Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daboll Sh** is Official

Brian Daboll (pronounced Day-Bull....honestly, could it get any easier for bloggers like me?) has officially been introduced as the new Offensive Coordinator of the Miami Dolphins.

The image of the 35 year old baby-faced (and headed) Karl Pilkington look-alike doesn't exactly drum up confidence in the Dolphins' near future, but forget about that and forget about the disappointment in choosing Daboll over Chudzinksi for a moment.  We have years of blog commenter rants ahead of us to remind us if Chudzinkski goes on to win the Super Bowl and Miami continues to struggle under Daboll's direction.

So forget all that for a moment and go back and watch the Cleveland Browns games from last year.

The initial panicking will probably not subside until the weekend, when I will officially publish my initial thoughts on the draft.

My personal favorite Daboll moment, is in the final week of the season when the Browns faced the Steelers - obviously a good test for any offensive coordinator.  The Browns played a spread offense, not even trying to run the ball.  As a result the Steelers blitzed on every play and basically snapped Colt McCoy in half.  The Steelers were up 28-3 in the 2nd quarter and McCoy and Daboll were shown on the sidelines talking.....Daboll had a huge grin on his face and was looking very casual, drawing up a play on his whiteboard.  McCoy stood up in disgust, threw his helmet to the ground and stormed off (he actually broke the helmet).  Daboll didn't even react, continuing to draw the play with a smile on his face.  Things didn't get any better for the Browns that day, and McCoy continued to be sacked, hurried and knocked down play after play.

None of the Dolphins front-office noticed this because of course at the same time we were down 28-0 to the Patriots.  This hiring suggest more of the same old same old that we've had under Dan Henning's thumb.  So if you, the reader, thinks I'm being harsh on Daboll, look at his record of failure, and ask yourself, what reason is there to be optimistic?  Sure, we can have HOPE, but optimism?

PS. for those of you who are still in football-extreme-mode and aren't necessarily big NCAA fans, I strongly suggest you go back and watch some of the BCS bowl games from this year.  While I strongly support the introduction of a play-off system in CFB, the quality and excitement of the games were undeniable this year.

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