Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Parcells Goes Poof!

We all are rummaging through our collective consciousnesses trying to remember if we made any actual financial bets on when Bill Parcells would step down from the role of Vice President of Whatever The Hell He Does for the Miami Dolphins.

Well, today the Dolphins formally announced that Parcells was in fact stepping down into a 'consultant' role, which translates into he'll be going to the racetrack and fishing alot more than anything else.  

General Manager, Jeff Ireland will continue to run the ship, as he has been since day 1 of the Trifecta.

Of course, this latest news brings with it a change that will ripple through the media and possibly bring down the entire construct of Miami Sports reporting altogether.  No longer any mysterious 'guesses' as to what Parcells is doing in his office, away from the lights and cameras - now we know he won't be in the office at all.  But the biggest change, and one that affects even myself, is the loss of the word 'Trifecta'.  No longer will the media have their snappy one-word label for the entire management team.  And no longer will I use the term in jest here.

From now on, I will refer to the men running the Miami Dolphins as 'SpIreland' and make amazing comments about how they're going to take this team to the 'top of the spire', the pinnacle, the apex, etc etc.

Now that Parcells has made it official, we can finally stop pretending that he had that much impact....or maybe we can speculate that he actually got asked to step down after the Pat White experiment came to an end...

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