Monday, January 4, 2010

Tin Bits - First of the New Year! 1/05/09

Below are the latest stories from the Miami Herald and The South Florida Sun-Sentinel with additional notes from the folks at Rotoworld who clearly have the best weed...

  • Ronnie Brown (Lisfranc surgery) confirmed Monday that he will not opt out of his contract this offseason.
    Brown is locked in through 2010 with a $5 million salary, barring an unexpected CBA deal. He says getting a contract extension would be "ideal," but the Fins won't go that far with Brown coming off such a serious injury.
  • Impending free agent Anthony Fasano says he's been given no indication that the Dolphins want him back in 2010.  Fasano struggled badly this season, even before he was sidetracked by a hip injury in November. Miami will add tight end to its list of offseason priorities, which includes No. 1 receiver, nose tackle, inside linebacker, and free safety.
  • Davone Bess' team-leading 76 receptions are the fourth most in franchise history.
    Bess is a pre-eminent slot receiver, but his lack of touchdowns makes him a fantasy asset strictly in PPR leagues. While the Dolphins will look to bring in a playmaking No. 1 receiver, Bess' job in the slot is safe for 2010.
  • Dolphins FS Gibril Wilson was replaced by Chris Clemons in nickel and dimes situations for Sunday's season finale.
    Clemons struggled mightily, getting burned for two touchdowns and shying from contact on a Rashard Mendenhall tackle. It's the second time this season that Wilson has been benched, and Clemons isn't the answer. Miami will have to address the position this offseason, with Wilson likely on the outs.
  • The Dolphins are expected to make nose tackle a priority this offseason.
    Impending free agent Jason Ferguson (torn quadriceps) is 35, but wants to re-sign for 2010. The Fins' run defense slipped from No. 7 to No. 14 with Ferguson out of the lineup in the last six weeks. Ferguson may return, but Miami needs to target a long-term solution at the position in the early rounds of the draft. Alabama's Terrence Cody would be an ideal pick.
  • Dolphins RT Vernon Carey is scheduled to undergo surgery on his right knee.
    The Dolphins have not detailed the severity, but it's likely just a routine scope. Though Carey merited Pro Bowl consideration this season, his play had slipped of late with the nagging knee and back injuries.

  • Impending free agent Jason Taylor remains undecided about his plans for 2010.
    Taylor signed a one-year deal for $800,000 plus incentives before the season. The 35-year-old outperformed the deal as the Dolphins' best linebacker, so the team may have to up the ante to bring him back.

Ok, obviously these guys look only at stats and not at actual games. 

To say Vernon Carey merited Pro-Bowl consideration is like saying Rachel Ray is a top chef.  

And did Jason Taylor outperform his deal? We don't know what his incentive bonuses were, so how could we know if he outperformed it? 

Bess is a pre-eminent receiver? Someone needs a dictionary.  Yes, Bess managed to put up the 4th most receptions in a season for the Dolphins, but they don't have a history of huge seasons by individual receivers.  He also had 6 fumbles, and despite mysteriously not being included in the NFL stats for dropped passes, I counted 10 on the season, which was one more than Ted Ginn Jr is reported to have had.

  • Coach Sparano, when asked if Chad Henne was the definite starter heading into 2010, said he'd "need to look at the whole body of work" which to me suggests that they intend on bringing back Chad Pennington to compete next year.  
  • He also said he 'hadn't decided anything yet' on whether or not the whole coaching staff would be  back in 2010, which to me suggests that they won't be.  Or at least that he's thinking of letting someone go.
  • The entire Buffalo Bills coaching staff has been told to look for work elsewhere.  They choose 9th in the 2010 draft, and recently hired an 80 year old GM who has no GM experience (honestly, if it takes you that long to get to be the boss, perhaps retirement is a better option).  It's pretty much guaranteed that the 9th pick will either be a QB or an OT two areas we won't be targetting in the 1st round, so that's one in our favor when we choose 12th.
  • Either today or tomorrow, we will find out which practice squadders will be kept on to stay with the team through the off-season program as the Dolphins will sign worthy candidates to 'Future' contracts.  It's essentially just a formality so they can use the facilities/hold on to the playbook/etc.  Last year they signed the entire squad initially, but there is only one 2008 practice squadder left on the current team - Lex Hilliard.


  1. knowno, I like that scenario. Ultimately, Bess can only benefit from not
    having to carry the passing game by himself. We need to be able to loosen
    up the short field defense.
    However, I do think it's important that the Dolphins actually bring 5 WRs to
    the game, or at least 4 with a receiving TE-type ala Dallas Clark. We have
    to get out of the situation where the opposing defense knows who to double
    team, and also get them out of zone defenses and into man defense. The best
    way to do that is to spread out. This will also vary the formations we
    use. The more looks we show, the harder it is for the defense to keep up.
    Do you think Sparano's comments imply that one of the Coordinators could be
    on the way out? Personally, I get the impression Henning is too stubborn to
    retire. I also get the impression Pasqualoni isn't fierce enough to demand
    better from his squad. We need someone with ice in his veins and fire in
    his gut. Perhaps Henning should coach defense and pasq coach the offense!

  2. Was it Camarillo?  You know who else didn't drop a pass all season....Patrick Turner!!

  3. Al Groh is looking for a job... Tom Coughlin might be looking for a job... these are both longtime BP defensive guys! Something has to be done to improve coaching. As ruthless as BP&Co. are in dealing with players, hopefully they'll apply the same standards to the coaching staff.

  4. Al Groh runs a 3-4 too, doesn't he?
    I wouldn't think Coughlin would step down to coordinator level, but who
    knows. We just need some coordinators who are cut-throat and want to
    DESTROY their opponent. The Dolphins simply aren't aggressive enough on
    both sides of the ball.

  5. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    Tin, I doubt Pennington comes back. he wasn't at the facility today when other players including injured players were there saying goodbye to one another.

    I agree with you about Clemons not showing he's the answer, at least not yet, he was a rookie as well.

    I like you still don't know why Bess gets a pass all the time. He's an okay WR and a below average PR. Hartline is our best WR.

    Canamdolphin, John Mara has said Coughlin and Reese are safe.

  6. Tin
    Your opinion is greatly needed NOW at SS blog on who is a better fit at LB for the Miami Dolphinsstyle of play

    McClain or Spikes

    I have dropped your name regarding this matter and respect your opinion

    Have a good day, Pal

  7. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 8:59 AM

    McClain and Spikes are both ILBs and McClain is the higher rated prospect by a lot.

  8. Why would Pennington be at the facility during the team meeting? He wasn't
    on the game roster!
    I just thought it was unusual that Sparano didn't say Henne is the
    starter...does that mean he's leaving the door open for Pat White? Or was
    he blown away by one quarter's worth of Thigpen? When he says 'you have to
    look at the whole body of work' who's body of work is he comparing Henne's
    It was just a theory to throw out there.

  9. That's like the Bat Signal right

  10. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 9:22 AM

    Players were saying goodbye for the year. I would think Pennington would be there for that. That's all.

  11. Knight, I think they are pretty even because Spikes is a senior and was
    rated as a top 15 pick last year as well. Given the lack of depth at ILB in
    the draft, these two will go higher than projected anyway.
    If we get either one, we'll be getting a leader on defense and an instant

  12. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 9:25 AM

    We'll see what happens with Pat White next year, but it's starting to look like he's destined to be a skill player as in a scat-back/WR who can throw. He's just not big enough to play QB. That run he had for about 9 yards or whatever showed his vision and instincts. That's what his talent is, running.

    I'd like to see him on punt returns once the QB experiment is over. He can still do some Wildcat/spread stuff, but I don't think his future is as a QB. Regardless, he still needs to bulk up a bit.

  13. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 9:30 AM

    Spikes had fallen into the 2nd round last year and decided to stay another year. I'm not sold on him at the next level. Right now he's a late 20s/2nd round prospect again. McClain is rated much higher. He's somewhere between 10-15 right now. 

  14. I said goodbye to him after week

  15. <span>Maybe pennington wasnt there saying goodbye cause he knows he will be back next year.  (just adding speculation to make it fun)</span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>And bess doesnt 'get a pass' all the time.  he gets his fair share of criticisms it is just he doesnt get as Ginn.  And the simple reason why is bess wasnt a wasted draft pick.  if bess was picked in the first round he would be getting just as much heat.  </span>

  16. personally I don't care where a guy was drafted, but what he does when the
    opportunity is given to him. Bess was a worse punt returner than me.

  17. Maybe they want to bring him back to keep me around!  LOL  I know people! 8-)

    Seriously, is this even a consideration?

  18. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 9:45 AM

    ffr, can you discuss another WR without bringing up Ginn? LOL

    Just go by what the guy (Bess) does on the field and forget Ginn for a moment. The bottom line is 76-758 10.0 2 TD sucks for a WR. Don't bring up slot either because Bess lines up wide just as often as he does in the slot.

    Hartline 31-506 16.3 3 TD is a nice year for a rookie WR on a young passing team. He's our best WR by far.

  19. it is a legit complaint.  if a guy is drafted he is expected to perform.  bess wasnt even drafted, so any production out of him is a plus.  where as a guy like turner who was drafted and hasnt sniffed the field it is a disappointment.

    and i dont know what your problem is with bess returning punts, i for one find his 6 yard returns to be very exciting. 

  20. knight,

    i wasnt defending bess, i was explaining why you said he gets a pass.  my personal opinion, bess is the best wr in the league at being able to catch a pass yet unable to get any YAC.  it seems to me every pass he catches it he is always running in the wrong direction.


    still cold?

  21. It is a consideration, because the Dolphins may need a QB coach if they move
    David Lee into OC and kick Henning down the stairs and they may want to just
    go with a player/coach (it's been done before) and this would give
    Pennington a good experience in his waning years before he retires to become
    a high school coach.
    BTW, I thought what he said about the NFL and College having nothing on
    'Friday Night Football' was a real stupid thing to say. That's like me
    saying my first sexual experience was way better than the time I had the
    entire brazilian women's volleyball team and a 50 gallon drum of baby oil
    poured into jaccuzi in my junior year of college....

  22. It's a sweltering 19 here, what do you think? No school today, no sitter today, and several extra neighborhood kids here, so I'm domestic goddess today.  3 new articles here since Sunday?  WTF is going on? 

    How did your FF turn out?

  23. hey it isnt a matter of winning it is just a matter of getting there right?

  24. do we really want to pick another ilb from florida?  didnt we learn the first time?  that would be like using a first rounder on a wr from ohio state. 

    sorry, i just had to give knight more to complain about

  25. and so you know, it is in the 40's here so it aint like i am heading to the beach.

  26. Yes, I do feel Sparano's comments could foreshadow Pasq's departure. Not that I don't feel sorry for the guy losing your NT, your best ILB for several games, and starting 2 rookie cornerback for most of the year against top flight competition. I mean, there's definitely a case to give him another shot. But, really this is a league that demands results, and when the top 2 tacklers on your team are the 2 safties, then I'm sorry but there is definitely something wrong with your defensive schemes. I really think a change will and probably should be made.

    Henning, on the other hand is far to close to Parcells to be forced out. Also, I really had the sense that although the offense was also decimated by injuries this year, scoring points was never really a problem for us. Keeping them off the board behind our opponents names... that's another story.

  27. Spoken like someone who didn't win.  ;)

    I must check out this Roto world stuff some more...who knew?  LOL

  28. <span>Spoken like someone who didn't win.  ;)  
    I must check out this Roto world stuff some more...who knew?  LOL</span>

  29. agreed, we need a defensive that is feared not, circled on the calendar by opposing QBs. 

  30. I think this is the first time I've agreed 100% with Knight.

    P White's true strength in running in space. Still can't figure out why our coaching staff didn't concentrate on this more. 

  31. <span>Man, i have to say that you’re the best Dolphins blogger i have read yet!! You kept me laughing all year when half the time i wanted to cry. Just wanted to give you credit because you deserve it! I love my dolphins and just wish they would get us to the next level. As a season ticket holder we got to witness some great wins and some heartbreaking losses but for the most part it was like watching an abortion! The coaching staff was downright disgusting for most of the year and the money payers under preformed. I guess we always have next year!!  I’m so sick of saying that!</span>
    <p><span> </span>

  32. Was reading a lot of comments on the ss blog stating how Defense is our real problem and drafting a WR in the first is an obvious mistake, and I have to be honest I'm inclined to agree (Dez Bryant being there at 12 being the 1 exception). Really, either McClain or Spikes or even the NT from Tenn. would be an amazing first pick. Then maybe bama's NT or Aurealius Benn or the WR from Georgia Tech would be a nice steal in round 2.... 

    Come on Tin, when are we going to start seeing some draft analysis? haha... just kidding. I'm patient for now, but really looking forward to some of your breakdowns again this year.

  33. Knight, <span>76-758 10.0 2 TD  isn't bad for a second year reciever either.... and just to clarify you do feel that Bess should be part of this teams plans going forward right (specfically as our SLOT reciever)? Or should we do something else like trade him to New England for a 2nd and not carry a slot reciever? hahah... just playing man, but really what do you think. a #1, harline 2, bess in the slot. Personally, I like the sound of it.</span>


  34. Knight, that's the problem, his body frame just doesn't have the room for
    any significant bulk gain.

  35. herdfan, I currently have 26 articles in the 'draft' box. There is just a
    lot more to write about during the off-season.
    During the season you can only write so much about the upcoming Bills

  36. Any complaint is legit in Sports, right? It doesn't matter to me if Bess
    was undrafted, because he gets 40 snaps a game, i.e. starter reps. Are you
    saying if he had 20 catches on the season with those snaps he would still be
    considered a 'bonus'?

  37. Well, there was definitely some decent point scoring at times, but it was
    very inconsistent, and we would've scored more points had we not sabotaged
    at least 3 drives by pulling Henne and putting in White once we got into the
    red zone. Three times he lost yardage and got us out of field goal range.

  38. lol @ Jay Dengel.
    Thanks for the props, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees some
    serious coaching errors going on on Sundays.

  39. Like I've mentioned before, I'm trying to give everyone some breathing room
    to get over 2009. I have tons of material ready to publish as far as the
    draft goes. I'm a bit hesitant to post some of it until after the BCS title
    game.....maybe I'll leak the first of many this afternoon....
    You'll be happy to know I agree almost completely with your first round

  40. Just like Jason Allen's true strength is covering the deep ball, hence he
    should be FS. The coaches not only miss things, they completely ignore them
    at times.

  41. agreed, putting White into critical situations had the feel of being forced justification (which obviously back fired more often than not).  That said, I saw progress in our base offense and I truly feel that that side of the ball is headed in the right direction (upgraded talent out wide definitely would hurt either).

  42. There were a couple of games where we employed the power running attack I
    want to see every week. But we couldn't decide what we were going to do
    week in and week out. Either the coaches were over thinking, or they just
    don't have the mentality of going in and imposing your will on the
    opponent. There were several occasions where we abandoned the run way too

  43. I don't think it's stupid, his point was there is more of concept of 'team', and the game is 'pure' without all the distractions that come later on.   And as for your analogy, you don't say if the girls let you in the jacuzzi with them?  LOL

  44. I think I already answered this question today, lol.
    Yes I think Bess deserves to be on the team, but like you said, as the
    slot. I think his numbers will improve if he's given some space and the
    defenses are loosened up by more receivers on the field. At the same time,
    there were times when Bess had loads of space and just couldn't get into
    another gear. He's a good receiver, but he really DOES lack NFL speed.
    Welker on the other hand, is a lot quicker than Bess, and a lot tougher.

  45. Tin, you're right you did answer that question. Was actually asking Knight though, because he's hates Davone Bess and the entire Bess family.

  46. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 11:45 AM

    It's funny how when you don't get all gaga over a player everyone else overrates people accuse you of hating him, and his family, LOL. If you notice, I don't call players names and insult the hell out of them. I respect the level they've achieved. Now Jets players are different. LOL

    Bess is very limited and he always will be. Yes I do think he can and will be a part of the team moving forward but as a 3rd option. Hartline will be a starter next year and we need one more because Camarillo and Ginn are not the answer either.

  47. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    Not significant bulk but he has to get closer to 200. He weighed in at 197 at the combine and he looks as thin as Ginn who is no more than 185.

  48. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 11:48 AM

    What did you agree with me 100%?  :-D

  49. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 11:49 AM

    A sweltering 19 aye? Well that's better than the balmy 5 we had the other night.  >:o

  50. Bess didn't come with a family, i think he's practically an orphan.

  51. they had no choice, everything was too slippery to get a hold of....
    and he wasn't talking about the purity or team concept, he was talking about
    the actual game, like with the lights on and the half-empty bleachers and
    the shit cheerleaders....

  52. LMAO, I started to say something about how 50 gallons was just waaaaaay too much, that you need to be able to......nevermind! :-[

    And if you don't like the lights on, you are a first!  LOL

  53. all i was doing was saying why bess 'gets a pass'  where as other wr's on the team dont.  i am not saying bess is great, just explaining why people dont beat him up as much as other wr's who i am not allowed to name cause it upsets someone on here LOL

  54. when filling up a jacuzzi you need AT LEAST fifty gallons, if not more.

  55. a lot of that 197 was his giant bobble head....

  56. Speaking of Jets players, I think Jason Trusnik is scheduled to be a free
    agent this year...

  57. it was an entire brazilian volleyball team, 50 gallons of baby oil barely covers their legs.

  58. Knight,

    WIth what you said about P white;

    "<span>We'll see what happens with Pat White next year, but it's starting to look like he's destined to be a skill player as in a scat-back/WR who can throw. He's just not big enough to play QB. That run he had for about 9 yards or whatever showed his vision and instincts. That's what his talent is, running. </span>
    I'd like to see him on punt returns once the QB experiment is over. He can still do some Wildcat/spread stuff, but I don't think his future is as a QB. Regardless, he still needs to bulk up a bit."</span>

  59. Just the starters, not the whole

  60. Knight,

    I know you don't hate Bess. Really, was just attempting humor by throwing the "fam" reference in there (maybe we could really look at Hartlines family though as I'm pretty sure his brother can be a converted QB out of Kentucky... just saying).

    Also, I think it safe to say most all Dolphin fans like Bess. I just see the possiblity of him and 100 reception season in the future more so than you do (although I sure you wouldn't mind). Really, I think it's more of a symptom of today's nfl than anything. the underneath passes are today equivalent of the 4 or 5 yards teams used to look for when you'd pitch the ball out wide to your RB. With the speed today your forced to use the forward pass to get those yards and that's why players like welker and bess will be weapons for some time to come.

  61. Also for the record,

    Welker ran a 4.61 coming out of Texas Tech.
    Bess was at 4.6 out of Hawaii

    Welker's 1st 2 seasons 
    29 catches for 434 yards 

    Bess's 1st 2
    132 for 1312

    Both also average about 10 ypc.

    Look, by no means am I saying Bess is going to be the next Wes Welker. I'm just saying a lot of people are talking about him because the potential is definitely there.  And BTW, I do agree with you Knight, he should NOT be returning punts. 

  62. Mike Hartline is a lousy QB, lol.
    You're right about the short route replacing the pitch, but isn't it a lot
    more fun to get the 4 or 5 yards by running up the middle?

  63. ok, first it was the entire team, now it is just the starters........i am beginning to think you are making it up LOL

  64. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 12:52 PM

    Did you really have the entire Brazilian volleyball team? You must have been tired. LOL

  65. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 12:53 PM

    So you're saying he lost some of his head?

  66. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 1:01 PM

    I can see Bess catching 100 passes too and he'll probably fall short of 1,000 yards and score no more than 3 TDs. Big deal! I'd rather Bess caught 50 passes because Hartline and another WR caught 125 or so combined.

    Bess ran in the 4.7s. If he runs a 4.61, that's the slowest 4.61 I've ever seen. I think he ran his forty on a wet Hawaii field that was the equivalent of a water slide. LOL

  67. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 1:02 PM

    For the record, Home is on the white stuff again.

  68. No, you are corrct. besss and Welker are basically the same guy. Same speed same quickness everything. When Welker was here nobody was saying he was great, good yes, not great. In fact it wasn't until after he went to NE and blew up that everyone ( me included) started bitching and saying we should have never let him go.
    TO ALL BESS HATERS: He was an undrafted FA he's in his second year, and he was our BEST WR this year, you can argue semantics all you want, but the stats say he was our best WR BY FAR. We shouldn't be complaining about what he's NOT, he's not a #1 WR. We should be happy at what he IS, he is one of the BEST slot WR in the NFL. LOOK IT UP. I really hate having to defend him with you guys, we all know Bess is a kick ass slot WR, anyone who says otherwise, well um, doesn't know S%^T.

  69. LMAO, so are you saying.....oh nevermind.  dont want to disgust herdfan, but i will say, a man should never be on the 'white stuff'

  70. Bess ran a 4.78 or something like that at his pro day.

  71. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    That's why he wasn't drafted.


    Bess offical combine time was 4.64 (he ran one at 4.54 and one at 4.8),. Hartline was at 4.58, Hakeem Nicks was at 4.61 and ANquan Boldin was at something like 4.71. So I don't know what the issue is?

    Obvioulsy, I'm sick as hell talking about Bess, I just feel like there's no way his play should be questioned (outside of the return game)  or his potential be labled as limited. 

    Along with guys in positons manned by the likes of Polite, Starks, and Long. i think we all need to recognize we have the slot postion taken care of.  ANyway, that's my 2 cents I'm done with this topic.

  73. No the stats clearly state he was not the best WR, he had horrible numbers
    other than total catches.

  74. Tin, are you saying you would rather have D. Williams from TN, then Cody from Bama? I think Williams is a mid second rounder. In a perfect world my first 2 picks would go 1) ILB-McClain  2) NT-Williams. I would trade up a slot or two to get McClain. If that falls through I say we should just trade down in the first and acquire more picks. And I don't really share your enthusiasm on ILB- Spikes. I've watched alot of his games, he is a Crowder clone, I'm telling you when I watch him he looks, runs, tackles just like Crowder did @ UF, and we all know how that has turned out. If McClain is gone I don't wabt Spikes @ 12, If we can trade down and get him later, MAYBE, but I really don't think he is much of an upgrade.

  75. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 1:19 PM

    Are you suggesting Home is slurping on the baby batter of a man who snorts cocaine?

  76. Tin, wait a minute. You just said stats don't say he was the best? Well catches and yardage are stats, no? He lead the team in both. Come on think about what u are saying!!! He is not a number 1 WR, OK. He was never going to be. If you want to talk stats, compare his numbers to every other SLOT WR in the NFL, he is top 10. That is unquestionable. He was our best WR this year. Who do you think was better. And don't give me Hartline. He was good, but not our best.

  77. No, I'm with you. We really shouldn't have to defend Bess. Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone's got one. I'll just say u and me are on the same page when it comes to Bess.

  78. The Knight who says Ni!January 5, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    Maybe we can draft a RB who averages 2.9 YPC on 400 rushes and scores 5 TD. Those are stats too.

  79. Hartline was clearly the best. If you look at total number of targets in
    relation to those stats, Hartline was more quality than Bess. Hartline
    stretched the field more than any other WR on the team, and he made more big
    plays. He scored more TDs than Bess.
    You can't compare two receivers stats straight up without taking into
    consideration that Hartline did not play even half as many snaps as Bess
    did. Bess also dropped ten passes, which puts him in the top ten in drops.
    He fumbled about 6 effing times, and he actually produced fewer yards and
    catches per game as he did in 2008, so he regressed.
    I've already said I think he should be on the team and in a reduced role as
    a slot receiver only, but he hasn't played the slot in his first two years
    to the extent that Welker does, so why compare them? Welker is one of the
    top YAC players in the league, Bess is one of the worst. I don't see why we
    keep comparing the two....and another thing, in 2008 Bess showed 'the
    ability to make the first tackler miss'. There was not even a glimpse of
    that in 2009.
    I like Bess for what he is, but I don't attribute abilities to him that he
    just doesn't have.

  80. Nevermind?  lmao, that's my word! 

  81. Knight, are you saying Bess had a bad year, or are you saying he is just a bad WR? As always you are entitled to your opinion, I just don't share it, or think it is remotely correct. If Bess was not our best WR this year, who was?  I am not trying to sway your belief, just interested in who you thought the best WR on this team this year was.

  82. So basically you are saying YPC is the most important stat? I think most would disagree, but I'm sure to some it is important. i'll use TroY Williamson as an example, his YPC has always been above 15. Is he a good WR? I think more important to me is the quantity of receptions. If you catch more balls, it's only logical that you have made more plays. I am tired of this though, we obviosly don't see eye to eye on this subject, and can continue on for ever. I like Bess you don't, no problem.

  83. Last thing I'll say about Bess. Tin just for your own info, Welker has an 11 YPC avg, Not much better than Bess's is it.

  84. Yes I'd rather have Williams than Cody. I have them rated pretty even in my
    top 32, if you check out the new blog article.
    I think Cody will go higher in the draft, but Williams shouldn't be far
    I wasn't actually looking to replace Crowder, I was looking to replace
    Ayodele/Torbor. I think the McClain argument cannot really be started until
    he declares for the draft. I'm sure he will, but there have been many times
    in my life I was sure about something and it didn't end up happening.

  85. I too think McClain will enter draft. Simply because the owners are going to get a rookie pay scale in the next CBA, and he will make alot more money possibly this year as opposed to next. Plus he will probably win the National Championship with Mr. Satan this year, so that is another reason to declare. As far as Wiliiams most draft boards have him in the second round. I was hoping they were right, a McClain, Williams one two would really help our D.
    I wasn't saying for Spikes to replace Crowder either, i just think a McClain/Crowder ILBs is more up my alley, then a Spikes/Crowder. I mean is two Crowders better than one?:)

  86. FF13, Bess's YPC average after 7 games was 6.87. His numbers got a lift
    from a few big pass plays down the stretch, including the 34 yd TD in the
    last game, a 34 yarder vs Tennessee, and a 25 yarder vs TB. Welker had 49
    more catches than Bess, in THREE fewer games.
    Here's some stats. I'm subtracting Welker's one catch in the Houston game
    since he got injured on the very first drive during that catch (2nd play).
    So, in 13 games he had 122 catches for 1336 yards and 4 TDs. per game
    average = 9.4 catches, 103 yds, 0.31 TDs
    In Bess' 16 games, he had 76 catches for 758 yds and 2 TDs. per game
    average = 4.75 catches, 47.4 yds, 0.125 TDs

  87. See there is a problem, because I never said I didn't like Bess. For some
    reason, if anyone says Bess is not Welker, everyone assumes that person is
    blind and full of hatred for Bess.

  88. two Crowders is better than one crowder and an ayodele.
    Ultimately draft boards mean next to nothing before the bowl games are
    complete, including the all-star games, the pro days and combine happens,
    and the scandals that always surface. What will happen if in March we find
    out that McClain is a baby-eating evangelical communist? lol

  89. Tin, you can break it down any way you like, fact is bess had 76 Recs, for a 10 YPC avg, Welker has 123 Recs, for an 11 YPC avg. Bess 3 TD's, Welker 4 TD's. i don't see any difference except the amount of Recs. In fact if you extrapolate Bess to 123 Recs he would have more TD's than welker. Thems are the numbers, they don't lie. 

  90. knowno, I don't know how you came up with 4.64, but this a clip in regards
    to Bess' combine tryout written by Rob Rang (for USA Today), who I happen to
    know personally, and he is the guy who comes up with the numbers for
    "Bess is nearly the complete opposite � at least in terms of his 40. Scouts
    were disappointed to see Bess time in the 4.7s � a number so high even the
    most ardent of supporters is concerned, but his burst out of his breaks and
    super-soft hands made him one of the more impressive receivers of the day in
    drills. During the "gauntlet" drills in which receivers are asked to run
    horizontally across the field at full speed while six quarterbacks (three on
    either side) pepper them with passes, Bess was one of the few receivers to
    easily contort his body and snare each pass. In drills where others
    struggled, Bess consistently made the difficult appear easy."
    Plus Nicks and Boldin are both huge in comparison to Bess, so their times
    are not meant to be very low. 4.61 for someone of Nicks' stature 6'1" 212
    lbs is pretty typical, HOWEVER, he was actually timed at 4.49 and 4.51, so
    again, I don't know how you came up with 4.61.
    Again, at no point did I say I didn't like Bess or that he shouldn't be in
    the slot for the miami dolphins, I simply said he was not our best WR, and
    that he shouldn't be compared to Welker.

  91. Well to be fair Tin, alot of venom has been directed toward Bess, that i feel is undiserverd. He is what he is, and I'm fine with that. Some aren't, but expecting him to be something he's not, is not his problem. the guy is a great slot WR. he will be for years to come. He will only get better.

  92. Sorry Bess has 2 Tds not 3. typing too fast.

  93. Tin, your stats basically back up what I've been saying, Bess and Welker are the same guy. He had twice as many passes thrown to him each game , and has twice as much yards( basically a little less than twice), and he has twice as many Tds. Looks like the same guy to me.

  94. Tin If that's the case, then all PhinFans will convert.:) Baby-eating is one thing, but I dont think I can bring myself to be an evangelist..... =-O
    Oh I agree someone is always dropping and someone always shoots up, but what the hell else do we have to do? Speculation is fun.

  95. exactly.
    For all we know McClain could be MVP of Thursday's game, and run a 4.42 and
    be drafted in the top 3.

  96. ""Clemons isn't the answer""

    Who came-up with that BOLD 1st yr evaluation , Gibril or Wally Pipp?? BiggBENNN burns the best of'em!!

    DBs can take a few yrs to EVOLVE too!!
    I said in pre-season,he'll @ the least start in o10,(believe he had a start or two around wk 10 as a rookie)...

  97. Hey TIn figured I'd check back in once more tonight. Also, saw the Draft post looking forward to reading that tomorrow morning.

    ANyway, I didn't come up with the 4.64 number  myself. It's actually listed on the nfldraftscout website as Bess's offical time. Likewise it shows his pro day number at 4.6. ANd the same site has Welker's pro day number at 4.61. I posted the link earlier but here it is again. <span></span>

    <span>Anyway, I'm obviously not into the whole argument anymore, because I'm only about the Dolphins winning games and make sure we have the right pieces to get it done. I guess me and Knight just disagree when it comes to whether or not we've found the right guy to be our possession receiver, it's cool though, we both obviously just love the Dolphins and I definitely can't fault the man for that. </span>

  98. Sorry Nicks was listed at 4.51 (Still love this guy too, but hey Vontae flashed brillance at times this year too so I'm not complaining)
    <span> </span>

    ANd here's Welker's at 4.61

  99. ""Clemons isn't the answer""
    Who BOLDLY made that statement after ONE ROOKIE YR, Gibril, Wally Pipp ?? BENN torches the best of'em!!

    SOME DBs CAN take a couple yrs to understand the NFL game,and only THEN can their skills come into play!!
    NOT EVERY potentially eventual SUPERSTAR @any position is the ANSWER in his rookie season!!

    I BOLDLY said in pre-season that he'd @ the least be""OUR""o10 starter,(believe he started 1 or 2 around wk10).

    Mannn, IF the people that made these statements had any pull,the average NFL career would be ONE YEAR!!

  100. The Knight who says Ni!January 6, 2010 at 7:27 AM

    Welker catches a 0-2 yard pass and turns it into 11 yards. Bess catches a 0-2 yard pass and turns it into 4-5 yards. That's the difference between the two.

  101. The Knight who says Ni!January 6, 2010 at 7:34 AM

    Why is it that we always have to reconfirm our opinions when talking about Bess? People are so sensitive about this guy. My point is if he's our best WR we're in trouble. But he's not so we're on our way because Hartline is our best WR as Tin pointed out. Hartline can run every route and is the best WR on our team in YAC.

  102. The Knight who says Ni!January 6, 2010 at 7:41 AM

    "I'm sure he will, but there have been many times in my life I was sure about something and it didn't end up happening."

    Like that time you thought you were going to get a BJ and she fell asleep? LOL

  103. I never did end up following Raji this season....I wonder how he did...I
    never watch Green Bay games because my TV screen freezes over....

  104. It will be great to watch Miami Dolphins, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.