Friday, July 16, 2010

"The Dolphins Are Better", says EA Sports

Well, you guys know in addition to American Football, British Premier League Football, Voluptuous Women, and Micro-brews, I do have a 'thing' for video games, especially of the Sports genre.  I especially enjoy the Madden series (have been playing it off and on for over a decade).  Well, I tend to go 2 years in between Madden purchases, but I may just splurge for the 2011 one which comes out August 10th despite already having the 2010 version.

One of the main reasons for getting the 2011 version is that the Dolphins have actually improved, at least according to EA Sports, the company that designs the Madden series.  The Dolphins have gone from a 77 overall rating to a 79, and the Patriots and Bills have both gotten worse.  The Dolphins are still ranked third in the Division, but the divide has thinned.

Meanwhile, some of the Dolphins players have some really exciting individual rating numbers.  In the world of fantasy it's good to know, for example, that Kory Sheets has a speed rating of 93, making him the fastest player on the team.  Perhaps surprisingly, Ronnie Brown, Vontae Davis, and Chris Clemons all have a 92 speed rating.

As for overall ratings, Jake Long leads the way again but this time around he has company.  Both he and Brandon Marshall scored a staggering 96.  For the Record, Randy Moss scored a 95, meaning the Dolphins have the most elite WR in the division! Fan favorite, FB Lousaka Polite scored a 91, making him the 2nd best FB in the whole game.

Of course, no video game is perfect.  Pat White registered a 66, which ranked him higher than 15 or so teama-mates including, Jason Allen, Reshad Jones, AJ Edds, Tyler Thigpen, Tim Dobbins, Chris Clemons, and Charlie Anderson.  He also edged out Tyrone Culver on aggregate, which means they think all our FS options are worse football players than Pat White - yikes!