Friday, December 4, 2009

Tin Bits - Friday, 12/4/09

  • Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel posted on Twitter that "Despite his limited playing time Dolphins OLBer Cameron Wake leads the team with 15 quarterback pressures. JT is 2nd with 13."
  • Quentin Moses wasn't at practice today, which makes me think they put him in the Buffalo game to see if he was worth keeping around.  It could be he was just an excused absence, but it could also be they have made space on the roster for another defensive back or wide receiver. Stay tuned for updates. UPDATE:  Moses had 'family reasons' for not being at practice.
  • Joey Porter did not practice today.  I wouldn't look into it too much, he was not riding the bike or anything, just observing, so I'd guess they're just trying to not over work him.
  • Justin Smiley was back at first unit left guard today, but Nate Garner wasn't going anywhere, lining up at RG with the first unit.  Again, don't read anything into this regarding Donald Thomas, who will likely be the starting right guard for the Dolphins for as long as he has his health.  Just trying to get Garner to be as good as they can get him.
  • Patriots running back, Fred Taylor, was back at practice for the first time in two months.  Probably still won't play in Sunday's game.
  • Buffalo probably wishes they could have saved some of their 24 points scored in the 4th quarter of their game vs Miami for last night as they fell to the Jets 19-13 in a short week.  The win gives the Jets a half-game lead over Miami for second place in the AFC East.  And while the Dolphins aren't out of the playoff race yet, they HAVE to get a win over New England in order to have a chance at winning the division, and that would only happen if New England lost at least 3 games out of the next 5 while Miami won every game.  In a wildcard scenario we have a very clear-cut path.  The final 4 teams we we play are all either 6-5 or 5-6 and vying for the wildcard spots.  So basically we have to win those games.  If we win all 4 we're looking good.  We could still get in if we win 3 (not including NE), but if we lose another two games we're probably out for sure.  So basically if the Dolphins want to get into the playoffs they could eke it out with a 9-7 record but a 10-6 record would probably get us in. Again, we'd only win the division IF we beat New England AND they lose another 2 or more games after that.
  • It's just been reported that Larry King will be doing color commentary for the Dolphins/Patriots game on WQAM 560 AM radio on Sunday.  Per the brilliant blogger, Brian Mcintyre, "As strange as it may sound, the 76-year old broadcast legend handled color commentary duties for the Dolphins back in the early 70s. With new Dolphins owner Stephen Ross reaching out to celebrities to enhance the live-game experience, it makes some sense for the franchise to spruce up its broadcasts, as well.  Even it is with a guy who looks like a frog."


  1. I'm watching the World Cup draw - can you get it on-line, or should I post on here for you?

  2. I'm still only 3/4 of the way through the Tottenham game. I don't think
    I'll bother watching the rest of it though as they were up 2-0 and Berbatov
    had come out and was replaced by Macheda and I'd rather watch paint dry than
    macheda. When you say the World Cup draw, do you mean who is playing who?
    If you are, I don't know why anyone would watch that lol, but then again,
    the NFL network devotes about two weeks to the NFL schedule release, so
    maybe its just me. I never care about who you're playing because the
    objective is the same regardless.
    BTW, I got really confused this week, because i kept hearing/reading the Man
    U/Tottenham game referred to as a 'TIE' befor eht egame was actually played,
    and of course in the US, a tie, is a 'draw' (not the same kind of draw as
    mentioned above - more british confusion lol). So why do they call it a
    TIE, and is it only Carling Cup games that are a tie, or is it just because
    its a playoff game?

  3. Oh, and yes, you can tell me the draw, I won't be watching it (I might
    download match of the day and they may mention it, but I won't be searching
    for it)

  4. England are in the same group as USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (only 2 teams drawn so far)

  5. Macheda will be a real handfull one day.
    It is indeed who plays who. Soccer has a tradition of drawing balls out of bags or bowls to decide fixtures. The tension is electric (not).
    Tie is slowly creeping into the vocabulary over here for a draw, but either a draw or the sides being level still predominates. As for tie in the context you mention, it can be replaced with fixture, or "match-up" as I think is preferred in the US. Tie is not specific to any kind of fixture, it's purely generic.

  6. Algeria is the third team in the group.

  7. On the subject of internationals, why is it that everytime I watch the red
    devils, the announcer goes on and on about Ben Foster and Owen Hargeaves
    trying to impress the England manager? Last time I checked Hargeaves hadn't
    played in months, so why even mention him, and Foster is about to lose his
    job at man u - he can't possibly be one of the two best goalkeepers in
    England....can he? or is it that he and David James are the only
    English-born keepers still active?

  8. Actually, having said that, tie is most commonly used with Cup games and fixture with league games.

  9. "Tie is not specific to any kind of fixture, it's purely generic. "
    That's odd that I never heard it in that context till this week, or maybe I
    have and thought they were referring to a previous 'matchup'.
    Yeah I discovered fixtures earlier this year - over here a fixture is either
    to do with plumbing or lighting, so that was confusing too.

  10. Here comes the last team ...... it's ..... Slovenia!

  11. "Tie is not specific to any kind of fixture, it's purely generic. "

  12. A-ha! I knew something was up.

  13. Don't tell me USA is going to be our stiffest competition, lol.

  14. James is getting on in years. He's probably still the first choice, but Capello really throws "history" out of the window when it comes to picking players and chooses them on current form. Foster is really out of form and ir currenly #3 at Utd. All that can change in 6 months though. Goalie is all about confidence, like striker.
    As for Hargreaves, he was supposed to be back for the Chelsea game. I've heard nothing at all about him being in the reserves and getting match-practice, so I guess he won't be playing this year, but the Finals aren't til June, so there is plenty of time for him to get match-fit and even win a place. (Hargreaves had surgery to replace/regenerate both his knee ligaments in Colorado and only came home a few months ago so he hasn't kicked a ball for about 16 months now I think)?

    England vs USA is the first fixture in that group!

  15. I think that game is 12th of June - circle it on your calendar!

  16. I've been to all of the above except Algeria...not likely to go there

  17. Right, it is a ways off, for all we know Hargeaves could retire before
    then! So why constantly talk about it as if he's actually in the running.
    As far as I can tell, England already has a plethora of players, not to
    mention several that ARE playing but haven't been in uniform due to other
    commitments, such as Beckham. It just seems moot to me.
    As far as Foster goes, I have to say, he went from being 1st due to Van Der
    Saar's injury to being 3rd in the span of about a week. I've watched 99% of
    the games this season, and Foster was a liability in every one of them.
    He's bone-headed. The other guy who's name I can't spell off the top of my's a Polish looking really good. If he keeps it up I'd
    be confident in him replacing Van Der Saar when the time comes.
    England vs USA....damn, now I have to watch a USA soccer game! ugH!

  18. calendar doesn't go that far! lol

  19. The Knight who says Ni!December 4, 2009 at 11:26 AM

    Parcheesi anyone?  >:o

  20. ahhhh, i knew if i came here i would get some soccer news.  just the guys i was looking for.  so, uk or tin, how is Slovenia.  they are the only team i dont know anything about.  that other team made up of a bunch of guys with bad teeth doesnt scare me, we kicked their ass in one war we will do it again.  or wait, based on what tin said, i should say, we kicked YOUR ass ..... lol

  21. The Knight who says Ni!December 4, 2009 at 11:29 AM

    Who knows about Moses and our ever turning roster.

  22. <img></img> <span><span>Tinshaker</span><span></span><img></img></span>
    <span>Don't tell me USA is going to be our stiffest competition, lol.</span> tin, dont tell me you have bad teeth too.  LOLare you from the UK just borrowing the USA as home?

  23. knight,

    i am sure jahndoh knows all about moses.....oh wait, you meant the moses that plays for the fins.  sorry, mabad

  24. I'm not sure but I think Slovenia stuffs their team with rejects from Italy
    and Serbia. You know, like the Olympics always has some Canadian guy
    competing for Taiwan...

  25. I am a British national, FFR. I have lived in the USA for about 17 years
    altogether. I didn't come to the US until 9th grade..

  26. The Knight who says Ni!December 4, 2009 at 11:35 AM


  27. Quentin moses was not at practice due to family reasons

  28. The Knight who says Ni!December 4, 2009 at 11:38 AM

    His family was having a BBQ?

  29. well, it is ok, we wont hold that against you.  lol

  30. The Knight who says Ni!December 4, 2009 at 11:43 AM

    ffr, he's an undercover agent trying to secretly help the Dolphins become a championship football team. This blog is just a front.  ;)

  31. Dang, had a witty comment ready to post about all this soccer stuff and lost it.  I think they're on to me! 

    So tinshaker, are you saying one false move and they can deport you or something?  ;)

  32. so, we ... i mean the USA, not you BTB's have a decent shot at moving on. 

  33. hey, just seeing if i am still mad at you. 

    did you ever tell me why i was mad at you.

  34. Yes, if I don't bring a championship to Miami, they'll deport me....cats out
    of the bag!

  35. I believe you didn't like one of my jokes. :-E

  36. Did you hear the one about the Bull who drove a Taurus?

  37. Watch it mister or I'll have you on the next flight out of here.  I know people!  8-)

  38. BTW Tinshaker, fang and I are doing an eggnog recipe exchange on your last blog, if you don't mind?  I decided to wait until you had put up a new blog before I put mine on there.  My attempt at being less annoying!  ;)

  39. No but I heard the one about a woman who named her baby after a car!

  40. I am well aware of everything that is posted in the comments section. FWIW,
    I can only drink one eggnog before I lose the craving for it.

  41. Do you know the story of George Selvie's fender bender aka how he got the
    dent in his head?

  42. The Knight who says Ni!December 4, 2009 at 2:25 PM

    We found out he was actually a Ram. So I guess he's a Dodge man and not a Ford guy.  8-)

  43. If they try these recipes they won't be able to blog about anything. Hmmm. go ahead guys give them a try.  The only problem with that is I'll have to reply to my own stupidity.  Hey that's like talking to ones self isn't it ?  Never mind don't answer.

  44. By <span><span>13kvFINS</span></span> <span><img></img><span>13kv's FINreapers</span></span> <span>8 Days</span> <span><span>[</span><span>Reply</span><span>]</span></span><span><span>[</span><span>Delete</span><span>]</span></span><span><span>[</span><span>Link</span><span>]</span></span><span><span>[</span><span>Parent</span><span>]</span></span>

    BIG/FAST to name a few!!
    Brandon LaFell LSU(MY FAV), Dez Bryant OKST(ineligable could fall to us)
    Blair White Mich St, Eric Decker Minn(inj), Arrelious Benn(hands??),
    Taylor Price Ohio(fastest of the BIG) 4.38..
    Other FAVs but smaller Golden Tate ND, Jordan Shipley Tex,
    Chris McGaha Az ST, Jeremy Williams Tulane(inj prone??),
    Trindon Holliday LSU(smallest/fastest guy in the draft)5-5,160,4.25(KRspec)

    Just watched Taylor PRICE throw a 30 something yrd TD pass on an END-AROUND,
    and Defenses focus on shuttin-down his game cuz he's such a BIG-TIME PLAY_MAKER!!
    As I said above 8 days ago,(he's the fastest BIG WR 6-1,212)in the draft,(4.38 VERYYY FASTTT)!!
    Minor college though,I'm also not (YET) sure of the coaching staff,and we know how important that is to BP!!


    Hey TIN (I just said DAY 2 PROSPECT)..
    Doesn't the NEW DRAFT process start THIS YR,
    and SATURDAY BEING RND 4 thru 7,

    IF SO,thats gonna be VERYYY VERYYY INTERESTING,and makes TPRICE a PROJECTED 3rd day prospect!!
    (LUCKY ME,I'M off b/t Thurs nght,and Tues Morn),WOOOOOOOHOOOOO,GOFINS!!

  46. YEPPPP,as I said above RND 1 Thurs nght and so-on!!

  47. SUKKS for the WEST COASTERS(arrange your PTO EARLY in a timely manner)!!

    Thurs NGHT APR 22 7:30 EST  !!!
    Fri NGHT  APR 23 6:30 EST  !!!
    Sat  10:00 AM EST !!!

  48. The Knight who says Ni!December 5, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    I always thought Larry King looked like a salamander. But frog is close as they're both amphibians. I expect him at any time to shoot out his tongue and snatch a fly. LOL