of the AFC East

    Good Day Dolfans

  27. Full Moon Fever

    Miami 31  N.E. 27

    ***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

  28. <span>

    sean smith 2011 follies continue
    Smith gave up (2) TDs against the Pats TEs, (1) to Hernandez & (1) to Grokowski including the game winning TD
    Dolphin lose
    Smith has never made even one game changing play in 3 yrs
    including against the Texans (who have never lost to Miami)
    Dolphin lose
    Smith was completely irrelevant against Josh Cribbs and the Browns
    Smith gave up winning TD by Cribbs in the end zone
    Smith could NOT go up and get the ball, was embarrassed by Cribbs easy TD catch
    Dolphins lose
    Smith to cover Vincent Jackson.
    Jackson catches 55 YD TD in opening minutes of the game
    Smith actually whiffs and knocks down our own safety Y-Bell tackling the wrong colored jersey and Vincent Jackson easily gets San Diego's longest reception TD of the season against Smith
    Smith the allows a few more first down receptions by the Browns and follows up by interfering with another of our own players about to make an easy interception
    Jimmy Wilson the rookie play maker is about to make an easy pick on Philip Rivers, BUT Smith runs back and dives at the ball, colliding into Wilson and knocks Wilson down, ball hits Smith in both hands and, .... drops to the ground
    Dolphins lose

  29. Looking for Pats win over the Jets this weekend

  30. Expecting the Miami Dolphins (remember that team, lol) to actually WIN vs Jets OCT 17 2011 MNF

    Miami 0-4 now, but

    4-0 against the Jets 8-)

    Go Phins !!!

  31. New Jersey Phin FanaticOctober 8, 2011 at 7:29 PM

    Home you are and will always be a f*cking loser, thanks for stopping byy

  32. New Jersey Phin FanaticOctober 8, 2011 at 7:29 PM

    typo: by

  33. Thanx 4 the warm fuzzy compliment ;)


    Miami wins first game against the Jets MNF
    followed by a win against Tim Tebow and Denver

    Chad Henne to start for the Dolphins and Jon Gruden 8-) again next season

  34. Detroit goes 5-0 tonight

    Can Buffalo beat the Patriots in their second matchup and win the AFC east?  =-O

    Who woulda thunk it?

  35. Home 4 Gruden 2012October 10, 2011 at 9:47 AM

    NostraHomeUs News:

    Miami wins against the Jets and the Broncos

    No "Suck For Luck"

    Jon Gruden takes the head coaching job for Miami
    Henne is our QB starter again next year

    Gruden moves to the Miami Spread and we earn a playoff berth

  36. Home 4 Gruden 2012October 11, 2011 at 9:22 AM

    Tim Tebow day is gonna be big in Miami  O:-)

    unless of course u r a miserable jealous Hater and a friend of Lucifer >:o

  37. Home 4 Gruden 2012October 13, 2011 at 3:39 PM


    Home is gonna spread out a lil and put his feet up on the coffee table in this empty house. lol

    So ah,

    How Bout Them Dolphins!?

    LMAO! :-D :) *DONT_KNOW* :(

    ah screw it :-D :-D :-D

    I Must Be Crazy !
    I Must Be Nuts ?

  38. 4-0 against the JetsOctober 16, 2011 at 6:32 AM

    Haul the sheet in as we ride on the wind that our
    Forefathers harnessed before us.
    Hear the bells ring as the tide rigging sings.
    It's a son of a gun of a chorus.

    Where it all ends I can't fathom, my friends.
    If I knew, I might toss out my anchor.
    So I'll cruise along always searchin' for Miami 27 NY Jets 24
    Not a lawyer, a thief or a banker.

  39. Home holding down the FortOctober 16, 2011 at 6:33 AM



  40. Well,
    back to last years HOME quote

    Dolphins Suck


  41. <span>

    It's Not Personal

    It's Business

    agree players are playing like shiet but

    U want A Friend ???

    GET A DOG!

    Fire Ireland & Sparano
    Nice guys finish last
    and guess where Sparano is, ...... LAST !!!!!


    Posted by: Unfoiled Home

  42. <span>

    Toxic Chemtrail's in South Florida are everywhere

    Check out this blog. LMAO

    Check out Brandon Marshall and his attempt at speaking!

    Watch sean smith try to Pose as a CB!

    Watch sean smith try to catch the football!

    *Chemtrail Awareness* NOW !!!

    Posted by: Unfoiled Home

  43. Gator Champions honored @ the stadium they won it all in South Florida this Sunday @ 4:15 PM

    Dolphins may actually win a game or

    Tebow single hand idly may kick the living crap out of the Miami Mullets
    Looking for Tebow to pass for 2 TDs & Rush for 2 TDs

    Maybe sean smith makes his first pick LMAO!  or
    Tim Tebow buries his helmet into Smiths chest bowling him over and scores a TD

    Either team winning is a good thing for this South Florida resident

    Go Miami (u suck azz piece of garbage team)

    Go Tebow

    Go Gators

  44. Tebow Rocks !  Go Gators!

  45. Miami 31 Denver 24  Home Picked ;)

  46. Best part about blogging to myself is I never lose an argument  ;)

    Man, it's great to be crazy

  47. <span> Miami Spread at 11:09 AM October 24, 2011 </span>

    How bout Coconut Head Kelly's scouting report ? 
    The last 3 years, every year Coconut Head Kelly emphatically states, sean smith will go to the Pro Bowl!

    Yet sean smith has never made even one game changing play in 3 years, last year gave up more YDs per reception than any other starting CB in the NFL, set a Miami Dolphin franchise record in DROPPING  potential INTS, cannot cover ANY WRs -never mind big Pro Bowl types, cannot cover TEs and has the worst hands of ANY CB in the NFL, cannot tackle very good at all, is constantly out of position and turned around, hips the wrong way, cannot even recover a fumble that lands in both of his hands.

    Pro Football Focus now lists Omar's Fav wanna be a Pro Bowl player as the WORST STARING CB IN THE NFL

    Great insight from Omar Kelly ?  NOT
    Could not have been any wronger about his Dolphin scouting
    What does Omar watch at these practices and games?
    Please apologize to the life long Fin Fans for your absolutely misguided terrible reporting and scouting

    Horrendous Job Omar, u earned an "F"

  48. "Miami Has The Dolphins" ,

    Ya and that means what to who


  49. New York football Giants 34  Miami Dolfish  20

    0-7  and the comedy comtinues

  50. New Jersey Phin FanaticOctober 29, 2011 at 9:04 PM

    Home you piece of fkin garbage....I wish I could get my hands around your chicken neck and shut your @zz up!!!!! Stay here, do not come to the SUN SENTINEL

  51. For the record, neck does not resemble a chicken. lol

    If u ever tried to put your hands anywhere near my neck, it would be the last time u put your hands on anyone

    Those bragging and posting how tough they are or doing steroid mirror poses are generally the weakest in mind and body

    Home handles himself quiet well even against the biggest of opponents
    Home is strong
    Home is incredibly fast
    Home  strikes at soft tissue and will cripple opponents in a flash, when Home has to defend himself
    Home prefers to be silent on fighting issues and let the results speak for themselves
    Home does not promote violence O:-)  
    Home is very confident
    Home WILL WIN

    Perhaps u need to channel your negative energy into something positive
    Enjoy your life

    Take a deep breathe
    Learn to Love

    There is No One Like Home  ;)

    Peace, Love and Birth Control

    Your Friend  :*

  52. Lovable &amp; Nuts over u, ... HomeOctober 31, 2011 at 9:12 AM

    How bout that Mike Vick

    Kickin the Cowboys AZZ on Sunday Nite Football

    That arm of Vicks, Just amazes me

    With the flick of a wrist and very little shoulder wind up, Vick chucks the ball in a perfect deadly accurate  40 -50 YDS

    Fly Eagles Fly!

  53. Lovable &amp; Nuts over u, ... HomeOctober 31, 2011 at 9:17 AM

    How bout how AWESOME Cam Newton is doing in his rookie year

    Cool as a cucumber 8-)

    Cam Newton has as many rushing TDs as any RB in the NFL and has a terrific arm

    Too bad the Carolina defense sucks so bad so, .... not enuf wins

    But what a future for Cam Newton!

    Love to watch the running QBs who can toast u w their arm also  =-O

    Ok Home has gotta do a lil "Tebowing" for the 0-7 Miami Dolfans

    Stay tuned

    Be back to talk to one of my other personalities later

    God Bless  O:-)   everyone, even u Haters

  54. He's BAACCCKKKK !!!

    The Case for Vick
    A couple of statistics stand out when analyzing Vick. The first is simply how good he is at avoiding negative plays. While he’s been under pressure on 40.3% of his drop backs, he’s only been sacked an amazing 10.4% of the time. Unsurprisingly, his three NFC competitors don’t stack up. They’ve been sacked 20% of the time (Manning), 18.8% (Stafford) and 17.2% (Newton). This ability to avoid sacks has enabled Vick to make some truly astonishing plays. Take his touchdown with 4:17 left in the first quarter against San Francisco. Ahmad Brooks beats right tackle Todd Herremans to the inside. Vick feels the rush and spins to the outside. With Ray McDonald bearing down just a couple of steps behind, he was able to duck under a potential sack and find Clay Harbor wide open in the end zone.
    The other thing that stands out with Vick is his elite intermediate and deep accuracy. Overall on passes aimed 10 yards downfield and beyond, he’s earned a <span>+22.5</span> grade. Looking at the numbers, on 25 attempts beyond 20 yards, he has 12 completions with three drops at an accuracy rate of 60%. That mark leads the league and is better than both Brees and Rodgers. It’s this ability to make stick throws in Andy Reid’s vertical west coast offense that’s resulted in a grade of +1.0 or higher on 21 of 249 passes (8.4%). In contrast, Manning, who has an impressive six touchdowns to two interceptions on passes beyond 20 yards, has just 10 plays of +1.0 on 225 passes (4.4%) accumulating most of his yardage on simpler attempts. In general, Vick’s 16.9% of negative plays and 26.9% positives stack up well with his competitors.
    Of the Eagles’ losses, Vick has had them driving for the game-wining or game-tying score in two of them. Against San Francsico, Jeremy Maclin fumbled when the Eagles were in field goal range. He had also driven the team into scoring range a further three times only to see Ronnie Brown make one of the dumbest plays ever and his rookie kicker miss two relatively short field goals. We have already seen how a second-half comeback against the Bills was only stymied by Jason Avant. It’s difficult to fault Vick for not managing to engineer fourth quarter victories such as Manning’s against Arizona and Stafford’s against Minnesota when he’s been let down in key situations by his teammates.

  55. I love u man
    God Bless U & your family


  56. Dolphins prob up for 3 blackouts in a row against KC, Washington & Buffalo

    Good time to be an out of state Miami Dolfan cuz u can watch the comedy show on tv ;)

  57. <span>

    Life to Home appears too short to be nursing animosity or registering wrongs
    Forgive Them Father, For They Do Not Know :(

    Posted by: Home LOVES Christ

  58. At least KC is an away game, so we can watch that one on tv, then 2 local blackouts

    Gonna say Dolphins Shock the Football World and WIN over KC

    Sean Smith w a KEY INT =-O

    Go Fish!

  59. One of Home&#39;s other personalitiesNovember 2, 2011 at 7:25 AM

    Home, did u say Sean Smith the Poser Boy Fraud CB is atcually going to get a game changing INT !?

  60. Absolutely Correct Sir !

  61. Miami 27  KC 24

    Fish no longer undefeated, ... in losing

  62. How bout them Dolphins ?!

  63. OK, Dolfans get ready for some FOOTBALL!

    This it!

    The day sean smith gets a game ball for making his first ever in 3 years, game changing play!

    Miami 27  KC 24

    Fish NOT so smelly today  :-D

  64. 2 weeks in a row for Bush earning over 100 YDs rushing :-P   and a TD

    LBs Dansby and Burnett finally bringing game for the Dolphins Defense

    Think Daboll stays and maybe Sparano too

    Matt Moore may just get better each week and be our starting QB for a few years

    Fish need to upgrade the O-Line and continue to use TE Clay & TE Fasano more to open up the field

    3 way tie for 1st place in the AFC East Jets,Bills, Pats in that order

    However Matt Moore ;) had a higher QB rating than Brady, Sanchez and Fitzi 

    Go Fins!

  65. Home&#39;s alter egoNovember 8, 2011 at 8:40 AM

    Hey it's me again  :-D

    Looking for the Dolphoons to actually WIN  =-O at Home  this week against Washington

  66. Home&#39;s alter egoNovember 8, 2011 at 8:42 AM

    Too bad the game will be blacked out locally

  67. Think Cowher and Marino should leave CBS and come Rebuild, Tweek  & Coach the Miami Dolphins together and put some fannies in the seats

    Would not surprise me though to see the Fish win a handful of games and Ireland, Sparano and Daboll stay the course

    Expect Moore to get better and Chad Henne to compete again next season to be the QB starter

    Playas Gotta Play!

    That's it

  68. Good Morning & Good Job Home let me talk to, "i feel fine" & "thinkaboutit" and get their input ;)

  69. Where's  Walnuts  8-)   ? 

  70. Miami 31  Wahington 13

    U Got It!

    Home's prediction

    Illuminati numbers in there

    Do u see them if u read between the lines and look outside the box


    Kinda like lookin in the mirror :-D

    Voodoo prediction by our own Home   

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