Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dolphins vs Cowboys

Recap: boring game, lack of rhythm offensively, we were only in the game due to defensive penalties by Dallas. Pennington can't throw deep, Thigpen can't throw short, Henne can't throw the ball away, White can't get on field. Defensively, Will Allen and Vontae Davis needed back ASAP, Sean Smith in the doghouse, look for Jason Allen to start week 1, Nolan Carroll good special teamer, horrible in coverage, but not as bad as Sean Smith. Koa Misi no longer starter, Odrick still invisible - did he play? Actually only Tony McDaniel flashed on the d-line IMO. Wake is gonna rack up the sacks. Reshad Jones is going to be trucking people his clothesline tackle on kick coverage was the highlight of the game. Folsom and Spitler are possibly the worst players on the team - no Patrick Turner and Pat White still are.

OK, those are the quick hits from the game which was hard to watch and didn't offer enough standout performances from the bubble players for my liking. Despite the media's contention that Patrick Turner is safe on the roster, he just doesn't seem to have any fight in him, he lazily drops balls and trots back to the huddle. At least Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore look upset if they screw up.

A few of us argued last night on which WRs will get the 4th and 5th spots - my contention was that I didn't like the bottom end of the rotation and wished to upgrade through the waiver wire. Others defended wither Moore or Wallace staunchly. No one defended Turner - I think everyone agrees we should cut him loose. I just can't see Miami not being interested in several teams cuts at the position, especially those teams that are very deep at WR, like Dallas, Denver and the Giants.

The cuts are already under way for some teams and I find it hard to believe the Dolphins would trade away Greg Camarillo without having had talks with some of their NFL friends about who would be available. If I were a gambling man, I'd put money on the Dolphins picking up at least one WR in the next couple of days.

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