Sunday, December 6, 2009

Patriots @ Dolphins

Dolphins Inactives:  RB Kory Sheets, WR Patrick Turner, C Jake Grove, third QB Tyler Thigpen, OT Andrew Gardner, DE Lionel Dotson, DE Ikaika Alama-Francis, and OT Lydon Murtha.

Patriots Inactives:  WR Julian Edelman, NT Ron Brace, CB Terrence Wheatley, OG Stephen Neal, OT Sebastian Vollmer, CB Shawn Springs, RB Fred Taylor, and DB Bret Lockett.



  1. ANY of this past weeks commenters,or EARLY game live chatters care to reitterate their blasphimies??


    SOME just need to pull the handle on their LAZY-BOYS,and LEARN HOW TO APPRECIATE ""OUR"" TEAMMMM!!

  2. WIN OR LOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    D          O           L            P          H            I             N              S      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ya pinched it offf,until the fat lady sang,
    NOW YA can go have a sandwich,and a nappppp  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ""OUR"" playoff hopes are back in our own hands,(IF GB BEATS balt MON NGHT)!!

    WE BEAT jax next week,WE'RE the 6seed with 3 games to go!!

    SOME/MANY SAID WE WERE DONE with 13,10,8,7,6 and then this past week with 5 games to go,LOL!!!!!!!!!


    GET-A-GRIP negative nellies,this TEAM IS BETTER THAN YOU WANT IT TO BE,
    and MUCH BETTER than it's record indicates!!
    6-6,MAJOR PLAYER IN THE PLAYOFF HUNT, and Just a FEWWW plays away from 9-3 or better!!!
    NEARLY 200 plays per game,
    (future/reference),TRY APPRECIATING the 90% of plays that go right FOR ONCE,(WIN OR LOSE)!!!!

  5. We didn't make those plays to be 9-3. I appreciate the optimism, but once
    the game is over, if you lost, you lost. Take into consideration my USF
    Bulls, who outplayed Connecticut in the freezing cold and driving snow, and
    took the lead with less than a minute left. Then they let UConn drive down
    the field to kick a winning FG as time expired. They made the plays to beat
    UConn, but UConn made the plays to take it back at the end.
    There's no way of knowing if we had made a few more plays to take leads at
    the end of those games we lost, that the opponent wouldn't have made the
    plays THEY needed to make to get in FG range, etc. Let's not pretend we
    would have been 9-3 if certain plays had gone our way. Other plays could
    have gone the other way as well. But in the end, they went the way they
    Now with that said, our best chance at playoffs is not as a wildcard but as
    division champs. If we end up in a 10-6 tie with NE, we win based on
    tie-breakers. If we end up 9-7, a lot of things have to fall into place for
    a wildcard spot. The team holds its own fate in its hands. They have to
    win out their final 4 games.

  6. Tin,
    Helluva game yesterday. Wasn't pretty, but what a great win.
    How does your 10-6 tie-breaker work? We are 4-2 in division, but Pats can tie that with a victory over Buffalo. Are you basing it on ties of 10-6 in the East, 1-1 head to head, 4-2 division and 8-4 conference then going down to the next tie breaker (is that common games or something?) It would be nice to see Buffalo beat the Pats then we don't have to get our slide rules out!
    I'm not sure I see us winning out - we haven't shown the consistency this year, but then Sparano is unbeaten nn December, so who knows what's possible?

  7. The Knight who says Ni!December 7, 2009 at 10:07 AM

    "The team holds its own fate in its hands. They have to win out their final 4 games." Deja Vu

    If we don't win the division but still go 10-6, what has to happen, do you know offhand? 

  8. I don't see how we hold our fate in our own hands as we are currently 8th seed in the AFC. We clearly have to win out (I don't see 9-7 being good enough) but we still nee help?

  9. UK, for some reason I thought the Pats were 3-3 and done with div play.
    Thanks for pointing it out to me. I did the math, and it gets ridiculous on
    tie-breakers. As of today this is how it looks:
    *Team H2H DIV Common Opp. Conference Opp.
    *MIA 1 - 1 4 - 2 6 - 4 4 - 4
    NE 1 - 1 3 - 2 5 - 4 4 - 4
    Those are the first four tie-breakers in order from left to right.
    Obviously, if NE lose to Buffalo in 2 weeks, we would win on the 2nd
    tie-breaker. NE plays 4 common opponents in the final 4 weeks, MIA plays
    3. NE plays 3 Conference teams, MIA plays 4.
    So we are almost evenly matched, but the main diff is that we play one more
    AFC team, which means we have an advantage in the 4th tie-breaker, should we
    need to go there.
    The 5th tie-breaker is strength of wins, and the 59-0 thrashing of Tennessee
    by NE automatically means we'd have no chance there.

  10. We'd need Baltimore, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Pittsburgh and Denver to all
    lose the rest of their games.

  11. uk, that's my point, wildcard is not really an option here, we need to win
    out, as in we control our destiny, not some other teams having to lose
    (other than the Pats of course)

  12. The Knight who says Ni!December 7, 2009 at 10:32 AM

    If we beat the Jags and Steelers we'll have the edge on them if we win out.

  13. If we win out and they lose one game we will win the tiebreakers, because we
    play one more AFC game than they do.

  14. I get that. In order of desirability, we'd like the Pats to lose to the Bills first, or if not, an AFC team. If the Panthers beat them and we win out, it gets way too complicated for me.

  15. The Knight who says Ni!December 7, 2009 at 10:41 AM

    Huh? LOL

  16. Knight,
    The only way we win the division is the Pats lose one (or more) and we win out. If the Bills beat the Pats, the Pats are 3-3 and we are 4-2 in the division so we win. If the Pats lose to an AFC team and go 3-1 + we win out, there would be a tie at 10-6 and we would be 8-4 in the AFC and the Pats would be 7-5 so we win.

    I had a feeling we would win on Sunday. My home town soccer team won 3-0 and we are top of our division and the winner was scored by Jason Taylor! Utd won 4-0 and City beat Chelsea so we closed the gap on Chelsea to 2 points in the Premiership. And I had my birthday on Saturday (the last in my 40s :'( ) so the Fins had to win just to ice the cake on my weekend. The stars aligned in my firmament and I got a full house! 8-)

  17. I'm not sayin we're 9-3(or would/could have been),
    I'm sayin we're 6-6 but we gave the ELITE INDY,N.O,and SD (among others) ALL they could handle!!

    AND we did it (6-6),MINUS 7 projected pre-season starters on IR,
    along w'other starters having to sit during MANY of our other games,after starting-out 0-3!!

    I DO REALIZE that if ONE play goes differently the entire complexion of the game from that play on probably goes slightly different,and doesn't mean we would have won or lost,(IF ONLY for that one/few plays)!!
    Guess I should have said,""And JUST a few plays away from"" POTENTIALLY being 9-3 or better!!

    Like I said INDY,N.O.,SD among others,
    doesn't even compare to the Bulls vs UCONN in any way!!
    (NOW the bills game)MAYBE theirs a legit comparison there??

    I'm NOT trying to convince you TIN,you KNOW WHATS-UP!!

    I'm trying to give those that have never participated in organized football @ any level (12 yrs for me)..
    Those that don't realize it takes just ONE of 22 to misexecute for a play to work or fail!!
    Those that jump on and off the wagon upon every win or loss a clue as to how farrr this 07 team
    has come,how good it is in 09 (IF U READ THE SMALL PRINT),and how GREAT it WILL BE IN o10 !!

    AND that o10 TEAM includes the current REGIME,COACHES,DRAFT STRATEGIES,QB,and TG among others,
    NOT a fanbase that looks forward to celebrating POTENTIAL FIN FAILURES (Badd game mngmt,or PW)!!!

    GO      M    I    A    M    I            D      O      L      P      H      I      N      S  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. IFFFF we BEAT jax,and stay even w'them
    as well as maintain our current placement vs everybody-else in the running!!
    @ this moment,ONLY BALT can WIN a WC afc conference tiebreaker vs us,
    unless we win-out and they lose to PITT OR OAK!!! GO GB 2nght,after that they play DET,CHI,PITT,OAK!!!
    WE win-out(@jax,tenn,and HOME vs hou,pitt), balt losses 2nght,and ONE afc game,WE'RE IN,GUARANTEED!!!
    We still POTENTIALLY get in @ 9-7,but that gets veryyyyy confusing,and requires help from afar!!
    For the most part,OUR FATE IS IN OUR OWN HANDS!!

    OH YEA, OAK down 10-6 with 7:30 to go in the 4th scored 21 PNTS @PITT,and PITT scored 14 (IN 7.5 mins),

  19. KNIGHT, IF WE END-UP 10-6 w'out the afceast crown
    Balt needs to lose ONE AFC game(pitt/oak)!!!

    Thats ALL it would take for the WC 6seed !!!

  20. ACTUALLY,IF we're gonna win-out,balt doesn't have to lose 2nght(but it couldn't hurt)!!
    Balt just needs to lose ONE remaining afc game(pitt/oak)leaving them @ 7-5 in conference,
    WE WIN-OUT we'end-up 8-4 in conference!!!  For shits and giggles,GOAHHH GREENBAYYYY!!

  21. The Knight who says Ni!December 7, 2009 at 12:13 PM

    uk, 49 aye? I've got a few more in my 40s left but they seem to keep coming.

    I know how we win the division, I was wondering about wildcard.

  22. The Knight who says Ni!December 7, 2009 at 12:13 PM

    13kvFINS, thank you sir!

  23. 49, but not a 49er. Yuk. My first season following the Fins was "that one!"

    I cannot even contemplate the WC as there are (a) too many teams in it and (b) they all play each other. *DONT_KNOW*

  24. Thanks a whole bunch, I was going to watch City vs Chelsea because of the
    United implications! Oh well, I did see the UTD game last night. That West
    Ham team looked like they'd never played together before. I think if we
    didn't have to go down to 4th string defenders and Gibson hadn't started out
    so poorly, it could have been much worse for West Ham. Their goalkeeper
    completely lost it after the 2nd goal.
    Happy Birthday!
    ps. I expect the game tomorrow will have our under 18s playing?

  25. Oh but you're assuming that Denver won't win another game. They are 8-4 and
    Baltimore is 7-5. Baltimore could still end up in 5th and Denver in 6th,
    and I don't think we win any tie-breakers vs Denver (but I haven't looked
    into that).
    But like most people have said, I'd rather just win the division, and not
    have to think of what other 8 teams have to win/lose.

  26. Oops. At least you don't know the score?!? Sorry!
    I didn't see the Utd game, but I'll take 4-0 every day of the week. I hope Gibson has got more than just that wicked shot?
    Thanks for the birthday greetings.
    Not sure about tomorrow - we need a point to go through as a #1 seed, which means we draw a #2 seeded team in the next round which should in theory mean an easier game, so he may suprise us with team selection? I'll be out with my bro having a curry, but will tape it for later.

  27. You seem to miss a lot of these games. I think I have seen more than you
    have in the past 2 months!
    I guess I am getting pretty obsessed with it lately. In the Tottenham game,
    Gibson scored twice and really changed my impression of him a bit, because I
    thought he couldn't score on an open goal before then. I wasn't surprised
    that he got a chance to play versus West Ham, but he missed four straight
    shots and the closest one was about 10 yards away from the goalpost. He
    literally struck one that went off at a scalene angle from this body and
    literally hit the corner flag. My 3 year old couldn't have done any worse.
    And nonoe of those shots had much power on them. The 5th shot was pure gold
    and I have no idea where it came from (I was actually substituting for him
    in my mind when he got the pass from Giggs).
    One thing I found odd about the match was that they had De Laet as a sub,
    even though he looked shaky vs Tottenham, but when Neville got hurt they
    subbed in Carrick at centre half and had Fletcher at right back, with Wes
    Brown and Evra on the other side. Evra came within 6 inches of scoring a
    goal. I wish he would come inside more often, because I think his drought
    is down more to lack of opportunities since he always plays outside.

  28. I'm always at my g/fs at the weekend and she hasn't got Sky Sports, so unless I'm in and can stream, I miss the Saturday games.
    I think Gibson had only scored twice for United, so your impression was entirely accurate! I read in Saturday's paper that Fergie sort of challenged him by saying that the last batch of kids (Neville brothers, Becks, Scholes, Giggs etc etc) all came good at 22 and he's 22 now. He laid down the gauntlet and Gibbo picked it up. Fergie then said Gibson was the only player who can score from outside the box (high praise indeed, but not entirely true as it was something of a hallmark of Scholesy, though less so these days as it takes him longer to park his zimmer before he winds up for a shot ;) ) Sounds like he made Fergie eat those words back until his goal then? At 22 though, and with little first team experience, he is still a pretty raw product. I remember (and openly admit) that I wanted Fergie to get rid of Fletcher. Now he's our best midfielder and the heart of the team, especially in big games (also captain of Scotland).
    That sounds like a very makeshift back 4, but maybe he thought he'd get away with it and he was experimenting. Sparano does that a lot too. Managers ALWAYS experiment too much for fans liking (the Pat package) and fans always think they know better. lol.
    Evra is a great left back. These days, you have to be able to overlap and attack, but sprint back and defend. Fullback is one of the most difficult positions there is. In all honesty, Neville is too old for this level now too. The young Brazilian twins figure to feature in the future, but they will struggle to displace Evra in big games because he is the ultimate player at LB in my book. He defends well and brings pace, width and elusiveness to the wing. Then he gets behind people and whips wicked crosses in, which is his biggest strength of the lot for me. When paired with Giggs or Obertan, they are really difficult to stop. Neville and Becks used to be like that on the right, but now we have Valencia and we need to find a right back to pair up with him. I don't think the answer if O'Shea ...... he's paired up with Will Young I heard today!!! ;) =-O  

  29. Knight - one for you - your pet bugbear

  30. "a hallmark of Scholesy, though less so these days as it takes him longer to
    park his zimmer before he winds up for a shot ;)"
    Ha! he opened the scoring, though he missed a couple before that one went
    in. More often than not he pushes it ten yards above the bar in the games
    I've seen. My only issue with Scholes is that he's a bit of a bulldog, but
    I don't think he's as bad a tackler as the commentators like to say he is,
    he's just relentless in his tackling and when you throw yourself around like
    that, you're going to have more opportunities to screw up. He had blood
    running down the side of his face for most of the game.
    Neville looked like he pulled a groin muscle, so he might be done for awhile
    if not for good (at least as far as premier league). They need to get
    someone in for the back 4 because Ferdinand is never healthy, and Vidic is
    starting to miss a lot of games too (apparently he was meant to start but
    came down ill just before the match). Add the aging Neville (can you
    explain the running joke that G Neville discovered anti-gravity?) and the
    struggling delaet and we're getting thin. O'Shea was also out due to
    injury. Fletcher was very good in defense, deserves a mention.
    I mentioned the other day that the reason the Dolphins can't put away
    opponents late in games is because they don't play like Man United plays.
    Doesn't matter what the score is or how much time is left in the game, you
    play full speed and as if you desperately need to score. And you have to
    have the mentality that there is always more time on the clock than the
    clock say there is (how many times as the opponent marched down field in 30
    seconds to score on the fins this year?) so you have to use up all the
    After they went up 1-0, did Fergie go on the defensive? No, he put in
    Berbatov, Rooney, Valencia and up front in 1 4-3-3 and they went on to score
    3 more goals, including two within 30 seconds, and one in the 94th minute.
    They were on the attack for 100% of the game (108% if you count injury
    At the same time, West Ham had their best moments during injury time as well
    - they didn't take it easy despite being down 3 and then 4 goals.

  31. Scholesy is regarded as being the worst tackler (by reds) or the dirtiest player in the premiership (by red-haters) this side of the pond. Slightly harsh perhaps. Being charitable, he is full committed and sometimes gets his angles wrong, being harsh, he swings his boot and if he gets the ball, fresh-air or the man it's a coin-flip.
    I didn't know Neville still has muscles (harsh - he's been a loyal servant to the club and hates scousers, so he'll always be a Utd legend!) The back four is a nightmare is some respects in that it's always been strength, but Rio may be injured mentally as well as physically at the moment. The good thing is Brown and Evans seem to be playing well and have established some understanding, but without doubt, Vidic and Rio at their best are the best Utd have and arguably the best pair in footy when fully functional.
    I googled the anti-gravity thing - can't say I'm much the wiser ..... seems to be a comedy "in-joke?"
    I love your outllook on united and that the fins should be attacking - spoken like a true red! Better to go down fighting than fade away without a whimper (like we did against the Colts).

  32. The play-off picture?

    This says if we go 4-0 we have a 94% chance of making post-season action. I like that!!!

  33. The Knight who says Ni!December 7, 2009 at 4:08 PM


    uk, my philosophy is there either is freedom of speech or there isn't. Not selective freedom of speech because that makes no sense. We should called it 'censored freedom of speech'. Oxymoron? LOL

  34. We take care of our business!! ONLY 4, NOT ""8 teams will need to be thought about winning/losing"")!!
    N.E,Balt,Den,SD (really MY only WC concern is Balt),cuz I figure Den & Balt will split their remaining games,
    leaving Den as the 5,and Balt as the 6 until wk 17,where we win our 8th conf game and STEEL the 6 seed @ worst!!

    BRO,IFF we win-out(@jax,@tenn,hou,pitt) we WIN ALL tiebreakers vs said teams
    (cuz we will have beaten them ALL head-to-head)!!
    So eliminate those 4 from your 8,cuz we lose one and we're LIKELY done anyways!!

    (I'm assuming only that FIRSTOFFF WE BEAT jax,
    Den (@INDY,oak,@Phi,kc) holds onto the 5seed,
    and SD (@Dall,tenn,@cinn,Wash) holds onto that division...
    Pretty likely,(but anything can happen)!! Balts @GB,Det,Chi,@pitt,@oak(losses 2nght and vs pitt)...

    I'm figuring that Den splits the remaining 4,
    GB and Pitt beat Balt,(meaning that Den holds onto the 5seed),
    WE WIN OUT,we pass Balt,or beat them in the 6seed WC tiebreaker(conf record)!!

    I'd say we're in ONEWAY or ANOTHER IFFFF we win-out,
    but yea the icing on the cake would OBVIOUSLY be the DIVISION!!

    For starters,WE GOTTA BEAT jax for ANY of the above to matter!!

    Not even considering those that wear grn w'an airplane,figuring they'll lose @least 2 of their last 3,
    @TB,ATL,@INDY,CINN.....  JMHO!!!

    I think you meant,""I'm assuming that Den doesn't LOSE another game""??
    Don't know where you came-up w'that,(no matter what you meant)??
    Balt is 6-5(NOT 7-5 YET),hopefully 6-6 after 2nght,2 gms behind den for the 5 seed!!

    Den splits their remaining 4,Balt losses 2nght and vs Pitt or even oak,we win-out we're the 6 seed @worst!!

  35. The Knight who says Ni!December 7, 2009 at 4:16 PM

    If we go 4-0 down the stretch than we will have repeated the feat of winning our last 5 last year. We can't win 11 this time and we don't have complete control of own destiny this time, but finishing 5-0 is tough to do. Can we do it twice in back to back years? I'll stay positive but if I had to bet I'd say we'll slip up at least once. Then again the teams ahead of us still have to play 4 and 5 games so they can slip up multiple times. Some of them play each other so they can't all win.

    We're behind Denver, Jacksonville and Baltimore but ahead of the Steelers and the Jets. I'm just going by the 6-6 or better teams. New England could also continue to fall. They are not the same team. I didn't understand why some were still picking them to win the Super Bowl. There are a few teams at the start of the season i thought were better than the Pats. So there are a few ways we can still make the playoffs but the games have to be played first. Let's just win one at a time and see what happens.

  36. Doesn't matter what Den does as long as they or SD keep pace remaining the 5 seed/west div champ!!

  37. uk, replying to you is much safer...

    my recipe is 'misplaced' I believe is the word that was used.  And since I didn't do the 'misplacing' I have no idea where to look.  I am currently in the process of getting a copy from one of my friends.  Remember, good things come to those who wait. :)

  38. Thats no-where near the truth !!!

  39. UK,thanx for that site,(ahhhhhh butteye likeittooo)!!

    ODD that those gyz w'an airplane on their hat have a better""OVERALL CHANCE"",
    but IF we both win-out OUR 94% chance is 30% pnts better than theirs,
    and with ONE loss for either team,their % chances are much lower than ours,Hmmmm!!


  40. I haven't seen Evans at all lately, I heard he was injured too. I forgot
    about him. I wasn't sure about Brown earlier in the year but he is 100%
    committed to stopping the ball from getting in on goal. He busted his face
    open in the Tottenham game too after the goalkeeper punched him in the eye.
    I cant open the link right now, but that show is exactly where I heard it (I
    downloaded the series and they mentioned it in the 2nd episode I think.
    Then Russell Howard mentioned it in one of his shows that I watched in the
    same week! Something to do with a 2002 final? If I could youtube at work
    I'd try to see if it's some spectacular highlight or something.

  41. You sound like a man, just admit it, you LOST it! lol

  42. Just like a man, take the man's side.

  43. And fwiw, he's already been tried and convicted in girlfriend court. :-D

  44. Tinshaker:
    This from Mikies rewind blog today(in case you still aren't reading):

    "() Funny sign spotted in the stands: "Please Be Gentle." Admit it, most of you (and us) thought the Patriots were going to win this one, maybe even going away. Even our old friend Tin Shaker wasn't exactly optimistic as kickoff neared. And down 14-0, that take looked right on. But the Pats, working on a short week and coming off a blowout loss at New Orleans, seemed to fall flat after that. And although it wasn't an obvious problem, it couldn't have hurt to have Brady playing with a badly bruised ring finger on his throwing hand. All part of the game, though. All part of the 17-week narrative."

  45. Nice link job....DOH!

  46. Wait a sec...are you annoyed with Mikie or me?  Because it can't be me.  I'm too charming!

  47. I'm not annoyed with anyone. Just saying, the link he posted doesn't go

  48. Maybe it does and it's me after all....I clicked it from there and it came here to the I might as well drink blog, I think...

    All I do is ctrl C, ctrl V....anything beyond that is too much for me...

  49. hmm, didn't work when i clicked on it...

  50. That's what I mean, me either from what I copied, but it does at the, wait, let me draw a picture...No, I don't know how to do that either.   LOL 

  51. tin, the link takes you to your "I Might As Well Drink Through This One Too - or - The Pats vs The Dolphins " blog.  you are slacking, no recap of the game or new blog and it is two days after the game

  52. I tried to watch the game on nfl rewind last night but they lock you out
    during monday night football - what a waste of money

  53. Yeah Tinny I need a recap.  I haven't been able to distract my coworkers with my piercing insight on the Dolphins (which I shamelessly steal from you).  They've become far too productive and are making me look bad!  Plus the hamsters powering my computer are exhausted from checking so much with nothing to show for it!!

  54. new blog is coming - we lost power this morning, hence the delay.