Friday, July 23, 2010

Well that does it!

Well, despite all the speculation and some suggestion over what would/could/should happen in regards to Philip Merling and his offseason criminal issues, it's all been taken care of by the news that he has torn his Achilles tendon and will now miss the 2010 season altogether.

I  don't know what history of other defensive ends with similar injuries are, but I've got to imagine considering the weight distribution and pushing off necessary at the position that this is a far worse injury for Merling than it was for say, Dan Marino, back in 1993.  Marino came back in 1994, but he could barely jog after the injury and in today's game of speed, Marino probably would never have gotten back on the field.  I would suspect Merling will have a much harder time convincing himself (let's face it, he hasn't shown any of the fire and determination that got Marino back on the field during his first two years) as well as coaches and team doctors that he can get back on the field.  

I think it would be a pretty safe speculation at this point that Merling will not be with the team in 2011 either.

One thing this doesn't settle, is who the final 7 to 9 DL the Dolphins keep around for the season will be.  Obviously Jared Odrick, the 1st round pick, has suddenly become the starter-by-name.  This throws a spanner in the works of his ongoing contract negotiations because, as a starter on Day 1, he would get a much meatier contract and bonus/incentives.  But for the same reason the Dolphins will want to get him under contract immediately.

As for next year, go ahead and pencil in DL for another two draft picks in your 'team needs' column..