Monday, January 4, 2010


Dolphins Schedule for 2010

Home: Browns, Steelers, Titans, Bears, Lions.

Away: Ravens, Bengals, Raiders, Packers, Vikings.

Home & Away:  Bills, Jets, Patriots. 

Ironically I will be leaving the Bay Area before that Raiders game, but if scheduling allows I will travel to attend it, despite my previous experience at that stadium.

Truth be told, this schedule looks even harder than 2009's, with the Vikings, Packers, and Ravens on the road, the much improved  Bengals on the road, and the Steelers, Titans, Jay Cutler,  etc at home.   
Keep in mind if we don't vastly improve our coverage of the opposing Tight End, we face Greg Olsen (CHI), Visanthe Shiancoe (MINN), Todd Heap (BAL), Heath Miller (PIT), Zach Miller (OAK), Bo Scaife (TEN), Jermichael Finley (GB), Brandon Pettigrew (DET) in addition to Dustin Keller, Ben Watson and Shawn Nelson twice each.  

This will make those positions of need that much needier in 2010.  LBs who can cover, a Free Safety who can  cover the field and close in a heartbeat.

Which game/games are you most interested in?


  1. It is funny I was just looking to see how we have to play next year. It could be a really rough next year. Just looking at the schedule I am thinking 8-8 unless we make some serious improvements on D. All of those great/good TE are scary.

  2. TOUGHHHHH RD SCHEDULE,lets hope those games are pre-winter snow (cept for MINN)!!!

    HOME SCHEDULE APPEARS rediculously easy,lets hope PITT comes in SEPT,
    and the rest are in NOV/DEC!!!


  3. The first game of the season. If we come out flat like we did this year I'm not going to be happy. Need to have better play calling, need to make better adjustment at half time, and play one full game both side of ball for 60 min.

  4. appearances can be deceptive. If Chicago comes in healthy they could be
    tough. Detroit could win 4 oR 5 games neXt year!

  5. GOOD POINT. It would be nice to start off with a win for the first time in
    what.....4 years?