Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Believe It When I See It

Ok, if you just read the previous blog, take it with a grain of salt, because this video from yesterday's OTA session (miamidolphins.com) clearly shows Greg Camarillo practicing (he has a brace on his knee but seemed to have no problem running).

Now, this may be a huge error on the aquavision folks' part, as the media yesterday reported that Camarillo would NOT be participating in drills, but the video proves otherwise, and it also shows Ronnie Brown looking hobbled.

Other noticeables:

Matt Roth looks about 10lbs lighter than 2008 (though he's still huge).

Patrick Turner looks like he could truck right through your average tackler with his frame and muscle, but does he have the mind-set?

Also, first actual images of Tearrius George in a Dolphins uniform!

Vontae Davis still cannot catch a football.

Jason Allen still looks the most athletic in the secondary.

Joey Porter pregnant?

Cam Wake is an absolute monster! I'm definitely leaning towards a #91 jersey this year.

And finally, I know I'll take more flak for this, but every time I see Pat White throw the football I want to throw up a little. I'm not questioning his talent and upside, but you gotta admit this guy does not pass the 'look test' when it comes to NFL quarterback.

So what do you guys think of what you see on the video? And what do you think of the obvious cover-up that is Camarillo-Gate? Do you think it was an editing mistake, and the team held him out of the media session today, only practicing him during non-media days, meanwhile telling the media that he is being 'held out' of all OTAs (according to all 3 major newspapers)?

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