Sunday, January 3, 2010

Steelers @ Dolphins

Dolphins Inactives:  WR Patrick Turner, DB Evan Oglesby, OG Andrew Hartline, OT Andrew Gardner, DE Lionel Dotson, DE Ryan Baker and third QB Tyler Thigpen.

Steelers Inactives:  S Troy Polamalu, 3rd QB Charlie Batch, CB Trae Williams, OG Kraig Urbik, OT Tony Hills, DE Sunny Harris, WR Joey Galloway and DE Brett Keisel.
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  1. So , I'd GUESS we're HOPING Junior Alabama ILB RELONDO MCCLAIN declares himself draft eligable,
    and FALLS to us!!

    Brandon Spikes should be there @ 12 or whatever it ends-up being,
    but we could probably trade-down and still land him in the late teens!!

    NT Terrance CODY should be availabe to us in the same manner as SPIKES!!
    16 wks and 4 days to figure it out!!  GOFINS!!

  2. Tenn's NFL NT Dan Williams too!!

    And don't forget MY sleeper WR Dez Bryant,(hopefully in the 2nd rnd)!!

  3. It'd be nice to land Houston's (from a 3-4 D) o10 FA ILB DeMeco Ryans 6-1,250,25yrsold!!!
    I wanted him from his draft class!!! 

    @ a quick glance,I don't see many HIGHLY DESIRABLE ILBs in o10's FA!!

    @OLB,I wonder IF ROTH completly burned the bridge??  (He's PRESENTLY an o10 FA)!!

    o10 FA LBs,

  4. What concerned me the most from yesterday's game is this.  Why could our WR not get open all year with Henne back at QB but plug Thigpen in and suddenly they are all open (well except Ginn who was double covered on that pick!!) Is Henne just that bad at reading his progressions? 

    We did FINALLY learn something.....Pat White is NOT an NFL caliber QB and is way to small and frail to play in this league. Wasted pick. QB who can't throw the ball!! Hopefully we can move him in the off season with Girbril and Ginn for a 5th rounder!!

  5. Whoa Houston does not play a 3-4, are you loco?
    Ryans is the MLB (granted he IS still the best in the FA class who is under
    30), but he will not be an UFA if it remains an uncapped year. He is in the
    same boat as Ronnie Brown, Anthony Fasano, and 200 other NFL players who
    were scheduled to become unrestricted free agents in 2010.
    Still, he has not be resigned by Houston yet, and remains an option. There
    are several good options for stopgap players, i.e. 30 year old guys, but the
    draft is especially thin at this position (I *struggled* to complete a top
    ten list for ILB).
    One thing is clear from the two games that Crowder missed - he may not be a
    big playmaker, but he *does* tackle the running back even if it is a few
    yards downfield, better than whiffing all together. Ayodele and Torbor are
    both very inconsistent, and lean towards subpar more times than not.

  6. First of all, I have to reiterate that Ginn was clearly bowled over from
    behind before the ball got to him on the goal line interception. The refs
    completely gave the game to the Steelers.
    Secondly, I don't think there was a lot of issue with receivers getting open
    with Henne, he put up massive numbers for his first year. As for Thigpen,
    most of those 'wide open' receivers became open AFTER Thigpen was under
    duress and spinning in and out of tackles. Davone Bess did not *burn* his
    coverage - the corner stopped running because he thought the play was over
    when Thigpen got wrapped up. None of us watching that expected Thigpen to
    make the plays he did.
    And let's not forget that Thigpen still has more experience than Henne, and
    that the Dolphins had gone to a 100% running game with White at QB, and when
    Thigpen came in they went to a 90% passing game all of a sudden. The
    Steelers D had some breakdowns, and the drudgery of the Eggshell White
    offense all made Thigpen seem that much more sparkly. In the end he ended
    up throwing back to back INTs.
    But still clearly we have two very talented and cool customers at QB, and
    one who ruined his career by being stubborn and trying to prove he was an
    NFL QB. This is as much the NFL Network's fault for hyping the crap out of
    White during the draft lead up. I said it from day one, as in December
    2008, that Pat White could not be a successful NFL QB, that he couldn't
    throw the ball, and that his numbers were inflated due to playing in a very
    weak division (the Big East SUCKED up until 2008) and having Steve Slaton
    and a great offensive line and playing in an option offense. And I have
    spent the last 6 months banging on and on about how bad of a draft pick this
    was and how he'd be the biggest bust in NFL history, etc.
    I hope he recovers well and finds a way to play football on some level, but
    I don't want him on the Miami Dolphins even as a clipboard holder. And the
    idea that he was above Thigpen on the depth chart and above Henne before
    that has always been a launching point for why I lost confidence in the
    coaching staff and Bill Parcells this season. If they don't have a VERY
    successful 2010, I'll suggest replacing him with someone off the street.

  7. Yeah, it's got a HenneJanuary 4, 2010 at 8:17 AM

    Completely agree on all points, Tin.

    And if White is to have a future, he better learn to catch the ball better than he throws it.

    Best thing is that we have our #1 and #2 QBs and we are picking 12th in the draft. Spikes will look good in aqua and orange and Crowder go back to playing second fiddle to a playmaker.

  8. Best commenter name....EVER!!


  10. <span>''''Whoa Houston does not play a 3-4,'</span><span>''</span>
    <span>Thats was a typo,(MY BADD)!!!  Before-hand/initial post</span>
    <span>I specifically went to NFL.coms depth charts to see if he was primarily in a 3-4 like us,</span>
    <span>but noticed he was from a 4-3,and meant to emphasize that but I had FINS 3-4 on the brain...</span>
    <span>Doesn't matter,he can play 3-4 !!! Didn't mention the other most notables b/c of age!!</span>
    <span>Mentioned him even though he's from a different type D,cuz I wanted him coming-out,</span>
    <span>he has the BP size speed intangibles,BIGG hitter,he can obviously cover more ground than what we have,</span>
    <span>and he did well vs us in short coverage...</span>

  11. More importantly, he has proven cover skills. If we give up 100+ yards to
    Detroit's TE next year, I'm giving up on the NFL.