Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Mini-Camp Begins

  • LBs = 1st team Misi, Dansby, Dobbins, Anderson.  2nd team = Wake, Spitler, Edds, Johnston.
  • CBs = 1st team Davis, Smith, J. Allen (nickel).  2nd team = Carroll, Oglesby.
  • OLs = 1st team Long, Jerry, Grove, Incognito, Carey.  2nd team = Gardner, Procter, Berger, Thomas, Murtha.
  • WRs = 1st team Camarillo, Hartline, Bess (slot).  2nd team = Grice-Mullen, Pruitt, Johnson.
  • Not participating in drills = Brandon Marshall, Jason Ferguson, Patrick Turner, Lionel Dotson, Nate Garner.
  • Limited participation = Channing Crowder, Will Allen, Ronnie Brown.
  • Notes of Interest:
  • Philip Merling is in attendance and has not hit any pregnant women yet.
  • Pat White is 'struggling' in individual passing drills.  Not even with a line in front of him, just  basic drop back and throw to wide open receivers.
  • Jason Taylor ingratiating himself with Jets teammates. Gave some guys Jordan gear (sneakers) yesterday.
  • How far along is Ronnie Brown? "Eighty percent. If we had a game tomorrow I'd play." 
  • Chris Clemons picked off a Chad Henne pass intended for the tight-end - does this mean we've already improved from Gibril Wilson? 
  • Per Armando Salguero, "[Misi] was at the weakside outside linebacker spot. It was interesting to see Misi match up with Jake Long on one matchup during team drills. Um, Long won the battle."
  • Coach Sparano indicated that Dobbins has no chance of starting over Channing Crowder.



    1. Wow, Herald and Sentinal are making me dizzy. This is what i know so far:

      *Thigpen looks awesome. Also Thigpen looks horrible.

      *Chris Clemons made an amazing interception of a Henne pass. It was a great read and he showed excellent ball hawking skills. OR....the pass was actually just overthrown.

      *Phillip Merling isn't at minicamp. Oh wait, yes he is.

      At least everyone agrees on one thing: Nalbone sucks.

    2. We Have PlaymakersMay 28, 2010 at 11:37 AM

      I'm just glad that I didn't see read about any other players that got arrested.  I was half expecting to read on Rotoworld that Ricky had a 'shroom party last night & the entire team got busted.

    3. We Have PlaymakersMay 28, 2010 at 11:50 AM

      BTW--What happened to Moses???

    4. If Ricky had a shroom party last night, today's minicamp would have been REALLY interesting.

      Bess to Hartline: "Hey man, have you ever really looked at your hands".

    5. Nothing, he is running with the 2s and 3s but it doesn't mean anything
      because they rotate them out on a daily basis anyway.

    6. We Have PlaymakersMay 28, 2010 at 12:16 PM


      LOL!!! For Pat White that might be the only excuse he has left. 

      Hartline looks like a square to me.  I'd be curious to know what kind of music he listens to.  Country???  Bess went to Hawaii & has the dreads so I can see him & Ricky kicking the reggae.

    7. We Have PlaymakersMay 28, 2010 at 12:18 PM


      Well it is only the end of May so there is a lot left to be determined.  I was just asking b/c I saw that Torbor got cut yesterday.

    8. I think that music comment is unfair - I contend you'd have to be either
      drunk or high to be able to listen to country music ;)

    9. We Have PlaymakersMay 28, 2010 at 12:32 PM

      Back to the 'shroom comment....Did anyone read Tim Graham's blog today???  WTF is he talking about???  IMO, he's completely lost his mind & I used to really like him!!!

    10. Ricky's 'shroom party results:

      Enjoyed the trip: Ronnie Brown, Devon Bess, Ryan Grice-Mullen, Greg Camarillo, Channing Crowder, YB, , Will Allen, Sean Smith, Joey Haynos, Chris Clemons

      Completelyl freaked out: Jake Grove, Pat White, Ritchie Incognito

      Prayed a lot: Vontae Davis

      Started hitting people: Phillip Merling

      Took care of the "Philip Merling problem": Jake Long

      Tried to get into Devon Bess' head: Brandon Marshall ("it's just a number man").

      Called the cops: Nolan Caroll

    11. We Have PlaymakersMay 28, 2010 at 12:36 PM


      LOL!!!  You'd also have to be a lot of other things which I won't say since I take great pride in always being politically & socially correct.  I meant faggy Carrie Underwood kind of music but your point is well taken.  How's that for correct????

    12. We Have PlaymakersMay 28, 2010 at 12:39 PM

      LMAO@Kula.  Now that's REALLY funny!!!!! 

      I think McDaniel knocked a couple of chicks out too...LOL!!!

    13. I haven't seen it yet, but his latest output kind of reminds me of when Omar at SS kinda lost it last year - of course - that did lead to the creation of THIS blog, so I'd better hush hush

    14. Chechk out the video up top - good little peek in to Mike Nolan's coaching - 'don't run around the block - go through it!'

    15. Tin, thanks for posting the video. I am really curious to see how Nolan's coaching style and schemes effect our defense. I truly believe that Nolan is the most significant offseason additiont to this team (with BM a close second). I believe i heard the words "violence" and "don't go around him" in the video. I like these words. At least in the football context.

    16. We Have PlaymakersMay 28, 2010 at 2:22 PM

      If only the players can leave the hitting on the field...

    17. We Have PlaymakersMay 28, 2010 at 2:24 PM

      LOL@Tin.  You do a great job so I wouldn't worry.  I can only imagine what this site would be like if you didn't have a REAL job so shame on those guys who actually get paid to do this stuff.

    18. Yeah WHP, that's what always gets me pissed at the "reporters", this is their JOB and they suck....

    19. Seeing Misi and Edds in so quickly with the 1st team might be a sign they plan on trial by fire with these two.  Langford and Smith were two rooks who were given 1st team duties from the get-go also, and as I recall that started pretty early.  The non-rooks (reserves and FAs) seem to get cycled in so Sparano can see what he has...

      Caught an article on Smiley practicing with the Jags.  I thought it was interesting that he said that this was the first time in a while that he had to compete, and earn his spot.  Although he said he was looking forward to it and that it brings out the best, I wonder if that is why he is gone.  Some of you were saying it might be more than just the shoulder......Seems to me it would be weird to have a guy on a Sparano team that isn't in the mindset of having to earn his spot every season, every practice.  

      The Me-First players are being shown the door!  Or in JTs case, not being shown the way back in!

      Glad to see Clemons coming out strong, just what he needs to do.....

    20. Serious question,(no critique intended)!!

      How are the reporters made aware of who's on the first or second team @ this or that time,
      (@ a moment's notice)?

      Are the one's and two's @ separate ends of the field w'signs that signify the one's are here & the two's are there?

      Is an anouncement made w'a megaphone, how do they make those accessment's??

      O was pretty indepth, didn't read elsewhere!!! 
      OF COURSE a premiere NFL LT JLong ate-up the rookie Misi,(he eats-up premiere NFL DE's/OLBs)!!!

    21. Mann that Garner kidd must be something really special??
      Didn't he miss all the camps last yr,and now this yr??
      And he's still here, must be special, or has incriminating digital photo's of BP w'a farm animal??
      Guess JT,JP,TG,JS,RT,AA,GW,etc,etc,etc,only had crayon drawn picture's??

    22. you have a lousy taste in music ...what's new?

    23. What's on my mind is that it's all good that we have a bona fide Defensive Co-ordinator in Mike Nolan. I'm sure that he has unshakeable faith in his defense and has a pretty good idea what caliber of defense he puts on the field, based on his own talent evaluation of the Miami defense. While I don't know how long this defense needs to get a grip on his concepts, starting the season at Buffalo and at Minnesota and then coming home to face the Jets and Pats means that Miami's D needs to hard wire this new defensive philosophy and implement it to perfection early.

      To me, that's one "fly in the ointment" that might make the play-offs a longshot if the Fins don't get out of the gate fast!

    24. I was impressed by Nolan saying he was running guys through all kinds of scenarios to see who could blitz, who could rush the passer, who could cover, etc. It's the sign of a really good coach who tries to play to the strength of the talent he has instead of forcing a style on a group that may not have those skills. Here in Tampa they hired Jim Bates who used to our DC and then fired him before the season even started last year because they claimed they didn't have the personnel to run "his system."

      Coaches can never get so locked into a system that they can't field a team with the players they have. But you see this churning of system coaches a lot by teams that end up with a mishmash of talent that doesn't fit into any system. There is a subtle difference between philosophy and system when it comes to coaching football and it sounds like Nolan is a philosophy coach more than a system coach. Mr. Shula was that way and he won a lot of games.

    25. “He’s put a lot of time in, watched a lot of tape, has done a lot of studying on his own and with (quarterbacks coach) David Lee,” Sparano said. “I think that you can start to see some of that right now. Just at the end of five practices, six practices, what we’ve been right now, this guy is close to almost 68, 69 percent completions right now. He’s going to the right place with the ball and you’re starting to see him hit some things quicker, getting to some second and third progressions a little bit quicker. I like the way he’s progressed.”

      Tony Sparano on Pat White's OTA's and mini camps

    26. All excellant points Patrick. :-D I especially  the part about <span> "A lot by teams that end up with a mishmash of talent that doesn't fit into any system" </span>

      That has been the curse of our whole team the last decade.  Each regime had their own vision of the type of players they wanted. Cam wanted to go "fast" so he went with certain types, Saban wanted his type, the turnover on our roster YEAR TO YEAR  for most of the decade has been over 50%.

      "mishmash of ""Talent""

      Please Ross give use continuity for the next 10 years so we can build another dynasty!

    27. <img></img> by <span>Robert Hoffman</span> <span>Written on May 30, 2010</span> <img></img> <span>Marc Serota/Getty Images</span>
      <p><span><span>Drawing conclusions about players based on minicamp performance is usually an exercise in futility.<span>  </span>A player that looks great in shorts often disappears once the pads come on.<span>  </span>Some players don't take minicamps seriously, but shine when full-contact hitting starts in training camp and carries over into the regular season.<span>  </span></span></span>
      </p><p><span> </span>
      </p><p><span><span>However, one can make some astute observations reading between the lines.<span>  </span>Here is an attempt to do just that based on the Miami Dolphins minicamp this weekend.</span> </span>
      </p><p><span> </span>
      </p><p><span><span>Miami is more concerned with player combinations than who runs first team or second team at a certain position.<span>  </span>Look at the way the Dolphins have handled the outside linebacker position the last three days.<span>  </span>Koa Misi, Charlie Anderson, Quentin Moses and Cameron Wake have been interchangeable components at the strong and weak-side linebacker positions. </span></span>
      </p><p><span> </span>
      </p><p><span><span>One day, you had Quentin Moses and Charlie Anderson as the first team unit.<span>  </span>Then you had Misi and Anderson as the first team and eventually Wake and Anderson as the first team linebackers.<span>  </span>Don't be surprised to see other variations as camps continue.</span> </span>
      </p><p><span> </span>
      </p><p><span><span>The key component in these pairings is that no role has been clearly defined.<span>  </span>Anderson is working primarily as a weak-side linebacker, even though he is thought to be a strong-side linebacker, because the Dolphins want to see how these players complement each other.<span>   </span>When Wake moved to the first team he lined up on the strong side even though he is thought to be primarily a weak-side linebacker candidate.</span> </span>
      </p><p><span> </span>
      </p><p><span><span>Free safety is a two-man battle at this point.<span>  </span>Chris Clemons is being given every chance to win the starting job as he has worked with the first team all weekend.<span>  </span>The Dolphins know what they have in Tyrone Culver and might prefer to keep him as a back-up to Yeremiah Bell.<span>  </span>Rookie Reshad Jones appearing to have [...]