Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tin Bits - Tuesday, February 16th 2009

  • Kudos to all my readers, the comments and the love have been great here in the past few weeks, and despite my IT issues, the blog has been rolling without too many hiccups. It's more up to you folks than it is to me, so thank you very much, and I'll have a little something fun for you guys up this week.
  • It's been a very busy week for me despite the 3 day weekend. First of all, I didn't know I had a 3 day weekend until Friday, when the Division office decided to switch Good Friday and President's Day on the Holiday Calendar. Of course Sunday was Valentine's Day, and being home on Monday meant having my 3 1/2 year old son attached to my hip. Late last week my favorite aunt passed away at 75 years of age to cervical cancer. It was a bit ironic that she got cervical cancer since she was a nun and never had use for her cervix in her life. I think it says something about a person who can become the favorite aunt (I have many aunts/uncles) of an atheist despite being a mother superior. She was a really pure and ultra-positive person, and I wish there was a heaven, because if anyone deserved to get there, it was her. And if you are reading this and you are religious, then yes there is a heaven and I'm just a cynical bastard. Although any God who would force a woman who gave up 60 years of her life to promoting him to undergo months of chemo, radiation, agonizing pain, etc is a complete and utter twat and should not be followed by anyone, lest he stabs you in the back also. But believe what you want to believe. Personally I feel the most important human right is the right to live your own life. I'm a firm-believer in the football gods.
  • On another note, there was a football game after the East West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl, but due to it being shown on a Network that no one gets, it took me a while before I was able to watch it. The Texas vs The Nation Game should probably be put out of its misery due to the fact that it's a bit archaic in it's concept, that is that the Texas boys are good enough to make up their own all-star team. Lately it seems like Californians are taking over the crown although Florida still ranks above Texas statistically. The rosters are watered down by the other two games anyway so these tend to lack the best players in Texas and the Nation anyway. With that said, the clear MVP of the game was someone who I've had the Dolphins picking in the draft for months now and his name is Trindon Holliday. I see no reason not to draft this kid purely as a return specialist. I remember a time when every team had a return-only guy, but the Dolphins amongst others have moved away from that. Personally, I'd rather have a guy who returns kicks and punts (about 10 plays a game) and occasionally gets a snap here and there than an offensive lineman who is never going to dress for the game on the roster.

  • In other notes from the Texas vs Nation game, Tennessee QB, Jonathan Crompton, when asked by the sideline reporter which team he would like to play for in the NFL, without hesitation said the Carolina Panthers. What a complete tool. You never answer that question, you idiot. And Minnesota LB, Simoni Lawrence shored up a spot on my draft board. If we are talking late rounds, then he's worth a look. And finally, former Miami QB, Bernie Kosar, was the Nation's QB coach. Kosar sounded like a pirate during a sideline interview.
  • So, Jason Taylor underwent shoulder surgery last week, eh? Sorry guys, when someone of his age undergoes surgery the recovery time is longer and he loses a step. He may not be a QB, but shoulder issues are tough on an outside linebacker too. Time to groom his replacement and if we resign him, it should be as a backup.
  • Tony McDaniel's signing last year set off alarm bells for me, and I wrote about it here, as I worried about his off-the-field issues with violence. By mid-season, however, he had won me over because of his play on the field. However, the latest news about his domestic issues leave only one option in my mind, and that is to let him go. This latest arrest is not a one-time thing, and unless he splits up with this girl and is given one final chance, I see no reason to keep him. The thing is, if he is given another chance and messes up again, then he is worth nothing, and would further bring down the team. However, if the charges are reduced or dropped, the Dolphins could probably trade him for a 6th round pick before the draft. We traded a 7th round pick to get him from Jacksonville. Take the pick.
  • Will Allen declared he's going to start next season, and the Miami Herald said, 'Oh no he won't!' because the Herald is clearly a part of the Dolphins decision-making team. The truth is, that there will be an open competition at cornerback and whoever 'gives the team the best chance to win' will be the starter. Granted, I think Vontae Davis will likely move to the other side should Allen beat out Sean Smith in training camp. While I like every player to be confident in his abilities, Allen should keep the 'entitlement' attitude to himself, because he's starting to sound a bit like Joey Porter.
  • In draft related news, St Louis QB, Marc Bulger has cleaned out his locker, which gives rise to more speculation that the Rams will pass on Ndamukong Suh to draft a QB. There's also that rumour that they'll go after Michael Vick. Obviously it's too early to tell what the Rams will do, but the passing on Suh would have significant ramifications on the top of the draft. Keep in mind that there are about 6 teams who could be willing to draft a QB in the top 10, and there are only 2 QBs in the class that could even be considered. So if Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford are taken in the top 10, then there's a good chance that someone of top quality falls to us at 12, i.e. CJ Spiller.
  • One last bit, on Dez Bryant. I noticed a lot of comments about him over the weekend. I have very mixed feelings about Bryant. On the one hand I think he's the prototypical WR and is probably the most athletic receiver in the draft, yet his Wonderlic score could give Percy Harvin a run for his money. Then again, Harvin's 12 hardly hurt him in his rookie year. Ultimately I think the money that Bryant will cost is too much considering Eric Decker will be available in the low 2nd/early 3rd and possesses some similar abilities. Decker may not be as flashy as Bryant, but he brings some similarities to the table. But then I think Bryant is something special and will likely be a beast in the NFL. Like I said, I have mixed feelings. Ultimately I think the Dolphins will stick to drafting players they want to work with rather than players who are necessarily the popular choice. And I'm really starting to drift away from any possibility of Miami picking an offensive player in the 1st round. I don't think Jason Ferguson will be back, and the Tony McDaniel issue is yet to play out. Karlos Dansby is too expensive, Scott Fujita is too old, and Channing Crowder can't stop talking. Akin Ayodele can't tackle and Reggie Torbor can't run. I just don't see us going anywhere other than defense with the first couple of picks.
  • Per Armando Salguero, the Dolphins have signed OL SirVincent Rogers. The Dolphins signed him as an undrafted rookie last year but he quit during training camp. I'm not so sure they signed him as opposed to reinstated him off the reserve list before officially releasing him.


  1. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 10:39 AM

    Tin, sorry to hear about your aunt. To me that shows you how we can all get along as people even though we have different beliefs. I also have an aunt who is a nun. We're not that close but I would never have a debate with her about religion.

    As for religion, what you said about your aunt devoting 60 years of her life to her God's work and she still gets stricken with her illness, is one of the reasons I can't believe in God the way many do. When good things happen it's a miracle and God's awesome power, grace love. When bad things happen it's God has a plan. Okay whatever! That's convenient isn't it? LOL

    I consider myself agnostic as opposed to atheist because I can't prove it one way or the other. But I tend to lean more towards atheist even I though like you said I wish there was a heaven.

    On another note, the Miami Herald lead by Armando's arrogance. I get so tired of his act. I agree if Will Allen outperforms one or both of the young guys, he will start. I'm not sure he will though.

  2. Thanks, Knight. Yeah I'm not that close with my extended family, mostly due
    to geography, partly due to the slightly shady character of most of my
    cousins. My aunts and uncles are all good people but not necessarily the
    best parents or just had too many kids and not enough time and money to stay
    on top of things. Maybe that's why I liked the nun the best, no kids
    running around getting into trouble.
    As for Armando, I don't know what his deal is, I used to hate the guy but
    sometimes he makes such good sense. Maybe it is arrogance because he seems
    to follow up every good article with a 'look at me' article. Still, I don't
    fault any writers for having a personality or individual style, even if I
    don't enjoy their style....to me it's worse if they have NO personality or
    are just phoning it in. If I were to fix the Dolphins writers, I'd make
    Omar stop talking about his home life, I'd make Berardino lose the entire
    sport of baseball from his memory, I'd make Armando more humble (and remove
    commenting option entirely from the herald), and I'd make Dave Hyde and
    Ethan Skolnick ride off into the sunset together. And as much as I hate to
    say this, I'd bring back Harvey Fialkov.

  3. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 11:15 AM

    LOL @ at fixing sportswriters

    Harvey just seemed too wound up and ahead of himself. He also needs to take a font class. Some days you could see his fonts from space, other days you needed a nuclear telescope to read it. LOL

  4. P.Merling was asked to lose 10lbs,... what do you think this means in regards to the draft.  Many experts claim that OLB, FS, & NT are far more pressing needs than ILB.  If McClain is on the board then there is NO reason not to draft him.  Like OG, OLBs can be trained and developed (must be transitioned no matter draft status).  The same assesment can be made for NT.  FS is a position of need, however sacrificing our 1st round or even high 2nd round would essentially give up on the "hope" that Clemmons can come throgh.  In addition it would certainly mean that Wilson is cut.  I think the regime will attempt another year with Wilson at FS.  He will be on a VERY SHORT leash.  If neither can fill the hole then you can count on us drafting a FS with our first pick in 2011.  The Dolphins will likely NOT go with Dez Brynt, although if he IS availble and we cannot draft McClain (option 1) and we cannot trade the pick (option 2), then he believe he should be picked up.

  5. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 11:29 AM

    Where did you hear about Merling being asked to lose 10 pounds?

    I also don't understand how there is a more pressing need than ILB.

  6. LOL I forgot about the fonts. Basically I'd have Harvey back just for his
    videos, he added a little pep to the proceedings, but yeah his articles
    tended to be a bit rushed. For the record, Omar's kid *still *can't ride
    his bike.....

  7. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 11:42 AM

    While trying to get his son off training wheels, Omar probably should not have chased his son on his bike while wearing the 'Scream' mask. LOL

  8. Personally I would like Merlin to move to NT.  His lower body is thick all the way down, not like big butt that was drafted last year I think by GB (can't remember his name).  All he needs is some power lifting strength upstairs.  I was puzzled last year when they signed Crowder to a contract last year.  Never thought he was better than a rotation player.
      Everyone has been tough on G Wilson.  He did blow some plays but seen him make allot to.  Do you think this year he can fully transition, get cut or back up YBell for lots of bucks?
    On a side note, I just started watching the draft last year after 25 years of watching.  Never watched college either, only liked pro style football.  But after starting Fantasy last year have been reading up on it.

  9. Well at this point I would pretty surprised if Miami doesn't pay up for Wilfork at NT.  I know they like to do things through the draft but most NTs take a couple of years to develop anyway and Wilfork wants to play in Miami, and the Trifecta believe he's one if not the best NT in the league, so it's a pretty open and shut case IMO.  Why spend $6 mill a year on Dansby and then take a potential swing and a miss on a NT in the draft when you can get Wilfork for $6 mill a year (give or take) and then take McClain, Spiller or Bryant in the 1st.  You know you're getting a quality 1st pick and the best NT available.

  10. Will Allen, is fine.  He may even start.  I predict that we'll likely implament a 3 CB rotation moving Allen to Nickel on 3rd downs.  Nate Jones will be gone unless he'll take a one year extension "not likely".  It would be interesting to have each of those CBs try out for FS.  Although I see Vontae as the most capable,... I trust him the least.

  11. with the dreads, the Predator mask would have been better....I am available for comedy writing...my rates are reasonable...lol

  12. We Have Playmakers???February 16, 2010 at 12:00 PM


    First off, my condolences on the loss of your aunt.  Cancer is an awful disease & unfortunately it is too common.  Watching my grandmother (or any human being for that matter) degenerate from cancer was one of the most difficult periods of my life.  As for people's belief in God, I say live & let live.  However, when people start talking about "God's will" then I laugh to myself since they're either trying to push their own agenda or they're suffering from severe mental illness.  As for political figures such as Bush W. & now Sarah Palin, I think it's a little of both.  Come on Sarah....Intelligent design???  Really???  Don't forget the the tooth fairy or Santa while you're at it.  Wake up already.  Evolution is a provable scientific fact--not a myth or a belief.   

  13. If NE franchises him, I thought we couldn't get Wilfork?  I heard they may for a couple years then release when he starts loosing it.

  14. We Have Playmakers???February 16, 2010 at 12:08 PM


    IMO, there's not.  Do we have glaring needs at WR, NT, FS, & at OLB (strong-side)???  Absolutely but our ILB's are completely ineffective.  Just look at Crowder's production last year compared to his previous seasons.   Add Ayodele & Torbor into the equation & every Sunday is like a dam that's about to break.

  15. Merling being asked to lose 10lbs & more...

  16. Sorry to hear about your loss.  I have been lucky not to loose anyone close and don't know how I would react. I share the agnostic thoughts.  Prove it and I'll believe but don't ask for faith.  But the demon movies scare the crap out of me..lol  go figure

  17. We Have Playmakers???February 16, 2010 at 12:12 PM


    I think it means he's too slow at the weight he's at & he needs to drop 10 pounds to be a more effective pass rusher.  Merling is a DE, he's going to stay a DE, & at this point he's going to be a backup to Starks.

  18. We Have Playmakers???February 16, 2010 at 12:16 PM


    I agree with you & if Wilfork hit the open market then I think Miami would pay a lot of money for him BUT NE is either going to slap the franchise tag on him or give him a new deal.  I think NE screwed up with Seymour last year & they can ill afford to lose another top player.

  19. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 12:18 PM

    Rumor is New England plans on franchising Wilfork.

  20. We Have Playmakers???February 16, 2010 at 12:19 PM


    Not only is Vontae our best CB but the sky is the limit for him.  In two years, he'll be amongst the best in the league.

  21. tin,

    sorry for your loss.  but i got to take you to task about the god thing.  god has to be real, otherwise how do you explain naked lesbian cheerleaders.  LOL

    keep up the good work with your site.  the ss has gone to total crap, yours is our last hope.

  22. Crowder got paid after having a good year. He may not be an all-star, but
    we've all seen what happens when he's not in the game - we're not talking a
    small drop-off in defense, we're talking the entire ship goes under. He may
    talk a load of crap on the sidelines, but he's obviously got control of the
    D when he's on the field. The Trifecta liked what they saw enough to give
    him a decent but not over the top contract.
    Wilson was very good against the run and not very good against the pass. He
    was probably the best 'downhill' tackler on the team last year but his play
    downfield was very shaky. I don't think I'll ever get that dropped INT out
    of my head in week 3 or 4....where it hit him softly in his hands and he let
    it dribble down his body to the ground.
    I really got into the whole draft/journey of the player thing after they
    added the feature to the Madden video game. Sad, I know, but true.

  23. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 12:28 PM

    WHP, and if there is intelligent design it would be very scientific just as we humans are learning about re-creating life. If we were created, it would have been done by an intelligent species thousands if not millions of years ahead of us. Not by a guy with a beard and a robe floating around the universe looking for something to do.

  24. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 12:34 PM

    Thanks, Vic.

    I do not see Merling as a rush OLB. They already tried that with him as a rookie. Based on this article it appears they want Merling to lighten up to rush the passer more, not gain weight to play NT.

  25. Condolences to your Aunt, however in her honor I would have neglected to comment on your thoughts in regards to her faith.  I am not a preacher nor am I a scientist.  But if science can hypothesize that there is NO God than why can't it be used to prove that there is one.

    In physics, for every action there is an equal or reaction... then what was the very first action?

    The same can be said about behavior,... if light is shined on a plant than it reacts & if a bone is placed in front of a dog he'll snatch it.  We have the power to choose, so we don't react like other beings.

    I am regrettably not religious, but I do believe.  Regardless Tin, you have presented a nice site to discuss football, Dolphin football.  I look forward to continuing to participate in football discussions with all of you.

  26. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 12:36 PM

    Agreed, except for the Madden weirdness. LOL

  27. We Have Playmakers???February 16, 2010 at 12:42 PM


    You are 100% correct about what happens when Crowder is not on the field however, he continues to make too many mistakes & doesn't have good coverage skills.  Although he may be our best ILB, I believe that's more of a sad commentary on both Ayodele's & Torbor's play then a nod to Crowder.  Crowder's performance & overall production this season was markedly down from 2008. 

    As for Wilson, I agree that he's good against the run & that would be okay if he were playing SS but as a FS he's a liability & by far the weakest link in our secondary.  I for one would be disappointed to see him as our starting FS again in 2010.  If Bell gets hurt or we decide to trade him then he can start at SS.

  28. We Have Playmakers???February 16, 2010 at 12:50 PM


    Now THAT'S a fascinating thought that I can't entirely rule out.  Well said & although I don't believe in "God" in the Judeo-Christian sense, the idea that some type of "higher power" may exist is plausible.

  29. Who is this Simon Clancy guy...I don't trust him one bit. Last year I found
    that universaldraft website and he swore up and down that he did not write
    for them and that he only wrote for the SS, even though the articles were on
    both sites at the time. He claimed he had never heard of the site. Now he
    is openly promoting the site. WTF. And how does he know all this stuff
    that no reporter knows? And why does Hyde keep calling him the London
    Draftnik? There's no way he could get access to all this info from London.
    They don't even show college football over there - I know, I lived there for
    half a decade.
    Anyway, that Richard Lines guy really doesn't know what he's talking about
    in relation to Cameron Wake. Wake is a pass-rusher, not a natural SOLB, and
    Lines is obviously confused by which side of the ball Wake lined up on.
    Wake won't be asked to do much downfield coverage because he'll be playing
    weakside and rushing the passer. To say that he doesn't have what it takes
    to play in the NFL is not only disrespectful, and untrue, but downright
    imbecilic. Wake showed that he *can* play in the NFL last year, and should
    only get better, therefore making him *more* effective in the NFL.
    "I haven�t even begun to mention how players are timed versus the extra
    weight of a helmet and pads required to play in a game."
    Really? You mean the helmet and pads are heavier than say, air?

  30. We Have Playmakers???February 16, 2010 at 12:51 PM


  31. We will go for him regardless of if they franchise him.

  32. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 12:56 PM

    Exactly! These were fun topics when my friends and I would sit around a bong and... oh never mind. LOL

    Seriously though, if in let's say 100 more years we're rolling with this cloning and stem cell stuff, think about what a species that figured that out let's say 500,000 years ago is doing.  :-E

  33. WHP, NE seems to be in clearinghouse phase if you look at what they've been
    up to transaction-wise. Wilfork and his agent do not get on well with NE's
    front office. Wilfork will not play if they franchise him, so what would be
    the point?

  34. Yes, no beards allowed in the clean-room.

  35. Vic, at no point did I comment on my aunt's faith other than to say she was
    a nun.

  36. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 12:58 PM


    And that half a decade you lived in London is 42 years in dogs years.

  37. Tinshaker:
    Sorry to hear about you aunt.  I'll not get in the religous debate...I've always gone to Sunday school and church and while I'm not the most devout member of the congregation, I do like to think there is 'something' there...what it is...that's for someone smarter than me.  For all my questioning things, when my son had to have surgery @ 3 months, I made sure he was baptised first...just in case.

    I think the Knight needs to check in with HIS aunt the nun.  There is a part of me that would find some kind of cosmic harmony in the universe if it turned out you were related!  Stranger things have happened, and it would explain soooo much!

    I've read some things at the Herald lately...aside from the issues at the SS, I'll blame Slush for this.  She sent me a link of a CP article a few weeks ago and I just couldn't help myself... ;)

  38. God Bless Tinshakers Aunt
    Hope to Meet Her
    One Day
    In Heaven

    "God Bless Those Who Are Pure In Heart
    For They Shall See God"

  39. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    That's real expensive, man.

  40. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 1:21 PM

    Vic, based on physics how would God exist without a mother and father and who are they?

  41. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 1:23 PM

    Herd, I would have heard if my Aunt had passed away. I also don't think she's 75 so sorry to disappoint you that Tin and I are not cousins. LOL

  42. That's why they call him/ her/ it God?  That's kinda my point...

  43. Well I don't expect the Dolphins to mortgage their draft to get Wilfork, so
    I shouldn't have said that, but I do think they will bid on him regardless
    of if he's tagged or not. I just don't see any reason for the Patriots to
    tag him - he will hold-out if they do - even take the whole year off. They
    have to know that. Their best bet would have been to resign him last year.
    Now they've waited too long. He will hit the market and take a discount to
    play in Florida.

  44. It would explain so much? Like how I'm funny and have good taste in music
    and Knight is...errr...nevermind...
    I just checked out the SS for the first time since THE CHANGE. I understand
    what everyone is talking about now.

  45. Knight, there are creatures that can give birth to itself, without a parent,
    which in my mind actually disproves the existence of a God, but believers
    would say it proves God has a sense of humour. But then there's believers
    who think god created man and woman to procreate and that is the function of
    sex, so then these creatures would actually be the most immoral, backwards,
    godless creatures imaginable, creating life out of pure molecular
    re-structuring. Nothing could be less godless and more scientifically sound
    evidence than these creatures, and yet, what they are in fact doing is
    Creationism on a living, breathing, witness-able stage.
    Therefore, it would have to be said that there is a God, and there isn't a
    The difference is that, as someone with a scientific mind, I know what I'm
    talking about, but if I said the above to a religious mind, it's unlikely
    they would.
    But I would like to clear up that my stating in the blog that I am an
    atheist, does not mean I'm saying there is no God. I'm simply stating that
    I choose not to believe in a God. I also don't believe I'm getting laid
    tonight, but I am open to miracles....

  46. I think most writers have some sort of issue that they tend to put in their columns/blogs.  Armando does have occasional good insight but yes, he's a tool and a typical media self centered arrogant fool sometimes.  Not sure why the hate about Omar's personal life comes from though.  You just spilled it out about your Aunt and religious beliefs.  Nothing wrong with that (I share the agnostic part but to a lesser degree) but you sound kind of hypocritical.  No offense intended, just sayin'.  And really, Omar has the best insight out of all of them.  Too bad he doesn't write much anymore and became chicken sh*t about calling out players.  We can't always please everyone and sometimes the truth hurts.

  47. Any chance of Merling bulking up and developing into a NT?

  48. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 1:49 PM

    But supposedly God created us in his image and humans need to get down and dirty to procreate, no what I'm saying? LOL

    So Tin, maybe you can use that angle with your wife to try and get a little sumpin sumpin. LOL

  49. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 1:54 PM

    Tin, hey hey hey! Remember I also like Dead Can Dance. I like a lot of music and heavy-progressive is where I'm at now, but I like too many styles to categorize my tastes.

  50. The Knight who says Ni!February 16, 2010 at 1:58 PM

    Goodnight, Mary Ellen. Goodnight, Billy-Joe-Jim-Bob. Goodnight, Mama. Goodnight John-Boy.

  51. Speaking of Dead Can Dance, I just saw an ad somewhere that the main guy
    (name escapes me) is touring the US...wonder if it's worth the ticket
    btw, I was just giving you a hard time. I bet you have the entire Oingo
    Boingo collective, though....

  52. Great analysis on the linebackers.  We also have two more, Quentin Moses (what's his deal?) and Charlie Anderson (stop gap at best).  Based on our needs for both ILB and OLB, I can realistically see the Fins stocking this via draft and free agency.  While Dansby is a nice option, I think he will end up overpaid somewhere and we simply have too many needs to fill.  That being said, what do you think become our best options for ILB and OLB via draft and free agency?

  53. Big Dawg, the difference is that my aunt *died*, and I mentioned it once.
    Omar spends all day long blogging and tweeting about his wife being mad at
    him or him being a lousy dad or his son being afraid of a bicycle helmet.
    There's nothing wrong with him doing that, I just don't like reading about
    it. I don't understand why he has to tweet about it everytime he sees an
    attractive woman, and I definitely don't know why he does it considering his
    wife is always mad at him, lol.
    He seems to spend a lot of energy tweeting about stuff that has nothing to
    do with his blog. And that brings up another point, that his blog is paid
    for by a newspaper for whom he's employed by. I on the other hand, am just
    a fan who is doing this for free and for my own personal enjoyment,
    therefore there are different standards and thus I am not being

  54. Like I said above, there's nothing wrong with Omar talking about who he
    finds attractive (though he does it so much its a bit creepy, ala finfanrob)
    and there's nothing wrong with Mike B talking about how playing inside
    linebacker is like playing shortstop (though he doesn't need to make
    baseball analogies to football-minded readers). They can write whatever
    they like. All I'm saying is that I personally want the football stuff but
    not the other stuff sometimes. I just think it's really odd that I know all
    about Omar Kelly's home life considering I've never met him, he lives 3,600
    miles away, and the only thing we have in common is football.

  55. Tin, I'm not on twitter.  Don't care to be.  I don't need to know every little detail the minute it happens.  I have a job that is sometimes demanding and a family with two young kids.  So I don't have time for the little stuff.  Not sure if his twitters is more for personal or business.  I have a facebook account for personal and linked in for business.  I guess I like to keep them separate and maybe he should too?

    And we appreciate that you do this as a hobby!  I remember you being on the SS site alot this summer and then disappearing.  I appreciate the differences in opinions and love to debate.  I dislike the folks who think they know it all but that simply can't be avoided.  I don't mind the occasional joke or personal sharing - it's good all around.  Thanks again for the football info.  Perhaps the SS should employ you as a part time blogger? 

    And yes, finfanrob is a bit too forthcoming with his creepy comments.  ANd I don't see the point in twittering about a hottie.  You want to talk about that, show us a picture and let us decide!

  56. LOL, funny you should mention that, he does show pictures too....
    I only tweet football related stuff, 90% are notifications of when there is
    a new article up on the blog. I think it's a great way to keep informed,
    but I don't see the value in the personal thoughts sort of tweeting. I
    suppose if you only follow a few close friends/family then that makes sense,
    but why would i want to know if Dane Cook's coffee wasn't up to scratch or
    if Mariah Carey is shoe-shopping. Basically, there shouldn't be any mobile
    tweeting. Tweet only from a desk, people! lol

  57. I can't think of a bigger need than the one we have at ILB.  For that matter if everyone of our starting 4 LB were sent packing tonight it wouldn't bother me one bit.  Of the 4 of them none are starters.  They are the reason why our safeties lead the team in tackles and the reason the safeties are out of position when the ball goes over the top of them.  The safeties can not be everywhere covering for terrible ILB play.

  58. How many years does God go back to check on that pure of heart bit ?  I hope it's not before I met my wife. :-[

  59. I agree with Fang, but in order to replace them we need to make trades
    because it's unlikely we'll find two starting ILBs in the free agency and
    draft - it's possible, but other teams have to basically say, ok we don't
    need any ILBs this year, let the Dolphins have at 'em.
    Ultimately I think the Saints will re-sign Scott Fujita, and if not, he
    would be a stop-gap player...he'll be 31 in a couple of months and he's had
    some injury issues. Still he's one of my top shopping lists items for free
    Dansby is going to hit free agency and cost an arm and a leg. If we hadn't
    overspent on free agency last year, I'd see it happening, but not this time
    I think there's a 80% chance that Denver will draft Rolando McClain with the
    10th pick. If they don't, then there's another 80% chance that Jacksonville
    takes him #11. That's 160% chance that he's off the board when Miami picks
    (I know that's not how math works, lol)
    I think we should assume that we're not going to get 2 starters out of the
    box inside and concentrate on shoring up the defense as a whole. An upgrade
    here and there could do more benefit that one or two big changes.

  60. If only she had boobs she'd be less intolerable....

  61. The Knight who says NiFebruary 16, 2010 at 3:27 PM

    I know you were busting my balls. LOL

    As for Oingo Boingo, funny thing about them is they once called themselves 'The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Biongo. LOL

    I did not like most of the music during the 80s. That's when I got more into progressive and jazz fusion. Mostly instrumental stuff. Guns and Roses drew me back to hardcore rock & roll even though they weren't my favorite band or anything.

  62. A-men!  Restraint people!  And relevance too please.

  63. The Knight who says NiFebruary 16, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    Brendan Perry is his name. I like his voice and style so I'd probably like some of his stuff. Though I doubt I'll go see him.

  64. Hey Tin sorry about your aunt...lost my grandma this year and when you lose the old timers it gives you some perspective....chance to look at your own path, see what you're a part of....gives us a chance to remember what it's all about....

  65. The Knight who says NiFebruary 16, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    I just had a sandwich. Hey I just saw my old friend. Just saw a weird dude. That chick is hot.

    Is that kind of tweeting really necessary? It's so IM on crack. Do people really think all of their observations and thoughts are that interesting and important? LOL

  66. The Knight who says NiFebruary 16, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    That's what I was thinking. ; )

  67. The Knight who says NiFebruary 16, 2010 at 4:34 PM

    The Republicans are so dumb for pushing her out there as a top presidential candidate. What's with political parties going with unqualified individuals for president?

  68. The Knight who says NiFebruary 16, 2010 at 4:48 PM

    There is no doubt in my mind this will be the year of the LB for us. I wouldn't be surprised if we added 4 through FA and the draft. Keep in mind that a guy like J.D. Folsom could follow in Lex Hilliard's path. From rookie PS guy to 2nd year contributor.

    Folsom who is 6-3 235 needs to add some bulk and strength to play ILB in an NFL 3-4 defense. Ireland said he has the frame to get bigger and they like his overall makeup for the position. They didn't just draft him to draft some guy. They like his upside. He was pretty active in the preseason.

  69. The Knight who says NiFebruary 16, 2010 at 5:09 PM

    Funny you mention ffr. He seems like the sort of guy who would talk about anal sex while passing his grandmother the creamed corn.  >:o

  70. Ha!  That's like some of the folks on facebook who think it's important to mention that they are going grocery shopping.  Hey, if something out of the ordinary happens that's fine to post or tweet it but basic things are a waste of everyone's time.

    LOL on FFR.  He'd probably do that at the church breakfast on Sunday morning next to the pastor!  Gotta love the entertainment value he brings to the blog.

  71. DAmn, that means one and one half McClain's will be drafted before we do! 

    I would tend to agree but I also think that one of our guys could be decent if they had a playmaker next to them at ILB.  Great players make those around them better.

    I also don't see the need for us to spend big $$ in FA this year.  It's not like we are that close to being SB contenders.  We still need to grow...

  72. My guess is to keep expectations low.  Plus all of them are in it for themselves, not the people and they don't care how they get there...

  73. I thought they drafted him on a dare....personally I didn't think he was
    better than William Kershaw, but obviously they did. His speed is a bit
    worrying, but I don't think he's Torbor slow yet, though after he adds 10
    lbs he could be...

  74. At best Folsom has potential.  Even if he makes strides in 2010, I don't expect him to blow up the scene.  Lex didn't either but at least we found out he can play in the NFL but he's not a starter.

    I agree that we'll add at least 4 LBs this year if not more.  And I expect them to come from the draft and free agency.

  75. Ultimately we need to go back to the Madden video game and 'Create a Player'
    mode, LOL.
    You're right about how upgrading one side can make the other better.
    That''s why I'm not in favor of letting Crowder go, because to me, Crowder's
    biggest issue has been playing next to other 'non-playmakers'. It isn't
    because of any lack of hustle on his part. To me, the guy who isn't
    attacking enough (or barely at all) is Ayodele. Yes, he's big, strong, and
    occasionally makes a big hit that makes the crowd 'ooh' but he takes loads
    of plays off and is not very fluid. And obviously when Crowder is out and
    Ayodele steps into the Mike, the Defense falls apart. And he'll be 31 this
    season. Granted, if we get McClain, then I would lose Torbor before Ayodele
    because I don't think Torbor has as much ability and I think he actually
    gets paid more than Ayodele, but either way we need to get another starter
    at ILB. Someone who will make an impact as a rookie like Mayo a couple of
    seasons ago.

  76. Agreed but I have zero confidence that Crowder can hold up for an entire season.  I'm not sure who is better between Ayodele or Torbor but at least one of them has to go, if not both.  Crowder + FA ILB + 1 or 2 drafted ILBs works for me.  We also have Folsom to compete.  They must see something in him...

  77. The Knight who says Ni!February 17, 2010 at 8:03 AM

    Tin, running is actually the only thing I think Torbor does well. He's just not very instinctive as an inside guy and maybe he's better suited as a 4-3 OLB.

  78. Really? did you see how well he ran in his start last year? I think I saw
    a backing up garbage truck going faster than him.