Friday, January 7, 2011

Henning By A Thread....SNAP!!

On a day when most fans are disappointed that Miami has decided to extend Tony Sparano's contract by another two years and giving him more player personnel input (they had to do this to give him some credibility back, though to little too late, IMO), at least one thing went right.

Offensive Discombobulator, Dan Henning, has officially been cast aside by Sparano.  No doubt this parting of ways was part of his new deal, and the fact it was forced upon him is unlikely to make any of us believe in Sparano's management abilities anymore.

Henning single-handedly raised the collective blood pressure of millions of Dolphin fans around the globe, and now, while we are all in a bit of shock over the latest Sparano revival, at least we can take some comfort that someone, most likely Stephen Ross, is well aware of what the problems on the football side of things are and it's not just us shouting at the TV.

Of course, we want more than just Henning's head.  We want a special teams that is functional.  We want an O-line that is NFL gold standard.  We want a replacement OC that knows how to run a damn screen play!  And we want several more draft picks that will be used on pure talent rather than pure projects.  There's nothing wrong with project-players when you're already a good team.  When you suck, you need help right away.  This year's draft will be the first without any input from Bill Parcells, though it's obvious last years picks were pretty much all Ireland anyway.  Hopefully our scouts will have different criteria this year, and hopefully Ross will shell out some big bucks in free agency as well.  

Saturday at noon the Dolphins will have a media-roundtable format press conference (i.e. a conference call) and hopefully our immediate future will become less hazy.  I will post an update immediately following that call.  As for our future as we head into the draft...if SpIreland have any questions, I'm willing to help.  I'm also willing to be the OC, so give me a call guys...


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