Monday, September 27, 2010

The Day After: Homecoming Deflated

The Bad news - The Dolphins lost to the Jets.

The Good news - The Dolphins have a winning record after 3 weeks and can still head into the BYE week in 1st place in the AFC East.

The also good news - the game wasn't quite as physical as I expected and it seems the Dolphins came out of it without any serious injury meaning they will be almost fully healed in week 4's matchup versus the Patriots.  The return of Channing Crowder is expected, shoring up probably the weakest spot on the field right now, the spot next to Karlos Dansby which sticks out like a sore thumb since Dansby has been the strongest spot on the field all season so far.

The surprising news - The Dolphins coaching staff STILL can't see what is working on the field, ie, running the ball traditionally up the middle, and use it to the effectiveness of other NFL teams such as Minnesota, Houston, etc.  I honestly feel bad for Ronnie Brown sometimes.  If he had been drafted by someone else his career could've been quite different.  Instead his prime years are being wasted.  

The more surprising news - The Dolphins CAN throw the ball, and its WRs can catch the ball, and get YAC.  They definitely threw too much, and should've ran the ball another 10 plays at least, but when they had to throw they looked above average and were able to move the ball.

The still Bad news:  We lost to the Jets.

The consolatory news:  Most of you haven't read this far and have gone off to burn something, so the healing process has already begun.

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