Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Breaking News! Dolphins sign a Fullback.

B.C. Lions lose Rolly Lumbala to Miami Dolphins

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 | 12:40 pm
Canwest News Service

VANCOUVER - Rolly Lumbala is hoping his second go-round with the Miami Dolphins is finally a charm.

The second-year B.C. Lions fullback decided to sign a two-year contract with Miami following a workout Tuesday in Pittsburgh, his second with a National Football League team in the span of a month.

Lumbala said the offers from the Dolphins and Steelers were essentially the same, but he chose Miami after concluding that the Dolphins were a better fit. It will be his second try at making the 'Phins. Lumbala signed with Miami in 2008 after the NFL draft but was released soon after following a three-day mini- camp. He then signed with the Lions, who selected him ninth overall in the 2008 CFL college draft from the University of Idaho.

The African-born, Calgary-raised running back spent two seasons with the Lions as a blocking back and special teams player.

"I grew up watching the CFL and loving the CFL," Lumbala said. "But I just couldn't pass up this opportunity. I'm still young [he turns 24 on Jan. 30] and I would kick myself if I didn't take the chance. It's really just a beginning. I haven't accomplished anything yet. It's just the first step in trying to make the team."

Lumbala worked out with the Dolphins just before Christmas on a tryout arranged by his agent, Ty Barnes. The option-year signing period for CFL players began on Monday and goes until Feb. 15.
While he didn't receive the offer of a signing bonus from either the Steelers or Dolphins, Lumbala said he was encouraged by the example of former Lions teammate Stefan Logan. The pair met up Tuesday in Pittsburgh. Like Lumbala, Logan didn't get a signing bonus from Steelers. But he made the team following an eye-opening 2009 pre-season campaign and finished his first season as the NFL's No. 3 leader in kickoff return yardage, setting a Pittsburgh single-season record in the process.
"Stefan went out and competed and look what happened," Lumbala said. "You can get all the signing bonus you want, but you still have to make the team."

Lumbala hasn't had the opportunity yet to break the news to Lions head coach and GM Wally Buono or assistant Neil McEvoy, both of whom are on vacation.


  1. Good News
    Surely we need help at KR and PR

    Hope Cobbs is back to himself soon

  2. He is not a returner, but a blocker. I suspect that the Dolphins ultimately
    want to free up Lou Polite to stick mainly to Offense and avoid injury.
    Then again, it's that time of year when teams shore up their developmental
    players with contracts and half of them don't make it past spring camps.

  3. Hey we could use a good blocker and special team player the way teams stuff the box and rush us. Give Henne a little more time to read what's out there.

  4. And buy the way I don't ever remember 54 looking that good

  5. <span>Logan didn't get a signing bonus from Steelers. But he made the team following an eye-opening 2009 pre-season campaign and finished his first season as the NFL's No. 3 leader in kickoff return yardage, setting a Pittsburgh single-season record in the process.</span>

    Gotcha Tin
    Threw me off with the logan mix in

    Maybe had something to do with Lex Hilliard while running well and finding the end zone 3 times in 2 games was Def not capable of blocking Steelers Woodley as Henne was painfully aware


  6. Yeah HSB, Lex did have issues blocking Woodley, however I don't think I've EVER seen a two fullback set. Lusaka blocks very well, so signing another FB just doesn't make sense to me.  Of course last year we went though what 4-5 FB's before we settled on LP?

  7. I'm about to post a new blog right now that clarifies this a bit but I might
    as well respond here too. After Crowder went down on IR, they activated
    Folsom, leaving two empty spaces on the practice squad. Then they signed
    the remaining six players, plus two former CFL/BC Lions players (to
    'future/reserve' contracts which allow them to participate in off-season
    workouts), so essentially Lumbala is to be considered a practice squad
    player at this point so this has nothing to do with immediate plans or

  8. Just signed Grice-Mullen too.  Now all we need is Colt Brennan...  And bring back Satele, Mauia the Juggernaut bitch, Soliai stays starting.  All the other Samoans from Cam Cameron era and June Jones as our coach, and were good.  Hawaii Miami Dolphins.  All kidding aside, I liked Grice-Mullen back when he was catching things from Brennan, kids got shakes, should be fun to watch in the offseason.

  9. We only want players from Hawaii and the BC Lions, lol.
    Either we're just going with what works, or our scouts only visit Vancouver
    and Waikiki....

  10. Umm, can you say "northern lights" & "maui wowie"  Could explain a lot! LOL

  11. LOL, what's next? Which team's mascot is the Purple Kush?