Saturday, September 25, 2010

GAME PREVIEW: Jets vs Dolphins

Here we are, a day before the 2010 Home Opener for the Dolphins, and it doesn't get much bigger than this one so early in the season.  

Firstly, it's the Jets.  We hate them - END OF STORY.
Secondly, it will mark the first time Jason Taylor plays against the Dolphins.  We hate him - END OF STORY.

Finally, a win puts the Dolphins in the pole position to take the AFC East.  Another strong showing by the Dolphins Defense should rattle the growing confidence of Mark Sanchez, the Jet's cocky wunder-child.  Word is local betting odds include the chances of Sanchez eating a Cuban Pork Sandwich on the sidelines during the 2nd quarter.

Obviously it would be nice for the Dolphins to win both games before the Bye week, but a more realistic split would still put them in good shape for the week off, and a chance to come back healthy (with Channing Crowder) and more in sync (consider the kick return game and Tight end rotation as things that need to be worked out) against Green Bay on October 17th.  This would also be the right time to unveil a few surprises against that mean Packer defense.

But back to the Jets.  There's not a lot to say here.  Most Dolphin fans know just about all there is to know about the Jets.  They're scumbags, and it's contagious.  Now Beard...I mean Braylon Edwards will sit out at least the first series after getting a DUI this week.  New York Islander, Darelle Revis, will miss the entire game with an injury that looked fake at the time (he did after all get burned on the play, then grabbed his leg after the play was well over) but must have been real for him to skip a game...I mean, he's not one to skip any football or team duties, is he?

For the Dolphins, we'll get a look at a new Tight End or two.  I don't think it worth mentioning their names as they may be cut before the game is over.  I really think the Dolphins screwed up at the position the day they cut Kory Sperry, then again they cut Joey Haynos, then again when they cut David Martin.  Now they've cut John Nalbone.  At the end of the year, Anthony Fasano will be a free agent.  Tight end in the first round in 2011?  The new guys are worth keeping an eye on in this game.

I really can't see the Dolphins continuing to struggle offensively.  This is the 3rd game, and it's about time things start to click.  One thing we've always been able to do versus the Jets is run the ball and with Kris Jenkins out, the Dolphins should run the ball 50 times up the middle.  If you have Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams in your fantasy league, start them.  I also expect Brandon Marshall to just about rape and pillage the Jets secondary, especially Antonio Cromartie, who couldn't tackle a crossword puzzle.

Both defenses should show lots of blitzes and QB pressure.  Miami will give up passes underneath while the Jets will be vulnerable deep.  The difference will be the running game, penalties, and turnovers.  

My Prediction:   MIA 28  Jets 17

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