Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Practice Squad Update 11/04/09

The Dolphins brought John Nalbone back to be on the practice squad on Tuesday.  WR James Robinson was deleted to make space.

The Dolphins practice squad as of 11/4/09:
  1. JD Folsom, ILB.
  2. Julius Pruitt, WR. 
  3. Kory Sperry, TE.
  4. Andrew Hartline, T.
  5. Nate Ness, FS.
  6. Will Billingsley, CB.
  7. Ryan Baker, DE.
  8. John Nalbone, TE.



    1. The Knight who says Ni!November 4, 2009 at 10:07 AM

      When they delete a player where does he go? LOL

    2. I don't know, but if you want him back you have to call up Geek Squad...

    3. The Knight who says Ni!November 4, 2009 at 11:02 AM


      GM: Uhhhh... I like deleted a player and now we can't find him.
      GS: Why did you delete him?
      GM: We had no room for him.
      GS: Okay, how did you delete him?
      GM: Uhhhh... not sure really.
      GS: Is this player a file?
      GM: No he's a player.
      GS: What kind of player, like a playa?
      GM: He's a football player.
      GS: How did you delete him?
      GM: I don't know.
      GS: Who's on first?
      GM: Huh?
      GS: Have a good day sir.
      GM: Okay, thanks.

    4. GS: Have a seat while I make sure you've paid your annual fee, state taxes,
      federal player waste charges, and that we have your phone number, e-mail
      address, social security number, and eye-scan on all 42 pages of your
      contract, and while we're doing that I'd like to tell you about our bonus
      offer...(door shutting)....hello? Mr Ireland? Where'd he go? Oh well, now
      I can sit in the break room and play my kazoo while watching TV on my sprint

    5. The Knight who says Ni!November 4, 2009 at 11:32 AM


      My guess is you've had some experience with the Geek Squad. I haven't. They sound like Radio Shack. You could buy batteries or an adaptor and they want to know where your great grandfather was born.

    6. Nice Avatar Ms Herd!!

      Hey,not to depress you,but I thought it was funny during your Alumni's game when the announcers were talking about the Knights that say Ni!! 
      Did you catch that?? Or are you like myself,in another dimension when watching your favorite team?? GOFINS!!

    7. 13kvfins:
      It is a lovely avatar isn't it?

      Depressed?  Me?  I am so accustomed to the Herd doing that sort of thing it is almost expected.

    8. tin,  you ok, or did you catch the O'mikie flu and only put up a new blog every few days :) .  Maybe you need to get you a guest blogger.  let me do it, wait, you dont have a over 18 rating on your blog.   :)

      i dont know if you have seen this site, but it comes up every time i google your site.    looks like a tasty place to eat

    9. We Have PlaymakersNovember 5, 2009 at 9:22 AM


      Did Culver even play last week against the Jets??? I know Clemons did.

      If Sparano benched Ginn after dropping some passes what is he going to do with Bess???  We're running out of options since Camarillo is still not 100%.  The sad truth is that we don't have anyone better that Ginn @WR's at this point but maybe there is something to be said for keeping him fresh.  I think it's strange that he can't do both but now that Hester play a WR I don't think he even receives kicks anymore, I think it's the rookie Johnny Knox.

    10. Culver played in the Dime like he normally does, but didn't make many splashes

      I like that they finally gave some time to Clemons on 1st and 2nd downs

    11. I didn't notice Culver at all now that you mention it.