Monday, January 24, 2011

Dolphins Coaching Staff Still Not Completed...But Getting There

The Miami Dolphins aren't quite ready to start the 2011 NFL Off-Season, but are making progress after signing intern, Dan Campbell, to coach the tight-ends.  

Campbell is a former NFL tight-end who played for the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys, and the New Orleans Saints.  He was on each team for 3 seasons and was essentially the blocking tight-end behind Jeremy Shockey, Jason Witten, and whoever Detroit had before drafting Brandon Pettigrew in 2009.  

The big question of course is who Campbell will have to work with.  Hopefully the Dolphins can upgrade the position though it's likely a point of contention between Tony Sparano and new Offensive Coordinator, Brian Daboll.  Daboll isn't a big 2 TE guy, whereas Sparano is.  With Dan Henning gone I would expect Sparano to go back to the power-run scheme that the Dolphins gradually waned during the past 3 seasons.  Of course, with Dabol and Stephen Ross involved (with input from Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess, and others) they may go completely the other way.

The New Dolphins coaches are OC Brian Daboll, RBs Jeff Nixon, TEs Dan Campbell.  They replace Dan Henning, James Saxon, and George DeLeone, respectively.  The Dolphins are currently without a Quarterbacks Coach, after David Lee left to become the offensive coordinator at Ole Miss.  Lee was actually hired as Ole Miss OC back in late 2007 but left that job when the Dolphins came-a-calling.  Obviously now he's realized it was in his best interest to go back to Mississippi.

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