Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guest Article - Bryan McIntyre regarding Cameron Wake

Hey folks, since I'm slammed at work and have to do two airport runs today, I've decided to post an article from another blogger.  I don't know what Bryan McIntyre's official duties are, but unofficially he's a blogger who gives PFT a run for their money as far as reporting EVERYTHING that happens in the NFL - and he does it without any Sprint Ads or bias although he is obviously from Seattle as their is a slight bent towards their pro-teams Check out his blog here, and if you can handle the occasional Seattle mention (are the Seahawks even relevant anymore?) he's a great source to follow on Twitter (link on his blog).

Dolphins LB Cameron Wake Wants to Earn Starting Job

Posted by Brian McIntyre, Wednesday May 26th 2010

Miami Dolphins linebacker Cameron Wake posted 5.5 quarterback sacks in a limited role during the 2009 season, his first in the NFL. With veteran linebacker Joey Porter released in the off-season, and Jason Taylor signing with the New York Jets, Wake is expected to receive more playing time in 2010, and Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Wake plans to push for a starting job on Mike Nolan's defense.

"I'm always hungry for more," Wake told Salguero. "Everybody wants to do that. But I'm always hungry for more. That's what got me in the situation I am now. It's about not being satisfied. I wasn't satisfied with Canada. I wasn't satisfied where I was last year. I'm not satisfied where I am here. Every day I want more."

After dominating the CFL, Wake was primarily used on special teams (9 tackles) and as a situational pass-rusher last season, but is working at becoming a well-rounded defender.

"Like I said last year, I'm trying to be a good all-around football player," Wake said. "Obviously I'm working on my pass rush, but there are other things also. We have a new scheme, new coordinator, new coach, so I've been picking their brains."

Wake will compete with Charlie Anderson and 2010 second-round pick Koa Misi for a starting job. Prior to the 2010 NFL Draft, before the Dolphins selected Misi and opted not to make a serious offer on Jason Taylor, head coach Tony Sparano said he'd be comfortable with Anderson and Wake as his starting outside linebackers.

"There's some improvement needed and without a doubt there are some steps that need to be taken," Sparano said. "Am I comfortable? I would tell you that I feel comfortable in that these players are pretty diligent about their work and what they need to do to make themselves better.

"Some way or another there's going to be competition out there and the best guy will end up playing, but I do feel comfortable that we have good answers," Sparano added. "They're good young players. Whether or not we take the complete next step at the position remains to be seen but I hope that happens."

The complete next step may involve signing veteran outside linebacker Adalius Thomas, a favorite of Nolan's who was released by the New England Patriots last month. 


  1. At least he gave Armando credit for stealing his blog...

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  3. We Have PlaymakersMay 26, 2010 at 9:53 AM

    I have no idea if we have players who are good enough to start at other OLB position since every player that is competing is unproven.  I guess the most proven OLB we have is Wake to play the weak-side.  At least he has proven that he can rush the passer which no other OLB on this roster can say.  Now does that make him good enough to be a starter???  I have no idea which is essentially why I'm still confused that we didn't draft a legitmiate pass rusher in the first two rounds.  That's not to say that Odrick won't be a good player BUT with all the bodies we have a DE (including Starks who may or may not be a good NT), a month after the draft I'm still left trying to figure out what we did with our first two picks.  I don't think that Odrick will have a problem making the adjustment to the NFL as a DE but I honestly have no idea what Misi can do as an OLB on either side.

  4. I really hate to wish away my summer but I CANNOT wait til the season starts or should I say even pre-season.....

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  6. I know this is dangerous territory I'm going into, but I don't seem to able to help myself.  So I ask before I write it for everyones forgiveness.

    For about 12 years we had a player here that couldn't do much more than rush the passer, and people loved him.  If Wake can bring the pressure as he did, I'm wondering what we are worried about if Wake doesn't play the run that well.  It seems like a double standard to me.

    Please be kind to me guys...

  7. I feel so violated!!!

  8. Oh so that's what happened ??

  9. We Have PlaymakersMay 27, 2010 at 6:55 AM


    Taylor could play the run too.

  10. It sounds like Philip Merling has had too much of 13's moonshine?