Thursday, May 21, 2009


It's official. The first 2009 draftee to sign a contract is Tight End, John Nalbone, 5th rounder out of Monmouth. The deal is reportedly 4 years, $1.923 Million total.

That's significantly more than my guess of
2 years, $800k, though the average per year was almost dead-on. This signing is significant because of the $193k signing bonus, and the length of the contract.

This likely spells doom for David Martin, who they will likely try to trade.


  1. I think the chances of Ronnie Brown being a Dolphin in 2010 are very slim.  He would have to have a dominant year in 2009.  Or they would have to work some kind of magic with his contract because he is super-expensive as it is.
    As for Jason Allen, he is signed through 2011, which is a voidable year.  He has this weird stipulation in his contract that if he re-injures his hip, the Dolphins don't have to pay him any remaining guaranteed money.  Also, his salary goes down each year, and his bonuses are escalators (performance bonuses), so he really doesn't hurt the team financially from here on out.
    It has always been my experience, 13kvFINS, that being overly positive will bring you nothing but disappointment, but being realistic will bring you SOME disappointment, but more pleasant surprises.  McKenzie is a perfect example, no one was higher on this kid than I was and look how that worked out, first the Pats draft him (that's bad enough) and then he's done for the year. And the PW comment was a joke based on his body frame anyway.

  2. 13kv
    I think next year, but I'm not sure
    I read recently that Sparano first learned about Nalbone because he played in the same division as Sparano's kids. From what I've heard he's a good pass catcher, so what concerns me most is his blocking... an area where no one can deny Marting was lacking
    You think they will trade Martin before the year starts, before the trade deadline, or after the year is over. He's no Gonzalez, but I'm more confident in him to get us some TD's and yards than Haynos, Nalbone, or Wilford (laughs under breath). I'm pretty sure he'll be gone by FA period, but I think we could use him during the year rather than a question mark

  3. Phinatic, I was just thinking yesterday how I haven't seen you around.  Welcome back.
    If they trade him it would have to be this year, most likely after training camps or during the season when teams have to deal with injuries, etc. hiking up the value.  Martin, Fasano, and Haynos are all free agents in 2010.  I fully expect Fasano to get extended during this season (cheaper than waiting til next year), and Haynos is an ERFA so he will likely be re-signed at a vet minimum wage during 2010 FA period.  That likely leaves Martin on the outside looking in.  I like him as a pass-target a lot but like you said he's not a blocking TE and he does have some scary injury history (I thought he had been killed during that one game last year). 
    All this is contingent on what actually happens in 2009 anyway, which is still the future.

  4. TIN,I realize you were just answering question's w'hypothetics,and I was halfass joking(injurues don't have ears)..
    What'daya say we hope for the best,and prepare for the worst!!!
    Smiles lead to better results than frowns,in my experiences,but I get your analogy too!! I am an old fuck that's been around the block in MANY of the worst neighborhood's several times...

  5. I try to be optimistically realistic w'"OUR"FINS!!!

  6. As you said RBrowns expensive as it is..He'll be completly out of BP's price range after an explosive 09!!
    I'd sign him NOW,and have @least one good back secured for the longterm future,otherwise we'll likely need TWO stud RB's b/4 the o10 season... JMO,but I'm no cap guy!!

  7. <div id="comment-6a00d8341c2c7653ef0115709f7017970b-content" class="comment-content"><span>

    Case it doesn't get answered @SS,I NEED to know the answer!!
    Can't they give PW a WR number in the teens,carry only the 2 Chads as QBs(to be played as we please),and PW as the 6th or even(7th??)WR,while allowing him to shift back and forth b/t wr/qb(as we please),depending on whatever the situation may call for??
    Doesn't that grn tm do that w'smith??
    Or is that against the new rules??
    <p>Posted by: 13kvFINS | <span style="color: #004276;">May 22, 2009 at 04:09 PM</span>

  8. Yeah I gave up on following the SS conversation as Omar said he'd extend it for another hour, but only answered one question in an hour and a half.  And then knight started giving me a hard time for accidentally double it's soo tense over there!!
    The answer to your question is that you are absolutely right.
    As long as he wore number 10 through 19, he could be listed as a WR.  Currently he's wearing no. 6, so if they suddenly change it after pre-season, you'll know why.
    Another thing most people don't understand is the 3rd QB rule.  At any time, the coach can insert the 3rd QB into the game.  No one has to be injured for this to happen, it is not an 'emergency' QB so much as a Coach's option QB.  If the third QB goes in during the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Quarter, the 1st and 2nd QBs are scratched for the game.  However, following the rule, White could come in for the first time on a 4th quarter play, run a series, or even just one play, and then Pennington could come back in.
    Obviously it makes more sense just to change his number so he can be active and play at any spot on the field.  Remember there's no rule saying he can't be activated as a WR then run every snap at QB.

  9. I wonder if Omar ever answered MY question?

  10. THAT's WHAT I THOUGHT!!!  THANKS TIN!!!!! :)
    ""However, following the rule, White could come in for the first time on a 4th quarter play, run a series, or even just one play, and then Pennington could come back in.""
    By this do you mean PW,(or CH)as the #2,cuz this I know...
    I'd find it stupid NOT to make CP,CH,and PW available to put in as we please,@anytime during the entire duration of the game,(no matter who's already been in),otherwise it just defeats the purpose!!  
    So he'll be changing #s,(more than likely).. Correct???  IYO!!!
    There is a new rule,isn't there?? Can you post it for me?? THNXAGAIN!!

  11. ""However, following the rule, White could come in for the first time on a 4th quarter play, run a series, or even just one play, and then Pennington could come back in."" 
    By this do you mean PW,(or CH)as the #2,cuz this I know... 
    WAIT,after a reread,your sayin that PW(as the #3??)can come in for one play of the 4th,and the #1,or 2 can come right back in,as long as the #3 doesn't come in b/4 the 4th.. RIGHT?? Or am I not gettin it,cuz it all seems pretty logical.. GIVE PW a # in the teens!!

    Don't see him coming here w'what we have,his age,and his whinning that BP(in Dall) moved him from DE to OLB...

  13. TIN,as for the SS tension..
    I just read the story,and asked my question..
    I didn't read ANY of the comment's,so I'm not aware of the tension,but when I do read these day's,it seems more like a chat site than folks persuing Dolphin knowledge... It's tiresome to sift through all the other stuff(though sometimes funny),in search of something relevant... I'd probably appreciate the blah,blah,blah more,IF I were in attendence @the time,but usually by the time I get there,ONLY FIN info is of importance to me..

  14. yeah it's one thing if you're involved in the back and forth, but reading it after the fact is almost pointless.

  15. yes, Pennington could be play the first 3 quarters, then on the very first play of the 4th Q, pat white can come in (as the inactive 3rd QB) then leave again.  What I'm NOT sure of is if Pennington can then come back in the game or if Henne would be the only option to replace White, but either way, he could be replaced as long as he didn't enter the game before the 4th Q.
    Like I said it just makes a million times more sense just to change his number.

  16. I KNOW things WILL change!!But I'm bored,so here's my PRESENT offensive 28..
    (TWO DT/GC)likely to begin on the PUP..When their ready,NGarner,SMurphy,andorGardner drop to the PS..
    With the 3 specialist,that leaves(24/25 spots)for the D to total 53..
    (I count 26/27 D possibilities,but 24/25s doable
    Of course the Olineman/WRs are innerchangable..
    Mannn,BP's got some tough decisions!! This list was tough,and IT doesn't even matter!!
    Who'd I forget(Armstrong,Lowber,Marion,Williams,Wilford etc,etc)??
    HOPE it post as typed!!
    Regular Offense
    POS  1st  2nd  3rd  4th
    WR  TG  BLond BHartline
    TE  AF  DMartin JHaynos  
    LT JLong BFrye AGardner 
    LG  JS  AAlleman SMurphy  
    C JGrove     
    RG INdukwe (DT) JBerger 
    RT VCarey Nate Garner   
    WR DBess (GCam) PTurner
    WR/QB PWhite
    #12(wideopen),11,14,16,or 18(depending on whos cut)  
    QB Chad Pennington  Chad Henne   
    FB Lousaka Polite     
    RB Ronnie Brown  Ricky Williams  Patrick Cobbs  

  17. u know pennington's #10....

  18. <div id="comment-preview-content" class="comment-content">

    Here's my D 26,totaling 57 w'the above O 28,and 3 specialist..
    (Someone's gotta go to the PS)off MY TWO lists,depending on the PUP(2 or 4)!! I'd suggest they come from the O,(Murphy,Gardner,Garner,and possibly ONE D guy McD,George??),I can't decide!! Any Thoughts??
    Of course L/R DE/OLBs,SS/FS,ILBs etc are to some extent innerchangable!! Not really focusing on exact positions,(more so names to fill the 53)..Who's coming,who's going??
    Who'd I forget,(RWright,WKershaw,QMoses,JThomas,WBillingsly,CBryan,SBabers,EKilmer,OMartin,LEllis,RBaker,JDFolsom etc)?????
    Base 3-4 D
    POS STARTER 2nd 3rd 4th
    LDE Kendall Langford Tony McDaniel
    NT Jason Ferguson Paul Soliai Joe Cohen
    RDE Phillip Merling Randy Starks Lionel Dotson
    LOLB Joey Porter Charlie Anderson Tearrius George(latter 2 can help @ILB?
    LILB Channing Crowder
    RILB Akin Ayodele Reggie Torbor
    ROLB Matt Roth JT Derek Wake
    CB Will Allen SSmith
    Nate Jones
    SS Yeremiah Bell Tyrone Culver
    FS Gibril Wilson CClemons
    CB Vontae Davis Jason Allen Eric Green

  19. Yea TIN,of course I do!! I was trying to figure-out which # PW might end-up with!! (prob 18),can't remember his NCAA #...
    That's what I'm about to look-up..

  20. IF Armstrong,Lowber,and Marion go to the PS,we have little choice but to cut 18,so PW can have that number..(LOL)!! All the others(other than 12) are taken or retired,and that's why he has 6 for now,I'd GUESS(LOL).. Wonder why he chose 6 over 12(must be a single digit thing for him being 5 @WV,though it's better than 1,3,4,8,or 9,!! I guess that one of the 4 above could find a number in the 80s,85s presently open,and a few others are likely,soon to be !! I'm OUT!!

  21. Question;
    IF PW were the INACTIVE(till the 4th qtr)#3 QB,could he still be an ACTIVE WR b/4 the 4th qtr?? IF he had a number in the teens??

  22. Tinshaker:
    My apologies for my part in the SS stuff yesterday.  That is one difference with me being a female, I guess.  I feel bad when I offend someone.  You have been more than kind to me lately, certainly better than most.

  23. No, because he is designated as the QB, so if he came in, Pennington would have to come out.

  24. Tin,
    I would hope they dont try to trade David Martin. I thought he was one of the unsung heroes last year, and I loved watching him play. He made a ton of those 14 yard catches down the seam (and always got leveled but still managed to hang on the ball). I think it will be hard to keep him for 2010, b/c you cant pay your second TE a ton of money. But we'll get another really good year from him next year (especially in a contract year).