Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Practice Squad Update 11/11/09

The Dolphins have signed Tristan Davis to their practice squad.  Davis was a speedy running back out of Auburn who has a lengthy injury history.  He was on the Lions practice squad earlier this year.  At 5'9", 212 lbs, and with a sub 4.40 time, this looks like an indication the Dolphins are looking for a punt returner.  They certainly have enough running backs on the roster.

Space was made by activating ILB, JD Folsom, after William Kershaw was cut.

The Dolphins practice squad as of 11/11/09:

  1. Tristan Davis, RB.
  2. Julius Pruitt, WR. 
  3. Kory Sperry, TE.
  4. Andrew Hartline, T.
  5. Nate Ness, FS.
  6. Will Billingsley, CB.
  7. Ryan Baker, DE.
  8. John Nalbone, TE.


  1. What the hell are we doing? Two guys off the worst team in the leagues practice squad? Does this make any sense to anyone?

  2. fact is, none of us can honestly say we know all about the NFL PS players can we?

    Due to the nature of the league, the liklihood that any one teams ps has much better players than any others' is pretty low. I love this part of the league, the guys fighting for a paycheck, but lets face it, you can't glean anything useful by looking at which PS a guy was on before he got here.

  3. The Knight who says Ni!November 11, 2009 at 4:09 PM

    The practice squad is just as much position of need driven as it is a project developmental system. Some teams keep guys who know their system who the team feels they could use at that position along the way instead of picking up someone off the street. Like why J.D. Folsom was activated. Crowder went down. Folsom has potential. He was impressive to me in the PS. He could contribute more at LB next year but this year he'll probably play more special teams with Torbor playing more LB. But he's next in line at ILB.

    So it's not really about what level of team the player came from, it's more about position. Detroit may not need a PS RB or they have another RB ahead of Tristan Davis. It's obvious we're looking for more speed in the return game with Kory Sheets and now Davis. That could mean they don't like Ginn at PR at all and just KR and part-time WR is not enough to keep him around next year. So they're being pro-active.

  4. See, I disagree.  If they are not good enough to be on the 53 man roster of one of the worst teams in the league.....they can't be that good.  Now if it is the practice squad for a great team, then I could agree that maybe the guys in front of him are just that much better that they MIGHT be on the 53 of another team.  But the Lions?

  5. He's not better than (in Detroit's opinion at least) Kevin Smith, Maurice Morris or Aaron Brown.......Who? The three of them have combined for 669 yds on the year!

  6. Rockphin, he's an undrafted rookie who is 5'9". You expect him to be a
    starting NFL back?
    For what it's worth, Cameron Wake wasn't considered good enough to be on
    ANYONE's practice squad in the NFL a few years ago. Brandon London was our
    3rd receiver at one point last year, and now he's unemployed completely.
    Their is no correlation between how good a team is and the level of talent
    on their practice squad. It is entirely a safeguard against injuries as
    well as a position that is needed in practices, i.e. WRs, DBs, Oline and
    injury safeguards.
    Keep in mind that we are capable of signing ANY practice squad player from
    ANY team at ANY time. But to get someone onto our practice squad they have
    to be unemployed, hence, laid off by someone else.
    PS. Kevin Smith has been injured all year, and is a very good running back.