Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Worst Fear

It's now been confirmed that the Dolphins have placed Ronnie Brown on season-ending injured reserve. There goes the Wildcat.  They have not disclosed the injury details.

Looks like hanging on to Lex Hilliard and signing Kory Sheets was good foresight. This is the second time in 3 years Ronnie was having a great season and had it ended by injury. In 2007 he tore his ACL in game 7 after averaging 142 yards of offense per game. He returned in 2008 to average just 73 yards of offense per game. He averaged 83 yards per game during 2009 but his most significant stat was having 8 touchdowns in 9 games which had him on pace for 14, which would have been his best year so far in his career.

As it stands, Ronnie would become a free agent next year if a new CBA agreement is reached before the end of this NFL fiscal year. If that happens, this injury likely means a significant loss of future contract revenue for Brown.


  1. Well that changes the dynamics of next years draft


    We've lost our 2 main gyz/leaders,@least now we'll have a good excuse should we fall short,DAMMMMMMITTTT!!!
    MAYBE 3 w'JSmiley ?? 

    In all likelyhood ruins this yr(SUKKS),but as I said last yr w'all the youngsters that got experience in the OL,
    it'll be benificial towards next yr... NOW PW will be up to NFL speed in o10,but who'll be the lead RB??!!

    I agree,puts a whole new spin on the o10 draft,now we'll need a big-time WR and @least 1 Running back!!!


  3. The Knight who says Ni!November 18, 2009 at 4:58 PM

    This just sucks! Ronnie is such a good guy and a great player. He doesn't deserve this.

    i still think we'll be able to run the football and there is no doubt Pat White's role will increase. But the dynamic of the Wildcat will change without 23.

    I'm not sure we'll look to draft a RB in the 1st round next year but we will draft a RB no later than the 4th or 5th round now. Hilliard will get a big opportunity to show what he has and if he'll be in future plans in the offense in some role. Ricky's the main man now but we will mix it up like we always do.

    That's 4 important players out for the year in Pennington, Brown, W. Allen and Cobbs. That really sucks!

  4. Fuck,MAYBE 4 main gyz/leaders,forgot about WAllen,(which benifits the rookie CBs for o10)!!

    DAGNUMMIT!!! Well the backups stepped-up last yr and got us to the post-season!!
    STEP-UP BYZ,the parties just begun w'a W on Thurs nght to be 5-5!!
    6-5 after Buff could motivate the team to a WC spot,(doubt we can take the div w'out RB)..
    WC and ahead of the swepts swepts swepts @ this point works for me!!! 

    LUV/MISSYA already RB (hope you return 100% in o10),get well soon!!
    I was bored w'out Ronnie last wk,but I think that's cuz the team started gameplanning for Carolina @ halftime..
    To some extent,I think we looked past TB,TS said that they had been working on the Carolina gameplan for much of the wk leading up to the TB game cuz it was a short wk,(almost made the Carolina game not matter)!!

    New NFL rules for pass completion's,catch the ball,get tackled,get up,run through the stands w'ball allowing all 70,000 to try to knock it loose,return to the field,hand the ball to the ref,constitutes a legal catch.. 

  5. LISFRANC FRACTURE is what CBS is reporting !!

    Any doctors out there that know if he can return to form,and when,or if its career threatning??

  6. News: Ronnie Brown's season is over for the Miami Dolphins. Miami's leading rusher was placed on injured reserve Wednesday because of what is believed to be a Lisfranc fracture in his right foot, according to the Miami Herald. It's his second season-ending injury in three years. Brown will visit a specialist in Charlotte and is with his teammates as they head there to take on the Panthers in Week 11. According to one of the Herald's sources, Brown's injury is "not anything major as far as career or long term."

    Like I said,any doctors out there??? I don't trust the Miami Herald prognosticators!!

  7. Hate this news.  It's almost like this year the Dolphins are paying for last year's 'charmed' season.  But I think there are still a lot of good players here, there have been lots of flashes of potential this year, they just need to put it all together and play without all the mistakes.  Everyone, in the same game, the whole game, rather than there being 'one guy' in each game that pulls it out of the fire.    Simple, right?   I feel sick already......

  8. This really sucks. For Ronnie, for the Dolphins, for the fans, oh yeah...and for his FF football owners like me!

    Our leagues' WW order is reverse order of the standings, and Ronnie Brown has helped me get a nice record. The downside of course is that he went down in a week where anybody who even thought about being a runningback got seriously injured, and all the other owners got first dibs on the replacements.

    Sammy Morris, Ryan Moats, or Knowshon Moreno?

    Maybe Lex becomes the next ricky while ricky becomes ronnie? I got him (Lex) too.


    All that aside, what Knight said is right on. He's a great guy, a great player and he doesn't deserve this.

    A football career is anything but secure!

  9. Can't wait to see what Rex Hilliard has. I hope they give him some carries (I would love at least 10 tommrow night). A big back behind a bog time offensive line, can't wait to see what happens.

  10. So the sun is questioning getting Edgerrin. What is your take on that? I am torn. I think it would be nice to have someone that has been great in the past, at least to make sure Ricky does not get worn on like he did with Wanny. But the other half of me, realizes we are not going to make a run deep into the playoffs this year and we need to know what we have now.

    What do you all think?

  11. Slush, between Ricky, Lex, Kory and Lousaka, there really isn't any need to
    bring in another running back to place on the 53.