Friday, February 12, 2010

Well you came and you gave without taking but I sent you away, Oh Joey!

Okay, he took millions of dollars.....The Dolphins have officially announced the release of Joey Porter today.  In essence the only news here is that it's happening on a Friday, rather than on a Monday.  UPDATE:  Porter's release caused the 2009 salary cap to crash, so the NFL has denied the transaction until March 5th.

So the Miami Dolphin-owned Pitbull population just got considerably smaller and the annual battle between Jason Taylor and his ego begins today.  As of now, Cameron Wake and Charlie Anderson are the most likely candidates for the vacancy left by Porter, but if JT decides to come back (and the Dolphins decide to bring him back) he will likely cause a stir over why he should start ahead of Cameron Wake.

For the record, I have contended since this time last year that the Earthq'Wake' was the best pass rusher on the team, and that contention is not going to change anytime soon.  He was phenomenal last year when you factor in the limited playing time and being out of position and it being his first year in the NFL.  Porter and JT wish they played at the level that Wake did.  This move allows Wake to stake his claim on the starting Defense and potentially become one of the 'Faces' of the team.

Porter has stated he would like to play on the West Coast in a 3-4 scheme, which leaves only San Diego and San Francisco as options.  Some people, including Porter, have listed Arizona as a good spot, but without Kurt Warner, I bet Porter has changed his mind about that.  The Cardinals are likely to lose Karlos Dansby and Antrel Rolle to free agency and have a 27 year-old Rookie about to take the reins.  I'm not saying they won't be competitive in 2010 (no one, and I mean no one - not even their own fans, picked them to make the Superbowl in 2009) but they will seem less attractive to an aging free agent than say, San Diego.  The only problem is San Diego has Shawne Merriman and Larry English, so they have no room for Porter.

San Francisco then remains the most likely option, but if you look at the 49ers defense, it's full of mostly unknown blue-collar keep your mouth shut and play type of players so once again Porter doesn't fit in, though they could use an upgrade at pass-rusher.  The question then is if Porter can still be considered an upgrade.

There are, however, three teams in the AFC East who may be interested in Porter.


  1. The Knight who says Ni!February 12, 2010 at 1:30 PM

    Wow... so we did release him and his attitude. We will definitely be looking at pass rushing OLBs in FA and the draft.

    The Chargers also have Shaun Phillips who is very good.

  2. The Knight who says Ni!February 12, 2010 at 1:31 PM

    What's the deal with Brennan Marion?

  3. Everyone and their mother argued with me about Marion still being on the
    team. Omar, that one dude from the Herald, the other blogger, Chris J
    Nelson (is he registered with that why he uses his middle
    initial?), etc. My argument was that if the Dolphins themselves do not
    acknowledge him as being on the team, then he is not on the team. And since
    the exit interviews took place prior to my posting the roster, then there
    was no reason to put him on it.

  4. Tin/Knight, what are your thoughts on JT? Is he still viewed as a progress stopper or now with Porter gone do we keep him another year?

  5. Personally I think JT would be stupid to want to go elsewhere at this
    point. His Hollywood aspirations will only get in the way of a move to
    another team, and his wife would almost certainly say enough's enough. So
    with that in mind I think he decides to stay even as a backup, and if he
    accepts he's not as good as he used to be, then I say yes, keep him, but if
    he starts acting all Joey Porter, then let him go.

  6. MORE Barry Manilow references....I don't know what to say! :-D

  7. Never let it be said that I can't beat a dead horse!
    (for the record, PETA, I wouldn't beat an actual horse, dead or alive!)

  8. IMO Taylor 100% chance plays for Miami again
    Taylor will never play any where else and  after one more season I`m sure that is all before retiring a Dolphin

    How bout Karlos Dansby signing with Us
    And of course lots of Cam Wake

  9. There is almost zero percent chance Miami will sign Dansby. He would cost
    about $38 million. After 2009 there's a good chance this team doesn't spend
    that kind of cash for one player for another ten years!

  10. Wow
    Oh No
    How Much
    R U Kidding me
    No Way?
    That Much!
    Holly Cow
    U gotta be shieting me!  LOL

    Thanks for the info Tin  U R right that is crazy money  $38 million for how long  let me check under the couch cushion and see what I got

  11. $38 million
    We are were paying what $ 2.5 million last season for Jason Taylor and Cam Wake combined?  LOL

    Maybe we should sign Matt Roth LMAO

  12. for 5 years. Based on his age that's about the length of the contract I'd
    expect, either 4 or 5 years.

  13. So just a few million more than Crowder?

  14. Well the $38 million is the whole contract and its just a projected number.
    We're talking somewhere in the neighborhood of 5.57 mil a year plus
    Jason Taylor got more like $3 M for 2009 (one of the other readers had the
    exact amount a week or so ago) and Cam Wake did not have the resume that
    Dansby did. If Wake lights it up this year he'll get a huge raise for 2011.

  15. I think being named the starter for the dolphins isn't nearly as big of a deal as some make it, with the way we rotate players. Hell we rotate offensive lineman like crazy...

  16. ThanX Tin
    Just goofin
    Know we stole Taylor and Cam last year for peanuts and Cam will get a lot more soon

    I would be happy with FA  WR Brandon Marshall for Ginn plus whatever it takes  , Dan Williams and LB Spikes in first two picks
    Too bad no money then for LB Dansby

  17. Must have been bonus money
    Thought we scammed Taylor for 1.5 mil and Wake for 1 mil

  18. That's their game salary, doesn't include bonuses and incentive cash.

  19. The Knight who says NiFebruary 12, 2010 at 4:55 PM

    Oh! LOL

    By the way I didn't and neither did my mother. :-D

  20. The Knight who says NiFebruary 12, 2010 at 5:04 PM

    PHINS FAN, I think JT can still bring value as a passing down pass rush specialist. JT not only rushes the passer but he has a B plan. If he's lost the pass rush battle he'll drop back and watch the QB and try to disrupt the passing lane and bat it down or pick it off. He has a knack for the game and I though he had a solid season. He's a 20 play pass defender in my opinion but that's real important in the 4th quarter. He can make big plays. Put him out there when you need a big play.

    Wake will be given every opportunity to win the starting WOLB spot. I don't think he's a strong side guy even though he can rush from the left. He's not a run stopper and a coverage guy, he's a pass rusher.

  21. The Knight who says NiFebruary 12, 2010 at 5:07 PM

    Tin, what's going on with Porter? I heard on the radio that he was released and added back to the roster. It sounded like they didn't really know the deal?

  22. The Knight who says NiFebruary 12, 2010 at 5:07 PM

    Home, any reason you can be civil and talk football here but on the SS you become obnoxious?

  23. I was just going to ask the same thing, saw this on my home page...


    I hated listening to his mouth, funny thing is he probably cost himself millions of dollars as I don't see him getting 4.8 next year. All he had to do was put the team first and keep his mouth shut and the Fins might've paid him that, but truth be told with his mouth he's probably been dead in the water since long before his suspension last year.

    Also, JT is and has always been a playmaker. Obviously he's getting up there in age and not what he was 4 years ago, but he can absolutely contribute to this team (especially as a mentor). Hopefully, after he ate a little humble pie last year, the FIns give him a little raise and he stays on the strong side as a starter in name and splits time with Charlie Murphy... I mean Anderson.

    WAKE gets 10+ sacks this year, period.

  25. I honestly think it's a bit more than 0%. 

    2 reasons:

    1st.- Dansby stated publicly today the Miami is 1 of 4 teams he'd prefer to play for (SD, Washington, and 1 other...sorry I forgot).

    and 2nd- This front office loves to address positons of need via both FA and the draft. Now, I know our new LBs coach is used to having Pierce as his MLB, but at 237 lb.s and with falling production in 3 straight year (and on the wrong side of 30+)... I don't think the FIns move on Pierce.

    Dansby on the other hand is a playmaking 3-4 MILB who does nothing but produce. Basically, if ownership just takes when we dump all that money into the OL, I think if we can sign Dansby and cut THe Gerbel (will not count against the none existent cap this year), Ross wouldn't even blink. 

    Just my opinion.

  26. Responding to Knights post 8:07 PM

    Respect for the Tinshaker, his blog and U bloggers here

    Also some of koo koo kool aid Kellys observations are from left field from Ernest Wilford up  to Ronnie Brown  down to sean smith being one of the best CB on planet earth  to phantom plays he reports and other huge plays he will omit intentionally just so he does not have to put his foot in his mouth
    Also get bored with same old same old blah blah
    Also am a self proclaimed Environmental Patriot and no exactly what is going on daily in our skies worldwide (will not discuss that here) and know much more then I can discuss at this time
    If we are still communicating by the end of 2010
    U will then see and hear quite a bit more on the subject
    U will then look at what I have told U and showed U in a whole nother light
    U might even respect me for awakening humans and spreading the word in a final effort to stop it
    Keep looking at the skies Knight  train yourself to look at the skies more  Use your own brain
    Everything as U have  known Knight  is changing and changing quickly 

    Please do not respond
    Keep this blog as is
    If U spend time outside and see unusual patterns in the sky(and U will if U know nature and real not synthetic cloud formations)
    Please tell me on the SS blog

  27. Hey Home, what happen to your sons back?

  28. Hawk
    Arnold Chiari Malformation
    Small hole in the sac of his brain grew larger as he did
    At 14.5 yrs old his brain tried to slip down into his spine (which is a duct)
    Brain fluid dripped into his spine causing rapid development of scoliosis
    One brain operation to patch the hole using a cadaver pericardium, and
    Two subsequent spine surgeries
    The second being instrumental implantation of four titanium rods and 26  2 1/2  inch screws
    in an 11 hour surgery with a team of doctors including the the primary surgeon  and Chairman of the Spine Center at the Cleveland Clinic of Florida
    After a 15 day hospital stay and months of home rest
    He has recovered quite well to date
    Now throws the football hard with tight spiral and with more velocity than me
    May now have "T-3" titanium advantage

    ThanX for asking
    All is well 
    Spirits are very high(we are very close, raised him myself since 3 yrs old)

  29. <p><span>Tin, been meaning to come over and check out the blog there just ain’t enough hours in the day…</span>
    </p><p><span>Wow, Joey Porter badmouthed a coach… History has a way of repeating itself. Remember this, “</span><span>according to several players, Porter stood up, in front of the whole team, and absolutely lambasted the coach using such words as "spineless" and basically called the coach a coward.”</span>
    </p><p><span> </span><span>The real problem with this is what the other players said at the time. "We were all talking about it after because none of us had ever seen anything like it. He crushed Cam. He basically called him gutless, a coward ... Joey was great but it was unbelievable, But the best was at the end of it, after getting ripped into, cursed at and questioned all Cam said was, 'OK, glad we got that out, on to Cincinnati.' It was ridiculous. He never defended himself and it went on for a while."</span>
    </p><p><span>“The locker room applauded Porter for telling it like it is.”</span>
    </p><p><span>The locker room applauded! This is why a player like Porter is a cancer, when we hear Chowder and others defend him it means he has divided the locker room once again. I don’t care if Joey had 17.5 sacks or could cover, or could defend the run, a coach cannot condone this behavior. This guy was supposed to be a “TEAM” captain! When Sparano told Porter to come off the field and Porter refused repeatedly even after being suspending for a game, Sparano was not only going to lose Porter he was going to lose the team. And what happened? The Dolphins lost three winnable games in a row, coincidence? I think not. Porter may have a harder time finding a team to play on next year than he thinks.</span><span></span></p>

  30. The Knight who says NiFebruary 13, 2010 at 9:52 AM

    Home, I wish you the best with your son. That's some tough stuff. Maybe spend more time worrying about him then the clouds.

  31. The Knight who says NiFebruary 13, 2010 at 9:54 AM

    I think it's funny how many defenders our fans want us to sign from the Cardinals who didn't play a lick of defense in the playoffs.

  32. Tin: Glad to stop by your blog. The SS pages have been driving me nuts... what with all the chemtrails and all. Glad to see you took matters into your own hands and you keep the talk on the Dolphins!

    FWIW - I'm glad Porter is gone. I have always been a fan of the Dolphins - the team. Once someone goes out of their way to try and badmouth the team, I'm all for showing them the door. And when a player like Porter refuses to respond to a coach, he doesn't deserve the honor of wearing the jersey. IMHO

  33. Know this is a joke
    Would compare my  body of work as a single full time parent against any single or dual parent family
    Know my son inside & out every move
    We are best friends as well as parent/son relationship
    Spend almost all our time together
    Help him with everything and likewise
    Chaperoned at least one field trip every year from k-8 grade
    Have taken his friends out to activities hundreds of times and  happily foot the bill for all the other kids
    Have only chosen to take on a few projects during the summers, mostly self employed working supervisor on a few bigger  projects, but have taken summers off to be with him through out his life
    Started him early in math so he was on a third grade level at the start of first grade
    Now he is top 5% in the country in high school mathematics, top 2% in Florida
    Coached or helped coach his football team for 6 years, never missing a practice
    Now home school him myself for  the past1 1/2 years
    Slept at the hospital next to him thru out all surgeries including 15 days in a row
    Could go on but know  U R not really interested, probably would prefer the greedy  gold digging selfish single mom that uses her kid as a pawn and drops him off at sports practice or karate  when she feels like it so some one like me can make the kid, teach her kid, make him feel welcome ,wanted  and an important part of the team
    That way I can watch over  her kid for free in a safe fun environment while she goes shopping, to happy hour or drop her pants for the next unsuspecting fool
    I live in South Florida all our activities and sports are outside year round so there is plenty of time together to be cognizant of your environment

    Had to get that out Knight
    Would not give up being a real hands on Dad everyday for anything
    Dont know how divorced Dads with partial part time custody do it
    Have my son 100% of the time 365 days a year and would not give it up for the world


  34. son of a son of a shulaFebruary 14, 2010 at 6:56 AM

    Anything that happened to Cam was his own fault. He should have been fired as soon as he uttered "Fail Forward". Joey hasn't always been a saint but he was always a good teammate, Cam was a joke as a Headcoach.
    It was clear Joey was gonna get sent packin so he made some noise, that's all. Too slow, too old and too big of a salary easy math.

  35. The Knight who says NiFebruary 14, 2010 at 8:02 AM

    Cam should have been fired after that last preseason game where he so arrogantly opted to not be the head coach and let Capers take the reins so he could evaluate from afar. Huh?

  36. Woodstrock Whoa !!! What are you doing here...  Good to see you show up on a real Dolphin page.  There are allot of intellegent people here " I wish I could say I'm one of them "  So join in and have some fun.

  37. Here is the link to vote for this blog in the 'Best of the Blogs' competition at the SS.  You can vote in both the 'Best Overall' and in the Sports category.  From what I understand, you can vote once per day.

    What better way to show Tinshaker some love?  :*

  38. Tried to vote but the SS wants my login (of which I don't have one).  Sorry Tin!  SS has been sucking for awhile anyways so no need to get a login and yada, yada, yada...  I will support Tin by visiting his page and commenting more often.  Hope ya'll can feel the luv...

  39. It's one thing for Peezy to call out a clueless head coach like Cam.  It's a totally different ball game to do what he did to Sparano and his fellow OLBs.  A sign of an immarture azz hat is to take that to the public rather than keeping it in house knowing that he would get his release anyways.  I think he hurt himself just as much as he hurt the Fins.  Perhaps this will provide even more motivation for Wake next year!

    For the record, I'd love to see JT split time with Wake in 2010.  JT is a good captain and can still play.  But please don't use him as a run stuffer only!

  40. We Have Playmakers???February 15, 2010 at 8:48 AM


    Agreed.  JT was playing out of position last year.  If you think about it, it's actually amazing that he started the entire season at what was supposed to be Matt Roth's position & his 34 year old body still held up.  I recall a lot of fans wondering if Taylor's body could hold up.  Who knew that it would be Roth that couldn't make it out of the gate???   Aside from having a freak injury in Washington JT has been incredibly durable throughout his career so it makes sense to bring him back.  I think he can still be a factor as a pass rusher while being a mentor to Wake.

  41. We Have Playmakers???February 15, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    Okay.  Now I'm well aware of what Parcells looks at when he's drafting a player BUT I'm not so sure that Dez Bryant won't be the best player available if he's still on the board at 12.

    I happened to watch some skills competition this weekend on ESPN2.  The WR's were Shipley, Gilyard, the kid from USC, & Bryant.   It was just incredible to see the difference in size between Bryant & the other three.  Say what you want about other WR's in this draft but based on size & talent, there's no one even close to Dez Bryant.  Assuming Bryant has any kind of work ethic, I can't help but to compare him to Anquan Boldin.  

  42. We Have Playmakers???February 15, 2010 at 9:24 AM

    Two weeks until FA begins.  Forget Dansby.  He's going to cost too much.  IMO--Scott Fujita is the number 1 player on Parcells radar & I think he'll offer more than the Saints will.  

  43. Really enjoy the site Tin.  SS has been going downhill for months.  I don't even know why Ethan and Dave even post as it's cop out articles that just take up space and are no more than 2  Even Omar & Mike don't write much anymore!  Also the class of posters are on topic and knowledgeable (except Knight who says  Joking dude!).  Holy Grail is one of the funniest movies of all time.  Don't really post much, just enjoy the reading.

  44. VEry true WHP.  JT started with full time responsiblity (and played well on all 3 downs) but then was switched to 1st and 2nd downs only.  I wonder if that had something to do with JP not leaving the field and them wanted to get Wake some playing time?  Perhaps JT was supposed to be in there with Wake sometimes but Peezy was a beyotch and didn't let it happen.

  45. Even if Dez is the BPA @ #12, any WR taken in the 1st round has a 50/50 shot at being successful.  Trifecta may take a conservative approach and go with another position that has a higher success rate.  If McClain or a stud OLB isn't available at #12 but Dez and Dan Williams are, who do you take?

  46. As great as Dansby is or might be, will he be worth that kind of money?  How much less will Fujita cost us?  I'd rather overpay for the playmaker than underpay for the next Wilford or Gibril Wilson... 

    I do think some other team will overpay Dansby just like the jets did for Calvin Pace.  I'm not tha high on Antrel Rolle either.  The Cardinals defense only had one good year really...

  47. We Have Playmakers???February 15, 2010 at 1:46 PM

    Big Dawgg,

    I agree with the risk vs. the reward with taking a WR BUT Dez is a potential game changer.  Our franchise has been lacking this kind of player for way too long now & they don't come around too often.   I can only imagine how much better our offense would look if we had a massive WR with speed like Bryant.  If he's what I think he'll be I believe he automatically upgrades Henne & every WR that is capable of making a play like Hartline & Camarillo & hopefully Turner.   I'd move Bess to the slot & DAMN...we might have something. 

    BTW--This is also predicated on the fact that Patrick Turner will not pan out & is not good enough to make an impact in the NFL.  There's no way for me to know yet if this will be the case but the coaches should have better idea. 

    As for Dan Williams....well let's just say that every year there are players who start to gather steam & get hyped before the draft for various reasons.  Dan Williams has never played NT so @ 12 he's more of a reach than Bryant.  Had Bryant not been suspended for being an idiot, I highly doubt he'd be part of the discussion of who to draft at 12.    With all that said, I still think it's unlikely that we'll take him but I'm starting to think that we should.

  48. We Have Playmakers???February 15, 2010 at 1:57 PM


    Fujita will be considerably less expensive than Dansby who is looking to break the bank.  Fujita is a very solid player/citizen & he's definitely "a Parcells' guy."  I also like the idea of getting a player that just won a Super Bowl to explain how important consistency is to some of our younger guys.

  49. We Have Playmakers???February 15, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    BTW--Look for Crowder to be traded before the draft.  Not sure what his trade value is but I think he's gone.

  50. One has to wonder what exactly was going on with Deion Sanders and Dez Bryant? It all just reminds me too much of what happened with Mike Williams. I was fooled by Williams who was ruled ineligible for simliar reason and ended up sitting out a year just like Bryant.  Williams was selected 10th by the Lions and never made anything of himself in the NFL...  I thought Williams was a talented WR and all indications were that he would be the next Rany Moss but he completely flopped.

    The thing I've come to realize is, as Forest Gump said, "stupid is as stupid does." To me this is a clear indication that Dez Bryant is probably stupid and probably in it for the money. Both of these things make me shy away from a guy like Bryant. It could be completely wrong and he goes on to have a monster career, the trouble is we have no way of knowing that before hand. We only have his actions to indicate what he might do in the future. The best thing that could happen to Bryant is for him to slip badly in the draft. With these things in mind I tend to think the Dolphins will stay away from Bryant.

    AND WHP, I agree with you that Crowder may be gone, but I don't see that happening unless Dansby or another replacement is signed or drafted. Personally I hear all this talk about McClain and I personally love Sean Witherspoon and think he is a great football player.  By the end of the combine he will be ranked ahead of McClain.

  51. We Have Playmakers???February 15, 2010 at 9:40 PM


    I agree that the Bryant is clearly not a genius however, it will be Bryant's work ethic that will determine if he becomes an elite WR.  He has such enormous talent & upside that he's going to be as good as he wants to be.

    As for comparisons to Mike Williams, he's much faster & more of a finished product than Williams.  IMO, after Bryant performs at the combine, NFL scouts will be drooling on themselves.

  52. son of a son of a shulaFebruary 16, 2010 at 4:58 AM

    I like the Gump reference. I like Witherspoon as well but based just on size alone he won't be ranked ahead of McClain. Witherspoon is 6'1 230. Rolando is 6'4 2fiddy. Although Brandon Graham plays outside I like him as a tenacious undersized guy more than Witherspoon who at the moment share similar draft status.

  53. I would agree with that logic and that Dez would most likely be a better pick @ 12 vs. Williams.  However, I think NT is a bigger need for us vs. WR.  And I KNOW the Trifecta thinks this.  But they also prefer to draft WRs and NTs later in the draft so I would be surprised to see either of them drafted @ #12.  I can say the same thing for RBs so don't expect Spiller here either. 

    I see us getting a LB, McClain if he's there or an OLB if they have one rated highly.  I'd love to trade back but don't see that happening either.

  54. I agree and see Fujita as a much better option than Dansby.  What is the market for him?  How much less than what Dansby wants?  And are the Saints going to realistically let him go?

  55. Who is going to trade for an average player with chronic injuries?

  56. We Have Playmakers???February 16, 2010 at 8:43 AM


    The Saints still have some more time to get a deal done with Fujita but if not, I believe that Fujita will get a phone call from Parcells within a minute after FA starts & in that coversation Parcells will beat what the Saints are willing to offer.  Getting Fujita would be an improvement over what we have.

  57. We Have Playmakers???February 16, 2010 at 8:46 AM


    You raise a good point.  However he is only 25 & has started in 26 games in the past two seasons.  Maybe we can get a 5th.

  58. I don't know the whole story on Bryant.  The one question I would have is how did he handle it after the fact?  Immaturely or with maturity?  Regardless, I highly doubt Big Tuna spends his #12 pick on a WR that didn't play last year.  I would also bet that someone (cough Al Davis cough) may snag him up before we pick if he is indeed that great.

    As for Spoon and Graham, I do like them both but think their size will be a deterrent for the Tuna.  He likes his front 7 to be BIG.  Over 6-3.

  59. We Have Playmakers???February 16, 2010 at 9:02 AM


    I totally agree with you.  At the end of the day Parcells will not draft Bryant or a LB that isn't a very large man.  McClain definitely fits the bill.

  60. We Have Playmakers???February 16, 2010 at 9:05 AM

    BTW--Can someone please tell me why Julius Peppers made over $17 Million last year & if he were franchised would get over $20 Million but if the Raiders decide to franchise Seymour (who btw would be a PERFECT fit on the Dolphins) it would cost them around $12 Million.  Aren't they both DE's??? 

  61. Because if you use the franchise tag, the player gets the average of the top
    5 players of that position, but if you use it again, the number goes up, and
    if you use it a third time, the number goes up to top 5 players of any

  62. I'd like to say I know Al Davis wouldn't draft a WR with their pick, but
    it's Al Davis, so who knows, but it's very hard to believe that the Raiders
    will pick Bryant. I'd like to think they'll go OL or QB, but since it's the
    raiders they'll pick Taylor Mays instead.

  63. And on the LB size, I think you'll find Nolan will have considerable input
    on this draft and you can't take away his recent history with Elvis
    Dumervil. Brandon Graham is bigger than Dumervil, so I don't think size
    will be a deterrent there.

  64. So are you saying that size doesn't matter (from Nolan's perspective)?  Uhhh, that didn't sound too good, did it....

    I'd be cool with Graham.  But I'm biased because I'm a Michigan fan.  I have watched him make plays his whole college career though.

  65. Big Dawgg, thanks for asking that question - it led me on a little
    investigation and the results of that investigation will be one of my next
    blog articles.
    As for your question, I'm not saying that Nolan doesn't like size, but since
    he had tremendous success with Dumervil (although Dumervil was already
    having a good career before Nolan showed up) there's no reason to believe
    that Nolan would pass on Graham because he's not 6'4".
    As for undersized LBs, during the Texas vs Nation game, Simoni Lawrence was
    absolutely terrific. He was in on just about every tackle, but his
    measurables are 6'0" and 235lbs. Ouch.