Monday, January 17, 2011

What The F...

You know, the Dolphins are really starting to piss me off.  As if the current front office shuffling isn't taking place at a time when I'm trying my best to prepare for Draft season (which, for Tins Fins, officially kicks off with the East West Shrine Game this weekend), thus being a major distraction that is hard enough to keep up with, but the media's sources claiming that 'Chud' was the front-runner, only to be replaced less than 24 hours later with Brian Daboll is sort of like thinking you're getting a car for your 16th birthday because you shake the box and it sounds like keys, then you open the box and find out it's not a set of keys but a box full of pennies.

Replacing Dan Henning with someone who was actually worse than him is beyond my comprehension and the added news that Chad Pennington's going to come back to the team to compete at QB just made me vomit a little in my mouth.  I have nothing else to say other than today, the Miami Dolphins are a joke.  I now go back to something that makes sense to me, College Football..

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