Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Practice Squad Update 12/23/09

When I wished jokingly for a second punter, I never expected the Dolphins to go through with it, but lo and behold, they have.  Just in time for Christmas, the Dolphins have signed former Tennessee bad boy punter, Britton Colquitt, to the practice squad.  I know what you're thinking, Britton is not a proper boy's name, especially for a football player, but he's a kicker, so cut him some slack.  Philip Fulmer did not cut him any slack, suspending him twice and ultimately taking his scholarship away.  He is one of four Colquitts to punt at the University of Tennessee - talk about a 'lack of range' in that family...

He was signed as an undrafted free agent by Denver but did not make the team and was released after training camp.

C/G, Mark Lewis, who was let go once before, is the latest casualty.

Here's the up-to-date P.S.: 

1.  Tristan Davis, RB.
2.  Julius Pruitt, WR.
3.  JD Folsom, LB.
4.  Britton Colquitt, P.
5.  Ray Feinga, OG.
6.  Taurus Johnson, WR.
7.  John Nalbone, TE.
8.  Nate Ness, S. 

Thanks to David J Neal for the report/update.


  1. CB Will Billingsley is also on th practice squad, officially on the practice squad/injured list which opens up a spot. It happened when they signed Feinga.

  2. As mentioned here:
    He's no longer on the practice squad if he's on an injury designation such
    as PUP/IR. The above are the 8 allowed PS slots.

  3. Another punter?  What's wrong with Fields?  He had some good punts last week.  Did he get hurt? I understand keeping extra WR / RB / OL on the squad for a quick call up (break in case of emergency) or to fill out needed positions in practice, but a second punter? Are they going to be doing an inordinate amount of punt coverages in practice where they need two? LOL What is going on here? Is Brandon's contract up next year or something? What's the scoop Tin?

  4. I just posted at the SS that the Herd used to have a punter in the 90's--Travis Colquitt, and that I figured they were related somehow.  He was pretty good as I remember. 

    Since you are having some luck with your wishes coming true, why not wish for a 'true #1 receiver'?

  5. I wish that P. Turner becomes our stud WR after another year in our system.  His not getting on the field other than a couple of ST plays this year has been a mystery to me.  I mean come on! He can't be as bad a WR as Teddie can he?

  6. I've been doing that for may recall me calling for our first
    round pick to be a WR in the 2009 draft. I'm happy we got Vontae though,
    and I think the 2010 class is much stronger at WR than 2009. Still, Kenny
    Britt and Hakeem Nicks sure do look good as does Crabtree (who
    was out of reach). Now that we have Hartline coming along, we need to use
    him as a measuring stick and say to ourselves, ok, nothing less than a
    Hartline will do. I think our competition during training camp next year
    will be ridiculous at WR.

  7. oh, and these Colquitt guys must run a punting school or something...

  8. Fields is signed thru 2010, but they brought in competition during the
    pre-season, maybe Fields is lax in practice and they want to spice things up
    a bit. Maybe this Colquitt guy came in and boomed a couple of 70 yarders in
    workouts, who knows. I'm a bit surprised with his obvious issues with
    alcohol that they signed him though. Whatever you want to say about the
    Dolphins players, they are not known for being over-excessive, with the
    possible exception of Randy Starks' choice in pickup trucks.
    But they brought in McDaniels, who had anger/violence issues, and he seems
    nothing other than professional on field, I haven't seen him taunt anyone or
    have any late hits, etc.
    Other than those two, our team is pretty vanilla, as far as I can recall.
    Donald Thomas punched someone because he was hungry once....but no one seems
    to get in trouble while they are apart of the Dolphins.

  9. Taurus Johnson might get on the field before Turner does! It does seem like
    a waste of a year, especially if we miss out on the playoffs. I can
    understand not putting in a rookie offensive lineman, but what could it hurt
    to play a WR especially when you need a player like him on the field?
    Then again, after Kory Sperry's fine day out, why not throw to him more the
    next week? It seems like as soon as Fasano was healthy, they ran all the
    plays to him and all but abandoned the other two guys who were doing pretty
    well in his absence.
    Not that I'm blaming the coaches for anything, lol.

  10. LOL, kind of what I meant...they have to be related, not like it's a name like Smith.  I think they must put weights on their legs as infants in order to build up their legs.

    I am really liking Hartline, loved they way he made that catch the other day after I thought it was going to be an INT.   He's a keeper!  Ginn, not so much, even though everyone seems to say he isn't going anywhere.   It has crossed my mind more than once this season that the talk last season about how Pennington limited Ginn as a receiver isn't necessarily true.  Maybe even the other way around.  Not that it matters at this point, but I'm just sayin!  lol

  11. <span>Tin, 
    Just wanted to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and to offer a special thanks to you for this blog and the game day chat room.  It has added some fun to this season.</span>

  12. <span>oh we know you dont blame the coaches, it is never their fault, it is the fault of the accountants, politicians and gods.  :) </span>

  13. Happy Hollidays, Merry Christmas guys.  Be safe! I'm outa here for a week so enjoy yourselves and GO DOLPHINS!!!

  14. Well, off to finish up the shopping.  To all, have a safe and very merry xmas.  and see some of you on sunday.

    (herd, have a eggnog of 20 for me)

  15. Tomorrow night for the eggnog.  :)   Yea baby !!!

  16. The Knight who says Ni!December 24, 2009 at 8:51 AM

    Happy Holidays everyone! I've been a bit busy this week so not too much posting.

    We're still alive though we need some help. Let's get that first win against the Texans and take it from there. I have a feeling this could be a somewhat high scoring game. 

    Dolphins 34 Texans 31 in another nail-biter. Why stop now. LOL

  17. Happy Holidays to everyone here!! I did not realize this was your first year have a kickass blog and I am glad I found it!
    Have an AWESOME week everyone! See you Sunday!
    oh and I LOVE the Dolphin with the Santa hat!! Can I use it for one day for facebook, Tin?

  18. Tinshaker:
    Hope you and the family had a great Christmas!  Now dig yourself out from under the wrapping paper and post the game preview!  j/k Enjoy the down time--I'm just trying to find something to interest me while I watch the Herd play in the Little Caesars does anyone care bowl!

    See ya guys tomorrow!

  19. I'm alive, and apologetic,