Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tin Bits - The Criminal Defense - UPDATED

  • The Dolphins have let Reggie Torbor go.  They terminated his contract today.  One would have to believe that this means Channing Crowder isn't as banged up as we heard he is.
  • This is starting to get embarrassing.  According to Omar Kelly, Dolphins defensive end, Philip Merling, was arrested last night on charges of aggravated battery against his pregnant girlfriend.  This follows arrests of Tony McDaniel, Will Allen, and Ronnie Brown this off-season.  Merling was penciled in as the starting RDE with rookie, Jared Odrick, pushing to replace him.  Merling will likely face fines and suspensions from the league and is obviously headed to trial.
  • I saw a report at the Miami Herald that Pat White has altered his throwing motion.  I'm not sure what difference it makes having a failed QB change to a third motion in 3 years, but we do know that in the media session last week that he actually completed a pass and didn't hit the golf cart, so I'm willing to give him a shot, however futile it may be.
  • Channing Crowder reportedly may start the season on the PUP list.  We know how well that worked out for another Dolphin linebacker last year.
  • Justin Smiley passed his Jaguars physical, so Miami gets at least one additional draft pick in 2011 (still unknown, but mark my words, it will be higher than reported).
  • In Yets news, Mark Sanchez still hasn't attempted a pass in OTAs and Vernon Gholston is lining up at Nose Tackle. 


  1. On Merling, he's on edge because he realizes that the Baloney Party is over and he has to fight for his job...apparently he failed to communicate that properly to his girlfriend! :-P

    On White, I didn't see anything from him in his few appearances last year that would seem to mesh with the direction that the O will take under a battle-tested and, at this point, heir-apparent to Marino's cape! Mybe they're beefing him up for a trade?

    On Crowder, shame on you for publicly siding with JP against the team.

    Draft picks are good!

  2. Would he really be suspended for his first offense? Don't they usually just face fines the first time around.

  3. What is up with players beating thier wifes? I had high hopes for Merlin this year. He might just be another punk with money.

    Pat White would be lucky to hit a golf  Probably would fall 10 yards short.

    Glad to hear we atleast received a pick for Justin.  I am sure allot of teams where just waiting for him to get cut.

  4. OUCHHHH, another 2nd rndr likely thrown to the dogs!!
    (Whats that make,an entire draft ALL 2nd/early rndrs),since Ricky's walk of enlightenment??
    We should have just gave our entire draft (rnds 1-7) for Ricky as a draftee,(it would have been cheaper)!!
    Not that Ricky has anything to do w'PM, just that we've given away a sheiteload of early pks to acquire RW,
    and then a sheiteload in attemps to replace him, and then JBeck, PW??, etc,etc...This is gettin embarrising!!



  5. Ahhhh, the instant millionaire thing, it's quite simple actually.  You can take the hood out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the hood...

  6. Merling better hope this doesing go to court. They throw you in jail down here for that.

  7. I don't think you guys have considered that this could be some kind of DL rite of passage.  Wonder who's next! 

  8. Ryan Baker will get arrested for poaching...

  9. Maybe just a RDE rite of passage... which makes Odrick next

  10. Tin, glad to see that the strain of running this thing hasn't affected your sense of humor!!

  11. Tin - So the Smiley pick will be higher than reported?  Has anyone actually reported what pick it is, other than a conditional late round pick?  If it is indeed conditional, I'm sure the conditions are related to how many games Smiley starts, plays in, is active for, # of plays, etc.  If he's healthy and starts every game, maybe it's a 5th.  I can't imagine it's any higher and it may not even be a 5th - even if he's healthy.

  12. We Have PlaymakersMay 27, 2010 at 12:02 PM


    I read that the conditional pick was reported as a 7th....

  13. We Have PlaymakersMay 27, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    WOW!!!  That news on Merling is really f#cked up!!!  Hitting a pregnant girlfriend???  Sounds like we have another Randy McMichael.  I honestly find it hard to believe when I read stories like this that alcohol &/or drugs were not involved.

    Maybe we can trade him to the Bengals????  If this story is anywhere close to accurate, Merling is in DEEP sh#t.

  14. We Have PlaymakersMay 27, 2010 at 12:11 PM


    Agreed on Odrick.  Unbelievable.  Just yesterday I was starting to question why we drafted another DE in the first round with all the guys we have.

  15. We Have PlaymakersMay 27, 2010 at 12:13 PM


    I think this might be different b/c she's pregnant.  I don't see Goodell taking this lightly.

  16. We Have PlaymakersMay 27, 2010 at 12:15 PM

    LOL!!! I'm pretty sure you screwed that up.  Isn't the expression 'you can take the player out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the player????'

  17. We Have PlaymakersMay 27, 2010 at 12:16 PM


    Yeah poaching a spot on the 53 man roster.

  18. We Have PlaymakersMay 27, 2010 at 12:21 PM

    This doesn't sound good.

    "...Authorities accuse Merling of hitting the woman in the face and head, causing her lip to bleed."

  19. I like my way better!

  20. We Have PlaymakersMay 27, 2010 at 12:38 PM

    Well, it's still true only funnier. 

  21. We Have PlaymakersMay 27, 2010 at 12:40 PM

    He's going to court.  That's what happens when you get arrested & are released on bail--you have to come back to court to plead guilty or not guilty.

  22. I hope I'm way off base here, but a couple things are starting to add up... Merling isn't a pratice player. I always hate when I hear that, it means he's lazy and laziness is a symtom of the stuff that Ricky used to crave or alcohol. Then when other needs are thought to be more pressing they draft Odrick...

    So in a very broad brush stroke we're looking at a guy who is losing favor with the team because of his off the field habits and they bring in a replacement to force him to fight for his job, which only serves to send him further into his bad habits, escalating into beating on the only person close to him.

    It all leads me to believe Merling is on the way out. Remember less than 50% of all draft picks make it and the sooner a team realizes it the sooner they can move on. It may not happen tomorrow or even this season, but Merling is not going to last very long in a Dolphin uniform.

  23. We Have PlaymakersMay 27, 2010 at 1:31 PM


    I think you could be right.  IMO going into the draft the biggest needs were NT (moved Starks in), a WOLB that could be a dominant pass rusher, & a FS.  So as of yesterday, I thought we should have taken a pass rusher over Odrick.  Now a day later, I'm starting to think that Tuna knew something we didn't.  This was definitely Merling's year to prove that he was more than just another big body in the rotation.  Merling & Soliai have actually received the same type of comments that Ginn was getting arouund this time of last year.  The expectations were clearly for Ginn to put it all together & produce.  So after a lackluster season (his 3rd btw) he was shipped out.  So the writing was on the wall here for Merling even before this arrest.

  24. I'm not saying that I know what the pick is, or that I know the reports are wrong - I'm just going out on a limb and saying I BELIEVE it will be higher than a 7th.  You don't get a starting offensive lineman for a 7th round pick - not even the front office who let Matt Roth go for free would do that.

  25. Just reading Berardino's tweet that Crowder and Folsom are the only LBs left from last year. You have to say that this organisation isn't afraid to make big bold changes quickly in order to try to get things right. Wow.

  26. wake? moses? anderson?

  27. No Patrick had it correct.

  28. Tim The EnchanterMay 27, 2010 at 4:26 PM

    Tin, I think the release of Torbor is due more to adding Dansby, Dobbins and the rookie class. Crowder will probably be okay but if not, the trifecta probably wants to roll with some of the other guys. Edds seems to be a guy they want in the mix as well.

    Who knows Folsom or Spitler might be a good special teams player and a decent backup ILB.

    But I think Dobbins and Edds got Torbor cut. They are both expected to be core special teams players and be in the mix at ILB.

  29. Tim The EnchanterMay 27, 2010 at 4:38 PM

    You mean ILBs?

  30. Yeah Patrick sounds very plausible.

  31. Well, to move right along, I have always wondered what Dotson could do given the chance.  He always gets rave reviews from teammates.....

  32. WHP, she my drop charges. But if goes to trail he is going to jail. I'ts a felony.

  33. YEP, he's going to jail!!
    Likely even iff she drops the charges!!
    Stupid YewNork airplane fan DA

  34. TIN, IFFF there were a cap this yr, and IFFF there's a season/cap in o11,(w'the average yrly cap increase),
    would we be sittin pretty(o11 FA), or are we near the norm due to BM,KD, even w'all the eliminated contracts???

    IFFF there isn't an o11 entire season?? We need to be SB Champs this yr!!
    A strike shortened SB isn't as real as as full season SB,(though I wouldn't have minded the one vs Wash),
    and the 2012 season SB in FEB 2013 is said by some to possibly not take place either!!!

    Just in case, GO 2010 FINS!!!  (ETERNAL SB CHAMPS)

    GO AJ , FINS !!!

  35. Merling smacked his pregnant girl friend in the face.  If that story is correct what ever he gets he deserves.  I don't care what kind of excuse a man uses for his reason to smack a woman around it's unexcusable.  If that happened to my Daughter the Police would not be needed.

  36. It all makes sense nowMay 27, 2010 at 9:43 PM

    Look at the final 2 comments on this blog and you'll find out something interesting about o-rob and Marlins fan

  37. ...while I share your sentiments, it would be you in jail and they'd probably not even allow you to attend his funeral ...but in the real world, unless Merling did some other offense than we know of, the charges will be dropped ...the DA has NO case if his wife refuses to file charges or testify and he can't force her to do it ...and do you really believe she is going to kill the golden goose? ...the NFL might still act but probably not. how this goes down ...dropped charges, no case

    ...but I do agree with those who think Odrick was drafted because the situation with Merling was already headed downhill.

  38. "a battle-tested and, at this point, heir-apparent to Marino's cape!" ...Henne couldn't wear marino's socks, much less his cape ...and he'll be "battle-tested" if and when he actually wins the job rather than inherits it.

  39. ...Pat White threw 5 NFL game passes last year ...hardly sufficient to dismiss his passing ability ...he was a highly successful QB at WVU, Senior Bowl MVP, and won 4 bowl games on his passing ability ...a well proven passer but one with the same throwing mechanics of Tebow ...they tried to change his throwing motion last year and it didn't work he has been working on another way during the off-season ...wait and watch what happens this camp ...whether or not he ever becomes the NFL passing threat he was in college, the guy is also a 1st class running threat ...he will be on the 53 out of camp ...the only question is at what position.

  40. kv, I think you figured out what the Chinese and the Mayans were trying to tell us when those calendars end. They knew a long time ago, if there was no football there was no need for a calendar. We'll all just turn into a bunch of homeslice lunitics...

    I think Randy McMichael got this charge dropped at least twice. Hey these dudes can afford some pretty good lawyers and we all know justice is for sale in this country.

    Reggie who??? I can't even tell you what number he wore.  I think it is great to see the talent level improving to this point. The guys being released were the original free agent stop-gaps brought in to fill a spot on a roster devoid of talent.

  41. I did mean ILBs - didn't bang the I key hard enough.

  42. lemmus :  I'm worried about you !!  I'm hoping you don't have practical experence with this, because you seem to have some knowledge of how this may go down.

    I thought IF the State brings criminal charges it wouldn't matter if she presses the issue.  He must defend himself at that time against the State ?  I don't really know...

    As for the Odrick pick. You could be right about Merling being out of favor, but I think it was just dumb luck that it worked out the way it did.  My feelings were Miami went with the BPA with that pick.

  43. Tim The EnchanterMay 28, 2010 at 6:57 AM

    Before this incident, what exactly has been headed downhill with Merling? He's been just as productive as Langford with less snaps.

  44. Impossible to say since we haven't signed any of the rookies yet and free
    agency isn't over and we have 83 players and need to cut 30 (which 30 could
    have a huge impact on salary cap).
    While I'm sure that the front office wouldn't put themselves in an awkward
    situation by overspending (we spent a lot on BM/KD, but also cut ties with
    Torbor, Smiley, Jason Ferguson probably took a huge paycut, Ronnie took a
    paycut by not being unrestricted (as did Fasano), and we traded out of the
    12th overall down to 28th (I would wager a guess that the 28th overall pick
    only makes 30 - 40% of what the 12th pick does). Also, Dansby took less
    money than he was asking for. We got Incognito on the cheap. Chad Henne
    works for nickels and dimes.
    Basically what I'm trying to say is that if there were a salary cap next
    year (I don't think there will be) I don't think we'd be in trouble - last
    year we went into the season with an extra 10 - 15 million, maybe this year
    we are more in the 5 - 10 range, but that's generally enough if you have to
    pay any stopgap players due to injury, etc.

  45. In several states, the victim doesn't have to press charges for the State to
    bring someone to trial - I believe NY has this law as does California -
    however it would not surprise me if Florida does not. However, since the
    woman in question was pregnant, then there is probably a statute that allows
    the DA to press charges on behalf of the unborn child - though I don't know
    what the charges would be....'Intent to disrupt life support system?'

  46. """They knew a long time ago, if there was no football there was no need for a calendar."""

    My sentiment exactly, TOOOO FUNNY, thanx for the input ""homeslice"" ;)  

  47. Thanks for the effort FIN FRIEND!!!

    I know you'll give us an update once everyone's signed....

  48. To all :  If things were going down hill with Merling and the trifecta I didn't know about it.  I don't know what his production was so I never commented on that part of what was being discussed. Other than to say that Merling could have been out of favor with the trifecta before the draft. 

    As for Merling striking his Pregnant girl friend, he could be in trouble IF the State makes it a felony charge.  From what I know he would then have to defend himself against the State and not his girl friend.  She would then be out of picture other than a eye witness ( or in this case a bleeding lip witness )  If she didn't want to answer the questions from the State she maybe able to plead the 5th amendment or she could tell them to piss off.  I'm taking bets for her to tell them all to piss off, because when all this is said and done as lemmus said why kill the golden egg ?

    Guys and Girls I don't want to leave the girls out for sure.  Have a great weekend, and for all of those that have served this great Country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm going to Disney World....