Saturday, December 26, 2009

Houston, we have a problem.....

I'll be the first to admit when I don't know much about a football team.  Does anyone really know anything about the Houston Texans?  

I hope that the Dolphins players and coaches do, because I know little other than the fact that they have possibly the best WR in the league (Andre Johnson), certainly one of the top 5, one of the best tight ends (Owen Daniels), and one of the best slot receivers (Kevin Walter) and they had a beast of a running game last year with then rookie-of-the-year nominee, Steve Slaton showing off why HE was the real reason for Pat White's success at WVU. But they have lost both Daniels and Slaton to injury and even their second stringers are banged up.

The Texans have never finished over .500 in a season, and part of the reason why is that they've always had an average at best defense.  While they don't lack firepower, they rarely contain their opponents on the other side of the ball.  This year, as try to finish with a winning record, they have to battle an abysmal offensive line (they can not run the ball AT ALL), and the fact that history may come to Miami's rescue this week.
The Dolphins, having never beaten Houston (the only NFL team to claim that honor), simply can't keep losing in a balanced NFL.  That and the way they lost last year, both teams winless, with Miami making big plays on defense, followed by Houston making huge plays on offense to come back, and then to give up a 4th down cakewalk of a touchdown at the end to lose the game....if I were Miami, I'd be smelling blood right now.  Plus, obviously, if we lose, the season is over, and the following week we'll see Patrick Turner and Pat White starting.

Notable Notes:
  • Miami's rookie cornerbacks have had time for mistakes and time to grow.  This week they face two of the most dangerous receivers in the league.  It is time for them to show that they were worth the high draft picks used on them.
  • Brian Cushing, starting MLB for Houston, and prime shareholder in the 'Man-siere' holding company, is the clear fore-runner for rookie of the year.  However, if Vontae Davis gets another INT, and helps get his team to the playoffs, I would argue against Cushing.
  • Houston is a little banged up, with Cushing himself having no less than three separate issues reported.  Most significant is that starting Left Tackle, Duane Brown, will dress but it's unknown how much he will play because of a sprained knee.  Miami has no significant injuries.
  • My biggest fear in this game is actually special teams.  Houston WR, Jacoby Jones, is one of the top returners in bot punts and kickoffs in the NFL this season.  He is comparative to Josh Cribbs.  Keep an eye on him during the game. 


  1. It's long overdue for a W over Houston, although I was more worried about them than the Titans.  What we're going to see tomorrow is anyone's guess.  I'll be here bright and early to witness the horror and/or the beauty.....

  2. Oddly, I'm not worried about this game for the first time this season. Win = exciting finish, and, Loss = .500 at best and an early indication of where the Dolphins will end up in the 1st round of the draft. So, I'm looking for an A game from the coaching staff, the players will do the rest. A spoil sport personality will win the day while disaster awaits those playing-not-to-lose.

  3. Come on Fins, lets close out this season with some wins!! I will even take the heart attack kind! lol

  4. Soooo, is there no chat today?  Or do we just go to the old one for the Titans game? 

  5. Having trouble getting all my thoughts in one post...I think it's due to that pic you've got there!  Several comments have gone through my head about that...I'll just keep them to myself!  LMAO

  6. Just wondering the same thing myself....

  7. Well I just signed in to the Titan's chat, and it works....I don't need a feed all that much, just when I move from a room with a tv to one that doesn't...soooo not a problem for me.  I'm sure someone can find a feed and post it if Tinshaker is sleeping in.....c'mon dude....wake the hell up, it's game day!

  8. the chat is up and running....i put it up the same time every week lol