Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Practice Squad Update 12/16/09

Yesterday, a big Tonga Truck tried out for the Dolphins.  Today, he is on the practice squad.  BYU's undrafted (partly due to his missing the combine due to injury) big boy, Ray Feinga, 6'4", 337 lbs (at last measure) was signed as an UDFA by the Rams the day after the draft, but didn't make the cut and ended up spending some time on San Diego's practice squad.  He was one of my pre-draft targets for the O-line but he is a project as the Coach would undoubtedly like to re-work Feinga's chubbiness into a more defined 330 lbs.

He takes the place of injured CB, Will Billingsley.

Here's the up-to-date P.S.: 

1.  Tristan Davis, RB.
2.  Julius Pruitt, WR.
3.  JD Folsom, LB.
4.  Mark Lewis, C/G.
5.  Ray Feinga, OG.

6.  Taurus Johnson, WR.
7.  John Nalbone, TE.
8.  Nate Ness, S.


  1. HEY! Some guy named crystal bong on SS just poached my dream!!! 

  2. Tin, out of pure speculation (yeah... speculators, what a drag), might the PS list be construed to be an indicator of those positions that the team considers important or still need help at? There's not a position on there that the Fins don't need more depth, if not talent.

  3. <span>Tin, out of pure speculation (yeah... speculators, what a drag), might the PS list be construed to be an indicator of those positions that the team considers important or still need help at? There's not a position on there that the Fins don't need more depth, if not talent. Speculation is that maybe I'm just naive, what do you say!

  4. Usually the practice squad is made up of positions of need, i.e. if they're
    light on o-line on the 53, they may have 2 or 3 on the PS. There's always
    at least one running back, because they get injured the most, and you want
    to have some one who knows the system and can jump in right away if need
    be. It's unusual to have a QB on there, but I noticed at least 3 teams that
    had one on there at some point during the season. It can be a good way to
    create an extra space on the 53 to keep only 2 QBs and stash your 3rd on the
    SO to answer your question, yes of course they are evaluating those players
    for possible future roster considerations down the line, but they are also
    using the PS as a stock cupboard full of players in case of injury who can
    be used at any moment if need be. These players know the playbook, and
    prepare the same way everyone else does. They ARE a part of the team, they
    just don't have the same job security and don't get to travel with the
    team. I don't think they're even allowed to be on the sideline during

  5. Sounds like just his knuckles could lose 7 pounds
    Trim 330 LMAO

    ***** The DYNASTY BE FINS! *****

  6. The Knight who says Ni!December 16, 2009 at 12:15 PM

    Isn't it Tonka Truck?

    So who was released from the PS?

    Is Fienga a guard?

    Wow, I'm a man who asks questions. LOL

  7. Tin,
            What happened to the guy (RB) from SF that we poached earlier this year?  Did we release him?

  8. Knight:

    From what I am tracking Will Billingsley CB was let go. Will has been on the PS the last 2 seasons. Last year he was cut and re-signed like 5 times. This year he has been on the PS from Day 1.

  9. Tin,

    I looked on to see the transaction and it was not there. Is there another place to track roster transactions? Just wondering

  10. According to it was Nevin McCaskill (T). I have never heard of him.

  11. That was Kory Sheets. He has been inactive for every game so far.

  12. It's Tonga, because he's a Tongan.
    The McCaskill guy got released, the one who replaced Will Billingsley.
    Yes he is a guard, that's why I listed him as a guard.

  13. Kory Sheets? he is still on the roster.

  14. Yes, you can track them right here! lol releases the info a couple of days after it happens, and has gotten better, they used to wait weeks before updating
    the roster.
    I try to do an update for every single transaction.

  15. Thanks. I have been doing some research on the roster of the years and have made it back to 2007 with who has been on the roster, trades, PS, ect. and yes i do have a lot of time on my hands at work. LOL

  16. The Knight who says Ni!December 16, 2009 at 1:28 PM

    Tin, you know we don't ready everything you write.  :-P

    It must be wild living in the South Pacific on tiny little islands surrounded by thousands of miles of ocean.

  17. Yeah, but he grew up mostly in Utah, so you should replace the islands with
    buttes and the miles of ocean with miles of wives....

  18. The Knight who says Ni!December 16, 2009 at 6:07 PM

    I think Polygamy is awesome. My wife keeps telling me I'm disturbed and I don't know why.  :-E

  19. One thing that had me scratching my head is why don't we approach the O line and D line the same way as far as depth?  It seems a given that the D line will rotate often and be one of the deepest positions on the team.  But we expect the O line to be the same five from start to finish...The unit eventually gets hit with injuries, and we're left scrambling. 

  20. My wife once said she wanted a sister-wife about half-way through season one
    of Big Love. By the end of Season 2, the idea was out of her head. I
    missed my 'window of opportunity'! lol, that and the fact I find one wife
    to be loud and demanding enough on her own....the thought of two or
    more....(hope she doesn't read this)...

  21. I thought we did improve our depth tremendously on the O-line. There has
    been at least 5 injured linemen this year, and we have not looked poor up
    front for the majority of the time since injuries started stacking up. Keep
    in mind we also had Murtha lost to IR, we have Gardner who has been inactive
    all season, and we have Mark Lewis and Ray Feinga on the P.S. We actually
    look pretty well stocked on the O-line.

  22. tap tap tap where is our preview for the Titans? What you got a regular job or something? ;)   ;)   ;)  

  23. Actually typing it up right now.

  24. you do know I was joking right?? I hope....anyway off to read the new stuff. Gotta say I look forward to your titles everyweek..they make me giggle ;)