Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Draft – Tinshaker’s Top 10 by Position Projections - WIDE RECEIVER

Below is my current ranking of WRs in the 2010 NFL Draft.  I know a lot of you will disagree heavily with it, but keep in mind, I will not change my opinion just because you say I'm wrong (that said, you are welcome to tell me that I am wrong).  The most important thing to understand is that in all my lists I am basing opinions on who I think presents the best NFL projection, not who had the best college career or the most interviews on ESPN.  There is also the influence of the Dolphins' needs at the position taken into account.  And, as with any draft projections/opinions, they are likely to be altered considerably by the time the Draft actually happens in April.


  1. Where's Damian Williams on that list? He's a great route runner (which is very important in the NFL) who should have a good NFL career. I know you don't like USC guys (neither do I) but that shouldn't affect your rankings that much to leave him completely off your Top 10 list. I'd list him at #3, behind LaFell and Bryant. Also, I'd have Arrelious Benn listed slightly higher. His numbers went down because of bad QB play. I agree with Golden Tate being a Ted Ginn clone, thus being overhyped by the media.

  2. The Knight who says Ni!January 8, 2010 at 5:39 AM

    Shipley is like another Hartline.

    I think we could go WR in the 2nd round.

  3. Agreed. If we draft a WR, then only in Round 1 or 2. We do have all kinds of complementary receivers (Bess runs good routes, Camarillo is sure handed, Ginn is a speedster, Hartline is decent all around), so what we really need is a true #1 WR. And you don't usually find them in later rounds. If you look on the best receivers out there, most of them were drafted in the 1st round (Moss, Fitzgerald, A.Johnson, C.Johnson, even B.Edwards or Bowe). So either spend a high pick on a WR or sign one in FA (which will be difficult this year, barring a new CBA)...

  4. Definitely looks like a deep class, I have little doubt we're going to wait till the second maybe even the third.
    But yes, I have to agree with Knight again here. Watching Shipley last night I had the same impression, however, even though Shippley had a great game, I'm still tempted to say I think Hartline might be the more polished reciever... time will tell though.

    Anyway, my biggest surprise Tin is Demaryius Thomas is completely absent from your list. I'm a little curious why you did include such a monster in your Top 10? Is it because he hasnt' declared yet? I think most are anticipating he's going to make the plunge or is there something else?

  5. The Knight who says Ni!January 8, 2010 at 6:59 AM

    Chad Johnson was 2nd round. Vincent Jackson was 2nd. Terrell Owens was 3rd. Steve Smith was 3rd. Hines Ward was 3rd. So you can find them outside of the 1st round. 

  6. Nice point Burnum, most elite #1 did go in the first round. The real value is to get guy's from smaller schools like Brandon Marshall (UCF Rd 4; V. Jackson N. Colorado Rd.2; or even Miles Austin undrafted out of Monmouth)

  7. Burnum, unfortunately I can't fit more than 10 on my top 10, so some
    favorites will have to be left off. The jury is out on Williams, I have him
    in my top 32 if you saw that, but as far as what I like in a receiver and
    what's good for the Dolphins, he didn't make the list this go around. Like
    I said, the list is likely to change constantly.

  8. He reminds me more of Camarillo, a bit shiftier than Hartline. I'm a bit
    skeptical as to his size, and will be paying attention to his measurements
    later this month (soooo gay sounding....)

  9. Why would I include someone who's not in the draft as of yet in my top WRs
    in the draft list? LOL
    Should I put Julius Jones on there too?

  10. We could have had Miles Austin for a 2nd last year and not even had to worry
    about this stuff this year. If only Parcells would take my phone calls...

  11. The Knight who says Ni!January 8, 2010 at 7:20 AM

    I think Shipley is faster than Camarillo.

  12. <span>Source:</span>
    <p>"Georgia Tech running back Jonathan Dwyer and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas each have a big decision to make; return to Georgia Tech for their senior year or enter the 2010 NFL Draft.
    <p>The pair are still contemplating their decisions and awaiting the grades from the NFL Advisory Committee.  Unfortunately for us college football fans, it is hard to envision the pair coming back."

  13. Tin, ESPN is reporting your boy Levit is fired.

  14. Wow, Hudgins 6'3" - 236 Big boy! any Idea how fast he is? 

  15. I know, I just read that! Talk about 'a slap in the face'!
    I don't think I could be more stunned than I am right now....

  16. 4.64 or something like that. He's not a burner but great body control, good
    routes and incredible hands - also he has good leaping ability, a real
    red-zone threat..

  17. Plus anytime you hear the words broke-Jerry Rice- and records in the same sentence your ears perk up a little bit.

  18. I will try to a video reel for him but playing for Elon, the camera angles
    all suck and the quality is second-rate at best.

  19. tin,

    you here the news, looks like USF fired Jim Leavitt today

  20. Yes, you're the 2nd to ask me that here. I don't keep up with the Tampa
    news, so this was a total shock to me.

  21. it has been the local topic here for a bit.  there was a story of him slapping a kid at halftime back in november.  there was an investigation and i guess he is losing his job over it. 

  22. How weird is it that 3 or 4 coaches have been fired for similar odd
    incidents in the span of a week?
    Ironically, I thought when the Kansas coach got fired, that Leavitt would be
    short listed for that job. Not anymore.
    So we lose Grothe, Selvie, JPP, Nate Allen, Kion Wilson, half our receivers,
    our coach, and half the secondary. Things are not looking good for 2010

  23. I LIKE'EM ALL,ESP 1,2 4,5,6,7,and 8!! 
    Like the little gyz too,but I want BIGG AND FAST!!
    (Ford,Tate,Shipley) are basically already somewhere on OUR roster,
    but I DOOO like'em,and IFF they fell to a STEAL of a spot they MIGHT UPGRADE SOMEBODY??

  24. <span>Georgia Tech wide receiver Demaryius Thomas announced that he will enter the NFL Draft during a press conference today.  
    Thomas has thrived in a run-first and run-second offense, and the physical receiver will be missed in the attack.  Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution</span>

  25. <span>Georgia Tech wide receiver Demaryius Thomas announced that he will enter the NFL Draft during a press conference today.  
    Thomas has thrived in a run-first and run-second offense, and the physical receiver will be missed in the attack.  Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution</span>

  26. The Knight who says Ni!January 9, 2010 at 12:54 PM

    What round do you see Hudgins going in? He sounds like a hybrid TE/WR. Who cares what you call him, he's a big 'receiver'. Great body control and hands are good assets especially in the middle of the field and in the red zone. Can he get open at the NFL level?

  27. Hudgins is currently rated as a 7th rounder, but it's really hard to tell
    where he'd go. He has the fundamentals, and he is tightly packed (he's not
    overweight) so he can use his body for separation and while he's only 6'2",
    he has good leaping ability and long arms (try to find the video of him
    doing a reach-around one-handed grab for a TD (it actually made it on to
    ESPN2 last year - the only national media attention Elon has gotten in it's
    program history, probably). Big hands, good fundamentals (square shoulders,
    catches with his hands, even when thrown into his gut, and watches the ball
    all the way into his hands before turning up field), and size advantage are
    in his favor. The only questions are if anyone's going to show up to see
    him workout, and how fast he will run the forty.
    He looks solid in run blocking, but despite his size I don't see him as a
    full-time TE - most NFL teams want someone 6'6", 260lbs these days, and I
    don't think Hudgins could carry anymore weight on his frame.

  28. Tinshaker:  I was reading there was some earthshaking in Cali last weekend...geography not being my best subject, I hope all is well with you.

    No avi for me today...I can't get it to clear off my nekked guy from last week, I have tried to change it several times now...I'm thinking this site must like it, hehehe!

    HATED seeing the Jets advance, more than I enjoyed seeing the Pats lose.  Grrrr...I'm in football withdrawal

  29. herdfan: if there was an earthquake, I haven't heard about it, and def.
    wasn't affected by it. It's funny I was just saying on the weekend how it's
    disgraceful that the American news stations and ESPN failed to mention the
    shooting up of the Togo National Football team was shot up in Africa,
    preferring to spend 72 hours talking about Pete Carroll. Besides the three
    people killed and 8 others injured, there were some very big names on board,
    like Diddier Drogba and Michael Essien. It's also newsworthy because the
    World Cup is being hosted in Africa in a few months.
    Yet we get phone calls, texts, e-mails, etc from Europe (family/friends)
    whenever there is a fire in California, and people from thousands of miles
    away know every little thing that happens in California.
    As for the Jets, yes it was a bit depressing seeing that they'd won their
    first playoff game in 19 years or whatever it was. But it was very
    satisfying seeing Tom Brady and the Pats just get absolutely man-handled by
    the Ravens. It looked worse than our loss to them in round 1 last year.


    There's 3 wks of PLAYOFF/SB football in JANUARY/FEBRUARY left,
    and UNLESS BOTH the ravens,and SWEPTS win,
    they'll be no more games in the SNOW/COLD!!

    NO,AZ,Minn,Dall ALL DOMES!!

    Indy,or SD WILL HAVE homefield vs either ONE of the POTENTIAL WC AFC CHAMPIONSHIP participant's!!
    Sooo,UNLESS BOTH INDY AND SD lose this wk,a DOME or WARM weather team will be the SB CHAMP!!


  31. NO-WAYYY ONE of those WC teams goes thru INDY,AND SD to the SB,IMHO!!!
    THOUGH BOTH of their D's looked pretty damn good,
    I don't see their O's keeping-up on the rd vs those EXPLOSIVE O's!!

  32. Where's Mardy Gilyard????

  33. ooh he was on there for a while but got clipped at last minute because I
    kept thinking he reminded me of Ginn.
    Still, he had a very impressive season, especially at the beginning of the
    year and I have him ranked in the top 32 overall.
    Keep in mind, my top ten lists are about players I'd draft, not necessarily
    best players overall.

  34. Ah I gotcha Tin.. You still got good picks for WR even though you left Gilyard out.  I also see how he could remind you of Ginn but he reminds me more of DeSean Jackson.. He is certainly a more polished WR than Ginn was in college.

  35. True, but I would rather have Ford than Gilyard if I was going that route.

  36. For the Jackson comparison I agree.. Although I think Gilyard is more shifty than Ford is.