Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Might As Well Drink Through This One Too - or - The Pats vs The Dolphins

A couple of weeks ago I got pretty toasted by playing a drinking game during the Dolphins game, taking a large swig of a 151-based concoction everytime an obscure player showed up on camera.  To be honest, by the end I was taking a shot anytime the Dolphins did ANYTHING impressive.  And they won the game, so I drank more than I thought I would.  

Well, I fear I may be doing the same thing on Sunday, because I've run the numbers and I don't think this is a highly winnable game.  I'm not going to do a huge breakdown here, we all know what the Pats like to do to the Dolphins, and when they execute, they put up 40+ points on us, time and time again.  With Ronnie Brown out, and no big plays coming from our passing game, we simply cannot compete with that.  Our only hope is that our defense makes big plays, and scores a TD or two.  That's pretty high hoping considering how they've played down the stretch.

Another problem is that Jake Grove will sit out again, and may miss the rest of the season, per early reports this morning.  Grove was brought in specifically to matchup versus the Jets', Kris Jenkins, and the Pats', Vince Wilfork.  Jenkins did not play in the 2nd game versus Miami due to injury and in the first New England matchup, the Pats played Wilfork at DE, taking him away from being face to face with Grove.  Now Grove won't play on Sunday.  The following week we face Jacksonville who is starting Terrance Knighton inside (he was my NT prospect in the 2009 draft, who was on the board when Miami picked.  At least we don't have to face Haynesworth when we play Tennessee.  

But Miami faces 3 teams in the final 5 games that are in the top ten in run defense and they may do it with a backup o-line.  Not something that inspires optimism in Dolfans minds.  

So I may be drinking on Sunday.  I may be hungover to start because my company's Christmas Party is on Saturday night, and the game is on at 10am Sunday thanks to the NFL changing the time so the nation can watch he who shall not be mentioned here.  And I'll tell you what my drinking game will be - anytime the announcers of the Miami game (Phil Simms, Jim Nantz) mention the QB who shall not be named here during the Dolphins/Patriots game.  If Dierdorf was commentating, I'd drink anytime he showed his man-love for the Patriots, but thankfully, I won't have to fill up the shopping cart at BevMo this time... 


  1. Tin, maybe the Dolphins should follow your lead and get hammered on Friday night so that they forget who they are and a different team shows up on Sunday! Or maybe just the coaches? LOL!

  2. I think it would be in our best interest if certain coaches don't show up,
    but I have to be honest, I think Dan Henning drinks during the game (I swear
    I saw him downing B-52s during the Chargers game).

  3. '<span><span>I'll tell you what my drinking game will be - anytime the announcers of the Miami game (Phil Simms, Jim Nantz) mention the QB who shall not be named here during the Dolphins/Patriots game. '</span></span>

    I still think you'll have to fill up the cart!

  4. i tried playing a drinking game by myself but ended up plastered and then before i knew it i was taking advantage of me LOL.

    damn tin, way to build up some hope for this week, good thing it isnt going to be on tv then. 

  5. FFR, I'd like to say that if the Dolphins stick to their gameplan and
    execute it, that they should win, or be in it to win it. But the truth is
    we're falling apart physically.
    If Quentin Moses is going to get the reps instead of JT and Wake, then we're
    obviously not TRYING to win, IMO.
    Coach Pasqualoni just said that the 4th quarter Defensive woes are all on
    the players not executing. He took no credit for any negative aspects of
    the defense. He said that they do make halftime adjustments and it's all up
    to the players executing. It's true, they do make adjustments at the half.
    They go into the locker room with a lead or a competitive team and adjust
    themselves into losers.

  6. In continuation of my first point, I know the article doesn't come across
    very hopeful, but basically it all comes down to how the backups handle the
    starting roles. If Berger turns his first start into 'the day a backup
    manhandled Vince Wilfork' then that would be great but I'm not holding my
    breath for it. If we couldn't beat Buffalo, it's unlikely we'll come out
    tuned up enough to beat New England.
    At this point I just want to see everyone playing hard and will keep my
    fingers crossed hoping the ball bounces our way. One thing to be wary of,
    the Pats no longer have a Matt Cassel/Josh McDaniels backing up Brady. So
    if Brady goes down, their offense will shut down. Isaiah Stanback is the
    backup. This guy couldn't hit MOSS if he was throwing to this tree:

  7. Not that I'm suggesting that someone take Brady out....(*cough*safety

  8. like i said on the SS, i would be happy if they didnt make any half time adjustments and just let them play like they do in the first half.  seems to me the halftime adjustments are all about backing off and playing vanilla defense.

    i was just joshing with you on building hope, i dont think we stand a chance of winning this game.  even think it may turn into a blow out by half time

  9. OMG, I didn't even notice the photo of Brady the first time around.  I must have been too absorbed in reading. hehehehehe!  Is that photoshopped?

    Even as optimistic as I try to be, things aren't exactly looking great, and let's face it, if we lose Sunday, it's over.  Sigh....How did I get involved with another team like this?

    As for beverages this Sunday, it looks like I may be sipping the first batch of eggnog!  Or rather, part of it.  That always makes me feel better.

  10. That is not a photoshop, actual leaked photo of Brady at the combine in his

  11. Did <span> Pasqualoni really say that? I swear to God I was saying this guy isn't going to cut it since the Colts game, and I'm glad the ground swell is building. Henning I think is Bowden-esque in that I believe he's just holding the torch that will be past to David Lee (I can't comment yet on how that's going to work out). But yeah, I'll take an Al Groh as the DC next year, anything has to be better than what we have now. Point blank Pasqualoni cannot defend against elite offenses, and we will not be able to progress further until we have a better defensive scheme. </span>

  12. and the supermodel married him? ;)

    Great read as usual, and though I am not one to route for taking anyone out on another team, I DO LIKE your safety blitz comment..this time around.

    Pascawhotcha took NO responsiblity?? DUDE, it is obvious to even this gal sitting on a couch that the team plays differently in the first and second halves. As FFR said, vanilla. The blitzes decrease significantly and there seems to be less movement along the lines.

    One thing I did like in one game was gerbil coming free on the blitz. I do not think he is good in coverage, but dang he had some speed on the couple of times I saw those plays called.

  13. SHIT....why do I show up as guest. Must be the laptop. pffftt it is me da Lush. ;)

  14. Obviously, I'm still going to watch every second of every game for the rest of the year, but I'm almost rooting for tough play, smart decisions and narrow defeats. Oh yeah, and Dez Bryant as our consolation prize.

  15. The Knight who says Favre!December 3, 2009 at 11:40 AM

    Well the Pats didn't score 40 the first time we played them in New England and now we get them at home on a short week. If they do score 40 we will lose no doubt. Let's hope we can get a win somehow. I really don't care what the score is or how it happens, just beat the Pats please!

  16. The Knight who says Favre!December 3, 2009 at 11:43 AM

    "i tried playing a drinking game by myself but ended up plastered and then before i knew it i was taking advantage of me LOL.

    The old beer goggles dilemma I guess.  :-P

  17. Hey Slush, any news from herdfan#2?  LOL  I still am laughing over that!  ;)

  18. Wow what a bummer this year has turned out to be for the Dolphin's. and us fans.  It is really disappointing for those of us like me that have been a fan since the beginning a long time ago.  This team plays alot like them to be honest.  With the exception of a few players here and there we are totally out gunned at nearly every position, and we have been that way for many years now.

    I'd like to think I see things changing from the past few years but I don't.  I see mistakes from the coaching staff that lose games, and a draft process I just don't understand.  I'll always be a Dolphin fan, but they sure can try one's sole.

  19. Knight:
    What have you done to your name?  You need to get that taken care of before it develops into something serious!

  20. Thank you.  So, are ya still mad @ me?!?!?!?

    I'll pass on the egg nog recipes, I drink enough of it, if I could eat it too I might have a serious problem.  I was intrigued by that Cuervo Cranberry margarita recipe though...that sounds festive!!!

  21. Tin, Herd, Get ready. We are going to be drinking ALLOT! I think the new game should be to take a shot every time there is a first down. that way win or lose we will be shitfaced.
    On a side note, i think we can win this game, i just question if we should. I mean no one thinks(me included) we can win the bowl. So part of me just wants to lose out to get a better draft pick. i know i will take some heat for this, but for once in my fandom, i am thinking with my head not my aqua and orang bleeding heart.

  22. i didnt know i was mad at you.  why, did you do something wrong?

  23. "So part of me just wants to lose out to get a better draft pick."
    You're just following suit of the coaches. I still think they are trying to
    lose on purpose.

  24. Finfan13, to clarify, are you proposing drinking @ every 1st down, or just the Phins? 

    I know exactly what you mean about the being torn about wanting to lose...for the first time in my life, I was hoping the Herd would lose games so the admin would finally fire the coach and get a new one.  But when it came to game time, I still wanted them to win.  Couldn't help it.

  25. OK all you guys should know by now if you want a recipe contact me first.  Just ask Herdfan she can tell you.  If you want a recipe for eggnog let me know and I'll send it.  and yes it has booze in it, is there any other kind ?

  26. The Knight who says Favre!December 3, 2009 at 1:46 PM

    Fang, geez man. Why not just pull the trigger already. We're not as far off as you think.

  27. Ouch you really know how to hurt a fan don't you.

    Did you read the latest from from Yahoo sport desk ?  They made a statement about JT going to the  Pats next year.  I hope it's true.

  28. Fang, I'll put my eggnog recipe up against yours any day. I agree there is no other kind.  People ask, 'Is it spiked?"  which to me gives the impression that there is something in it that doesn't belong.  The booze is an integral part of it!

    But I can confirm the brownie recipe was mmmmm.

  29. Me?  Are you kidding?  Never!  LOL

  30. That was total BS. He said he was GOING to go to the Pats this year before
    Miami called. That's not the same as dissing your current team. Typical
    press twisting things around to suit their agenda.

  31. that was just FREAKY!!

  32. ah come on knight, the guy just needs somewhere to vent. and why do you have the cryptkeeper in your name now? ;)

  33. Tin, I think you know more football then I ever will in a lifetime. I want to know (if you have already stated somewhere can you point a gal in the direction) why YOU think the defense is not doing well in the second halves of games? please answer :)  I really want to know.

  34. I'm not sure I can answer that in the space provided here, but I'll try.
    The main reason why I think our defense is folding in the 2nd half comes
    down to defensive playcalling/scheme. Coach Pasqualoni said today that they
    DO make adjustments at halftime, but aren't executing those adjustments.
    Well that's copping out and oversimplifying things. The thing he's not
    taking into consideration is that the OTHER team is *also* making
    For example, our pass rush has been much more effective lately in the first
    half. Then seems to mellow out if not disappear in the 2nd. Part of the
    reason is that we're using personnel oddly (steady rotation does not mean
    you play one guy for 50 snaps, then put in the backup for the next 50
    snaps), and another part is that the other team is throwing in an extra
    blocker or two to help out. The problem therein lies with a defensive
    coordinator thinking to himself, hey we got to the QB easily in the 1st
    half, now I can take my 4th or 5th rusher out and put in an extra
    corner/safety and we should still be able to generate pass rush.
    But if you go from 4 on 5 to 3 on 6, you have to figure out a way to balance
    things out, either by going back to Plan A, or by throwing some disguised
    blitzes in there. In my 20 years of being a Dolphin, I can count on one
    hand how many times the Dolphins have sent a corner blitz in the 4th
    quarter. But you know what, it would work more times than fail because the
    opponent is going to assume you'll play it safe at that point.
    The best teams in ANY sport get the lead and keep going for the jugular.
    You never stop trying to beat someone, even if you're up by 50 points.
    If UKfinfan was around I'd have him explain how our favorite soccer team
    plays. Doesn't matter if they're up 4-0 with 5 seconds left, they're going
    to try to score, and they're not going to stop pushing.
    The Dolphins have always had issues with playing a full game, and that comes
    down to coaching, player motivation, and just knowing the game. Everyone of
    those players and coaches has witnessed amazing comebacks and last second
    scoring, and yet they seem to be able to 'play 65 minutes' as I like to call
    it. Meaning, you don't act like 'let's just get through the last ten
    minutes of the game' instead you act like there's always more time on the
    clock for your opponent than you might think.
    I know I kind of got off your question a bit there but the truth is the
    defense is going to fail if the offense can't produce. Players get tired,
    and points aren't being scored, which keeps the game close which means the
    opponent doesn't have to start getting desperate and make mistakes, etc.
    It's all relative.

  35. oh my this is a challange. :)   I love it.  I'm going to send this to you right here.  This recipe is from my Mother in law and has been passed down through the family by word of mouth.  I have no written copy of it so this will be the first.  Here it goes.

    I am giving you the recipe for one serving to keep things simple, just increase this recipe for each person you serve. 

    1 egg (seperated ) you will use both the white and the yolk but in different ways
    1 tbs sugar
    1 oz of your favorite booze we use Brandy
    1  8oz cup of milk we use whole milk

    Dumbrections ;

    * Seperate the egg and use the yolk holding the egg white in reserve.
    * In a medium size bowl add the 1 tbs. of sugar to the egg yolk and mix.
    * Next add 1/4 of the Brandy and stir for about 2 or 3 minutes, then add 1/4 more of the brandy and stir that in for 2 or  3  minutes.  Continue these steps until all the brandy is incorporated into the egg.  If you have paid attention you will notice the egg yolks will be darker after all the brandy has been mixed in.  Don't rush this process the booze cooks the egg and this eggnog will never see a pot or be heated on the stove.
    * You can now add the milk to this mixture and you are almost done.
    * Remember that I had you reserve the egg white ?  Well now is the time it is needed.  You need to whip the egg whites into a meringue like you would if you were topping a pie. ( No sugar is needed in this step )  Once the egg whites are stiff simply fold the egg whites into the milk mixture and you are finished.

    When you serve this it will be frothy on top.  Add a dollop of cool whip and a touch of grated nutmeg and serve. 
    ** You can also add as much booze as needed if the Dolphins are stinking up the place.

    I think this recipe came from the Civil War era because it requires no cooking.  I don't know, what I do know is this recipe is not for everyone, you either like it or hate it.  But if you add enough Brandy in it you won't remember one way or the other.

  36. The Knight who says Ni!December 3, 2009 at 4:15 PM

    Tin, I think JT and Porter wear down in the 4th and now its getting later in the season and maybe the coaches feel Wake, Anderson and Moses can only play limited snaps. They see their stamina in practice. 

    I do believe that the coaches and the organization wants to get their young players in games to see what they can do and they have a plan. Some guys get more snaps earlier and others get their chance later. That might come at the expense of winning more games but with Henne being thrown in their with Pennington out, they said now we can go that way even more and take a look at more young players. They still try to win the games but they are trying to get to the next level in the coming years, and going all out to win now this year is going to slow down that process. They don't believe they're there yet. They want the learning curve over for the rookies this year so they can start playing next year.

  37. Fang, Fang, Fang!

    A single serving?  Are you serious?  I'll have to get my recipe out, and if Tinshaker doesn't boot us off here for this recipe exchange, I'll post it later.   Suffice it to say, I make mine in bulk.  I have what is called the full recipe, which I have never made.  We use the half recipe, which we have to mix in the stainless steel stock pot that came with our turkey fryer and it fills it a little more than half way up!   We use a cordless drill with a long paint stirring attachment on it to stir it up!  We don't cook the eggs either, but when you see the recipe, I think it will be clear that any germs or bacteria would find it hard to live through all the alcohol.  Did I mention before that my recipe comes from the choir members @ the church I attend!  Amen!

  38. The way I see it, the Dolphins aren't going to the playoffs no matter how hard they play, and they've been playing hard. They're missing key personnel, and that includes the coaching staff! Parcells won't walk away from this incomplete team unless it's to walk away from football for good. BP still has unfinished business here and his resume (legacy) won't remain intact until he sees this project through. If he walks now, he'll go down in Dolphins history alongside Wanny, Saban and Cam Cam, so I don't think he walks in 2010.

    Of greater interest to me is whether or not BP causes changes to be made in the coaching staff, because they've certainly played an "as equally significant" a role as the players have for our record this season. Pasqualoni is a Sparano guy, not a Parcells guy. Al Groh (At Virginia, Groh has become known for his implementing a 3-4 defense, rare for the college game, and for maintaining his NFL mentality. wiki) is a Parcells guy that is an upgrade at defensive coordinator! Hell, even Marty Schottenheimer or Monte Kiffin (if Lane doesn't survive at Tennessee) is an upgrade!

    I agree with Tin, and others, who feel that the rest of this season has already been mailed in and that the main concern now is positioning for the 2010 draft. Now, with that being said, only one scenario will beat the Pats, and that is if the players rise above this team's mediocrity and make this their playoff game in defense of the division crown!

  39. This would be photoshop.

  40. I understand that, Knight, but Moses is not a rookie. And JT and Porter
    were playing every snap in the 4th quarter up until about 3 weeks ago. I
    commented on it frequently during the game chat of why do they have JT
    playing every single down in the 4th Q when they have fresh legs on the
    bench. This past week was the first time I noticed JT was NOT in there much
    in the 2nd half. So it's not like they changed their approach after Henne
    became the starter - let's not forget it took them 4 weeks to put Wake in on
    defense despite having no pass rush success prior to that, and it took them
    what...10 weeks before they activated Turner despite the receiving woes but
    they didn't give him a single snap on offense before making him inactive
    again. They cut Matt Roth because they wanted to activate Moses? If that's
    their logic, then they're truly deluded.

  41. Canam, there's actually many scenarios that could lead to a Dolphin win, not
    just one. If Tom Brady gets injured early on, the game is over, because
    they don't have a proper backup QB. They have an undrafted rookie and an
    undrafted 3rd year as the backups, and the rookie is the #2 on the depth
    chart. Without that quick strike ability that has been the strength of our
    biggest opponents this year, the Dolphins can win.
    Let's look back to some of our losses -
    1. Colts - we dominated them, but they were able to score quickly to stay
    in the game then overtake us in a 4 play, 80 yard, 31 second drive.
    2. Saints - Put up 17 4th quarter points to rally past us.
    3. Patriots - we were leading in a very close game when the Pats went 80
    yards in 3 plays and got 8 points, then scored a FG to seal the deal.
    4. Bills - Scored 24 4th quarter points, including 17 in the span of 3
    With the exception of the Bills game, they were all against the top 3 QBs ,
    not only in the league currently, but for the last half a decade at least.
    And Fitzgerald def played like a game-changer, but was helped by our
    struggling offense.
    Anyway, my point is, if Brian Hoyer has to takeover for Brady, I think we
    become more evenly matched.

  42. I hope he washes under the hood...  (rimshot!)

  43. The Knight who says Ni!December 4, 2009 at 9:04 AM

    I don't think releasing Roth had anything to do with Moses. That relationship got sour. Moses may not be a rookie but he's only in his 3rd year and playing SOLB for the first time. There are usually legitimate reasons why coaches do certain things. It sometimes appears to be strange or dumb but it's usually not. I did say 'usually'. LOL

  44. Tin, I call em like I see em.

  45. Herd, every first down. If we only drink for the Fin's first downs we won't even get a buzzzz...LMAO

    As far as losing out goes, i would much rather end up 5-11 with a top 15 pick, then finish 8-8 or 9-7 and be relegated to the mid 20's pick. Man this is she-it.

  46. It's really simple, our defense is old and slow. They start the game with good energy, but just wear down in the second half. It's obvious, if you watch our D in the fourth, they look like geriatrics.

  47. see new blog including Moses speculation

  48. Your draft logic makes perfect sense, however, this is football and you
    don't play to lose. You just don't.

  49. Cmon knight you have to see this team is sorry. ;)   The defense sucks, and not one of our playmakers are playmakers.  Plus as Tin says the Coaches contribute to the whole mess by screwing up !!  This team is long way from that 1 - 15 team a short time ago, but we are not that close to being a real power in our own conference either.

    Don't worry though I'm not giving up on them.  I'm not that ticked off, yet. :)

  50. Agreed, more evenly matched! The Pats will surely try to run the ball on us and try to kill clock time and wear out the Miami D now that the whole league knows that that D folds late if you stay on them! If Miami's offense comes out smokin' and puts up points quickly, the Pats D will wear out and Brady will have to play a really good game to keep up.

  51. Herd you have to read girl, this is what I said.  "<span>I am giving you the recipe for one serving to keep things simple, just increase this recipe for each person you serve."  You can make as much of this as you like, make it in a garbage can if you want and invite the 391st Bomb Squadron. :)   All of them will have happy faces when it's over.</span>

    It won't change the outcome of this weeks game though.  Our defense can't stop a thing and that's not going to change.  If and that's a BIG IF we can keep it close at the end and our Offense has the ball last, we can pull this game out with a win.  But I don't see that happening.  In the mean time use Wiskey in the place of the Brandy in the recipe, then take 2 aspirin and go to sleep.  Have a great weekend.  Fang

  52. No body ever reads anything on here...

  53. So thats what Giselle has to wake-up to hovering over her every morning,GIGGITTY,GIGGITTY..

    I'm 50 and have a better physique,and he's obviously a dork w'ZERO personality,
    MUST BE THE $$$$ !!!???

  54. We've been blowing our wadd exhausting our adranaline in the 1st 3 qtrs,
    and by the 4th qtr we're ready for a sandwich and a nappp.....ZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

    GOFINS,hold it in till after the fatt lady sings,
    Whoooooaaaa sweeet mystery of life @last I've found you!!!