Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tin Bits - January 26th, 2011

Here's today's update while I deal with technical issues in getting the Tins Fins Top Ten QB list up and running.
  • Ricky Williams thinks he might like to come back in 2011, maybe.  Yeah, whatever, Ricky.  GM Jeff Ireland stated to the press he was working to bring back one of the two free agent RBs, and I'd be shocked if it was the aging and disrespectful (not to mention disloyal and flaky) Ricky over the younger, more versatile Ronnie Brown.  Of course, the Dolphins were having a hard time finding a roster spot for Kory Sheets last year before he wound up on IR, and he will likely make the squad next season thanks to the departure of one or both veterans.
  • Ireland also stated that Chad Henne will compete to start in 2011.  Of course, what else is he going to say?  'We've given up on him and will take a 4th round draft pick?"  Anything that Ireland says now could be a smokescreen and even if it isn't, could change between now and September, so there's no point making a fuss over it.  There's also no point in trade rumors. 
  • The Dolphins may be losing another coach as DB/Assistant Head Coach, Todd Bowles, has been making the interview rounds and has apparently "wowed" the Arizona Cardinals in their search for a defensive coordinator.  Of course, Bowles has been interviewing steadily for another job for 3 straight seasons, and has yet to receive a better offer.  However, if he does leave, Tony Sparano will suddenly have no Assistant Head Coach, and would likely have to give the job to Defensive Line Coach, Kacy Rodgers or Wide Receiver Coach, Karl Dorrell.  
  • Back to the Senior Bowl where the media has almost exclusively been focusing on the North squad, which is looking like the favorite in the game because of their near-elite offensive line, and a polished defensive line, the units that generally determine these all-star games.  However, from all reports, the South's quarterbacks (Andy Dalton, Christian Ponder and Greg McElroy) have far outperformed the North's (Kaepernick, Locker, and Stanzi).  I like the South's skill players a lot better too, although I expect the North's Darell Scott to have a big game for all you Senior Bowl Fantasy-enthusiasts!
  • UPDATE - The Dolphins have shuffled around their coaching staff a bit (they announced this after I posted the blurb above.  Karl Dorrell is now the Quarterbacks coach, Tony Sparano Jr (nepotism anyone?) has been named Offensive Quality Control replacing Steve Bush who is now the Wide Receiver coach and Ike Hilliard joins as the Assistant Wide-Receiver coach.  Darren Rizzi has been named Special Teams coordinator, a position he held for the second half of last season as the interim STC.  David Fipp has been hired as Special Team Assistant Coach.

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