Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tin Bits - Wednesday, 11/25/09

  • Matt Roth was waived yesterday and Cleveland holds the top claim spot and they run a 3-4 and Mangini is familiar with Roth.  Seems like an open-shut case that Roth will be a Brown by Thanksgiving. UPDATE: The Browns have claimed Matt Roth off of waivers.
  • The Dolphins held practice today and DE Kendall Langford was absent during the media portion but showed up right after then.  DE Lionel Dotson has an unknown injury and rode the stationary bike during practice. 
  • The Dolphins had the following O-line at practice today:  Long, Garner, Berger, Thomas, Carey.  Jake Grove rode the exercise bike.  Justin Smiley was present but was limited during drills.
  • The Dolphins have signed a new Offensive Lineman.  Wearing number 61, it's Mark Lewis, the rookie out of Oregon who was with the Dolphins in the offseason/preseason as a Center/Guard.  He was released during final cuts and eventually signed to Seattle's practice squad but was released shortly after.  Correction:  Mark Lewis was signed to the practice squad, and practice squadder, Andrew Hartline, was promoted to the 53.
  • Things aren't easy for a displaced Dolphins fan when it comes to watching the games.  The Dolphins got shunned by the NFL, as they were 'flexed' out of the Sunday Night matchup versus the Patriots in week 13.  I'm sure they will get good coverage on CBS, but living in an area that has two NFL teams, I usually have no chance of being in that coverage area. Things are not looking good for this week as only South Florida and the Buffalo area seem to be getting the game.  Even Tampa is scheduled to get Jacksonville.
  • Ricky Williams has been named the AFC Offensive Player of The Week for his week 11 performance vs Carolina.  The last time he won the award was in the 2002 season. Keep in mind that the Dolphins played two games 4 days apart and Ricky put up a combined 42 carries for 221 yards (5.3 avg), 4 catches for 25 yards, and 3 TDs in that 4 day span.  If you took those numbers and averaged them out, then multiplied them by 16 games, it comes out to 1781 yards rushing, 200 yards receiving, and 24 touchdowns.  Let's hope Ricky shows consistency for the rest of the year..


  1. that sucks about the coverage, hopefully they will change it by sunday.  just one more reason to hate fagrve.

  2. that sucks about the coverage, just one more reason to hate fagrve.  hopefully they can change it and show the game in tampa

  3. The Knight who says Ni!November 25, 2009 at 10:30 AM

    ffr, is that you in the middle? LOL

    I was all psyched to watch the Pats game at home but once again Favre has to take over my football season. Really sick of it.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. They are already announcing that about the Pats game?   I thought they did that the week before the game? What if the old man gets hurt or something, chokes on his Thanksgiving turkey?  Then what? 

    I am really confused about this Matt Roth thing.  Not that he is gone, but the way it happened.  Why didn't they just do this at the beginning of the season?  Whatever.


  5. A chance for some of the youngsters

    <p><span>12 </span><span><span>Foster</span></span><span> <span>02 </span></span><span><span>Neville</span></span><span> <span>06 </span></span><span><span>Brown</span></span><span> <span>15 </span></span><span><span>Vidic</span></span><span> <span>21 </span></span><span><span>Rafael Da Silva</span></span><span> <span>08 </span></span><span><span>Anderson</span></span><span> <span>13 </span></span><span><span>Park</span></span><span> <span>28 </span></span><span><span>Gibson</span></span><span> <span>19 </span></span><span><span>Welbeck</span></span><span> <span>26 </span></span><span><span>Obertan</span></span><span> <span>27 </span></span><span><span>Macheda</span></span><span> <span></span></span>
    </p><p><span><span>29 <span>Kuszczak</span>, </span>03 <span>Evra</span>, </span><span>16 </span><span>Carrick</span><span>, 17 </span><span>Nani</span><span>, 18 </span><span>Scholes</span><span>, 24 </span><span>Fletcher</span><span>, 07 </span><span>Owen</span><span><span> </span></span>

    Happy thanksgiving to one and all. [...]

  6. Is the game in Turkey again? That way you get Turkey of some sort...
    I've been wanting to see some more of Welbeck, but not interested in the come Vidic is playing? And WTF happened to Berbatov? I feel like
    I haven't seen him in a month!?

  7. Game at the "theatre of dreams". So I get cold Turkey (groan).
    Jonny Evans is out with a calf injury? Welbeck and Macheda ia an exciting young striking partnership. Obertan is really coming on too.
    Most fans wouldbe popping champagne corks not seeing Berbie for a month?!?
    "Bulgarian international Berbatov, 28, missed matches either side of the international break with a knee injury and Sir Alex Ferguson stated on Saturday his £30.75m forward would miss the game against the Turkish champions. However, Berbatov was able to train with his team-mates on Tuesday and Ferguson may consider letting the former Tottenham man loose on Besiktas, who are currently without a win."

  8. " would miss the game against the Turkish champions. However, Berbatov was
    able to train with his team-mates on Tuesday and Ferguson may consider
    letting the former Tottenham man loose on Besiktas"

  9. Some Ginn "lowlights" from games where ffr wasn't able to encourage Teddy to greatness?

  10. He wasn't fit at the weekend (Fergie said he wasn't fit on Saturday) but he must've made a quicker recovery than, for example, MATT ROTH, cos he trained on Tuesday, but Fergie must've decided to rest him and let the youngsters have a go?!

  11. I read it as he's definitely not playing but he might play. LOL.

  12. They play Portsmouth on Saturday and Spurs in the League Cup next Tuesday (when the young uns will see more action) so he definitely won't play against his old club, but then again he might?!? lol

  13. It's funny because I was thinking of getting a Berbatov jersey this week but
    then I thought about it and couldn't tell if he's going to be with the club
    for long or play in many games, etc.

  14. A wise decision!
    Actually, I think Fergie will give him at least next season as well. Partly because (being generous) he's patient (being harsh he's stubborn and doesn't like to be proven wrong with player selections) but partly because he paid so much for him that if he doesn't come good, they will have to sell him at a massive discount which is bad business (Ernest Wilford). They've done it before (Juan Sebastian Veron being the biggest "mistake"), but ......

  15. The Knight who says Ni!November 25, 2009 at 1:44 PM

    Did I just see a naked woman walk by?  ;)

  16. If you did, tell her the game has finished amd I'm free now!

  17. The Knight who says Ni!November 25, 2009 at 2:35 PM

    Will do, uk. Have a Happ... oh that's right, you Brits don't do that. Or is that 4th of July or both? LOL

  18. Tin, don't know anythig about Mark Lewis? I know he was a try out but never heard a lot about him. Rick'e he is going to show up every time, and happy Thanksgivings to all. 

  19. Hawk, we signed Lewis as an undrafted free agent out of Oregon during rookie
    camp. he was with us for the whole of the summer. If you look to the very
    bottom of this article<http:>you'll
    see him mentioned.

  20. The Knight who says Ni!November 25, 2009 at 3:04 PM

    Mark lewis was with us during most if not all of camp. He plays some center and guard and he knows our system. He's one of those 10th or 11th guys on the OL that teams usually can't carry.

  21. Tin, Knight, Thanks I thought we needed to pick up OL but that guy never caught  my eye during camp.

  22. Better still, tell her I'm going to turn in now! :-D
    We don't do Thxgiving, 4th of July (hardly) and my generation didn't even do Halloween. We set off fireworks and make huge fires to celebrate a guy who tried to blow up the houses of Parliament.
    Anyway, enjoy your holiday and families tomorrow and have a good one. Night all. 

  23. Wow, guess this is an exception to 'eyes like a hawk'.....LOL

  24. Heardfan, your right eyes getting old.

  25. You're not celebrating the guy, you're celebrating the GUY! lol