Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tin Bits - January 25th - 2011 All Star Bowls Kickoff

Here we go folks, the College All-Star Games are in full swing, leaving a cloud of dust and a lot of NFL scouts scampering to collect as many numbers on as many players as they can.  

Of course, last week was the East-West Shrine Game, and it wasn't as packed with interesting players this year or that interesting of a game, as a few commenters mentioned in a previous blog post.  But that was partly due to several players pulling out of this week's Senior Bowl, which means the EWSG was poached from to fill out the Senior Bowl roster.

In addition to these two games, the Inaugural 'Eastham Energy College All-Star Game' took place over the weekend...or did it?  Why go through the process of organizing such a big event and not bother to release any information about it?

The Shrine Game had an odd feature in it....a set of running quarterbacks who refused to throw the ball.  Considering the game is meant as an opportunity for these QBs to show NFL scouts that they can do more than run the QB draw...yet they did no such thing.  Pretty much every WR in the game has had their draft stocks drop as a result.

This week the Senior Bowl standouts thus far include mostly QBs, like Nevada's Colin Kaepernik, and Missouri's Blaine Gabbert.  By all accounts, Washington's Jake Locker has been underwhelming.   Of course, my favorite QB in the draft, TCU's Andy Dalton, has been under the radar until now, although everyone, including myself, believes that his draft stock will start rising as soon as the scouts get to interview him and see him in the actual game.  He was spectacular in the Rose Bowl and his career stats and awards are seriously over-looked by the media.

Due to the ongoing 'churning' going on in Dolphins-land, I've decided to do my Top Ten lists as page links at the top of the blog this year, rather than as regular blog posts.  This will leave more space to focus on Dolphins/NFL news on the main page.  And since the focus is already on the QBs, I'll be posting the Tins Fins Top 10 QBs first.  Check back in the next 24 hours for that.

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