Friday, February 26, 2010

The Tins Fins Wonderlic

Disclaimer: This is not the actual Wonderlic (wink, wink) and any similarity between this test and those failed by NFL draft prospects every year is entirely coincidental in one way or another and I don't know what you're talking about.

Did you know?  Miami's 1st round pick, Vontae Davis, had the 8th highest score out of 328 players who took the test in 2009.

Keep in mind there are only 12 minutes to go through 50 questions, which comes out to about 14 seconds a piece, so no dilly-dallying. Your score will be provided at the end, but will not be published/shared so if you're ashamed you can rest assured most people can probably tell your IQ without needing to see your test scores. 

Click on the link below to take the test, your time starts immediately.

Below are the average scores by position in the NFL.
* Offensive tackle – 26
* Center – 25
* Quarterback – 24
* Guard – 23
* Tight end – 22
* Safety – 19
* Linebacker – 19
* Cornerback – 18
* Wide receiver – 17
* Fullback – 17
* Halfback – 16

And here is some info on notable scores taken from wikipedia:
"Pat McInally, a graduate of Harvard University, is the only football player to record a confirmed perfect score of 50.[2] Ryan Fitzpatrick, also a Harvard graduate and currently a quarterback with the NFL Buffalo Bills, had also been rumored to have scored a perfect 50 points in only nine minutes.[3] However, Fitzpatrick denied this, saying that he had left at least one of the 50 answer spaces blank.[4] The Wall Street Journal later reported that Fitzpatrick's actual score was 48 but that Fitzpatrick's claim of completing the Wonderlic in only nine minutes was accurate. As of 2005, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Kevin Curtis, a graduate of Utah State University, was reported to be tied with Fitzpatrick and Benjamin Watson of the New England Patriots as having scored a 48, the highest Wonderlic score of any active NFL player.[5] During the 2009 Combine NFL Network's Rich Eisen mentioned that Mike Mamula the "Workout Warrior" scored a 49.

On the other hand, some high profile players have scored rather low on the test. Dan Marino and Vince Young and both scored 15 on the test, though Vince Young scored a 6 on his first attempt.[7] Marcus Vick, brother of Michael Vick, scored 11. Michael himself scored an average 20."

The lowest score recorded was a 4.  Keep in mind these numbers are based primarily in rumor.


  1. Scored a 24. Only got to question 32 and skipped 1 to get there.

  2. son of a son of a shulaFebruary 26, 2010 at 10:25 AM

    Ha ha I got a 25. Guess I could play center.

  3. That would be funny if a GM was such a stickler, he would look at the Tackle he just drafted who scored a 23 and say, listen kid, the numbers don't lie, we're moving you to guard!

  4. son of a son of a shulaFebruary 26, 2010 at 10:34 AM

    I'm just sooo glad I did better than Micheal Vick.
    Hey I noticed D-line isn't on there. As long as they can say "Me hit you" they must be fine.

  5. I got a 29, but only got to question 34 or 35.  I don't how in the hel! you can get through all 50 questions, unless you had copies of the test before you took it...

  6. keep in mind that most players take the test twice, but the questions/order would be different.  Of course, they would be more aware of how fast they need to go.  I've noticed however that most people fail to get a higher score the 2nd time around.

    Ultimately, those who are used to taking tests and have been practicing (such as a football player preparing for the combine) would be more likely to move through the questions faster.

  7. Yeah I couldn't find overall averages but I can tell you that in 2009, DEs averaged 20.5, and DTs averaged 18.5.

    The best DE score was larry English with a 34 out of 49 questions answered, but his 1st score was a 22 out of 28 answered, so he must have been practicing on his speed.

    The best DT score was Daryl Richard who posted a 37 and a 33 in his two tries.

  8. Surprisingly I scored a 29.  I say surprisingly because it seemed like each question too me forever and I skipped a few.  I did run out of time though.

    So, Mr. Sparano, when do I start?  Tin, you can be my agent!

  9. Scored a 37.  I was rushing at the end and only got to about question #44.  My advice is to skip any question immediately that will take more than about 10-20 seconds to figure out.  I left some easy ones on the table.  I realized with 6min to go that I was only on #18.

  10. Wow...some pretty good numbers here...I'm going to wait until I know I can have 12 minutes without someone wanting me to do something....It could be next year before I take it!!  Seriously, my daughter had what they called T&A surgery today(tonsils & adnoids).  I told them that term has a completely different meaning where I work!

  11. tonsils and adnoid surgery is better than the "other" T&A surgeries (at least from a mom's perspective)!

  12. Scored a 35.Wasted too much time figuring out some I should have just skipped. Was fun though.

  13. Will take test with morning coffee Saturday
    Never took it before
    Heard about it only by name
    Know nothing about it
    Will be interesting

    ThanX Tin

  14. I've a quarterback-caliber mind, and that's the end of the story!

  15. son of a son of a shulaFebruary 27, 2010 at 11:10 AM

    It's okay Knight, Home, Tin post your fullback scores we won't laugh too much. Could it be worse Oh no say they aren't in the VY range. Like I said we won't laugh---too much.
    I got 35 on my second attempt.
    I'd love to see NBA player scores, OMG they must be hilarious.

  16. LOL I'd better run a good 40! Ha ha, I'm screwed!

  17. Anyone here got a link to the article from the sun-sentinel, herald, or PBP that the guy did the research and proved Marino is the true leader all time for 4th qtr comebacks?? It was published not too long ago, the end of last year I think. I'm trying to find a link, and am having no luck......Come on guy's help me out :)

  18. Damn, I got a 28.  I didn't get one of my answers recorded...I should have used the desktop puter instead of the laptop.  Wasted too much time on a couple of them...

    Maybe I'll take it again like they do and see how I do.  I'm afraid it will worse than the first time though!

  19. I asked my friend Google and she gave me this:

    Not any of the publications you mention, but it has links to a reference site, so it must be right!

  20. Herd, you are my new Favorite.( not that you ever weren't... :) ) I thank you. The research behind it is sound, Elway get's credit for a bunch of games where the Broncos weren't even behind in the fourth. Anyway, you rock, and i owe you one.

  21. If I was to take it again, I would skip any question that takes more tham 10-15 seconds. If you do the same, your score will go up. But hell, 28 is above average, so I wouldn't be too upset if I were you. Besides you have other qualities =-O =-O =-O .

  22. 39 on the second try.  At least it wasn't worse!  What surprised me was how fast the time seemed to go. 

  23. That's the high so far. I got a 35 the one time I took it, I may have to gofor 40 now.... :)

  24. Soooo, I wasn't always your favorite, huh? j/k, I'm an acquired taste, like scotch! :-D

  25. I took the test and scored a 29 the first time and 38 the second. Not bad for someone who has American as his second language?!? ;) :-D :-D :-D

  26. Forgot to say thx for posting it Tin - I've heard it referenced so often - nice to put a "name to a face" as it were.

  27. uk!!!!

    The Knight and I were pondering what had become of you just the other day.  Great to hear from you!

  28. Hi herd - I had a complete meltdown of my laptop over Xmas. It died but I've got a new one now and I'm back from my "sabbatical". This time of the season, whilst being interesting from a learning prspective, is completely opaque to me cos I never see any college games so I know even less about what's going on than normal! Having said that, there are more opinions than citizens in the US about who goes where, so I take a lot of what's written with a pinch of salt!
    I've looked over at the SS, but that seems to have descended into Dante's last circle of hell? It was such a laugh a year ago but now seems to be a magnet for loons.
    Btw, great minds think alike? I beat you by 1 on the first run and you beat me by 1 on the rerun. lol

  29. 36.  But someone here at work came up and asked me a questions.  I want those 13 seconds back, damnit!!!  Thanks for posting this.  I bet if we were trained to take the exam, we could get much more.  Plus, around half way through, I remembered that this isn't an exam on what you know, its an exam to see if you can take tests like this.

    Ahhh...standardized testing...what aren't you doing to destroy the critical thinking skills of our youth?