Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Practice Squad Update 12/1/09

Well, there is one thing I'm happy about this week, as the Dolphins have signed former USF standout WR, Taurus Johnson, to their practice squad.  Johnson signed with Kansas City as an undrafted free agent in the spring, and spent time on their practice squad and was signed to the 53 for a short time.  Johnson is not big or super fast, but was an excellent big playmaker for USF, and you know I targeted him during the pre-draft days for the Dolphins.  He scored 15 TDs in his senior year.  He is an excellent kick returner, runs reverses, and catches with his hands.  His biggest asset is that he plays fearlessly, lunging for balls, taking massive hits in traffic, etc.  The Dolphins worked him out before the draft.

Here's the up-to-date P.S.:

1.  Tristan Davis, RB.
2.  Julius Pruitt, WR.
3.  JD Folsom, LB.
4.  Mark Lewis, C/G.
5.. Will Billingsley, CB.
6.  Taurus Johnson, WR.
7.  John Nalbone, TE.
8.  Nate Ness, S


  1. <span><span>His biggest asset is that he plays fearlessly, lunging for balls, taking massive hits in traffic, etc.</span>  </span>
    <span>   **cough cough bench ginn cough cough** ;)   ;)   ;) </span>

  2. so he fearlessly lunges for balls.  

    no wonder the defensive backs are afraid of him

  3. I never thought that even without Bowe the Chiefs would have better WR's than we do.  I don't care who is calling the shots next year, this is a joke!!!  Get Henne some f#cking help.  Since Ginn has little or no trade value he should be cut next year.  Bad pick, time to move on.

  4. The Knight who says Ni!December 1, 2009 at 12:13 PM

    I knew that was coming. Ah ha haha, he said coming.

    Anyone remember in the 'Naked Gun' where Leslie Neilson is hanging from the statue's dong and moaning for it?

    "taking massive hits in traffic" Why in traffic? Strange dude, just chill bro. No need to toke in traffic.  8-)

  5. just hope he doesnt drive in the car with ricky

  6. Oh I forgot to mention, Taurus is a VERY good blocker downfield.

  7. The Knight who says Ni!December 1, 2009 at 1:18 PM

    Why wasn't he drafted?

  8. I dunno, because we wanted JD Folsom instead?
    Why wasn't Cam Wake drafted? Why wasn't Greg Camarillo drafted? Why wasn't
    Davone Bess drafted? Why wasn't Larry Izzo drafted? Why wasn't Wes Welker
    drafted? Why wasn't Patrick Cobbs drafted?
    Why wasn't Kurt Warner drafted?

  9. We have been short handed at nearly every position for years.  Last years draft was a disaster and FA moves on the defense were also questionable.  One more year like that and the Trifecta won't be able to get out town fast enough.

    The zoo continues.

  10. The Knight who says Ni!December 1, 2009 at 3:43 PM

    Tin, I was just asking because I don't know anything about Taurus.

    Wake wasn't drafted because he wasn't a good LB back at Penn State. He made himself a better football player in the CFL.

    Camarillo wasn't drafted because he didn't even play much in college. His stats were pedestrian.

    Bess wasn't drafted because he lacks size and speed and he played in a run and shoot offense.

    Izzo wasn't drafted because he wasn't starter material.

    Welker wasn't drafted because he lacked size and speed and the scouts overlooked his desire.

    Cobbs wasn't drafted because scouts questioned his skills at the next level.

    Warner wasn't drafted because... I'm not sure. LOL

  11. I remember you talking about the Taurus guy @ draft time because I remember thinking, He's named after a car?  And not a particularly speedy one at that! 

    Truthfully, I really just want to see how my avatar looks!  ;)

  12. "Wake wasn't drafted because he wasn't a good LB back at Penn State"
    Really? You answered each of them? My point was that the Dolphins have had
    good success with undrafted free agents, as have the teams who picked up
    Warner plus countless other players out there. You know I don't consider
    draft position to be that important, only the quality of the player. They
    can't control where they are picked or if a team has a need for their
    position, etc. Let's not forget there was a run on WRs in the 2009 draft.
    There were plenty available, and we took 2 of them, as did many other teams
    who had a need at WR. So a lot of guys like Johnson were not going to be
    drafted as a result (could you imagine if we drafted 3 WRs how the media
    would go crazy about how Parcells must have given up total control of the
    team, yadda yadda).
    BTW, Wake was a decent LB in college and had a phenomenal combine, at one
    point touching the ceiling in the domed stadium, but the scouts were brutal
    on him, probably more so because he went to Penn State, i.e. Linebacker U.
    Here are some direct quotes from his scouting reports, and a fine example of
    why I watch the CFB games myself instead of listening to talking heads:
    "Derek is a decent-sized athlete, but has only adequate quickness."
    "gives a good effort and hustles"
    "He is combative working his way inside to fill the rush lanes. He can hold
    ground at the point of attack, but tends to get lazy, which results in poor
    positioning and Derek taking the route of least resistance in attempts to
    make the play."
    "Derek is an athletic linebacker who shows very good blitzing ability."
    "He just lacks a feel needed to get a jump on the play."
    "Using him to rush the passer is a waste of time."

  13. Why a car and not a Bull? It was particularly appropriate that he was named
    after a Bull and then 18 years later became a Bull. At least I thought so.
    For the record, my astrological sign is Taurus, not that I'm into astrology,
    just saying, it had nothing to do with the car. However, my first car in
    High School WAS a Ford Taurus.

  14. A Taurus is a Bull?  Not big into the astrology thing myself.  I never really thought about it that way....I was figuring he was named after the place he got his start in life, so to speak.  Is he a Taurus?  When is his b-day?

  15. herdfan, I understand one not being into astrology, but how do you go
    through life without knowing that Taurus is the bull? I know you live in
    the mountains of West Virginia, but didn't realize they had caves up
    PS, Taurus Johnson's birthday is April 13th, so he's actually an Aries.

  16. The Knight who says Ni!December 2, 2009 at 11:21 AM

    Wake was considered to lack instincts as a LB at Penn State and wasn't very productive. I never said he wasn't a good athlete. The NFL doesn't miss on great athletes with excellent instincts. LOL

  17. The Knight who says Ni!December 2, 2009 at 11:21 AM


  18. The Knight who says Ni!December 2, 2009 at 11:23 AM

    Well he's close, he's a ram!

  19. LOL Herd at your avi. I totally need a new one too. As for Taurus, I have to agree with Tin on this one (don't be shocked Tin ;)   ;)  but how could you not know a taurus was a bull?

  20. No one ever agrees with me, this must be a prank....

  21. Oh nooo!  LOL  Even though your name isn't on this post, there is only one person who I think would like my new avi.

    Note to self, think before your type.  I guess I was aware of the taurus/bull thing from astrology, but not something I get into.  Or Bulls for that matter.  Nevermind, I said it, I'll take the heat!  :-[

    BTW, did you go back and see the thong and Santa hat pic I posted last week?

  22. Tinshaker:
    We all agree with you when we think you're right......

    And btw, is this the thanks I get for trying to keep you informed of what was happening during the game when the feed went out?  Except for that ever so slight mishap when I typed a double l instead of a double s and you thought Bell had caught a pass, I was .... better than nothing!  LOL

  23. And what happened to that 'private message' feature that used to be here?

  24. Herdfan, don't think I don't appreciate you trying, but your effort was
    definitely NOT better than nothing!
    I think I may have witnesses to that effect! LOL! Ok, I know that sounds
    mean, I apologize.....

  25. I don't know - who are you private messaging? woooo!

  26. why did I show up as guest?? I thought my winks would give it away Tin. ;)

  27. THONG and SANTA?? eeekkkk that actually sounds scary. Is it a GOOD pic???? LOL where is it??

  28. Hey I just send you something on FB..you can message me there if you want. You will know it is me, cause yeah, I am a goober and decked out in fin stuff. ;)  oh wait, were you even talking about messaging moi?? lol

  29. I was referring to you....I didn't know that feature was there until you sent me one....I was going to tell you about that photo(I don't think it was well received here for some reason, lol).  No matter....It, like the current avatar, came from FB, so you've prolly already seen it.

  30. Quoting Lucy from Peanuts:  "I know when I've been insulted!" 

  31. TJs 4.47 @ the combine beats Hartlines 4.49,and PTurners 4.63 pro-days!!

    I liked him last yr,his style reminds me of a smaller (couple inches/10 lbs),faster ABoldin,(AGRESSIVE!!)

    Can we call him TJ Housyourastrologicalsign??

    So TIN,Now that we got your boy,you still think we'll go after TWO WR draftees,(no matter what happens in FA)??
    That would equal 5 WR prospects from the last two drafts!!
    I'm hoping for an established SUPERSTAR to be,and a 1st day draftee!!
    On the mend(head cases)Brandon Marshall,Braylon Edwards will be out there last I looked!!

    Marshall,Bess,Hartline,Ginn,Dez Bryant... 
    (TG for @the least KR/PR),he can catch balls against the body(ankle/ear/buttocks),just not above his head!!  
    (prac squad TJ,PT),will PT be PS eligable(NO HUH)?? He has to improve dramatically,or be cut...(AGREE??)

    (o10s Dez Bryant is gonna be my 09 Alphonso Smith),don't try to change my mind,LOL ;) !!!
    Is yours still gonna be George Selvie?? I heard Herzlich is cancer free,is he gonna attempt a comeback??

  32. Any player who has been in the league for less than 3 years AND has been
    active for fewer than 9 games is PS eligible. I think Turner was only
    active for two games, maybe even just one - not sure. He definitely was in
    that one game where we were playing drinking games in the chat.
    I haven't heard anything about Herzlich, gotta be honest, if he was in good
    health, he'd be probably my top choice to play inside linebacker for the
    Dolphins. But even if he is Cancer free now, his body has probably been
    broken down by the treatments.
    Taurus is no Boldin, doesn't have the strength, but he is good at several
    things, as apposed to our current WRs who seem very one-dimensional. Bess
    can find gaps in coverage, Camarillo can catch balls with his buttcheeks
    (that sounds *really* gay), Ginn has straight speed, Hartline can make a
    tough catch but isn't going to outrun anyone, and Turner can keep the bench
    warm with the best of them. Taurus can find those gaps in coverage
    (something he was known for in College) just like Bess, can make the tough
    catch (just youtube the guy and you'll see that), can return kicks and punts
    better than Bess, and most importantly, can outrun people once he's gotten
    the ball. He's not a superstar by any means and I question why he didn't
    stick in KC or Detroit (perhaps he just didn't want to live/play in those
    places?) but I do have confidence in the guy having watched him start for 3
    years at USF. I know what he can do and if he can utilize those abilities
    in the NFL, he'll be on our 53 by the end of the year. The Dolphins have
    had him on their radar for a while now, so hopefully they know what he can
    do as well.
    As for WRs in the draft, I think I've made it clear who I want the Dolphins
    to draft, and it's not Bryant.

  33. tin,

    any idea if the game will be on in the tampa area?

  34. Haven't made it clear to me,(who's your guy)?? BLaFell is MY other favorite among many!!

    THANX for your thoughts,and I agree!!

    I didn't say TJ was Boldin,I said he reminds me of a smaller,faster(obviously not as strong due to such)Boldin who aggressively persues the ball and each and every yrdg marker!!  GOODSTUFFF,hope he makes it!!

  35. I like Golden Tate too,but we already have several of his type...
    (NOT SURE IF he's a senior or coming-out anyways)??

  36. It will not be. It won't be on in Sacramento either, but for some reason,
    portland OR will get it. New blog is up.

  37. I will make it very clear as soon as the season is over ;)

  38. He is a junior I believe. New blog is up.

  39. Yeaaa, HERZLICH looked pretty brittle in the interview I glanced upon a few weeks ago..
    (So your probably right),POOR GUY had the world by the balls!!
    I've wanted him for yrs,what a book his return would sell,but his appearence didn't suggest such!!

    Just throwin it out there for the back of our minds!!  STAY STRONG MARK !!

  40. That "sounds really gay" statement,makes me LOL EVERYTIME,
    (soo many different amusing angles to laugh about),
    I'd guess GC wouldn't FEEL THEM as amusing though,LOL!!

    I'm glad you didn't accentuate FOOTBALLS,
    cuz that'd be damn near impossible(cept for Madonna),
    and wouldn't have been nearly as funny..