Monday, November 16, 2009

Dolphins Show They CAN Come From Behind

MIAMI        25

It's no surprise to Dolphin fans that this team likes to keep its games close and either eke away with a win or give up a late score to lose.  Well, the Dolphins did both on Sunday, allowing the Bucs to stick around, then score with 1:19 left in the 4th quarter to take a 1 point lead.  

The Dolphins had a two touchdown lead to start the second half, though one of those touchdowns was the result of one of the worst officiating calls I've ever seen.  But I've seen a few of those kinds of calls go against us, this season alone (remember New Orleans?), so while I thought it was a shameful example of piss poor officiating, the fact that the game came down to the wire and resulted in a Miami win, makes it seem like the football gods were looking down on the Dolphins yesterday.

It wasn't pretty, as Ted Ginn came out with zero catches and just an 18 yard kickoff return average, Brian Hartline had two drops, Ronnie Brown rolled his ankle and had to leave the game and Davone Bess was a liability on punt returns, and started off with two drops of his own.

But Bess was clutch on the final drive, catching two passes for 41 yards after the Dolphins poor kick return had them starting the drive at their own 16 yard line.  Bess did what he does best, finding soft spots in coverage and Henne rocketed the ball to Bess where he stood.  The drive also included a defensive pass interference when Geno Hayes grabbed Joey Haynos by the jersey, and was capped by Ricky Williams barreling forward for 27 yards on the ground to set up a chip shot for Dan Carpenter.

The Bucs had one last chance which ended when Yeremiah Bell body-slammed rookie WR Sammie Stroughter into the grass.  

Final Analysis - 

In my opinion, Anthony Fasano being injured was a gift from heaven, allowing the Dolphins to sign TE Kory Sperry to the active roster, and two days later he was scoring a touchdown in his first NFL game (Fasano has scored 1 TD in 8 games this season).  He's a big body, a little on the chunky side, but so was David Martin.  In my opinion, Joey Haynos and Sperry should be given more reps to develop and Fasano should not be re-signed at the end of the year.

Charlie Anderson had a great game, totally surprising me, but I still question the Dolphins coaching staff for starting him over Cam Wake.  Why can they not see the pressure on film that Wake gets on opposing QBs?  Even in limited reps this week, he was the most effective pass rusher.  This regime is really starting to irk me, between questionable playcalling, and the inability to see blatantly obvious things, like the fact that Vernon Carey stinks, and that Wake has been the only steady pressure creator this year and needs to be on the field more.  

Most notable thing for me during the game was to see that Dan Henning was not in the booth or even wearing a headset on Sunday.  That means he wasn't calling plays, or the communications system was broken.  Considering this is the NFL and they could've just delayed kickoff and gotten it fixed, I have to assume that he was being punished for either poor playcalling or the comments he made to the media last week.  I didn't see David Lee on the sidelines like he normally is, so I assume he was calling the plays from upstairs.  There could be a little shake up going on.  I would expect if Sparano has taken the play-calling away from Henning, and it continues that way, that Henning won't be here next year.  I think it's safe to say that David Lee is choice number 1 to be his successor.


ps - The Dolphins have a short week, playing Carolina on Thursday.  The game will be on NFL Network at 8:20pm (PST).  Carolina looked pretty good in shutting down Atlanta yesterday, but Atlanta has been struggling lately.  This game is a chance for the Dolphins to make a run towards the playoffs, as a win here would bring us out of a losing record, with a long week to prepare for Buffalo.  Meanwhile, on Sunday I suggest we all take some heroin and root for the Jets to beat New England. (just kidding about the heroin - do NOT do that!)


  1. You've got to be kidding me...  you call that a chance with the 1st team line???  Was there even a line in front of him?  when he fumbled he was hit as soon as he had the ball by 4 or 5 guys.. not a blocker in sight!!  He had a rough game, but he still out-performed the rest of the running backs and he out-efforted them too.  Just admit it... he's twice the running back that Cobbs is and runs harder... tries harder....  and hits harder than the other two jokers.   I haven't seen one of those other backs run it up the middle yet...  it's always some kind of trick play or pitch outside...   that's panzie football...  at least Hilliard's a man

  2. Have to agree on coaching staff being slow to see who is making plays this year. Last year if you had a couple of bad games they put someone else in there to see if that would work. Also will root for Jets this one time.

  3. funny, just what i posted on ths SS blog before i read your article.  just saying i am hooking up the horses to the "not sure tony & co are all that" bandwagon.   just tired of seeing the d back off in the 4th, tired of the pat white experiment breaking the offense mo, tired of seeing henne have to go back in on 3rd 15 cause of gimmicks, and above all else, tired of seeing ted ginn still on the field.

  4. dammit Tin, you made me spit my mac and cheese all over my screen! heroin??? lmao!!!

    I for one am glad to see henning "possibly" not calling the plays. I felt like he would have a game plan and never adjust if the defense for other side was ala Wanny style. While I do appreciate the WC, I don't always appreciate when it is utitlized or with whom.

    I also think one needs to look at Pasawhoever. The defense has started out quite a few games with some blitzing in the early parts of the games and then tapered off in the latter parts. Now I know that the secondary has gotten burned at times, but I would rather blitz and them get burned then have the opposing QB sit in the pocket (Brady at one point last week was standing there...not even bouncing or anything just standing waiting for a guy to come up..he had that much time) and eventually find a receiver. And what is the real reason for the 4th quarter melt downs at times this season from our defense?

    Again, thanks for an awesome read Tin!! Off to get some wipes for my screen. ;)

  5. LOL, Root for the jets? ummff, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. 

    This is going to be a tough one for the team Thursday.  Basically 3 days to practice (if we fly on Thursday) really banged up team, a lot of our starters hurt with no time to rest.  If we can pull this one off we have a good shot down the stretch. 

  6. If we win and the Jets win we'll be one game behind the Pats. If you want
    to make the playoffs, we need the Jets to win. Don't think of it as rooting
    for the jets, just root AGAINST the pats!

  7. <span>tin,</span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>heroin,  a few lines of blow,  a couple viles of crack, some….no a lot of meth, even some ludes (old school I know) and I still could ever root for the jets</span>

  8. Just think of it this way are not really rooting for either one, you are rooting for the one to win that gives the fins the best shot at the division. In this case the Jets beating the Patsies again...Although, I do agree with your in mouth vomit comment. LOL

  9. yikes ffr you really know your street drugs huh ;)

  10. slush,

    got to have something to make the time pass in the trailer park LOL

  11. Ok so here;'s the plan, ginn only see 5-10 offensive snaps each game MAX. however, he does get all punt returns now that Bess has proven he has no businees returning kicks. 

    THEN, the coaching staff specifically instructs Ginn he is NOT allowed to run out of bounds for the entire game. 

    Other than that, nice game yesterday. Henne grew up a little bit and Ronnie's injury may be a blessing in disguise for Ricky who per the AFC East blog on ESPN, could get another 1000 yard season before retiring now (obviously he deserves it). Thank god Ronnie's ankle isn't broken though as I'm 100% sure we are a better team with him in the lineup.

  12. I would rather they not have to come from behind to win. I want to see them get ahead, stay ahead, run up the f'in score if that is what it takes.  I want to see just one game where they just blow someone out of the water.  I want to see catchable balls be caught.  I EVEN would like to see the occasional 'how in the world did they catch that ball?' kind of play.  I want to relax in the 4th Q and enjoy the buzz I have developed rather than feeling sick at my stomach.  IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK??????

    And I lied above when I said I wanted to see it for just one game.  I want to see it every game.

  13. herdfan, the best teams don't dominate, they just win. Both New Orleans and
    Indianapolis are 9-0 and they've both had to come back from big deficits
    this season. They are really good teams, because they win, not because they
    just blow away the opposition. This ain't college ball, it's the NFL and
    with free agency and the salary cap, the teams are meant to be highly
    competitive. Personally it's nice to have a big showing every once in a
    while but it would be pretty boring if all the games were over by halftime.
    There would be no drama, and no chance for last-minute heroics. That
    wouldn't be proper football.

  14. tin,

    that isnt what she said.  she wasnt comparing the fins to elite teams.  all she said is she would like to see the fins up 31-3 at the start of the 4th quarter and be able to enjoy her buzz instead of watching the fins up by 13 and getting that sick feeling in your stomach just knowing they are going to find a way of blowing the lead.


    Do they serve tea at half time at a proper football game?  Do you have to wear white gloves? LOL

    The point I'm trying to make is I want to see some killer instinct and put teams away when you have the chance.  Good teams win when they do that, and good teams lose when they don't.  That's what I'm talking about.

  16. Yeah, that is curious about Anderson starting over Wake ... but I know there's alot of info & stuff that is not released to the public ... so I believe its hard to logically understand.

    Somebody seemed to know something we didn't know, because ....
    Joey meet Wally Pipp …. as Rotoworld says ” “…..
    Charlie Anderson had perhaps his best game as a Dolphin Sunday.
    Anderson finished with five solo tackles, a sack, and two forced fumbles, which is a bigger impact than Porter has made all season.

    Another shining star in the Wally Pipp constellation ….
    TE Kory Kalani Kahaunaele Sperry: THREE Opportunities & THREE Catches … ONE FOR TD!! Grab some pine Fasano!!!
    Sperry was signed by the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent in 2009 … and TITS poached him off the Sandy Dego practice squad!!
    T  una
    I  reland
    T  ony
    S  parano

  17. The Knight who says Ni!November 16, 2009 at 12:20 PM

    Omar made a good point today that Wake's a better pass rusher with his hand on the ground and isn't as good standing up. That could be the issue with his playing time.

  18. LOL,

    yes and in "PROPER FOOTBALL" the cheerleaders are in full lenght gowns and the players in black ties.

  19. Are you poking fun at my British heritage?

  20. Oh I'm so going to start calling them TITS now....

  21. Why, because you're not allowed to put your hand on the ground? I don't see
    the relevance.

  22. no.  no one said the have no need for mouth gaurds on 'proper football'

  23. No.  Are you poking fun at me for being a college football fan?

  24. for being a WVU fan.....yes....hillbilly!

  25. Based on some of their playcalling and decision making, I think we may need to start calling them Boobs, not tits

  26. you are a Marshall fan, that doesnt qualify as a college football fan.  LOL

  27. You can call me a lot of things and I'll just ignore it, but calling me a WVU fan, that is low.  

  28. um, didn't you tell me you were married to a WVU fan and were wearing a WVU
    jersey at some point?
    If my memory is incorrect I take it back...
    I do know you're a whispering willow fan...

  29. None of you guys saw David Lee on the sideline and Henning calling plays in the booth yesterday?  Nobody?  Watch the broadcast again fellas, you will all see yesterday was standard as par, Henning in the booth calling, and D.Lee with the players on the sideline.  I'm growing a little tired of Sparano, VERY tired of Henning taking on Sparano's conservatism.  And exhausted of the fact that Parcells & Ireland figuring we were fine heading into the season with the WR core as they are.  Ricky or Ronnie was bound to tear up and ankle or infintitely worse playing dink, dunk, grindball as we do.

  30. i will have to rewatch, because I swear I saw Henning at least four times
    through out the game on the sideline. Either way I still think they'll
    groom Lee to take over for Henning next year.
    As for Ronnie/Ricky, that's the main reason we use two backs, to keep them
    fresh and not rely too heavily on one player. And it's the reason they have
    Hilliard and Sheets on the roster as well. We'll miss the smart running by
    Ronnie this week, but with Ricky and Hilliard in there, I'd expect a more
    instinctual running game.
    If nothing else, our defense should be better if Henning can remember any of
    the Panthers' playbook.

  31. No you are correct about my being married to a WV grad./fan.  And I do wear their attire occasionally.  Deep down, I don't really like it though.  

  32. LOL. If you don't like it, don't do it!

  33. The Knight who says Ni!November 16, 2009 at 1:46 PM

    He's not as explosive standing up. We play a 3-4 and he can't play with his hand on the ground all day.

  34. The Knight who says Ni!November 16, 2009 at 1:48 PM

    Henne has always been somewhat conservative. But with all the whacky stuff we run I wouldn't call it conservative. We don't have the talent to open it up crazy. Who exactly are we opening up the passing game with?

    There was a time when Henning was on the field and not in the booth. I thought it was late in the game.

  35. ah, but we USED to play a 3-4. This year we've been playing something
    else. Not sure what it is, but it definitely is a hybrid thing. They have
    been having JT play with his hand in the ground, and Wake also on the left
    side. But what difference does it make when you're rushing the QB? Wake is
    put in to rush the QB, and is the only consistent source of pressure. So
    you're telling me the coaches watch the film of Wake getting a sack or a
    hurry and they're thinking to themselves, oh he has is hand in the dirt, so
    he can't rush the QB?

  36. I've heard you say you watch your wife's TV shows, even though you don't like them.  Same thing.

  37. Right...We're better!!! ;)

  38. uh, no I don't watch her crappy shows.

  39. Oh, I have lots of practice doing that!!  No problem.  Actually I think I'll root against BOTH of them and then hope just a little bit more that NE loses. Oh and bang NE up good. 

  40. Here's a crazy thought, what happens to our chances if they tie? 0-0

  41. According to Donovan McNabb (who I get all my education from), there are no
    ties in the NFL.

  42. The Knight who says Ni!November 16, 2009 at 7:06 PM

    The discussion with Omar started when I said Anderson always seems to have a bad penalty but he also made plays in that game and is very fast for an OLB. I then said Wake has a sick burst off the edge and Omar replied about Wake and his hand on the ground.

    Tin, come one. I think what Omar was saying and what I'm referring to is Wake is one-dimensional right now and his role will increase as he improves overall.

    Our nickel defense is a 4-2-5. Sometimes it seems like Bell is the nickel LB with Crowder or Torbor. That's what I'm seeing. That's when Wake should be in the game. Let Porter and Anderson rotate at WOLB and JT and Roth rotate at SOLB in the 3-4, but get Wake on the field a little more. I agree with that.

  43. Many coaches, including Saints Coach Sean Payton, give players detailed reports each week on the tendencies of each officiating crew, using stats from both the current and previous seasons. It's one of the many tactics Payton gleaned from his mentor <span>Bill Parcells</span>.
    "They do develop personalities, these crews. So it's something we talk about in practice," Payton said. "I don't know if it impacts the play-calling as much as it just brings an awareness to our players. All of a sudden you might get a crew that, just for example, their defensive holding numbers might be 3-to-1 higher than the average."

    Found this on the web during a search for nfl officiating stats... my own highlighting of BP... got to figure that Miami is prepping its players on each officiating crew!

  44. I don't see this defense stopping any team on a consistent basis.  There was about 2:32 seconds left in last weeks game when Henne threw the pick.  If were not for our great defense doing the normal thing, allowing other teams to score at will when needed, we would have lost that game.

    So in a round about way the defense won the game by allowing TB to score in about 1:00 minute from 30 yards out,  Good for us I think we may have found an answer for the QB delema that has plaged this team for years.  Now all we have to do is find 4 LBs to replace Porter, Akin, Crowder, and that other old man.  Then feed Ginn to the sharks and we may have a real football team.