Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Draft – Tinshaker’s Top 10 by Position Projections - DEFENSIVE TACKLE

The Dolphins will be naming a new Defensive Coordinator soon, and whomever it is, he's going to inherit a Defense that has lots of questions to be answered regarding personnel.  Some are getting long in the tooth, some are facing free agency, and some just don't exist and need to be found and plugged in to the framework set by the first two years of Trifecta management.

Below is a preliminary ranking/sample of Defensive Tackles in the upcoming draft.  I've actually had to redo this at the last minute after some players decided (at the last minute) to stay in school.  I didn't want a repeat of the Greg Jones incident.  As far as I'm aware, all of the guys on the list will be entering the draft.  The deadline for announcing is actually tomorrow, and I was going to post this then but it could be a busy day in Dolphins news tomorrow so I moved up the publishing date.

Once the dust settles, I will post the Top Ten Safeties and the Top Ten Tight Ends.  The rest of the positions will follow with a goal of having them all posted by the 23rd when I will do an East-West Shrine Game intro with a recap of all the 'Top Ten' players that are set to play in the game.  The following week is the Senior Bowl practices and I will recap the players in that game (30th) as well.  

This will all culminate what I'm calling 'Mock Week' by which we'll know the full draft order, and thus we'll all begin piecing together our preliminary mocks.  Once we have an idea how the draft may go, and teams have had a chance to start applying tags and resigning players, we can start to focus on Free Agency, which starts on February 27th.

So for now, the Defensive Tackles:


  1. Tin,
    I am not seeing any list?

  2. Never mind, it's up now.
    I have been doing a little research on Williams , and am starting to like him. If we cannot get Mcclain @ 12, then I think we should trade down and pick williams up. He could be our anchor at NT for a decade.

  3. The quetion about Troup is can he play NT. If the coaches think he can, this may free us up to take another position in the first and possibly second.

  4. FF13, it's showing up on my end. Do you have adobe installed?
    In related news, the Patriots just fired their Def Coord, Dean Pees. Very
    surprising, he has a good record.

  5. I like Dan Willams also, not a lot of hype about him but has the size and looks like he can play NT in the future

  6. to many USF guys on this blog.  Tin can't you do something about that ?  :)

  7. lol, i'll see what I can do
    we got a new coach today, hopefully he gets some decent coordinators in. I
    would love for USF to run a 3-4...

  8. Tin, once again a great list. Williams does have the perfect size for a NT. Troupe would be a great fit later too. I really like your plan too. This is one of my fav times of year and you put the emphasis where I like it.

  9. I see Al Groh is gone.  Good didn't like him anyway, and I have no idea why.  It appears the Dolphins didn't have a plan when they PP go.  If that's true then they really didn't like him did they ?

  10. Ultimately I'm sure Groh weighed his options and saw Georgia Tech as a
    better fit for him. I disagree about the media always going on about
    College coaching being less work than in the NFL so I don't think it's
    that. I think he probably wasn't offered the Miami job yet and needed to
    make a move on the GT job before it was too late and he ended up without any
    I know Mike Leach is an offensive guy, but he could really fire up the
    players by threatening to put them in the shed in the South Florida
    summer....what do you think? lol

  11. Almost looks like he refused to stay on in a reduced capacity (linebackers?), so they let him go. Who knows for sure? The Roth question is still out there without answers!

  12. Looks like Todd Bowles is the front-runner now.

  13. Tin, rhetorical question:

    With an uncapped year looming, where teams are not required to spend big $$$, what do you think is the likelihood that teams will opt to trade out of picks 1-10 to a) avoid big unproven rookie contracts, and, b) if "a", will it have the overall effect of reducing rookie contracts?

  14. I think Rady Starks would run over him with his truck :)

  15. Canam, it looks more and more likely that there will be a rookie wage scale
    introduced in 2010. If it happens soon, some of the undergrads who have
    delcared for the draft might run back to class.
    If they figure out a way to do this without a permanent CBA in place, then
    those first round picks will be worth solid gold because everyone would be
    willing to trade up.
    If it doesn't happen, I don't see it being any different than previous
    years. Regardless of their being no rookie wage scale or salary cap for
    2010, there will be one for 2011, and thus you still have to be wary of what
    you're spending, and most teams aren't willing to trade up because the later
    pick teams already have big payrolls, and don't usually need a top of the
    draft player to put them on track for success.
    It's always difficult to trade down from the top 10 picks, but someone like
    Seattle (who has 2 in the top 15) could be willing to offload the 2nd pick
    (#14) since they already have a top ten pick and another team would be more
    willing to move up to #14.

  16. Some have suggested they may be waiting for someone to free up after the playoffs.  Now that they have not been able to sign anyone it could be true.  Todd Bowles isn't getting any looks this year at any positions that have opened up, so if need be they could turn to him in a pinch.  I don't think he is in the running because they could have made that move the day they fired PP. 

    Maybe they should go outside the comfort zone and get someone other than a "Parcell" type guy.  Their are some of those guys outthere !!!  I don't see that happening though, I think they're waiting for a Cowboys assitant to come free.  That would make sense to me.

  17. I'm hoping the dolphins stay right where they are, it's a good position.  I also think there is a chance that McClain will be there waiting for them.  Their are some really good players at nearly every position.  If the teams in front of us draft to their weaknesses McClain as I said could be ours.  I sure hope so, we could use a guy like him, if he can play like he has at the next level.  But that's a different subject isn't it ?

  18. I think you're wrong on Bowles. I'd bet anything he's not only in the
    running but very much the only serious option right now. I bet the Butler
    guy has told them he wants to stay in Pittsburgh (again). And the only
    Dallas coach that would be an option for DC is Wade Philips, and they
    wouldn't wait that long anyway. Also, they said they will wrap it up by the
    end of thw eekend which implies they're not looking at playoff teams right
    There are good reasons why they haven't promoted Bowles from day one - Al
    Groh and Romeo Crennel were available, and they wanted to turn over the
    rocks with other lesser known coaches. They don't want to rush the decision
    - that's a good thing for now - if it carries over for two weeks then it's a
    bad thing.

  19. In my view, the only team ahead of us who could realisticly pick McClain is Denver. It all depends on what they do with Brandon Marshall. If they trade him, they need a new #1 WR (Dez Bryant) with that pick. If Marshall stays in Denver, they might pick McClain as a centerpiece of their new 3-4 Defense.

  20. I think I'm just hoping they find someone other than Bowles, and with the dallas connection this team has one of their asst. could be brought down here. 

    I think Bowles should be gone also.  You don't keep a guy around with a track record that he has shown so far.  For the past 2 years the defensive backfield have been dismall.  Why would you elevate someone with that resume ?

  21. The Knight who says Ni!January 15, 2010 at 9:18 AM

    Why does no one feel Suh can play NT? He's 6-4 300 with tremendous power, strength and quickness. Jay Ratliff might be the best NT in the game right now and he's the same size.

  22. "In my view, the only team ahead of us who could realisticly pick McClain is
    I wouldn't say 'realistically' because any team could find a place for him,
    but definitely they are the most likely. In fact, I have them swiping him
    in my initial mock draft. If they decide not to take him, then we have a
    good shot at McClain.

  23. Was hoping Butler would take DC job.  Is it a Bowles promo then?  Or are we waiting for a playoff team's asst.?  One thought on upcoming FA and position we are really deep at is DE.  I think Lionel Dotson could crack the starting lineup on some of these new 3-4 teams, and is just buried on ours.  Maybe we trade one of our starters, Lionel moves up?  If so, who?  I could see a DE and say Jason Allen packaged for somebody, or a pick.  Other than DE, do we have any depth elsewhere that could lead us to trade?  Maybe OLB if we consider Moses and/or Anderson depth.  Another team might!  There are so many "new" teams, and D's shifting to 3-4, we could find some interest in our roster.....

    As far as WR goes, I don't see us making a move, or trading Ginn.  We might draft a guy, but I don't see any one guy as expendable.  Camarillo is clutch and a leader- a sporano guy-we won't let him go.  Ginn has unmatched speed, and does work hard, and even if the refs in the New Orleans game didn't see Teddy run down and knock his Int loose, Sporano sure did.  Hartline has shown everything and more, quick learner, hard worker, fiery.  Bess is the established prototypical slot guy.  Its safe to say these guys will get better.  The question is if P. Turner is going the way of Miles Austin or S. Murphy.  IF Turner comes out strong next year, with Henne in his second year, we will have a deep and balanced WR corps.  It only gets better if the TE play steps up too.  
    All in all, I don't see a big move for a WR.

    Oh yeah, D crystal ball says late round NT.  I like the UCF guy.  With teams going 3-4, all the 'obvious' prospects will be gone.  Plus, its seems our regime likes leaner(?) NT.  Soliai's big issue was losing weight, so Cody is not coming to Miami.  Wilfork is going to be BIG $, and he won't be coming here either.  But I'm sure he'll be a Chief or something other than a Patsy.  So my bet is a mid round NT pick.....

  24. Fang,
    I think you'll notice if you go back and watch the games that 90% of the
    'dismal' play was the result of us getting no pressure on the QB and the DBs
    having to cover for 5 to 10 seconds. Also, a huge chunk of our passing
    yardage defense was the fault of the linebackers covering tight-ends.
    Bowles was short-listed as a Head Coach candidate for Detroit and Kansas
    City last year and he was assistant head-coach for the last two years. He
    must have something going for him.
    But back to your idea of a Dallas assistant - who do you recommend, because
    they just hired Paul Pasqualoni, and he has experience as a Miami Def.
    Coordinator and he knows all the players and where the bathrooms are,

  25. Who said Suh couldn't play NT? He already does/did in Nebraska's nickel
    defense. I'm pretty sure I wrote he could play any of the front seven,
    including ILB and OLB.
    Ratliff could be a Dolphin this year....purely speculation, but the Cowboys
    don't see him as a NT and want to move him back outside. Word is Jerry is
    in love with Mount Cody.

  26. The Knight who says Ni!January 15, 2010 at 9:38 AM

    Even though you said he could play any position in the front 7 you mentioned Suh only listed him as a 3-4 DE. You think he can play LB? LOL

    The reason I said why does no one think Suh could play NT is because on the SS blogs I've heard people say he's a 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE.

    Why would the Cowboys not view Ratliff as a NT when he just made 1st team All-Pro playing there? I heard an interview with Howie Long yesterday and he said Ratliff is one of the most impressive NTs he's ever seen.

  27. It's surprising how many mock drafts have Miami taking JPP ("the UCF guy")! :)

  28. USF, get it right!

  29. Because the cowboys prefer him as a pass-rusher DE. He may have the ability
    but he doesn't have the body-type you normally look for in a NT and they may
    be afraid he'd wear down over time. In any event, if they draft Cody,
    there's really only one position he can play, so Ratliff would have to move.
    No offense to your radio dial, but Howie Long is an idiot. LoL

  30. Re Suh, I meant he projects more as 4-3 DT, but could also play 3-4 DE
    without too much change. To play Nose, he would be asked to do something
    different and would possibly not start right away. You don't spend that
    high a pick on a 'project'.

  31. Maybe we could trade Philipp Merling for another 2nd round pick. Depends on how Sparano values him but he's clearly fallen behind Starks and Langford on the depth chart and McDaniel played well this season. Merling could be a starter for several teams, regardless of system. He could either be a 4-3 DT or a 3-4 DE.

  32. "I think Lionel Dotson could crack the starting lineup on some of these new
    3-4 teams"
    What have you been smoking? Dotson barely made the roster last year. He is
    good body for depth, but he's not pushing any of our starters, so why would
    he be a starter for another team?
    I think too much is made of the 3-4 defense being hard to find personnel
    for. I actually think it's easier, with the exception of ILB (because you
    need twice as many). Most DT's in College fit the DE need in a 3-4, and
    most college DE's convert well to 3-4 OLBs. The secondary doesn't change at
    all. And Nose Tackle is all about strength and balance - it helps to be 320
    lbs but it's not the only deciding factor. Most DTs could convert to nose
    tackle with some time and effort (and an extra helping at the buffet table).
    Player trades for picks are increasingly rare these days, and usually only
    happens when someone extra special is offered like a QB or a #1 WR. We
    really don't have any of those players unless there is no CBA and Miami opts
    to trade Ronnie Brown (which they won't).
    Our best bet is to trade a combination pack of picks, such as our 2010 3rd
    and a 2011 3rd for the other team's 2010 2nd.

  33. You def. wouldn't get a 2nd round pick for Merling. Don't you know football
    players are like cars, as soon as you drive them off the lot they degrade
    the re-sale value. Only way you get your full investment back is if they
    are a classic/collectible or have been supercharged. A 2nd round pick in
    trade needs to get you a 1st round talent. Plus it's almost never done to
    trade a player with several years left on his contract.

  34. The Knight who says Ni!January 15, 2010 at 10:35 AM

    Tin, Howie Long knows football, come on man. He actually gets into scheme and technique and he was one of the best D-lineman I've ever seen.

    If we landed Suh, I'd play him everywhere on the DL.

  35. The Knight who says Ni!January 15, 2010 at 10:38 AM

    I think Merling could end up at NT in the next few years.

  36. Okay, then he's an idiot when it comes to everything other than

  37. The Knight who says Ni!January 15, 2010 at 10:43 AM

    Why do most people think Denver is the only team in our way of getting McClain. He could be a good LB in any system for any team.

  38. The Knight who says Ni!January 15, 2010 at 11:55 AM


  39. Knight, Denver is the most likely to draft an inside linebacker first in the
    1st round.
    Rams have Laurinaitis
    Lion have Larry Foote
    Bucs have Barrett Ruud
    Redskins have a need with London Fletcher getting old, but they'll probably
    draft offense first.
    KC has a bunch of young solid linebackers, they're actually a bit crowded
    Seattle has Lofa.
    Cleveland (3-4) has Barton (big $) and a host of up and comers like Veikune
    and Maiava (both drafted in 09).
    Oakland has Kirk Morrison.
    Buffalo has Posluzny
    Denver (3-4) has DJ Williams all by himself in a 3-4 (they need some new
    blood there).
    Jacksonville has nobody, but they're drafting Tebow, right? lol
    Miami has...
    Sure any team could pick McClain, but he'll probably on the table when
    Denver picks. Getting past Denver and Jacksonville, however...

  40. Always great reviews of Dotson in camp, and if there was a spot for someone to be buried its DE on this team.  What I meant is he could be in McDaniel's or Merling's role on our team, and use one of our starters as bait if we so desired.  No I don't think Dotson has trade value, but value to our team.....