Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mid-Week in Miami

Hey Folks - I notice there's some unrest out there in the Dolphins discussion arena.  Not missing that stuff at all. 

I noticed Miami signed a new linebacker and a new wide receiver this week.  I guess with the delay in getting football started this year, teams are allowed to have more players on the roster for longer, and they are no doubt taking advantage of that.

I also noticed for the first time that former Dolphin psychopath, Bryan Cox, is back coaching the pass rushers.  I saw a photo of Cox coaching up the rookie, Jason Taylor on how to get to the quarterback and yes, I did spit my coffee all over my keyboard!  

Still, I wonder if maybe our next move is to re-hire Mike Westhoff after he completes his one-year contract with the Jets at the end of this season.  We seem intent on hiring as many former Dolphins-turned-Jets as possible.

A quick thought on Pre-Season game number 1 versus the Falcons.  First of all, after the first quarter I almost decided once and for all to give up on American Football and switch my attentions full-time to Bocce, but after taking a few hours off, I returned to watch the rest of the game which consisted primarily of players I'd never heard of, including that Ray Willis guy who was possibly the worst offensive lineman I've ever seen, at least in that game.  In fact, with the exception of Pouncey, I thought the O-line should be scrapped altogether.  This team will not be able to run the ball this season.  Reggie Bush is not going to do it all on his own.  

Defensively I'll say this.  Both Koa Misi and Jared Odrick looked much better/faster/stronger than they did last year, but the chemistry is not there on this team yet, especially in the middle of the field.  I wouldn't be surprised if we continue to get beaten down the middle again this year by every tight end in the league.

Overall I thought the game was good in that we fought back and everyone seemed to be working hard out there, but we still lack a lot of talent, especially on the 2nd team.  Considering injuries/suspensions/etc I just don't think we have a solid 53 at this point.  

To finish on a positive, I thought WR Roberto Wallace looked ten times the big target receiver that Mr Fumble-turned-INT Anthony Fasano does.  This is two seasons in a row that Anthony Fasano fumbled the first throw of the game into the hands of an Atlanta defender - if there were betting odds on that kind of thing they would be astronomical!


  1. Good to see you write some thing tin, and you blocked one of my replies today.  Pretty funny, I'm cool with it.  It was my fault.

  2. Haven't seen the game Tin, but I don't hear many saying goood things about our OL this year. Scary stuff. Just hope the staff can somehow mould a good starting 5 before the Pats game.

  3. I didn't block anything, I assure you.

  4. Hey FanG, Tin and UK. What a clusterfook to discuss the Dolphins these days. LOL

    I hope all is well with you guys.

    Tin, if I can muster up a topic article I'll email it to you and we can get some discussion going on here again. Maybe just short and sweet to start a discussion. I think I'll wait until after the next PS game.

    By the way, for $19.99 you can sign up with and get all the PS games in HD. I watched the ATL game on it and it was awesome. Computer speeds/connection speeds will vary but mine was real time and great quality. Even at full screen.


  5. What's up Tin, UK, TIm? I'm not as worried about the Oline as some.  Mr. Long will be back shortly and I think Murtha could play RT or at least back-up.  I'm interested to see how quick and elusive Bush will be against Carolina.  On the war front, it appears that my nom de plume, Mr. Bates, was figured out by the trolls and the SS was given the heads-up.  It was fun flicking the bird while I was suspended.  I'll be a good boy here, LOL

  6. I found that out later my computer didn't update quick enough, or I just didn't see it.  My bad.

  7. Hey Walker, thought I'd check in on you in exile....sorry I can't offer much in the way of Dolphins conversation.

  8. Well I won't. 

    I said this earlier.  I don't know why you guys put up with the sillyness that has been going on at the SS for the past year or two.  I gave up on them a long time ago.  You will find 13kv, Patrick, roving around some where here.  I'll let them know a few of you are back.

    Tin doesn't post as much as he used to, we have been commenting on each other thoughts.  Tin has been very short on time and therefore writes much less than before.  So it's a little more up to us to help him out.  As I have done writing this.  Good to see you here.

  9. Well, whataya know!! HEYYY Walker, SOSOS, KaaaNigggat, and regulars Herd, UK, Fang and whoever this TIN fellow is, LOL!! GOOD TO SEE'YA, hope the trolls don't follow, while hoping TIN can re-establish what we once had!!

    WELCOME to all the reasonable SunSentinights, they've alway's been good to me when I'd pop-in!!

  10. oh damn, i forgot how difficult it was to read 13's post.   oh well, at least i can quit the gym now, i got 13's post to read

  11. walker,

    want you to know, i emailed O today, telling him how his blog has fallen apart, let him know the trolls have taken over, we exchanged a couple emails and basically he said they are going to be a massive cleaning in the next few days.  said he was even going to do some imposting things too. 

    my point in tell you, he just asked the mob lay low, so as not to get caught up in the house cleaning.   just thought i would let you know.

  12. Oh come on, it's n that hard to r 13s s
                          o                 e      t
                          t                  a     u
                                            d       f
                                                    f .

  13. Walker, hang in there. I've gotten a 24 and a 48 hour jail time in the past. Have you seen NJ's diary on the wall yet? LOL

  14. What's up Ya'll? FFR, I saw what you sent to Omar.  Unfortunately in the email I sent to chris I didn't exactly earn any points and O's always had this hatred every since you, Tin, and me used to rip him on his height and his jump suits.  I appreciate all the love notes over at the SS.  I got to hit the bed since lastnight's rhetorical meltdown cost me a night of sleep.  See you guys, and Herd

  15. LOL @ FFR, welcome back BROTHER!!

  16. What's up faithful Dolfans

    I'm just doing a quick fly by before I got to bed


    I hear this is where the outlaws come
    nice site!

    Walker, good to see you are surviving

  17. There is my gravatar! :-P

  18. I'll be damned... Yo dudes good to see you back at Tin's, good to see Tin back at Tin's! Yep the SS was getting too hard to weed through.  Hope all is well!

  19. son of a son of a shulaAugust 18, 2011 at 6:25 PM

    <span>"I guess with the delay in getting football started this year, teams are allowed to have more players on the roster for longer, and they are no doubt taking advantage of that."</span>
    <span>That's correct teams were allowed to bring 90 guys to camp instead of the usual 80 although I don't believe the fins ever reached that high mark. After PS game 3 it's down to 75 and then to 53 following game 4. </span>


  20. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so good to have Tin back!  But let's not jump the gun too early on anything.  We may not even know what this team is about until a few weeks into the season.  Every team for that matter...  But I share your concern with the running game.  I hope getting Jake back and Pouncey getting a few more reps will help.  The right side of the line is "turrible" though.  It's a mess...  Was Carey that bad at RT?

  21. Big Dawgg.  My brother and I were talking about what type of start to the season we may see.  I told him if they get off to slow start this year I think I'll have a meltdown.  We have seen to much of that for to long.

  22. Are U Ready 4 Some Football !!!

    Wilson is, Jimmy Wilson  ;)

  23. I think most teams will be getting off to slow starts.  less practice means less perfection.  Earyl season success will be those who hit their strides and get in sync quickly.  That is not looking good for us!  But I will have patience. 

    Those who think bringing Orton in will make us champions are wrong.  He didn't do that in Chicago or Denver so I wouldn't expect it here either.  While everyone is all about the QB (and rightfully so), I am more worried about our OL.  They need to get in sync or it won't matter if we had Dan Marino back there...

  24. Let me start this by saying it was the 2nd preseason game and it was against Carolina....

    I love Reggie Bush in our offense.  He's dangerous IF he can stay healthy.  I love both ILBs.  All they do is make plays.  We have one of the deepest and best DLs.  We have pass rushers too.  Good ones that can come from all over the place.

    Offense looked like it is starting to get in sync.  This is what I would expect at this point.  I'm giving them time, like a few weeks into the season, before I expect them to be completely in sync.  Nice to see Henne and Marshall connecting (and talking for that matter).  Henne had some nice runs too!  Makes me think he's starting to pull it together.  I wish he could be better on the deep ball but hopefully that will come in time. 

    Still worried about our OL.  They didn't get it done at the goal line (though I would expect Polite to be the go to guy when we are down there).  Is Colombo really better than Carey at RT?  If so, I certainly don't see it.  They did improve from last week but not by much.  I do like Pouncey and with Jake back, it should make us that much better.

    Finally, what's the over/under on how many passes Fasano drops?  Why do we even bother with these other tight ends?  Just move Reggie out there or bring in another WR.  I hope we don't see 2 tight end formations this year....

  25. Good Obs Dawgg,

    Thinking Reggie will def have his best year ever. Phenomenal shape and a chip on his shoulder that Bush can be an every down back. Also sure he his sick about hearing bout the injury prone thing.
    Maybe real grass will make a dif. Hope so.
    Seems like Daboll and the offense knows how to use him.
    Could not agree more w Dansby & Burnett. Wow! What a LB tandem. so glad Crowder is done, we were going nowhere w that likable Jackass that was often injured and riding a bike on the sideline instead of lining up and being a play maker.
    Home is calling for the Dolphins to be #1 Defense in the 2011 NFL.
    Henne & Marshall have def gotten in sync.
    Agree w hands of stone Fasano.
    Like the idea of 4 0r even 5 wide.
    We have 6 very good WRs.
    All of the TEs, including the disappointing and regressing Fasano are barely above practice squad material.
    This new offense could be quite exciting, much dif than previous years.

    Miami could Shock The Football World, esp Mike & Mike predicting only 4 wins at best for the Fins.

    The BESS is yet come!

  26. Patrick,
    They cut your boy, Sheets

    Hope u like Reggie though

    Think Grisby is next, headed to th practice squad or another team

    Also expect Livas to let go

    and DEF Clemons over Reshad Jones

    Jones flashes but Clemons can read the Defense pretty good and IIMO hits REAL HARD for a llil guy
    Like another guy named Lynch

    Remember Clemons almost broke Big Bens arm on that infamous play

    Home always has like Clemons and think he will get even better & come up with some game changing plays

  27. Holy crap someone's knocking down cobwebs around here!  Anyone got a link for the TB game tonight?