Saturday, September 11, 2010

GAME PREVIEW: Dolphins vs. Bills

Week one is finally here and we're facing the Buffalo Bills - finally a chance to start the season with a win, something we haven't done since...well a long time ago.  The Bills may have looked decent in the pre-season while the Dolphins looked anemic at times, but the reality is, on paper the Dolphins are a lot better, and on game-day the Dolphins should have little problem winning the majority of the one on one matchups.  

The only real strength the Bills have is their secondary, sure they have some decent linebackers and defensive linemen, but most of them are playing in a 3-4 for the first time in their career.  ILB Andra Davis being the exception coming from Denver last year where he played for, guess who, that's right, Dolphins' Defensive Coordinator, Mike Nolan.  The entire Bills defense is playing under the instruction of former SpIreland assistant coach, George Edwards.  Kawika Mitchell is not playing, and Jairus Byrd is not starting.  Reggie Torbor and Antonio Coleman are both listed as OUT for the game.  This is a weakened Bills defense that is run by player and coach that we know all about - advantage Dolphins.

Offensively, the Bills have CJ Spiller - a major threat to score from any angle, but not much else.  It's yet to be seen if Eric Wood is fully recovered from what was called at the time a career-threatening injury last year.  There is no real veteran presence on the O-line.  Trent Edwards is a streaky QB who's streaks usually only last 3 quarters at a time.  Last year the Dolphins got beat by Terrell Owens - so the Bills let him go and now start Lee Evans and Steve Johnson - a player I've never even heard of.

The Bills best offensive threat are their running backs, Spiller, Marshawn 'Predator' Lynch, and Fred "I should be starting' Jackson.  But their O'line versus our front 7 looks like a huge tilt towards the Dolphins good fortunes.  
Honestly, I believe if the Dolphins can move the ball on the ground effectively (say, 150 + yards) and can contain the Bills running game and screens (there will be many), they should be able to keep the Bills under 10 points for the game.  Personally, I expect them to do even better.

My Prediction:  Dolphins 24  Bills 0

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