Monday, July 12, 2010

Safety Isn't Free

The Dolphins inked yet another rookie over the weekend.  This time it's 5th round draftee, Reshad Jones, the safety out of Georgia.  The deal is for 4 years at $1.95 million.

Jones has the physical tools, but by many accounts he's been invisible so far in the safety competition.  Still, it's early days and you don't generally expect a rookie from the later rounds to upstage the veterans early on.  While Chris Clemons seems the current favorite to win the starting Free Safety job come September, I'd expect Jones to keep pushing Clemons.  Competition is good - even if Jones doesn't supplant Clemons, the competition should only make Clemons better and more battle-hardened.


  1. They Call Me... TimJuly 12, 2010 at 8:34 AM

    Like I was saying on the SS this morning, Jones may have been a bit overloaded with information in OTAs to really make any kind of noise early on. Someone else also brought up that he had some injury he was playing through and that sounded familiar.

  2. I don't care who wins the job as long they perform.

  3. I just hope that Reshad Jones is as good as Reshad Jones thinks Reshad Jones is. 

  4. I cannot wait until training camp!  News is too slow and the only other sport I watch is MMA.

  5. It's interesting that Jones has been playing at the FS spot... Everthing I have read on him points to him being a natural at the SS position. This could mean the Dolphins are hedging their bets on Bell remaining healthy. He has gone through the longest stretch of his career without an injury. Not meaning to jinx him or anything but it looks to me like Jones will be groomed as his eventual replacement. I think the FS job belongs to Clemons unless he really screws up.

  6. GAMEDAY 33day's away, CAN'T come soooooon enough !!!

    AGREE w'Patrick, RJones will be YB's eventual replacement!!!

  7. Well said.  Sparano believes that competition is good for the soul.

  8. from

    2010 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:
    <span>Reshad Jones</span>, <span>FS</span>, <span>Georgia</span>

    Jones was redshirted prior to his freshman season at Georgia, so he was three years removed from high school at the end of last year. As a result, he could have gone to the NFL; and he almost did. The free safety indicated he would leave Athens early and enter the 2009 draft, but he decided to pull his name out prior to the deadline. That was music to Mark Richt's ears, as the Bulldog defense had been dreadful outside of Jones and linebacker Rennie Curran.

    Without Jones, it's hard to imagine where the already-mediocre Georgia team would have been. He finished second on the team in total tackles behind Curran with 73 and also finished second in solo tackles with 44. He led the team in pass breakups (seven) and interceptions (four).

    Jones has good size at 6'2'', 212 pounds, but he needs to run consistently in the 4.4s in order to be an elite player at his position, because right now his coverage skills are lacking just a bit (he ran a 4.53 and 4.47 in two attempts at Georgia's pro day). A lot of scouts, however, think Jones will be a better player in the NFL than in college (which is saying a fair amount). He has all the physical tools to live up to those expectations, and he should be more effective when he does not have to do almost everything for an otherwise awful defense.

    Jones should be off the board no later than the end of round three.

  9. Yeah Can, I read that and a couple others... He just sounds like a strong safety to me. The 4 INTs and the pass break-ups are nice but I still get the impression he'll be looking at the SS position before too long. It seemed we placed all the blame for our secondary trouble on Gibril Wilson, but as a former safety I bet Tin can tell you the DBs are almost like the OL in the way they need communicate and be on the same page for the coverages to work.

    I'm not defensding Wilson, all I'm saying is there was more wrong there than one guy. Of course having two rookie corners didn't help either.

  10. Agreed, Patrick!

    And there's no more Baloney being Passed around on Defense! :-D

  11. Am I detecting the presence of a BP in your reply?

  12. They Call me... TimJuly 12, 2010 at 12:04 PM

    What is it that makes people think Jones is more of a SS than FS?

  13. They Call Me... TimJuly 12, 2010 at 12:05 PM

    What is it that makes people think Jones will be a better SS than FS?

  14. I'm stumped....what is it that makes people think Jones will be a better SS than FS?  LOL  8-)

  15. The only time I communicated with any of the other DBs was to shout 'MINE!'
    or to say "I SAID MINE!!!" right after colliding with someone. Of course I
    understand the concept of 'communication' in other ways - ultimately these
    guys practice and play together a LOT, and thus each player should know what
    the other is doing by his body language or a look, etc, basically non-verbal
    communication. Defense is not about trying to outwit the offense, it's
    about countering the offense and preventing them from beating you.
    Ultimately, good chemistry, speed, strength, solid fundamentals, and a
    certain amount of luck are all a defense needs to be successful. A
    professional football player doesn't need a team-mate to tell him where to
    line-up....his experience and knowledge should be all he needs to do it on
    his own.
    Where it gets tricky and when you hear about 'broken communication' is when
    one player decides to take a risk, and the player next to or behind him
    doesn't recognize this and doesn't cover the risk - that's how a 5 yard play
    turns into a 50 yard play.

  16. Didn't realize that I did that! Surely ain't knocking the future HOFer!

  17. Beats me Herd, maybe a guy who's a great hitter and plays well close to the line but is not a natural in coverage would be considered a better candidate for SS, but I don't know. At least he's faster than a Gerbil on one of those wheely things.

    Does anyone else wonder what goes through parents' minds when they decide to go with the name Gibril? How did that converation go?

    "No honey I still miss the gerbil that got eaten by the cat after you left the cage open. I say we name him in memory of that poor eviscerated rodent."

  18. Jones was projected by just about all the scouts to play SS in the NFL - I
    think it's based on his size and build - the same thing was said about
    William Moore in 2009. Anytime a safety is bigger than 6'0" and 205lbs, the
    pundits automatically dismiss him as a FS, despite the fact he played the
    position in College.
    I think the main knock on Jones' ability to play FS in the NFL is that he's
    not a sideline to sideline player, but to be honest, in all the video I've
    seen of him he didn't really look to be out of position too much, so it's
    hard to say he couldn't go sideline to sideline if he needed to. Truth is,
    Georgia's defense was horrible and Jones was left on an island on just about
    every play - 93 tackles from a FS in a college season is just ridiculous.

  19. They Call Me... TimJuly 12, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    Tin, from what I've seen from Jones is he looks like a FS to me or a guy who can help in coverage over the top or in deep space. He had a lot of plays where he separates receivers from the ball coming in at the last moment. That's what the classic FS does. Having an enforcer who makes receivers think twice before catching the ball over the middle is a good thing.

    I agree with your assessments on defense and with communication in the defensive backfield. It's not rocket science. Once you get the playbook down you should be good to go.

    That's why I've been saying I'd like to see our safeties be versatile and interchangeable so they can mix it up on defense with blitzes and coverages. The same with some of the LBs.

  20. That's like a friend of mine who named his son Cash....perhaps to help
    motivate him everytime he left for work and kissed his son goodbye?

  21. Wilson was blamed for an awful lot last year.  It would have helped if he wasn't covering for one of the worst Line backer corps in the NFL.  Football is one of the most team oriented sports out there, and the other parts of Miami's defence weren't doing much to play team defence.  I don't see how we can put all the blame on Wilson.

    I thought Jones was brought here as a Free Safety.  But older people have a problem with memory amoungst other things that seem to fail when it is needed.

  22. IMHO, 
    b/c of the NFL's game/players speed, the field play's wider/longer than @ the collegent level!!!

    Though RJones was able to play side-line to side-line, and EZ to EZ @ Georgia,(b/c he HAD TO),
    I see him being the ultimate proto-type SS as a Dolphin,
    as YB's breather/eventual ProBowl replacement,
    w'CClemons being RJ's equal @ FS, and NFL-wise Culver as CC's bkup...

    I'd personally want a youngster w'a vet @ each position,
    w'a vet on the field beside a youngster @ all time's, when possible!!!
    (So ifff YB goes down, Culver may see time b/4 RJ @ SS), no-matter their roster positional listings??
    I believe the game-plan is to eventually have CC & RJ as our starting safties,
    b/c YB's practically done, and Culver's (one of my favs) upside will have tapped-out by that time!!!

    We don't want another JA scenario, where a youngster can't remember his responsibilities
    b/c he forget's what position he's playing @ any given time...
    Granted S and CB are two different monster's, and JA spent a yr @ a time attempting 1 of the 2 position's,(rather than practicing @ both on a wkly basis)!!!
    I'd think that yr long/wkly rep's @ both S position's wouldn't be as detrimental to RJones' progress,
    as yrly complete positional changes were to JAllen's early career!!!

    We've played alot of 3 saftey set's over the last couple yrs,
    thanx to our present safties versatilities I'd imagine that will continue...
    I don't believe it really matter's who's tabbed the SS or FS,
    as long as the 3 main factor's see the field, and produce...

    W'Culver, ifff 2 injuries @ the S position take place,
    we still have 2 worthy starter's @ both S position's,(other than YB they're all innerchangable)..
    While a couple of o10's CB's have moved from the S position also!!

    Despite the above,ultimately the two best plyr's will start,no-matter their pos listing's or experience!!
    Thankfully, We're talented and DEEEEP @ DB,  No-Matter who play's where, IMHO!!        GOFINS!!!!

  23. Tin, I think you watered down playing defense in the NFL a lot... I truly don't think a defense can line up and play smash mouth for 60 minutes and expect to be affective in today's NFL. The better defenses we see in the NFL are becoming more and more complex because of the proliferation of the West Coast and 4 or 5 reciever sets. To defend these offenses requires 5 and 6 DBs and puts a premuim on pressuring the QB.

    We all know the only thing the prevent defense does is prevent you from winning and in the past when 6 DBs were in the game it was a simple matter of slicing up the field in zones. It didn't work and now it is more important because 5 WRs is much more common and defenses have had to evolve. We see CBs blitzing and DEs dropping into coverage. LBs roaming the line of scrimage prior to the snap. DBs playing half zone, half man, it's a new ball game and it requires a lot more smarts and communication to pull it off.

    KV was talking about Jason Allen not being able to find a position because he was moved around too much. Well let's face it JA cannot be the brightest bulb on the tree and the real reason he can't find a starting job is because he can no longer depend on his athletic ability but the smarts aren't there. If playing DB only required athletic ability and not communication and smarts JA would be starting today but he's not and he's not going to be.

    Mike Nolan only opens pandora's box a little farther because his is a thinking man's defense. You don't trick Peyton Manning by running the same coverages and pressure schemes play after play. So I have to respectfully disagree. I think defense is becoming more like offense where the "Play Calling" is more complicated and the defenders are required to understand schematically what's going on but also be able to communicate and be on the same page.

  24. They Call Me... TimJuly 13, 2010 at 6:07 AM

    I don't think Tin was saying playing vanilla defense is the way to go. I think what he was saying and I agree with it, is that once defenders know their assignments there isn't a whole lot of complexity. Now it's up to match-ups, talent and athletic ability. That doesn't mean running the same plays and not mixing it up.


    1st pic,  UMMMMMMM YUMMMMMYYY!!!

    STUPID, but NO BIG on BH accident, no injuries, abandoned vehicle...
    Looks like CCrowder has spread the word on how he avoided a DUI...
    STUPID, and here I thought BH's intelligence was one of his assett's...
    Whewwww, exteremly glad it wasn't BM !!!

  26. a 2008 truck abandoned after running into an abandoned 2002 escalade? WTF
    are you guys doing down there in FLA? it sounds like a Grand Theft Auto

  27. Traditionally I would agree, but more and more assignments = more and more complexity...

  28. This just in: Brian Hartline is an idiot.

  29. Guess he has his 1st hater,
    for doing what many would attempt, to save an eventual million dollar plus a yr job...
    Though iff he got caught he "idiocally" would have made thing's much worse, but CC got away w'it...
    IFFFF he actually was drunk, which is likely @ 4am when you hit a parked car on the HIGHway...

    Hope there weren't recently consumed beer can's in the truck w'his fingerprint's!!!
    The report said the police couldn't release the info on what was found in the truck,
    Sooo he may actually be an "idiot", but who am I to hypocritically judge...   GO BH, GOFINS!!

  30. We Have PlaymakersJuly 14, 2010 at 10:32 AM

    It 'appears' that it is time to add Brian Hartline's name to a long lists of dumb asses that play in the NFL.  I hope I am proven wrong but it sounds a lot like he was drunk or high & abandoned his truck to avoid a DUI.

  31. If he were my Son.  I would take his keys away and make him sit in the corner facing the wall.  Of course if I did that I would be charged for Child abuse by the Children and Family Services of Florida.

  32. Children and Family Services of Florida - no such entity! lol

  33. Very good !!!  Tin...  :-D    Now we know why Hartline is a problem child :)

  34. That would make sense if he was FROM Florida...

  35. Thankful he has superior football intelligence which is what concern's me most w'all our player's!!
    @least until one loses his roster spot due to off the field mistake's/stupidity,
    then I'm concerned w'who will replace him...

    Apparently, nothing's going to come of this, seeing that it happened quite awhile ago,
    and only surfaced recently to us and questionably the regime...
    It scares me a bit that he kept it from the brass this long,
    if nothing else, that might have ramification's...

    I don't know FANG,
    I grew-up in a extremly strict Fl household,
    and still drove STONEDdrunk every Friday and Saturday night
    b/t the ages of 16 and far beyond BHartline's age...
    But you're right, parent's need to be able to beat to a pulp the disrespectful kids of today, >:o LOL!!

    He's young and gooofy lookin,
    he's gotta get the girl's drunk while indulging himself,
    iffff he's gonna get laid...
    After the accident he probably ran a fly route to the motel they agreed to meet @,
    to be sure he'd go to sleep after being the F'er rather than the F'e...
    That's what I'd of done @ his age in his perdicament!!!
    20 somethin yr old's don't alway's make decesion's w'their mind's!!!
    I've been 20 something for 30 yr's, :-P LOL!!
    But I can't run to the mailbox w'out getting winded,
    so I don't drink & drive anymore, cept on the golf-course!!!

  36. This will sound strange, but I actually think he did what I would've done. I guess the right thing to do would've been to stand there and wait for the cops or call them himself but in reality few of us would do that. The cost of a DUI (knock on wood I've never had one) is a law inforcement money making machine as much as it is a danger. I'm not meaning to minimize the devastation caused by drunk drivers, my point is, I would not stand there and wait and I certainly wouldn't call myself in so I would've done exactly what Brian did.

    With that thought in mind I would be a hypocrite if I wrote something here bashing Brian Hartline. I rarely drive when I've been drinking but every Sunday I'm on the road after a visit to my local watering hole to watch my beloved Dolphins. If it was after a Monday night game and I hit some abandoned car on the side of the road and no one was around. I'm walking my ass out of there and calling a cab down the road a piece. I know that sounds bad, but I won't lie, that's what I would do.

  37. Yeah it does sound bad but I don't think you'd really know what you'd do
    until you were actually in that situation - I would wager that the cops
    didn't find the vehicle until a couple of hours after the accident - most
    people would've sobered up quite a bit by then - what I want to know is how
    long the other abandoned vehicle was there for - are they sure it was
    abandoned earlier and it wasn't a case of two cars going off the road
    together? Perhaps they were racing?
    I just find the coincidence of running into an already abandoned car on the
    side of the road to be a little hard to believe - I mean on any given
    freeway there's one abandoned vehicle every ten miles or so, what are the
    odds of actually running into one? Or did he run off the road, hit the
    guardrail then skate along it for a mile or two before slamming into the
    other car?

  38. They Call Me... TimJuly 15, 2010 at 8:13 AM

    Yeah the part about running into an abandoned car is strange.

    I agree with Patrick though, if I had a few too many foo foo drinks and crashed my car and nobody else was involved, I wouldn't stick around either.  :-D

  39. Who knows, he could have dozed off... It does seem in our society the term "laws were meant to be broken" is alive and well. We all routinely break the law, we just don't caught. I speed everytime I'm on the freeway. KV takes a toke. Knight, he dresses in armour and goes around scaring little girls and poodles, FFR, I won't even go into that, Herd makes people drive off the road trying to catch a glimpse of her fake hooters...

    OMG, I figured out what happened to Brian Hartline!!!  Herd you should be ashamed of yourself, he's young enough to be your son!!!

  40. They Call Me... TimJuly 15, 2010 at 8:55 AM

    Wow, you have a wild imagination. Does herd have fake hooters or does she just work where they make them?

  41. It's the fru fru drinks!

  42. They Call Me... TimJuly 15, 2010 at 9:00 AM

    I don't know.

  43. Actually I'm a budlight drinker, but I'll certainly never live down those White Russians... Dear God did those things make me sick! I thought I was going to die.

  44.  ""Knight, he dresses in armour and goes around scaring little girls and poodles""


  45. They Call Me... TimJuly 15, 2010 at 9:41 AM

    Except nothing scares poodles.